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Top 7 Scariest Stairs In The World BY INSPIUM · PUBLISHED OCTOBER 17, 2014 · UPDATED APRIL 17, 2017

Since history, the stairs are carved to ease out the climbing & to reduce the efforts associated with it. However, in some parts of the world, the stairs are so deadly dangerous that they appear like the passages leading to the devil’s abode in the hell. Here we present the list of Top 7 scariest stairs in the world which may give you truly hair-raising experiences. Nevertheless, these insane stairs are not recommended for those with weak hearts & height phobias! The Verruckt, Kansas City, USA:

Top 7 Scariest Stairs In The World – The Verruckt, Kansas City, USA

The Verruckt comprises of a staircase that leads to the starting point of the world’s fastest & the tallest water slide that tops at 168 feet! The 264 steps that wind around the slide’s tower take you on a daunting summit that stands one foot higher than the Niagara Falls! Well, climbing up to the top is not the end of the story; the real story begins from here! Sliding down the initial 50-feet, insanely steep drop notching 65 mph mark, followed by more turns & twists, simply freezes your nerves & brings the heart in your mouth. An alternative to avoid this? Sure, turn back & start climbing down the obnoxious stairs equivalent to a 17-storey building, damn

straight! Floril Stairs, Norway:

Top 7 Scariest Stairs In The World – Floril Stairs, Norway

The staggering stairway of Floril that begins from the Norway’s Floril Power Station is simply awe-inspiring in nature. The humongous height that it covers takes you to 2427 feet up from the ground, which mandates you to climb some 4,444 tiring steps made entirely from wood. However, once you are on top, the mesmerizing panoramic view that awaits you on top just acts as concoction & soothes your nerves. Nevertheless, the return journey may again a bit intimidating as your legs may start trembling due to exertion as you start getting down. The loathsome creaking sound that you will hear as you climb down every step will only worsen the scenario, making it more daunting! Haiku Stairs, Hawaii:

Top 7 Scariest Stairs In The World – Haiku Stairs, Hawaii

The 3922 tremulous steps of Haiku Stairs are so terrible that the government has banned it from the complete access. The dreadful concrete steps lead to the pinnacle of Ohau’s Koolau Mountain Range & are often described as the ‘Highway to the Heaven’. This staircase was built in 1942 by the US Navy in order to install communication wires atop. This trail consisting of almost a half mile became hugely popular among the hikers after the World War II till 1987, after which it was closed due to the safety reasons. Mount Hushan’s Heavenly Stairs, China:

Top 7 Scariest Stairs In The World – Mount Hushan’s Heavenly Stairs, China

Although people call it as stairs, its appearance gives the feeling of almost a vertical ladder carved in the flat rocks of Mt. Hushan. The ‘Heavenly Stairs’ can be climbed only with the help of iron chains running down its height. The thrill doesn’t end here. The insane narrow horizontal walkway made up of wooden planks, which can be covered only by clinging to the sheer walls of the mountain & holding very sober looking iron chain, awaits you on top. It literally takes you few steps closer to the heaven as one wrong step may lead you to vertical drop which would put a full stop on your journey in the mortal world. However, once you make it to the top defying your phobias & anxiety, the terrific view that you will get will definitely make you feel like ‘heaven’! Cable Route of Half Dome, California, USA:

Top 7 Scariest Stairs In The World – Cable Route of Half Dome, California, USA

The best place to get the spectacular panoramic views of Yosemite Valley & the High Sierra is the summit of the most astounding Half Dome! Although the view from the top is excellent, the path that leads to the summit is not that ordinary. The sheer rock face that shines wickedly in the bright sunshine needs to be climbed up with the help of a cable ladder for more than 400 upright feet. The path is far deader than it actually looks & tests the endurance to the extreme level. Getting down is even more daunting; one mistake & there is no way you can stop yourself from tumbling until you kiss the bottom of the dreadful valley! Proper footwear & good weather are utterly important to take on this super deadly path. Don’t dare at all to climb it in rainy conditions as it has proven fatal in the past. Inca Stairs, Machu Picchu, Peru:

Top 7 Scariest Stairs In The World – Inca Stairs, Machu Picchu, Peru

The amazing historical city of Machu Picchu constructed by the ancient Inca dynasty hosts around 600 feet high, steep & highly treacherous rock steps carved almost 500 years ago. The veteran steps are severely damaged at some point, although the concerned authority has tried to provide some safety in the form of metallic chains to prevent the spills. The stairs are extremely narrow at some points & are flanked by the ancient wall from one side & are exposed to the hellish Valley of Urubamba River from the other side. The steps lead to the rarely visited Moon Temple nestled atop the Huayna Picchu Mountain that offers picturesque view of the ruins. Kalavantin Pinnacle, Maharashtra, India:

Top 7 Scariest Stairs In The World – Kalavantin Pinnacle, Maharashtra, India

The conical shaped, sky tapering pinnacle of the Kalavantin, situated near the city of Panvel in Maharashtra- state of India, houses one of the most astonishing feats of architecture. The pinnacle which is hugely popular among the hikers, features extremely steep & ridiculously narrow steps carved in the rocks of the pinnacle. The steps appear like a serpent wriggling along the rugged rocky walls of the pinnacle & in many places, the path is inclined vertically at an angle of 70 to 80 degrees which make the climbing impossible without bowing on knees & using hands to grip the next step. The steps are also very tall; some of them are as tall as 2 feet, which adds to the further misery. On top of that, the vertical wall on one side & diabolic valley on the other side rub the salt on the wounds as you dare to move along this hair-raising path of the Kalavantin!






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Scariest Stairs  

Since history, the stairs are carved to ease out the climbing & to reduce the efforts associated with it. However, in some parts of the worl...

Scariest Stairs  

Since history, the stairs are carved to ease out the climbing & to reduce the efforts associated with it. However, in some parts of the worl...