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ISSUE 58, FEBRUARY 2013 Letterboxed to homes in Altona and Seaholme, with new distribution points in Altona North, Altona Meadows and Williamstown


“Summertime is always the best of what might be.� Charles Bowden Summer time in Altona, when the music of the air beats to the laughter of children, the beach becomes a village of tiny huts where families gather and people take the time to sit, watch and share their lives with those who matter. The rush just isn`t there and bodies move slower, lazily from chair to rug, lovers kiss and pets share quiet time with their special mates.

club caring for the safety of strangers, the brightness of blue against the yellow and heat of sand. It is the flags that wave in delicious breezes, cooling people wearing the brightest of colours and exposing the most incredible shades of skin, it is the warmth of a hello to someone you have never met before and a conversation that you didn`t expect. Summer in Altona, well, it is escape. Welcome. Mya Ashley

Cafes are full, fish & chips become the favourite cuisine along with eskies filled with homemade goods and the generation gap is of no importance. Salty air flows across the bay and the ocean sparkles. Altona shares its place in the world with many in summer. Movies play in the park at night, markets display goods to those that stroll by and retailers enjoy booming business. Locals disappear to their favourite secret places to avoid the rush but return to shop and meet friends amongst surroundings they know. Altona is a destination, a meeting place, a view, beauty and peace. It is a game of bocce in the park, a BBQ, a picnic, a walk along the Pier. It is sitting in a coffee shop watching the world go by, or checking out the real estate windows to dream about your next move. It is about strolling arm in arm or trying to keep up with the kids on push bikes. It is the local Life saving


PUDDLING WITH THE PUBLISHER February 2013 starts another year for Around Altona and the local Mens Shed groups seem to be at full bore. Altona Mens Shed concentrates on recycling redundant computers and with a small handful of volunteer members has delivered, free of charge, over 1000 computers to community members during their existence. At the Hobsons Bay Community workshop in the old EPA Building in Queen St., the Hobsons Bay Mens Shed is at the opposite end of the scale being one of Australia’s larger operations with around 200 members and many operational groups including computer recycling, engineering, car restoration and touring, chess, movies, a model railway, boat restoration, both metal and wood turning, a major woodwork

shop, together with a good social agenda. A major car boot sale is held at the ‘Shed’ on the last Sunday of each ‘odd’ month’ Jan-March-May etc. and a ‘Car Torque’ car display and meeting is held on the first Sunday of each month, with a major ‘meet’ held at Apex Park on the sea front in conjunction with the Altona Beach Festival in March each year. In 2012 over 170 classic cars were exhibited and an estimated 2000 visitors enjoyed the presentation. At the end of 2012 over 1000 sheds had opened in Australia with over 200,000 members enjoying the facilities – new members are welcome. Bill McPherson

Mother of the Year? Not! I have had the privilege of being raised in a family full of love not only from my parents but my grandparents, aunts & uncles and great aunts & uncles. So the role of being a parent was modelled to me in many different ways. As you grow up you don’t think you are noticing all these behaviours, actions & reactions but when you become a parent and your child/children grow you begin to act, sound and respond like those adults who have influenced you, sometimes good and sometimes bad. My mum once told me, “Children bring out the best in you and they bring out the fishwife in you!” How true she is! As our children grow we attempt to guide them, give them experiences, place rules & responsibilities in place hoping they will grow into independent, responsible and productive members of our community. As they grow we have many laughs and stories to share especially when they reach 21! Some such stories our children often ask us to share at family gathering, and we are hoping you to will enjoy this story. With children growing up in an age of electronics, it is a difficult balance parents seek to find; how to get their children out into the fresh air or allow them to enjoy their latest P.C. or PS3 games. Some years ago on one such winter family outing into the


sunshine with my 3, 5 and 7 year olds, we road our bikes along the Altona foreshore loaded up with our picnic back-packs. After a wonderful morning in the fresh air we were heading home when the call of nature called as we were passing the Altona pier. No problem, there was that modern toilet just there. With such young children the safest option so close to the road was to all bundle into the toilet. One by one each took their turn and eventually it was mum’s turn. As I settled on the throne, Miss 5 thought it best to organise her brothers to wash their hands but unknown to any of us, the minute you wash your hands by stimulating the sensor that triggers the water flow so too does the trigger flush the toilet! The throne upon which mum was sitting turn into a bidet and her not so small derriere was washed. As the kids giggled Mum attempted to get toilet paper with great frustration, it was dispended through a hole in the wall by pushing a button, coming out single ply four sheets by each push of the button. A long process! Eventually and just before the door opened by its self, we left the loo. The lesson learnt: I always pack a roll of ‘real’ toilet paper when I venture into the sunshine! (Author’s name known, but omitted to protect her derriere!)

Issue 58

Altona U3A is looking for you! Would you like to take a breath of fresh air, take up a new interest and meet some great community minded people in 2013 – 13, lucky for some and unlucky for others!! You are invited to come and see what U3A is all about. We are not a big group, so you will not feel lost and will make friends easily! U3A means a community of people sharing knowledge and life experiences in the 3rd part of their lives, so it is for all active, retired people; come and share your skills with us, please! The office at Beryl Hevey Centre, 2 Sargood Street, Altona, is open from Monday to Friday 10am – 12.30pm, Tel 9398 1346 or email

Winter wools is a charity knitting group and we have recently started to send Christmas boxes overseas to the children in need of a special gift. This is a great way to decorate, and fill shoe boxes – and it is never too early to start to get your creative talents going and buy those small goodies to fill the boxes up! Look forward to seeing you at a great community fun day, at the Festival!

Our activities are held at the Louis Joel Centre or opposite at the Beryl Hevey Centre, 2 Sargood Street, Altona. The newsletter can be found at the Louis Joel Centre or the Altona Library. Come and say hello to us at the Altona Beach Festival, Saturday March 23rd at the Beryl Hevey Centre, Altona, where we will be demonstrating several of our activities. We have had a great year and welcomed many new members, so this New Year will be the best yet! We enjoy history, cards, scrabble, current affairs, trivia, walking group and funny bones. There are regular visits to places of interest and Morning Melodies at the local golf club.



M: 0449 834 359 E: Issue 58


From the inbox Decisions, Decisions! Should I Really Join Facebook? When I bought my iPhone, I thought about the 30-year business I ran with 1800 employees, all without a mobile phone that plays music, takes videos, pictures and communicates with Facebook and Twitter. I signed up under duress for Twitter and Facebook, so my seven kids, their spouses, 13 grand kids and 2 great grand kids could communicate with me in the modern way. I figured I could handle something as simple as Twitter with only 140 characters of space. That was before one of my grandkids hooked me up for Tweeter, Tweetree, Twhirl, Twitterfon, Tweetie and Twittererific Tweetdeck, Twitpix and something that sends every message to my cell phone and every other program within the texting World. My phone was beeping every three minutes with the details of everything except the bowel movements of my entire next generation. I am not ready to live like this. I now keep my iPhone in the garage in my golf bag. The kids bought me a GPS for my last birthday because they say I get lost every now and then going over to the supermarket or library. I keep that in a box under my tool bench with the Blue tooth [it’s red] phone I am supposed to use when I drive. I used it once when I was standing in line


Issue 58

at Coles talking to my wife and everyone within 50 mtrs was glaring at me. I had taken out my hearing aid to use it, and I was talking a little loud! I mean the GPS looked pretty smart on my dash board, but the lady inside that gadget was the most annoying, rudest person I had run into in a long time. Every 10 minutes, she would sarcastically say, “Re-calc-u-lating.” You would think that she could be nicer. It was like she could barely tolerate me. She would let go with a deep sigh and then tell me to make a U-turn when possible. Then if I made a right turn instead, well, it was not a good relationship.. When I get really lost now, I call my wife and tell her the name of the cross roads and while she is starting to develop the same tone as Gypsy, the GPS lady, at least she loves me. To be perfectly frank, I am still trying to learn how to use the cordless phones in our house. We have

had them for 4 years, but I still haven’t figured out how I can lose three phones all at once and have to run around digging under chair cushions and checking bathrooms and the dirty laundry baskets when the phone rings. The world is just getting too complex for me. They even mess me up every time I go to the supermarkets. You would think they could make a decision themselves, but this sudden “Paper or Plastic?” every time I check out just leaves me confused. I bought some of those cloth reusable bags to avoid looking stupid, but I never remember to take them with me. Now when they ask me, “Paper or Plastic?” I just say, “Doesn’t matter to me. I am bi-sacksual.” Then it’s their turn to stare at me with a blank look. I was recently asked if I tweet. I answered, “No, but I do fart a lot.”

Issue 58


Black & White

New Year Resolutions

What Power do you have to change?

Do not go where the path may lead. Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail. Ralph Waldo Emerson. This is often the time that we assess what is it about our lives that is not working, what is not making us happy and what may be creating a restlessness within that just can`t be settled by a purchase, a beer or a smile. We often sit in a holding pattern of expectation, and hope and feel powerless to create, mould and design what it is we truly want. We are told as children that we shouldn`t “want” but be grateful for what we are given. As adults we tread the fine line between materialistic greed and spiritual and religious vacancy and feel despondency toward the day to day demands of life. New Year offers a time of reflection and dreaming. We spend more time with family and friends, more time communicating and connecting, more time laughing and enjoying what we have in the present.


We greet the New Year in with celebrations, parties and fireworks because we want to celebrate new possibilities, the birth of new dreams and the hope that all our friends and families will be safe and well for the coming year. Within days of this momentous occasion we tune into the news and hear about loss, violence, heartache and mans` unkindness to each other. Our dreams start to fade and become entwined with the day to day rituals of work and financial need. Then one day you ask yourself; how did I get here, why am I restless, overeating, drinking, and sad, flustered and on a short fuse? Why is the clock more important than me? And it may take another year before we once again reflect and reassess the importance of “I”; of me. We may but it all down to stress, the umbrella of all things that make us feel small in this big, big world. Determining the origin of our stress can be a complex and difficult path, but it has value because

Issue 58

you have value; because you are worth it. All those million, trillion tiny decisions, some so small you can`t remember, slowly became the definitions, descriptions and criticisms of your daily life. They formatted into sentences and paragraphs and were turned outwards creating a reality that became you. It is possible to trust yourself. You know more than you think you do; more than anyone else knows about you. Henry Ford (1863-1947) once said; “Whether you think you can or think you can`t, either way you are right.� In the past you may have underestimated your brilliance, your absolute genius. Your ability to love, share, inspire and build castles and climb mountains. It is possible to achieve and do anything you truly want because you have no limits and no ceiling to your capabilities. So, become more aware of the moments and the breath in between that parts them. Take a moment and sit still and focus on what motivates you, inspires you, and leaves your heart racing with joy and love. All you really have to do is be happy now, feel good now and choose whether you want to take it and use it. So Happy New Year to all; the freedom of choice is yours! By Mya Ashley

Issue 58



Siam Secret will not be a secret for long. As you walk in you are greeted with a warm smile and a gentle hello. The interior is contemporary, fresh, elegant,

and spotlessly clean with the tables set up for groups of friends or couples to dine together.

Dear Valued Customers Siam Secret Thai Restaurant would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your very warm welcome. A Big Thank you to our neighbours in Harrington Square, for their help and support from the very beginning. Siam Secret Thai Restaurant is a group of Thai who have passion for cooking a wonderfully fresh, fully avoured and well present authenƟc Thai cuisine.

This restaurant has peacefulness about it with a strong ambition to be in time, established amongst its local and extended community. Located in Harrington Square, Altona (opposite Westona Rail Station); Siam Secret Thai Restaurant is run and owned by Taiwanese, some family members, who focus on providing wonderfully fresh, full flavoured, traditional and authentic Thai cuisine. Recipes learnt from childhood and transformed to meet the pallets of the most discerning, are on offer here. A hugh variety of Entrée`s, Soups, Thai Salads, Authentic Thai Curries and House Stir-Frys, Fish Delights and Charcoal Grills, Rice and Noodle Dishes as well as Siam Secret specials including seafood platters and traditional Desserts, will make your decisions about what to eat difficult. An easier option may be to choose a Banquet of three or four courses. A lunch special is on offer every day for $8.90 and there are discounts offered on every fifth take away purchase. A great range of hot and cold drinks are available and of course you can bring along your own choice of wine if you like. So now on our doorstep, Altona can present a new elegance and flavour to our community. Welcome this fragrant, healthy and delicious restaurant into your lives and walk in or make a booking today. Eat in or take away available. Siam Secret Thai Restaurant Shop 24 Harrington Sq Altona, VIC 3018 03 9398 3330 BYO, Licensed & Child friendly Mya Ashley

Our idea is to present you the tradiƟonal Thai cuisine culture including the place, the food and the service. Siam Secret Thai Restaurant brings you the feeling of having a wonderful Thai Food in Thailand. We've brought all of the secrets of Thai food into our kitchen. We cook and serve the food to you with a smile. Come to discover the secrets of Thai food with us! TRADING HOURS MONͳSAT 11.30AM ͳ 9.30PM ΈLUNCH SPECIAL ONLY $8.90Ή


SUN 4.30PM ͳ 9.30PM

Issue 58

Open Day at Hobsons Bay Community

Workshop Saturday, 16th February 2013, 10am to 4pm

The Hobsons Bay Community Workshop incorporates three separate entities, the Hobsons Bay Men’s Shed Inc, Williamstown Muscial Theatre Company Inc and Altona Theatre Company. We have the privilege of using the facilities at the site of the old EPA Testing Station in Queen Street Altona. Hobsons Bay City Council manages these facilities on behalf of the State Government and supports us in our endeavours to provide a ‘meeting place’ for the wider community. Hobsons Bay Men’s Shed occupy a large area and offer a wide variety of interests. The Shed can now boast over 170 members and growing at a steady rate. Williamstown Musical Theatre Company use the facilities for stage prop building, while the Altona Theatre Company conduct rehearsals and dance classes. Come along on Open Day and see for yourself what is on offer.

Issue 58



The smells, the spices, the flavours, the atmosphere! Whether it is the pleasurable aroma of cooking meat, the bouquet of fresh coffee or the sound of laughter that filters out of the front door, The Altona Station Kebab shop is simply irresistible. It`s interior, decorated in patriotic colours, welcomes you in and once inside you are greeted by the happy smiles of proprietors, husband and wife team, Kamla and Andrew. The simplicity of the dĂŠcor does in no way reflect the delicious, fragrant, juicy and intense flavours that assault the palette when you bite into your enormous and choked full kebab. Each kebab is filled to overflowing with freshly sliced meat off a rotating skewer. The meat is tender, flavourful and fragrant and is complimented by small pieces of tomatoes, onions, lettuce and your choice of garlic or chilli sauce. Fresh Turkish flatbread surrounds the skewered meat


of choice (typically lamb or chicken) and with your choice of combination fillings’, each bite is guaranteed to deliver a different flavour! Vegetarians, do not fear, falafel kebabs are available as well as vegetarian meals

Issue 58

which include falafel, rice, salad, dips and vine leafs. Bite into the home made Boreks with fillings of meat, spinach and cheese, vegetarian and or gozleme and be overwhelmed with the delicious flavours. Absolutely divine! Kamla also bakes her own baklava and kadayif sweets. Her baklava are rich, sweet cakes made of layers of filo pastry filled with chopped nuts and sweetened with syrup or honey. Kadayif is Shredded filo Pastry filled with Walnuts or Cheese. Difficulties erupt when you must choose between Doner kebabs, Shish meals, (meat on a skewer), Samsun Pide, (closed meat or cheese pizza), Baoreks, (meat filled breads with warm flavoured fillings); dips or salads and wether you would like a hot or cold drink with that! Meeting Kamla and Andrew is like meeting a family member. Their hospitality is warm and friendly, their food, fresh, hot and tasty, their coffee, just right every time. Andrews` fishing stories, dramatic;

with the one that got away being an eight feet white pointer! This hard working couple have their regulars, have been known to invite their customers and fellow proprietors home for a meal and infuse all their food with the love of their hearts. After they finished in careers that spanned decades they followed independent adventures before taking over the Altona Station Kebab. This restaurant is about family and they see their community as an extension of this. So come in and meet this amazing couple, their food will not only tingle the mind but warm your body and your heart. Altona Station Kebab is located at 72 Railway street; Altona. (03) 9398 8562 (Opposite the Altona rail Station) Trading hours: Mon - Wed: 9.30am – 9.00pm Thurs & Fri: 9.30am – 9.30pm Sat: 10.30am -9.30pm Sunday: closed Mya Ashley

Issue 58


Notices ALTONA COMMUNITY CHOIR Meets from 7:30-9:30 PM on Monday at The Altona Senior Citizen Centre. There are no auditions and all singers over age 16 are welcome INQUIRIES: DEBBIE on 9742-4325 or 0438636425.

Free gardening workshops in February Worm farming for kids (and grown ups too!) Wednesday 13 February, 4.15pm - 5.30pm Altona Library, 123 Queen St, Altona What’s not to love about worms? They eat your food scraps, produce incredible organic fertiliser and make fascinating slithery pets for kids. Building a worm farm is easy, inexpensive and fun – we’ll show you how and also teach you: • about different types of worms and worm farms • how to feed and care for your worms • how to harvest and use worm poo and juice in your garden This workshop is for primary school aged children accompanied by an adult and older people without kids are most welcome too of course.


Jill Brookes’ family has just advised us: Jill is in the Alfred having her head injury reconstructed with plastic/ceramic plate. We don’t know when she will be out, but the operation was a success and we are waiting to find out how long she has to stay. Days, not weeks. We will keep you informed about her progress.

27 Feb 2013 - Port Phillip Bay Cruise and Sand Sculptures Cost $64pp for 40 passengers or $73 for 30 passengers. Depart the Sports Club at 8:30am for morning tea at Queenscliff, before boarding the Ferry for the trip to Sorrento and lunch at the Rye RSL. Then on to Frankston to view the Sand Sculptures and return to Altona at approximately 5pm. Contact: Probus Club of Altona Inc Secretary Graeme Walshe 0401 015 091

Issue 58

The Altona Fruit and Vegie Swap Takes place on the second Saturday of every month from 10:30am to 11:30am at the Rotunda in Logan Reserve Pier Street, Altona.

Order Form Time Travellers the film Have you seen Time Travellers, the film produced by Altona’s own U3A and Altona Laverton Historical Society? The film captured seniors, seniors groups and a slice of Altona as we see it today. Perhaps you know one of the stars? If you’d like a free copy of the film, here’s your chance, send your name and address to: Jim Hervey PO Box 420, Altona Vic 3018

Altona Kids


Hidden in the grid below is a well known saying Transfer letters from below each column into the blank squares (LETTERS IN BOLD ARE ALREADY IN GRID) the letter are not in order and can only be used once


















Issue 58



Altona Gardens

Helene Wild

Even as a young child I found gumnuts fascinating and sometimes stopped to study their intricacies. So, when I was commissioned to design a matching plate and mug suitable for a man, my thoughts immediately turned to the fruits of gum trees. This commission also came at the time when members of Botanical Illustrators were working on a group project - Eucalypts of the Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne. With Eucalypts foremost in my mind, that was another reason gumnuts were an obvious choice. In this painting, I have shown a selection of nuts collected from various locations around Altona, with the inclusion of a some that were gifts from fellow botanic artists after they had completed their own Eucalyptus watercolours. A few of the smaller species could possibly be indigenous to our area, but most were collected from street or garden plantings ... without plant name tags! I do know the scientific names of a few of these gumnuts, and I also know that some of the larger ones are from Eucalyptus and Corymbia species indigenous to Western Australia. Most immature gumnuts are green then, as they age, they gradually change to brown and become woody. Given the “right” treatment, it is possible to grow gum trees from the several seeds safely encased inside a gumnut. Pick


the brown, woody fruits and place them in a paper bag – one species per paper bag – and then put the bag in a warm position as this will encourage the nuts to release their seeds. You will then have to separate the seeds from the chaff. Plant your gum seeds into a good quality potting mix and, in around two weeks, they will germinate. However, if you haven’t been able to work out what is seed and what is chaff, you can always sow the lot and hope for the best. Because gumnuts stay in good condition for weeks, months, or even years, this was one watercolour I could keep putting aside and work on during my weekly art meetings. Helene Wild

Issue 58

PAULS PALETE` Tasty recipes from your local Altona greengrocer. All ingredients available at Pauls Shop

MANGO SIDE This recipe is a perfect accompaniment to any summer BBQ, Roast or any favourite cut of meat.

Splash with olive oil Gently Mix together

Ingredients 2 Mangoes 1 Small red onion 1 small red capsicum Olive Oil Fresh coriander

Other support dishes you may like to add: Wrap small scrubbed Desiree potatoes in tin foil and place in BBQ Steamed snow peas

Method Cut the cheeks on both mangoes Square the cheeks into small sections Spoon into bowl Finley dice the red capsicum and red onion Finley chop the coriander Place in bowl with diced mangoes

Pauls Fruit Shop Is located: 74 Railway Street South Altona VIC 3018(03) 9315 0144 (Phone orders welcome) All fruit and vegetables supplied for this recipe were given with generosity from Paul.

Support your community, buy local

Issue 58



Altona Fiction

by Christian Bewell

Dust flew up all around us, tinting the once emerald sky into an angry, hideous shade of burgundy. I knew these roads. These pathways lead straight back to the center of hell, my hellish youth. Yet, a sense of calm came over me. My father perished recently and the paper he scrawled on in his very last days gave me the house, the car, and everything else in his possession. The old coot had no sense of what was what anymore and the relationship we contained just before his demise was unfavourable to say the least. Nevertheless, my wife and I decided to make the long, arduous journey up into the cascading mountains where my parents had an acreage. Whatever compelled them to get a place up here where the wind and atmosphere constricted you like a snake was now lost in time. Even when I was young, I still didn’t understand it. The all day drives into town didn’t help either. My wife, Linda, stretched her feet out and complained of how cold it was. “Are we almost there?” She groaned, clearly worn. Being a husband and father still took its toll on me since I got married last year. She took me by surprise at a Christmas party five years ago and about four months ago (Just after my father died), we got married. Of course, father didn’t approve of me marrying some common girl but I didn’t care. She was beautiful, inside and out. “We ’re going up the drive right now.” I smiled. Even though it was October the sun still was out but up here on top of the world, the chill ripped through unprotected layers of skin. Linda foolishly donned a T-shirt and jeans since she wasn’t meeting anyone. The estate came and removed my father’s corpse, still stiff and repugnant from his passing. The car hit a small patch of gravel and jerked to the right. “What was that?” Linda looked at me, terrified. “Gravel.” I grinned. Soon we made our way up the drive intact with the tires finding some purchase on the ground. They recently hired a landscaper to take care of the place but as soon as the money ran out the young fellow (Ronaldo, I think) decided he wasn’t going to be very charitable. Therefore, the place had fallen into a bit of disrepair but otherwise still looked presentable. Understandable since my father was in his seventies. I parked the car and got out, nearly sliding on gravel while Linda nearly took a dive. We were here to officially remove some items from the premises. Linda was going to drive the old Valiant back with more stuff in that car. To be honest I didn’t see much that I would want. “We could see some of it at an auction or something, make some money.” She suggested. The lawyer that my father dealt with gave me the key about a week ago and said go anytime. The problem is that the house was about 800 miles from where I live so popping in for a couple days didn’t seem like a bad idea. “Peter, I’m not staying in this house overnight.” My wife decided. 16

“Go check the gas in the car, please.” I gave her the key. She took it and headed back to our vehicle. “Not that one, the Valiant in the back.” She made a face like a little kid and went to the back. The lock was surprisingly easy to open but the door needed a bit of oil on the ol’ hinges. More dust settled in my nasal passages and eyes, momentarily blinding me and causing me to cough ferociously. Ronaldo sure didn’t do much to the inside. The main room was just as I remembered it; Faint doilies, books on just about every subject stashed in a cupboard in the back of the parlour, the smells of mothballs floating in the air. I suddenly felt sick with nostalgia. This place was my home for years. My father had a fondness for the strap. If the slightest thing set him off, all my brothers and sisters would get the strap. At school I would make up elaborate stories in order to fool the teachers. He also drank heavily. My mother explained it was to “keep the kids happy”. I didn’t know what she actually meant by this nor did she clarify. I removed a couple books from the table and discovered my baby book, still bound in leather and containing an inscription. MY SWEET BOY, LOVE MOMMY I realized my face was wet as the fat tears rolled down. I knew why I came here.

Issue 58

Asset Ownership Deciding how an asset is owned is just as important as deciding which asset to buy, but quite often does not get due consideration. • Should the asset be owned by one individual or jointly? If it is individually which individual should own the investment, the high income earner, or the one that pays less tax? • Should they be owned as joint tenants or tenants in common? • Should you own assets directly, or in a structure such as a trust, company or superannuation fund? Ownership structures can provide access to benefits that may be appealing to certain groups of people. Certain structures could provide benefits you may not otherwise qualify for. You need to consider: • What are the tax outcomes? • Does the structure offer asset protection benefits? • What are the estate planning outcomes? Understanding what happens to your assets if you die is extremely important too. Sole Ownership Sole ownership is where you own the asset in your own name. The most common example would be a bank account. Even though you may have a joint bank account with your spouse, it is likely that you also have a bank account in your personal name. The advantage of sole ownership is that it is very clear who owns the investment, i.e. you. Any income earned is taxed in your personal name, as such it may be beneficial to hold investment assets in the name of the spouse with the lower taxable income to minimise the tax paid. Solely owned assets need to be dealt with via a Will, they will not automatically pass to another person upon your death. Joint Assets (Non-Estate Assets) Joint assets are those that you own jointly with another person or entity, and you each own an equal share of the asset. The most common examples of joint assets are a house purchased by a husband and wife, or a jointly held bank account. Assets jointly owned are not considered assets of an individual’s estate and cannot be disposed of via a Will. Upon the death of one owner, the asset generally passes automatically to the surviving owner.

Tenants-in-Common Assets (Estate Assets) A tenancy-in-common exists where two or more persons share possession of an asset. They do not have to hold the asset in equal portions, for example you could purchase a property with a friend and you own 60% while they own 40%. When one owner dies, there is no automatic transfer of that share to the other owner(s). Assets held under a tenancy-in-common are considered assets of an individual’s estate. Upon death of an owner under a tenancy-in common arrangement, the deceased’s portion of the asset is treated as a separate asset for CGT purposes. This means it is very important to ensure that you include assets held as Tenants-in-Common in your Will. Other Options Other options include ownership of Assets by Companies, Superannuation Funds, or a Family Trust, and these options require specialised advice to ensure they are appropriate and structured correctly. Please contact Melinda Houghton at the office of Houghton Strategic Solutions on 9394 6344 if you would like to receive further information on Asset Ownership strategies that may assist you to make the most of your Assets and minimise risks, whilst maximising your overall financial position. Melinda Houghton Authorised Representative (No. 290343) of Aon Hewitt Financial Advice Limited Aon Hewitt Financial Advice Limited | ABN 13 091 225 642 AFSL No 239183 This information may be regarded as general advice. That is, your personal objectives, needs or financial situations were not taken into account when preparing this information. Accordingly, you should consider the appropriateness of any general advice we have given you, having regard to your own objectives, financial situation and needs before acting on it. Where the information relates to a particular financial product, you should obtain and consider the relevant product disclosure statement before making any decision to purchase that financial product.

Going back to the example of a husband and wife jointly owning their home, on the death of the husband the wife will automatically be the owner of the entire house. This will occur even if the husbands Will left his share to their children. Joint tenancy overrides a person’s Will.

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FEBRUARY READING Hello Mya I have lived in Melbourne for 2 years and I am confused about what to choose as my life direction and career. I feel I have had so many blocks in discovering what would be a rewarding and free flowing career for me. I’ve studied classical music, graphic design, art, psychology and counselling, yet for some reason, I’m unable to find employment. Maybe the universe doesn’t support my choices, hence the blockage? Do I need to change fields, so I can settle down and have earthly assets like a normal 33 year old? I’ve also grappled with a sense of deep sadness and feel I am living in the past. How can I live a fulfilled life and become the graceful, kind, successful and sophisticated woman I know I’m meant to be? Thank you so much for your time Mya. I look forward to your response, and also to meeting you in person sometime in the near future Hello Nicole Well Nicole, I feel that you are not finding external employment because you are meant to work for yourself. You have a wonderful capacity for compassion and a deep understanding


of the impact emotions play on the logical brain. Working from home or from a rented room close to where you live would be the perfect fit for you with flexibility of your work day being the highest priority. You seem to be constantly looking over your shoulder. I see fear attached to this and a sense that you may be hiding from something; (a fear or a secret), or someone. There may be or have been recent involvement from an authoritive department. This situation is almost over with February bringing a much more peaceful and settled time. Your child`s vocabulary is about to explode with constant chatterandhewillfeel aneedtoexpresshimselfenthusiastically and often, even when eating! Your child goes through times of high activity followed by periods of lethargy and in his quieter times, he has a need to be cuddled and held by you constantly. His interest in food also fluctuates as he says that sometimes when you feed him, you seem uninterested. He says that you are often tired and unmotivated but he loves it when you read to him. He will grow up to be a physically tall and strong young man who has a natural gift with numbers and science. He will be completely fascinated by the stars and the universe and if he doesn’t have one already, would love a lamp that rotates and projects images of stars and the moon around the room at night. He loves playing outside and can’t wait to master the art of riding a tricycle or bike.

Issue 58

He seems to be a restless sleeper, so if you choose to, you could sprinkle a small amount of natural lavender oil within or just outside his door. He doesn`t like the door shut at night as he loves to hear the “big people” chatter. He loves his grandparent so, so much as they always smile and this makes him smile too. They are full of cuddles, kindness and love and do their best to look after you and your son; as much as you allow them to! They worry about you; however they have enormous faith in you to succeed for yourself and your family and to find fulfilment and peace once again. You have an incredible bond with your child so don`t feel afraid to live life on your own terms. He is more than capable of adjusting to new routines and he does love a schedule. He only feels unsettled when you express doubt and uncertainty about who you are and what you want to achieve. He says you seem to worry the most around 5.00pm! Your belief system has been dented, but can be adjusted back to the confident, smiling and gentle person you truly are. You seem to not value your current achievements but really, you have more than enough skill and experience to create financial independence within the next three years. However you struggle with motivation and lethargy often and are a restless sleeper, dreaming constantly of faraway places. Aladdin’s magic carpet appeals to your spirit of adventure, excitement, colour and the freedom to go where ever you please. It is also a great analogy of good winning over evil. You have a strong belief that all who harm must be brought to justice. If your son is not in some form of child care, seek it out for him as he will really enjoy the structure and company of other people his own age. He says he can`t wait. This would also give you some time to re-connect back to yourself and find a little peace in an otherwise hectic day. I feel that you have or do sing around the house. A local choir group would love to have you, as I feel that at times you isolate yourself from the world. There is nothing wrong with you! You have been in a settling pattern of re-establishment and finding “home”. Sometimes I feel you wish you were far away from where you are now. Such confusion within! Time to yourself would really help you breath and reconnect with the thoughts, dreams and ambitions you once easily pictured and I see further study in a few years time as with great enthusiasm, you seek to be the best you can be in your chosen field. Work wise, It seems to be some kind of therapeutic counselling

with enfaces on trauma. Singing will also be used in your sessions as well as art, musical instruments, painting and toys, in form of role play. You will work with families, children and adults, and even though this is draining at times, your passion to create light for those that do not see it, spurs you on. Your warmth, kindness and compassion are limitless. They have not left you, just as your smile is soon to return and naturally beam outwards toward the world again. Have faith, believe in yourself. Your path becomes so clear for you around March this year and so begins an incredible journey. May, June and July bring an increase of finance, with a trip to stay with a friend bringing comfort around August, September. Nicole, these are the cards chosen for you. Using your learnt and natural skill base is paramount to you finding fulfilment and peace within. As this card suggests, you have a natural ability to give great advice as you have a deep grasp of human nature and the ability to see right to the heart of the matter. You have a high level of compassion, the ability to keep calm in a crisis and respond appropriately to others emotional needs with clarity. You are a natural healer/ therapist with a broad view on what makes other people tick. You see every person as an unique individual and work on that basis to support growth in others. At present you are withdrawing from involvement in the world, being passive and waiting patiently for a sign to send you in the “right” direction. Use your intuition and seek guidance from within. Understand that your answers were actually written in your question! This is the time to breathe and take the time to understand what fulfils you and in doing so, you will begin to reconnect with yourself. Begin to define what makes you happy and at peace. I ask you to look beyond the obvious when it comes to work opportunities and know that you have absolute ability to create your own unique career path. This card suggests that you have not given up faith in achieving your goals and that even though it seems tough now; you truly believe that all will be well. Understand that the light can only be appreciated after darkness and this period of uncertainty and inaction will slowly and gently leave you and your confidence will return. A suggestion will be made to you in the next few months that will place a new idea within. Within days you will feel motivated to follow this career lead and what a wonderful and unexpected result you will find! Something, that until that moment, you could never have envisioned. Walk calmly and slowly at present. Take good care of your health and mental state. Eat well, sleep well and find some peace in the moments of the day. This is the time to pace yourself. New beginnings are on the way on 2013. Blessings Mya Ashley

Issue 58


Westside Quotes 1. Sometimes, when I look at my children, I say to myself,’Lillian, you should have remained a virgin..’ 2. I had a rose named after me and I was very flattered. But I was not pleased to read the description in the catalogue: ‘No good in a bed, but fine against a wall.’ 3. Last week, I stated this woman was the ugliest woman I had ever seen. I have since been visited by her sister, and now wish to withdraw that statement.. 4. The secret of a good sermon is to have a good beginning and a good ending; and to have the two as close together as possible 5. Santa Claus has the right idea. Visit people only once a year.


6. Be careful about reading health books. You may die of a misprint. 7. By all means, marry. If you get a good wife, you’ll become happy; if you get a bad one, you’ll become a philosopher. 8. I was married by a judge. I should have asked for a jury. 9. My wife has a slight impediment in her speech. Every now and then she stops to breathe. 10. I have never hated a man enough to give his diamonds back. Answers to West Side Quotes on page 22 Courtesy of Ashley Williams, Settlement Manager at Mortgage Choice, Harrington Square, Altona

Issue 58

OPSIMATH This is the happy story of Henry, One of those late-blooming autodidacts, Prime example of opsimathy: About his success folks, these are the facts.

Well he’s just got his Master’s Degree For a thesis on Mathematics; He has published an anthology; For a musical, he’s written the lyrics.

Henry, at school, was no good at Math; He had no head for Geometry; But at eighty, as an opsimath, He is a whiz at Trigonometry.

Composing odes, he finds easy as pie; And sonnets just roll off his tongue; His elegies bring tears to the eye; Much of his verse is designed to be sung.

He started studying Maths at sixty, And found Calculus just a snack; He gobbled up Quantum and String Theory; By age seventy, no going back.

Some say he could win the Nobel Prize For Mathematics or for Physics; And a literary award would not surprise; His current main interest is Optics.

He studied Maths and Physics by day; To his bright future, Science was key; But needing a “violon d’Ingrès”, He filled his evenings with Prosody.

Jack Nystrom, Wednesday, 16 January, 2013.

Trochee and spondee a mystery, As was the verse called alexandrine; The former sounded like Chinese cookery; The latter like exotic fine wine. Shakespeare’s plays, Henry would curse; English Lit. classes, he used to dread; Iambic pentameter; rhymeless free verse; A meter was what the gasman read.

Answers to West Side Quotes from page 20: 1. Lillian Carter (mother of Jimmy Carter) 2. Eleanor Roosevelt 3. Mark Twain 4. George Burns 5. Victor Borge 6. Mark Twain 7. Socrates 8. Groucho Marx 9. Jimmy Durante 10. Zsa Zsa Gabor

As a lad, Henry hated Poetry, But was top of wood-working class; His vocation would be Carpentry: As a builder, he made lots of brass.

Issue 58


“LEARN LOCAL” AT LAVERTON Local Point Cook resident Yan Xiong Li is a classic example of someone who has used the services of a local adult and community education provider to benefit her life, her well being, and her employability. Born in Guangzhou in southern China in 1964 she grew up with her mother, father and two brothers. Her father was a manager in government service and her mother a hairdresser. Together with her two older brothers she attended a large secondary school in Guangzhou where she completed the equivalent of Year 12 and also began learning some English. In 1990, like thousands of other young Chinese students, Yan Li saw the Australian Government’s liberal ‘education for export’ policy as the chance to study, and perhaps stay, in Australia. She enrolled in an English course with a private college, obtained a study visa and moved to Melbourne. However, things were not quite as rosy as they seemed - English language colleges in the early 1990s were not closely regulated, and as happened to many overseas students, Yan’s college closed and she lost her money. Fortunately the Australian Government was at the time offering Chinese students the opportunity of permanent residence. Yan Li took up this offer and stayed. Initially Yan Li settled in Thornbury and then moved to Altona. She worked in a chocolate factory from her arrival in 1990 until 1994 when her son Simon was born. In 1997, while living in Altona with her son, some friends told Yan Li about Laverton Community Education Centre. Still very keen to improve her English, she commenced ESL classes in the same year. She has been attending similar programs at LCEC ever since. Raising her son Simon has been Yan Li’s major pastime for the past 20 years, but she has also managed to hold down a number of jobs. In the early 1990s she worked for a number of years in a chocolate factory, and more recently she taught Chinese language at RMIT. However, it is the care and development of children that is her first love. So when she heard that the Laverton Community Education Centre was about to be registered to deliver the Certificate III and Diploma in Childrens’ Services, she began to plan her future. First she enrolled in an ACFE (Adult, Community and Further Education) funded Introduction to Child Care program run at the LCEC in 2011. She successfully completed this introductory course and in early 2012 the Education Centre was approved to deliver the full Children’s Services qualifications. So earlier this year Yan Li enrolled in the Certificate III in Children’s Services and completed the course in August. Part of the requirements of the Certificate III in Children’s Services for all students is ‘work placement’. Yan Li 22

completed this component at The Range Children’s Centre in Williamstown. With her new qualification she has now gained ongoing full-time employment in child care – some days at The Range, some at another centre. Now living in Point Cook, Yan Li is serious about providing quality children’s services (she plans to do the Diploma soon), but also loves the fun part of the job one of her favourite pastimes is playing the harmonica to the children where she works. Her son Simon is also progressing well: studying business management at Victoria University, playing the piano, and football.

Issue 58


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Issue 58

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Issue 58

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