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INTERVIEW WITH A HOMEGROWN HOBSONS BAY AUTHOR books comes from the rune stones used by Viking and Pictish societies. Originally, rune stones were very large rocks with carved inscriptions. The carving told stories, in much the same way that aborigine rock art tells us the Dreamtime stories. They are a way of explaining the past to the people. The small stones, such as those in the books, were said to be used to help tell the future e.g., will there be a bountiful harvest this year? Will we have peace in the coming year?

The Williamstown Literary Festival has come and gone but some of us, who love books and words and tales, are still dreaming about our favourite authors and their stories. We thought we’d carry on the fantasy and share an interview with Isabel Ogilvie, a Homegrown Hobsons Bay children’s author. Isabel, do you have a special place where you write? Mostly I write at my desk looking out onto the street. I can look out at the trees and birds. We have a little black and white peewee that visits us most days.

What is your favourite aspect of the writing process? I enjoy writing the first draft. I don’t edit at this stage. I just write whatever comes to mind. I do make notes to myself to go back and research if necessary. However, at this stage it is just a case of letting my imagination run wild. For me the hardest part is the editing and revising. Deciding what to take out, what to keep in and what needs more work/research.

Where do your ideas come from? My ideas come from my love of reading history. I have many books on mythology, Celtic history and King Arthur – both fiction and non-fiction. The ideas in The Luchair Stones came with the help of my grandson. Do you read a lot? And, who is your favourite Children’s Author? I have always loved reading and will read anything. Reading makes my writing better. My favourite children’s books when I was growing up were the Famous Five. Altona was a small village when I was young. We used to make our own adventures on the beach. I also loved the Dark is Rising series by Susan Cooper. I recently re-read them as an adult and loved them just as much as I did when I was a child. These books lead me to my love of King Arthur, Norse and Celtic mythology. Did you have to conduct research when writing The Luchair Stones? I have always loved history, especially King Arthur, the Dark Ages and Vikings. The idea for the stones in my

How long have you been writing for? I used to write when I was young, but then university and work meant that I just did not have the time. I have returned to writing seriously in the last six years. I now have the luxury of being able to write full time. Isabel’s book, The Luchair Stones (Book 1 of the Red Dragon Chronicles) can be found in Hobsons Bay libraries by its Homegrown branding and can also be purchased at independent bookshops, or online at major retailers like Book Depository and Amazon. Kyla-Jayne Rajah


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