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ISSUE 72, MAY 2014 Letterboxed to homes in Altona and Seaholme, with new distribution points in Altona North, Altona Meadows and Williamstown LIKE Around Altona on Facebook! Stay informed and view the paper online faster: NO INTEREST LOANS? THAT’S INTERESTING PAGE 7



POP UPS, PASTE UPS… WHAT’S UP IN HOBSONS BAY? Hobsons Bay’s rich art culture once again comes to the fore in this year’s instalment of Art in Public Places. Mayor of Hobsons Bay Cr Sandra Wilson said Art in Public Places is an opportunity to experience arts in unexpected places, from local retail precincts and arts venues to interesting outdoor spaces. “It is an opportunity to see artworks in a range of different

mediums and styles as you go about your daily shopping, eating out at a local restaurant, or enjoying a coffee with friends,” Cr Wilson said. In its ten years of operation, the month-long project has showcased the work of more than five hundred artists. Exhibiting at the Louis Joel Arts and Community Centre in Sargood Street, Altona, we found a great art experience Continue page 4...

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PUDDLING WITH THE PUBLISHER Welcome to the Merry month of May 2014. This is the month of the year when all those tiresome and pleasurable holiday long weekend moments are over until Melbourne Cup time when those of us fortunate to do so can take extra leave on Friday and have another beaut long weekend. Listening to the news the main item is obviously the Royal visitors, our Tasmanian Princess and her husband drew great excitement from Royalist and Republican alike with the main news item being the sellout of every copy of the dress worn by this Australian beauty. ALso the passing of N.S.W. former Premier, Neville Wran, with much interest in the work he had done and the improvements created through his efforts.

I liked this quote accredited to him: ‘The best thing about the working class is getting out of it!’ So there is obviously some substance from the Hobsons Bay Mens Shed Gen Y Support Group current project whose motto could easily be: ‘If you can’t get a job - Give yourself one’ ‘We’ll show you how’ 18 Free Traineeships available- contact Gordon email: Bill McPherson

RAMBLING WITH THE EDITOR As I write this, the rain has been falling outside all day, the cars are making that driving on wet road sound, I have the fire going and the weather has done a very obvious about face. The garden is not complaining I must admit, with my dying baby hedges out front looking a little more… green, I hope. Easter has been and gone and yes, I did overdo the chocolate. If I can’t make myself sick on chocolate during Easter, then when can I, really? We did the whole have friends and family over for a BBQ thing, so there was meat coming out of our rafters as we had managed to mess up our sausage numbers entirely. I hope you all managed to have a safe and enjoyable Easter.


I managed to get out and take look at an interesting exhibition at the Wyndham Cultural Centre Fonofale (Meeting House). Look it up on the net if you are into art see if it is the sort of thing you would like. We have had a couple of volunteers come forward to offer some writing help, I am keen to see what they plan to put forward for the next issue. If you are keen on doing some writing for the paper, or you get to a lot of local events and want to update people, please email me the story and a photo. Have a wonderful month,

Issue 72

Regards Daniel Allen


Saturday 29th March 2014, 7am. Mustn’t be late today! Still a few things to sort out before the gates open. At that time it was still a bit dull and showers have been forecast for later in the day. The usual questions nag in the back of your mind. Will people come? Will they enjoy themselves like in the past? By around 11.15am people were starting to queue at the gate; a good sign indeed and most reassuring to all of us inside. By 12 o’clock and time to the open gates the sun was out and a pleasant Melbourne Autumn day was in full swing. The people did indeed come. Over 230 to a reasonably unpublicised event; and wasn’t it great to see and hear people back again. It didn’t seem to matter where you looked you saw people. Kids working every control in every cab available for inspection, to howls of glee; parents watching over the littlies or having a picnic on the lawn; smiles on everyone’s faces.

To be able at last to talk to people and answer questions all over again. Just the sheer joy of being open and seeing people back after so long was somewhat overwhelming at times. A fantastic day was had by all. What a great day! I hope to see you at the Museum sometime soon. Currently the Railway Museum is only open on Saturdays from 12.00 to 5.00pm. As soon as we have sufficient volunteer helpers, this will extend to Sundays. If you would like to help make this happen by becoming a volunteer come along and talk to us. Admission Charges are; Adults $6.00 and Children, over 4, $3.00, Seniors Concession $3.00. The Museum is Located in Champion Road about 200 metres from North Williamstown Station Ian Bird Museum Manager


Will - M: 0449 834 359 E:

Daniel - M: 0408 659 940 E: Issue 72


From page 1... isn’t limited by the age of the artist or the subject! Five local schools with the helping hand from Hobsons Bay Mens Shed woodworking group have created a Walk Through the Dinosaur Age. Centre Manager Jill Bilston says it was great to see how the schools used recycled materials to bring the exhibition to life. Big wooden cut outs filled the centre, including a tyrannosaurus rex wrapped in green wool, a bright orange stegosaurus covered in egg cartons, dino eggs and paintings. At Harrington Square’s Eco Laundry Room, artists Gennivieve Collier, Stephen Louis and Susan Miller have paid tribute to the site’s previous owner Jill Brookes, whose second-hand bookshop WestSide Stories was a hub for community interaction. At the shop’s entrance you read Virginia Woolf’s quote: “Second hand books are wild books, homeless books; they have come together in vast flocks of variegated feather, and have a charm which the domesticated volumes of the library lack…” The book ‘Inviso Man’ sits on a card table. Parts of each page have been blanked out with the invitation to fill in the gaps. Another book ‘Oceans of Fish’ has become a collection of collages. The artists also encouraged the community to participate in the installation by folding origami cranes in a further tribute to Jill. The cranes were


pegged across the shop’s windows. The WestSide Stories experience threads throughout this exhibition in the love of words and how they play together; the appreciation of authors and their contribution to enriching our lives; the excitement of pushing your imagination to new levels – all parts of what it was to visit with Jill while picking up a book or two at the same time.

Issue 72

Petronella Boonen

PELVIC FLOOR SAFE EXERCISE FOR PREGNANCY Did you know that all exercise uses your pelvic floor? Some of us may be at greater risk of experiencing unwanted side effects and there are known factors such as pregnancy, age, menopause and obesity that may increase risk of injury, incontinence, or pelvic floor disfunction. Pregnancy is an exciting time, involving many physical, emotional and social changes. There are many benefits when doing sensible activity and exercise suitable for pre-post natal mums. It is important, however, that exercise is at appropriate levels, modified where needed and does not compromise the wellbeing of baby and mother. Regular correct exercise can help: • рeduce back pain • improve muscle tone • reduce leg cramps • swelling • constipation • improve sleep patterns • improve tummy, back and pelvic stability ref; Seaside Fitness is qualified to provide pelvic floor safe exercise and personal pregnancy programs. Along with providing accurate, helpful information and when required referral to women’s health physiotherapist specialist for assessment and treatment. We encourage mums to stay strong and healthy during pregnancy and assist new mums with post natal recovery, including gradual return to sport exercise programs. By providing awareness and guidance we can help you with exercise options to suit your individual needs. Safe exercise design is very important to enhance health and strength during and after pregnancy, including abdominals and lower back. Our personal training offers: • Pregnancy exercise programs – Exercising for two • Post-natal recovery programs – core and tummy recovery Including Diastasis recti (also known as abdominal separation) • Return to sport exercise programs – gentle and progressive exercise programs to strengthen pelvic floor, core stability and improve fitness working at your own recovery pace. For more information call Leanne at Seaside Fitness on 0412 482 358, or for further incontinence and pelvic floor information go to how-can-i-tell-if-i-have-a-pelvic-floor-problem.

Issue 72


A WORD FROM JILL HENNESSY MP I am concerned about the provision of health care in the west.

make sure paramedics are appropriately paid for the vital work they perform.

Whether it’s the ability to access an emergency department when required or undergo surgery in a timely manner, these are issues of great importance to members of the community and to me.

I’m also deeply worried about the effect of Prime Minister Tony Abbott’s decision to slash $277 million from Victoria’s hospitals which will heap even more pressure on a health system already struggling to cope.

People expect that if they need one, an ambulance will be there to assist them in their time of need and that upon presentation at a hospital, an ambulance won’t be required to sit there for hours in a queue waiting to move you into the emergency department.

These cuts will have a terrible impact locally.

Our ambulance service is under-resourced and paramedics under-valued. They deserve better and the public deserves better.

In the case of Mercy Public Hospitals, which includes Werribee Mercy, cuts of over $8.3 million will hit hard. These funds could have supported 15 new beds or 89 nurses or over 1500 surgeries.

It’s about time the Napthine Government ended its protracted fight with ambulance paramedics about wages and conditions. The dispute should end today. If it doesn’t, Labor in office will formally recognise the value of our paramedics and seek to have the dispute resolved in the Fair Work Commission. Labor will work in partnership with paramedics to reduce ambulance delays and improve the entire system.

At Western Health, $16.5 million will be ripped out over the next three years, enough to pay for 30 hospital beds, or 177 nurses or over 3100 surgeries.

This is not a time for taking money out of the system. Our growing communities in the west require greater investment. To show your support and sign the petition, go to www. Of course, if you or your family are struggling to get the health care you need, don’t hesitate to contact me on 9395 0221.

If elected, we will immediately commence a process to


Issue 72

NO INTEREST LOANS? THAT’S INTERESTING When the old washing machine blows up, or the fridge loses its cool, most of us can go to a store and get a new appliance on terms, or get a Bank Loan, or even pay it off on the old credit card. What most of us take for granted however is not available to everyone. A lot of people on low income can’t convince a Bank to provide a loan or persuade a Store to give them terms. And even if they could they are likely to find it impossible to meet the repayments plus interest without getting into a problem with something else, like the rent or the kids’ school costs.

residents of the City of Hobsons Bay for three years now and have helped over fifty low-income people get something they need on fair and easily managed terms. It is not for everyone, but we take the time to sit with an Applicant and write up a detailed household budget to make sure they have the capacity to pay off a Loan of up to $1000 in small regular payments over a year or so. We don’t have to make a profit - our overheads are covered by support from Good Shepherd Microfinance and the St Vincent de Paul Society. As each Client repays their Loan the money becomes available for the next Applicant. This means that we can be focussed entirely on creating the best possible deal for each Client.

Most of us also take it for granted that we can choose a new household item with a warranty, energy efficiency and reliability. The team at Hobsons Bay NILS believes that if a person on a low income is willing to make the effort to organise their spending carefully they shouldn’t have to miss out. We are trying to do something about it.


We have been running a No Interest Loan Scheme for

If so, give us a call on 9398 2548 right away.

Issue 72

We are well established now and this year we are interested in raising even more interest in interestfree loans. You might be



Altona Gardens

Rosa Mermaid, raised by William Paul and released in 1918, was the result of a cross between the species rose, Rosa bracteata, and a double yellow Tea Rose. It is a very vigorous climber with vicious thorns and very large voluptuous creamyyellow flowers with bold burnt orange to red stamens. I had seen a reference to this rose in “What Rose is That?” and longed to find a specimen to paint. The model for this watercolour was “pinched” from a front garden near our home. An arched stem (I did say this rose is vigorous) was dangling over the public footpath at exactly the time I was contemplating another painting for my Beautiful Blooms calendar. I couldn’t resist helping myself to a small specimen.


Of course, I told myself, I was doing a service to everyone else who strolls around our neighbourhood. By cutting that small piece, it would no longer obstruct their morning walks! Oh, I should add that I was fairly certain this was Rosa Mermaid as descriptions in my reference books and on the internet fitted this plant to perfection. Then, two years after I had completed the calendar, I saw the owners working in their front garden and admitted to stealing a few of their flowers. They confirmed my assumption. “Yes. This is Rosa Mermaid!”

Issue 72

Helene Wild


Aspiring paralympian Jake Ballestrino’s dream of competing at the 2016 RIO Paralympic Games continues to gather momentum after a fantastic effort resulting in 2 Gold medals and 1 Silver medal at last month’s Australian National Table Tennis Titles held in Queensland last month.

with an awesome effort in winning all their lead up events convincingly.

Jake was able to beat some very worthy opponents on his way to clinching the Gold medal for his class.

In between his table tennis training Jake also finds time to play football for the Laverton Magpies Reserves side which he co captains as well as playing softball in the summer season.

He then partnered his mate Trevor Hirth to win the Silver medal in the open doubles event. The pair went on to defend their teams Gold medal from the previous year

Next on Jake’s agenda will be the Thailand Para Games later this year as Jake strives to fulfil his ambition to represent his country at the RIO Paralympic Games.

Issue 72

John Ballestrino




The Laverton Community Cafe operates from The Altona Meadows Community Centre 28 Trafalgar Avenue, Altona Meadows. Why not come along and enjoy a nutritional 3 course meal and at the same time meet someone new in your Community. Operates: Every Friday 12.00 -1.00pm $8.00 If you’re 50+ and enjoy Movies, Dining Out, /$5.00(Conc.) BBQ’s, Hikes etc Bookings by Thursday essential then we’re just what you’re looking for. 9369 4866 Meet new people, make new friends,


and join like minded people in a variety of activities, both week days and weekends. Try us out by attending a couple of functions of your choice, with no obligation, before you decide. For more information and a copy of our Club Newsletter please contact: Alicia: 9741-4313

ALTONA NORTH COMBINED PROBUS CLUB: Retired or semi-retired? Interested in developing new friends, or interests. Join our friendly group at the Community Hall, Cypress Av., Brooklyn -10.00am on 3rd Wednesday of each month. Guest speakers, trips and other activities are organised. Enquiries: Lois 9399 2554 or Pam 9314 4640

TRIVIA NIGHT FUNDRAISER Attention local trivia buffs! Teams of up to 8 invited to enter our trivia night fundraiser for Parkinson’s Victoria so they can support those affected by the condition. $120 per table, supper provided, plenty of great prizes on offer. Friday May 9th 7.30pm at Wayaperri House, 106 Duncans Rd, Werribee. Proudly brought to you by the Queens Guide Association, Wyndham. Bookings essential, contact Christine 0429 962 242 or email 10


2014 is almost here...Interested in a new activity or group for yourself or your children? All programs and activities are now taking bookings for 2014 including jujitsu, dance, creative arts, pilates, yoga and mums and bubs exercise groups. The centre also hosts multiple sessions for the Seabrook Playgroup and weekly Weight Watchers meetings See more information at www. or phone the centre on 9932 3010


Connect with others in a safe environment to share experiences and coping strategies. Every Tuesday 7:30-9:30pm at the Louis Joel Arts & Community Centre, Sargood St, Altona. $5 Casuals / $3 Members For more info phone: (03) 9853-8089 | email: | visit:


Are you interested in humanism; flora and fauna, natural food and performing arts in a setting of education and entertainment. Enquiries: phone 9398 6043 or email

ADVERTISING SALES REPRESENTATIVE REQUIRED You will already know if you are a fit for this position, you will love sales (talking to people), you are a self starter (know what you are doing), you thrive on success (you are good and you know it). Work local at times to suit you, it does not get better that this. If you can sell yourself, you’ve got the opportunity, just email your CV to

THE ALTONA FRUIT AND VEGIE SWAP Takes place on the second Saturday of every month from 10:30am to 11:30am at the Rotunda in Logan Reserve PierStreet, Altona.

HOBSONS BAY (ALTONA) GARDEN CLUB INC. We invite you to join us. We meet on the third Monday of the month at 1pm. Located at the Youth Hall, corner of Civic Pde and Sugargum Drive, Altona.We have great speakers, demonstrations and a trading table. Enjoy a social afternoon tea with warm and friendly people. Any inquires please ring Val on 9398 2002 or Bernice on 9314 2593

WRITING WORKSHOP: Are you interested in writing about your own experiences and memories? A writing workshop is held each Wednesday at The Corner (Seniors Centre, Williamstown) from 10 am to 12 midday, sponsored by Conversations for the Curious. Cost is $5 per session. Contact Barry Mitchell ( or 9397 7153) for more information.

Issue 72

Altona Kids

s r a t S he t n i l It's Al Constellation Planets

Mercury Venus

Earth Mars

Jupiter Saturn Uranus

Neptune Pluto

Aquarius Aries


Capricornus Gemini

Hercules Leo



Phoenix Pegasus Pisces

Sagittarius Serpens Taurus Lupus

Andromeda Cygnus

Issue 72


BOWELSCAN PROGRAM – MAY 2014 Bowel cancer claims more lives in Australia than road accidents or breast cancer. There are approximately 12,000 new cases and 5,000 deaths from bowel cancer each year. However 90% of bowel cancers can be cured if detected early. During the month of May, the Rotary Clubs of Altona, Altona City, and Williamstown are teaming up to make the Bowelscan Program available to the local community. Bowelscan is a community health awareness program supported by Australian Rotary Health, and is a way of detecting bowel cancer in its early stages. It is administered by local Rotary clubs in partnership with local pharmacies. Early detection is possible through a simple kit, purchased from your local pharmacy for only $10.00, which you use at home and then return to the pharmacy. The cost of the screening test includes the supply and testing of each kit as well as mailed notification of your result by the Bowelscan Medical Coordinator. The incidence of bowel cancer increases progressively from the age of 40. By the age of 75, 1 in 20 men and 1 in 24 women will develop Bowel Cancer. Everyone over the age of 40 should participate in the Bowelscan Program. (A Bowelscan test is not required if you are already being screened by your GP e.g. regular colonoscopy). Rotary Bowelscan kits will be on sale for $10- during May only, from: Altona

Martin Didzys Pharmacy Tom Sarros Pharmacy Tyrrell’s Caremore Pharmacy

Harrington Square Altona West 88 Pier Street, Altona 65 Pier Street, Altona

Altona Meadows Williamstown

PharmaSave Pharmacy National Pharmacies Priceline Pharmacy

Central Square, Queen Street 81 Ferguson Street, Williamstown 19-21 Douglas Parade, Williamstown

If you require further information, phone 1300 779 694 or

for all enquiries contact

sharon connor

0419 545 626 or visit our website

pilates studio -

group classes private sessions

pilates classes run 6 days a week!!

massage therapy - remedial massage - pregnancy massage - hot stone massage and more…

level 1, shop 4 edwards arcade, altona 3018 book your massage or pilates session online 12

Issue 72

MAGPIES NEST LAVERTON MAGPIES FOOTBALL CLUB Welcome to our monthly instalment of the “Magpies Nest” in Around Point Cook, Hoppers and Altona. I am pleased to announce that our playing group numbers have now reached in excess of 75 which when considering where the club was at a month ago is nothing short of extraordinary. Thanks to everyone who has come along to help the club survive. The results of the first two rounds would indicate that we are a little way off being competitive in the short term however with the new found enthusiasm around the club we are sure that our fortunes will change as the season progresses and the players get fitter and also get to know one another. Seniors R 1 36. 19. 235


4. 1. 25 v

Caroline Springs

Reserves R 1


0. 1. 1 v Caroline Springs

Best Players: S. Bell, T. Aspland, S. Fear, A. Abdo, A. ElDunawi, M. O’’Brian Laverton Rd 2 42. 22. 274

0. 0. 0



Best Players: T. Miles, T. Aspland, L. Mitchell, R. Dickson, J. Ballestrino, B. Retallick Training is on Tuesdays & Thursday at 6pm. New players are welcome to come down and join our family friendly club. Again if interested in signing up for this season please feel free to contact any of the people below. Chris “Diesel” Smith (Senior Coach) 0425 716778

Goal Kickers: R. Schultz , A. Abdo , R. Mulroy , J. Bublenik

John Ballestrino (Reserve Coach)

Best Players: J. Macdonald, D. Mitchell, R. Garvey, S. Mizzi, R. Males, R.

President Scott Mizzi on 0401 403728 or our Aus Kick coordinator Jake Ballestrino on 0413 767325.

Rd 2 Laverton 27. 19. 181

Trainers still required – If anyone is interested in joining us as a trainer please contact Scott Mizzi on 0401 403728

1. 1. 7



Goal Kickers: R. Schultz Best Players: S. Bell, J. Wiese, S. McCann, S. Mizzi, D. Mitchell, S. Hogan

Issue 72

0409 138921

John Ballestrino


In Brief • ALTONA BEACH FILM FESTIVAL 2015 PLANNING GROUP – All are welcome to attend! Altona RSL Club, 7pm every Monday (at this initial stage). For more info, attend Monday night’s meeting or visit our Facebook Page. Meet at 7pm in the RSL Members Bar, ask for Annette or Contact Annette via email: annettest@optusnet. • THE LAVERTON COMMUNITY CENTRE & NEIGHBOURHOOD HOUSE IS RUNNING A: – 6 week “Self-Esteem and Assertion for Women” course Starting date: Tues 20th May: 10-12 noon Free Come and get your weekly injection of Self-Esteem as you enhance your assertion skills. Other Courses Include. Other courses include: Anger Management for Men, Gentle Exercises, Grow (Personal Growth) and Grow Better Together (Carers of People with Mental Health Issues), and Sunrise Group (Women with Disabilities). All Welcome Laverton Community Centre Crn of Railway Ave & Crown St Laverton (Located in Community Hub) Phone: 8368-0177 • POINT COOK TOASTMASTERS CLUB – Improve your communication and leadership skills in a muttualy supportive and fun environment EVERY 1ST AND 3RD THURSDAY @ 7.30pm ****New Venue!!!**** Laverton Community Hub 95-105 Railway Ave, Laverton Email: for more info

P & B Printing and Stationery (Aust.) the specialists in printing and office supplies . . . servicing the west for over 20 years. • Copy / Laser Paper • Envelopes • Books & Ruled Pads • Filing Accessories / Labels • Pens, Pencils, Markers, etc • Toner & Ink Cartridges (all brands) • All types of Office Stationery

• Carbonless Books • Business Cards • Printed Envelopes • Brochures / Flyers • Catalogues • Printed Labels (PVC & Paper) • Printed Magnets

Free Delivery | No Minimum Order | 30 Day Accounts Available Unit 1, 19 Westside Drive Laverton North VIC 3026 t: 03 8325 5800 | f: 03 9314 8552 | e:


Issue 72

RACISM. IT STOPS WITH ME CAMPAIGN BRINGS YOU TALKING DIFFERENCE STUDIO Late last year, Hobsons Bay City Council signed an agreement with the Australian Human Rights Commission to endorse and support the National Anti-Racism Campaign: RACISM. IT STOPS WITH ME. The strategy aims to address racism experienced by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders and culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) communities. This year, the campaign continues with a range of supporting activities over the coming 12 months. If you have an opinion on diversity, belonging, difference or racism, come along to the Talking Difference Portable Studio. The studio is on loan from the Immigration Museum between April and June 2014 and will travel to four different sites in Hobsons Bay during its time here: • Altona North Community Library – Monday, 7th April to Sunday, 27th April • Laverton Community Hub – Monday, 28th April to Monday, 19th May • Williamstown Library – Tuesday, 20th May to Sunday, 8th June • Altona Meadows Library and Learning Centre – Tuesday, 10th June to Friday, 27th June Mayor of Hobsons Bay Councillor Sandra Wilson said the studio is a welcoming space which offers people a chance to talk about what’s important to them. “While cultural diversity is central to our national identity, the reality is that too many people in Australia experience discrimination and racism on a regular basis,” said the Mayor.

“Around one in five Australians say they have experienced race-hate talk such as verbal abuse, racial slurs or namecalling. “More than one in 20 Australians say they have been physically attacked because of their race. “Racism locks people out of social and economic opportunities. It costs workplaces and our economy and it works against our goal of building fair, inclusive communities. The Talking Difference Studio uses new media to create a dialog about cultural identity, difference and racism. “There is a pod where visitors can view the pre-recorded questions and are able to respond via video, drawing, audio and text. They can also view responses from other participants and respond directly,” Cr Wilson said. The studio will be accessible during the site’s opening hours and no booking is required. Community members can also participate in interactive workshops where questions for the studio will be created: • Altona North Community Library: Monday, 7th April, 2.30-4.00pm • Williamstown Library: Wednesday, 21st May, 1.002.30pm These sessions are facilitated by staff from the Immigration Museum and go for 1.5 hours. For bookings go to or phone 1300 HOB LIB (1300 462 542).

Issue 72


Laugh Out Loud

My doctor’s getting tough with me. He really makes me sick. I’ve got to give up junk food now, and do it pretty quick. I don’t exactly crave the stuff. In fact I hardly care. I’ll buy it if I see it. But I see it everywhere! It’s really hard in Safeway, and petrol stations too. There’s like a junk food tunnel right where they make you queue. I told my doc it’s just not fair. He says that’s how it goes. He says that all it takes is guts, and I’ve got lots of those.

Maths is always fascinating... How do you change a number 1 into a number 2?


Issue 72

LAUGHTER CLUB – AN INTERESTING OPTION Laughter is the Best medicine. Is it? Do you believe this? Do you laugh every day? The answer is, for most of us, Yes but not many people really know why, except that we always feel better when laughing. In 2004 I trained as a Laughter Yoga leader with a Geelong lady Phillipa Challis who was the first person in Australia ever to start Laughter Clubs. However, Laughter Yoga and Laughter Clubs began in 1995 with the founder Dr Madan Kataria and his wife Madhuri. I trained with these two wonderful people beginning 2006, when they both stayed in my home. Later I travelled to India and stayed with them, attending laughter sessions and also presenting all over India. I have trained, observed and experienced that as children we can laugh at nearly anything and become joyful easily but as we grow and become adults we become more serious and laugh less. Some of us even forget to laugh at all, even while watching or listening to comedies.

positive way, try it right now. You deserve to laugh, to be healthy and happy. Happiness does not come from having things, it comes from living in the moment, having gratitude and choosing to be happy right now. Ho Ho Ha Ha Ha. Whatever you do, take laughter with you. I have started a Free laughter Club, at Cherry Lake, Millers Road, Altona 10a.m. every Saturday. We meet near the BBQ Rotunda at 10am then move over near the lake to laugh. Carolyn Nicholson Laughter Leader/Trainer/Coach Founder/Leader Cherry Laughter Club Dip. Counseling. A.I.P.C. Cert 4. Community Services Editor: This sounds fantastic. Thank you for spreading the word. I’ll try to get there myself

Do you know that we are not born with a sense of humour? We are lucky if we are born into a family who has developed a sense of humour. Even if we think we can not laugh or do not have a sense of humour, we can develop our own unique sense of humour. It only takes training, like training for exercise. The more we do something, the easier and more natural it becomes. Over the ten years i’ve been leading Laughter Clubs and working with Laughter Yoga, I have become a Laughaholic, I laugh naturally like a child and my life has become more joyful and happy. The body does not know the difference from fake laughter and real laughter, so when we do any fake laughter, the body thinks it is real and creates the same natural chemical cocktail as with natural laughter. This strengthens the immune system, lowers heart rate, pulse rate and lowers blood pressure. It relieves depression, relieves pain, keeps our stress levels down and most of all creates joy and Happiness. Even with the simple chant, Ho Ho Ha Ha ha... our body believes we are naturally laughing. Any laughter is good but laughter needs to be continues for at least 10 minutes for the benefits to effect the body. I have noticed that even while watching comedies most people do not laugh continuously. Even a fake smile, effects the body in a

CORRECTION: In our April edition article entitled, Next Stop State Election, the estimated cost of partial duplication of the loop should have read between $10-12 million not $10-12 billion. My apologies for the error and thank you to Jennifer Williams for the correction.

Issue 72


CATS Let me tell you in these few lines The little I know about felines: For a start, I know that this is true: You don’t own a cat; a cat owns you. Cats have been objects of mystery; Right throughout human history: Egyptians had them mummified; And they’ve even by folk been deified. Cats have inspired works poetical, Also a memorable modern musical, From the pen of Andrew Lloyd Webber, With “Memory”, that great show stopper. The Anglo-American T.S.Eliot Was always alive to a poetical plot: He wrote poetry devoted to cats, An animal he preferred to dogs or rats. William Blake, the poet and painter, Was most fascinated by “The Tiger”, That fiery feline “burning bright “In the forests of the night”. Cats come in all shapes and sizes, Many colours and not a few surprises: There are Tabbies, Manx and Burmese, To name a few; Russian Blue and Siamese. There are those big cats of jungle and plain, Which Man has found very hard to tame: There’s the lion, cheetah, leopard, panther, And biggest of all, the Bengal tiger. Cats are predators; that’s well understood; With their mystique, grist for Hollywood: There’s no shortage of macabre cat themes Which have provoked shivers and even screams. In works of fiction, cats earned their wages; You’ll even find them in the funny pages, In cartoon form: Felix, Tom and Jerry, Garfield, Sylvester and the canary. It would, of course, be quite absurd If I should claim this as the last word On one of God’s intriguing creatures: Svelte, athletic with beautiful features. by Jack Nystrom 18

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Services at Your Doorstep



Cartridge world

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PILATES With a touch of Yoga & MeditaƟon Classes every Monday 9.30am Ɵll 10.30am 7.45pm Ɵll 8.45pm Wednesday 7.30pm Ɵll 8.30pm @ Altona Library, 123 Queen Street, Altona $150.00 per term or $18.00 Casual class Call 0432 841 628 for more details

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the Louis Joel Arts and Community Centre in Sargood Street.

Call Vic on 0418 320 535 Beginner to Intermediate Classes in Newport. Great for all age, size & fitness levels. Call Nicole on 0430 595 702

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WANTED TO BUY * Old footy cards and footy items * Bubble gum cards, Swap cards * Postcards, Badges, Gerry Gee dolls * Comics and magazines * Vinyl records - LPs and singles * Old food and honey glasses * Beatles and music items * Breakfast Cereal toys * Military items and medals

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