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ISSUE 55, OCTOBER 2012 Letterboxed to homes in Altona and Seaholme, with new distribution points in Altona North, Altona Meadows and Williamstown

This gentle and humble farewell imparted from a villager in Bwindi to the Altona community was carried back to Australia in the capable and determined heart of Trish Salau who after her third visit to the area in 2011, decided to give the women of the Bwindi Village the skills to create business opportunities that would benefit not only themselves but their whole community. Upon striking up a conversation with some local women selling fabric, Tricia learnt none of the money generated by tourists visiting the lodges and gorillas in the area is fed back into the local community where mothers are struggling to feed, clothe and educate their children. Back in Australia, Tricia decided to she wanted to help these women invest in Bwindi’s tourism and so the Ugandan Sewing Project was born. Bwindi located in south western Uganda, East Afric is a community seen, heard and supported around the world in the united goal to create sustainability within an area invaded by modern day capital, deforestation and foreign privatisation that had divided the owners of the land from

its own personal and financial resources. Poverty underlies a beautiful, joyous and buoyant community determined to learn and regain their independence. Needed was enthusiastic and motivated people, community organisations that work well, a long term ‘vision’ for the community and a strong focus on practical action to achieve the set vision. All these skills were available within three incredible women; Jill Bilston, Trish Salau and Kim Reiley who with the support of the Louis Joel Centre, U3A, Altona Rotary and the Altona Community, raised money to build a community centre, buy treadle sewing machines, teach women sewing skills and create a cottage industry for women to achieve financial independence that allows themselves, their families and their community to flourish. 2012 has been recognised as the International Year of Cooperatives by the United Nations. This is an acknowledgement by the international community that co-operatives drive the economy, are resilient to the global economic crisis, respond to social change and are focused on human need not human greed, where the members, who own and govern the business, collectively enjoy the benefits instead of all profits going to shareholders and or big or foreign traders. Jill, Trish and Kim have been teaching sewing skills, creative design and targeted product development to capture the local tourist trade. The evolution of this project began with the necessity to build a community centre to house the Treadle sewing machines, store equipment and materials and provide a welcoming and united space to teach an inspirational, enthusiastic and initially shy group of Bwindi women. Under the banner of the Ride for Women Co operative*, the Bwindi women met every day, were taught to hand sew, use non powered sewing machines and coal irons; singing and laughing while they learnt. Graduation meant achievement, pride and self sustainability. It also displayed to a minority


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RAMBLING WITH THE EDITOR It’s fantastic to see your letters and articles springing up between the pages! We also get quite a few suggestions, some, which are achievable now. Others, we need to look at when a new volunteer takes interest in joining in. Last month I mentioned the Melbourne Zoo was celebrating its 150th year. October is the month to celebrate birthdays – look out for activities at the Altona Laverton Historical Society. One of their projects partnered with Hobsons Bay Council, seniors groups and the U3A is Time Travellers, a film documenting the rich fabric of our seniors clubs is set to launch on 12th October. We also celebrate the birthdays of two wonderful community leaders, our publisher Bill McPherson and Louis Joel Community Arts Centre’s Jill Bilston. This month’s word find sees something ‘sweet’ for you. Our council elections are here and while the Around Altona chooses to stay out of the ‘politics’ of the election, we wish all candidates the very best of luck in their endeavour to do what’s best for our community. Our lovely Jill Brookes is now in rehab – bunches of flowers from groups are being co-ordinated so that Jill will have a continuous flow of Altona love. A huge thanks to Ashleigh from Mortgage Choice who is standing in for Jill and providing us with some delightful quotes. Jill, we miss you – get stronger lovely lady. Enjoy issue 55 – it’s a community conversation soooo why not join in? Cheers, Petronella Boonen

PUDDLING WITH THE PUBLISHER The girls from the Louis Joel Centre have returned from Africa full of their success in attempting to assist easing the poverty of the local women they went to help. You may already know as there is no electricity there they took loads of treadle swing machines to the edge if the dessert and spent time with the local women teaching them how to sew and make products for sale to earn a small amount to buy basic essential items to help keep them alive and possibly get out of the poverty trap. Well the girls did all that and came home, in their opinion and mine, justly proud of a job well done. They believe now that there is an urgent need to send small funds to employ a person, maintain a volunteer, whatever, to bring some management and marketing skills on the ground, to ensure the project gets to the next level and the local women can stand on their own. They are talking about a small amount of money, size unknown as yet. If you’ve got a spare $10 put it in an envelope and post it to Jill Billston at the Louis Joel in Altona, mark it Sewing 2

machine project. Add your name and address or email address and Jill will keep you posted on the results as they occur. Better still, if you’re into community projects, jump in and use your efforts to help raise funds to help directly, in a small way, raise funds to reduce poverty for these women. Until next time, Bill McPherson

Issue 55

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the power of united focus and vision. The Bwindi Sewing project goals include increasing the variety of products made, purchasing and installing a generator, weather proofing the community hall roof and exporting the originally designed, colourful and beautiful products worldwide. To help raise money for this amazing project the ladies make and sell homemade jams and preserves, hold afternoon teas, sell raffle tickets and are soon to be holding an evening of Travel Talk, sharing their amazing experiences with you! See below. Donations are always welcome and Sponsorships are sought. To make donations or talk to these amazing women, please drop in or call the Louis Joel Arts & Community Centre, 5 Sargood Street, Altona. 9398 2511. It is always wonderful to shine the light on the quiet, the humble and the generous of heart who live within our community. Such people inspire, motivate and contribute to changing the world, one person at a time. The Bwindi Sewing project capitulates the words spoken by Mahatma Gandhi; Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will. (Young India, Volume 1, Issue 52; 1919)� *The Ride for Women co operative began when support from America came to Bwindi to teach the community to ride bikes. From this initiative, the Bwindi community received bikes which they then learned how to maintain and rent out to tourists creating community revenue.



M: 0449 834 359 E:

Issue 55


AND THE WINNER IS ?... SEASIDE FITNESS Seaside Fitness, won the Hobsons Bay Business Excellence Award in the home based category. I was presented with my award at the Gala Dinner 7th September, where 250 people attended from local nominated finalist’s, businesses their staff, friends and families. The awards were open to all business in Hobsons Bay area, and were judged by independent industry experts. Wow, what a wonderful experience, I felt very grateful just to be a finalist and absolutely over the moon to be chosen the winner and recognised amongst my peers and very reputable local businesses, it was a great feeling. Making a speech was a bit scary, and apparently I was sincere and I didn’t waffle :-) I think it means I did waffle. :-) Thanks to my lovely clients who instil trust in me and whom I enjoy a a very rewarding relationship, my current and my past clients have helped me become a better trainer and a better person. Special thanks to Jason my husband for all his tireless patience and support. I’ve also loaded some pics on facebook “like” our page, to receive regular updates. Hobsons Bay City Council will have pics coming from the night on their web site if you want a good look at the night.

thanks again, couldn’t have won without you, Leanne Vandeligt 0412482358 “we can help you find something special, YOU!”


Issue 55

DEALING WITH CENTRELINK One of the tasks we assist our clients with regularly is helping to lodge applications and correspond with Centrelink for benefits and pensions. This is one area where our clients receive real value, with assistance in helping to understand the systems and processes, and most importantly maximising available benefits that you are entitled to. Overview of Centrelink Centrelink offer a range of payments to assist you in a number of circumstances including if you have children, are unemployed, are studying or have retired. Benefits are provided in a variety of ways such as pensions, allowances, concessions and other services. The most common Centrelink benefits are:     

The Age Pension Family Tax Benefit Newstart Allowance Disability Support Pension Carer Payment and Carer Allowance

ensure you are not overpaid and have to make repayments to Centrelink, and checking that Centrelink have entered your data correctly and you are not losing benefits due to simple administrative errors. Case Study 1 A client receiving an Age Pension updated Centrelink when he undertook two weeks of paid casual work. Centrelink did not record that the work was of a short duration, and reduced his Age Pension payments for over 12 months. Upon assessing his entitlement, we realised he was being underpaid and corrected the data. As the amount his payment was reduced by was a relatively low amount of $38 per fortnight and he was a part Age Pensioner; he did not realise he was being underpaid. However over a year, this amounted to $988. Without our review, this could have been underpaid for many years and added up to tens of thousands of dollars. Case Study 2

There are generally three main tests you need to meet before you will receive a payment:  Residency requirements  An Assets Test, and  An Income Test. For some payments you will need to meet additional requirements in relation to your age, health or employment situation. How do I organise payment? In most cases claims will need to be lodged with Centrelink either online or with a paper version. Suitable identification must also be provided. However these are the relatively simple aspects. Like other Government organisations that deal with large numbers of people, there are hints and tips that can help you to move smoothly through the system and keep up with the rules. In a similar way to an Accountant dealing with the Australian Taxation Office on your behalf, and keeping you up to date on how to minimise your tax; many Financial Advisers will speak to Centrelink on your behalf and utilise strategies to maximise the benefits you are entitled to. Keeping up to date with the current rules and benefit payment options, updating changes to your financial position and assisting you to navigate the processes involved are invaluable to your peace of mind and financial well-being. However these strategies can also add thousands of dollars each year to some people’s benefit entitlements. Another area of assistance is to

A client who gave up work to care for her elderly mother-in-law reported her husband’s income earnings to Centrelink when she applied for a Carer Payment. When updating his income some time later, she discovered that they had not included his income in their calculations and had been overpaying her for 8 months. Centrelink demanded she repay the overpaid amounts which amounted to over $4,000. Centrelink admitted their error, but told her she still needed to make the repayment. With my assistance she successfully appealed the decision via the Social Security Appeals Tribunal and had the debt waived due to Centrelink’s administrative error. Case Study 3 A client tragically lost her husband to Cancer. Whilst he was ill she had given up her job to care for him, and was receiving a Carer Payment and Carer’s Allowance from Centrelink. Once he passed away, she was unable to cope with the paperwork and new applications required to assist her to maintain some income whilst she was in mourning and had to consider her future plans with her new changed life. We were able to assist her with the paperwork to reduce her stress levels and let her focus on other matters. Many Age Pensioners and part Age Pensioners are able to improve their levels of Age Pension via appropriate asset structuring. The rules are constantly changing and it is important that you maximise your benefit entitlements to ensure your own funds last throughout your retirement so you can maintain your quality of life. Please contact Melinda Houghton at the office of Houghton Strategic Solutions on 9394 6344 if you would like to receive further information on personal advice strategies that may assist you to make the most of your Centrelink benefits whilst maximising your overall financial position. Melinda Houghton Authorised Representative (No. 290343) of Aon Hewitt Financial Advice Limited Aon Hewitt Financial Advice Limited | ABN 13 091 225 642 AFSL No 239183 This information may be regarded as general advice. That is, your personal objectives, needs or financial situations were not taken into account when preparing this information. Accordingly, you should consider the appropriateness of any general advice we have given you, having regard to your own objectives, financial situation and needs before acting on it. Where the information relates to a particular financial product, you should obtain and consider the relevant product disclosure statement before making any decision to purchase that financial product.

Issue 55


Travels of Sailor Ann


“Do you speak English? “” a young woman in stylish clothes asks me as I sit in the hotel lobby waiting for my tour bus to arrive. We converse. Anna tells me that she is also waiting for a tour bus and we discover that we are both waiting to meet Mr. Ito from All Japan Tours. Anna works in London but she is from the Ukraine. As a child she lived near the Chernobyl nuclear plant and after the disaster was sent to stay for the summer with her grandmother some 60 km away. Anna had to take Iodine tablets for another twelve months after this. We did not discuss the Japan nuclear disaster (March 2011at the Fukishima power plant), but we did talk about her travel plans to visit Hiroshima after our 6 day Japan tour finished in Osaka. I told Anna that I had visited Hiroshima on my previous visit to Japan soon after the 40 year anniversary of the Atomic bomb which destroyed the city. The tour bus arrives and we are met by Ms Yoko and our fellow travellers. “You Australians take lots of holidays!”. This was Tom from California, USA, but of Chinese origin. Tom grew up in Hong Kong before migrating with his


Issue 55

from being team manager in a mental health clinic admissions department. Our All Japan tour included group dinners at a traditional Japanese inn (Ryokan)and a typical city hotel restaurant . One evening our small group of ten shared different migration experiences . This was compared with our host country Japan where 98 % of the country’s inhabitants are Japanese. The population is a mix of Mongolian, Chinese and Korean dating back thousands of years. Japan did not experience large scale immigration until post war US occupation from 1945-1952. The foreign invasion continues but even today third generation Korean residents cannot attain Japanese citizenship and issues of identity are complicated. mother (Singapore Chinese) and his siblings to USA. The family waited another two years before his father could join the family because he was from mainland China and the USA government had restrictions on the number of ethnic Chinese they allowed into the country . Tom’s wife Juliana also went to school in Hong Kong but she had arrived there as a refugee from Cambodia. Later she joined her aunt in Paris travelling on a tourist visa. After two years and multiple applications she was able to migrate to the USA. The English she learnt at school in Hong Kong made it easier for her to tell her story to the immigration authorities- her search for a better education and life since so many of her immediate family members had been lost during the Pol Pot’s regime in Cambodia.

A week later I spend a day with two Japanese ladies , English language students. Setsuko introduces me to her husband and chauffeur for the day’s outing. Ryo produces his business card – we talk and I discover that he was team manager to the Japan football team to the Mexico Olympics. We talk world cup soccer and Germany. The other student for the day is Asako who converses easily in English with the assistance of her notebook dictionary for difficult words. Asako and Setsuko between them explain how Japanese families work. We agree that conversational English skills helps us to understand the differences between our cultures and that an appreciation of the rules of etiquette and a sense of humor helps us to share the similarities. “ Sayoonara ...” Ann Goodwin

Gerry announced that he had been to New Zealand , my home country. Gerry was from Portland Oregon where he lived with his travel companion Kunie, in a mobile trailer home. Kunicko was Japanese from Hokkaido in the northern part of Japan .Gerry was from a Finnish background and had been a US Marine Seal (similar to the SAS) in navy at the time John Kennedy was president of the USA and regaled us with his Ninja training and dangerous exploits during the 1960 Cuban crisis. Our tour leader replacement was Ms Yoko from Tokyo – we never did find out what happened to Mr Ito. Yoko became very animated when she told me how she had met some NZ All Black rugby players at a bar run by her next door neighbour. She did not know who these celebrities were until she saw the team photo in the local newspaper. Robert and Favi were a younger couple from Mexico. The southern states of the USA which border Mexico have recently changed their laws after years of illegal immigration across the border by Mexicans seeking a better life. The couple were both educated professionals taking a short vacation. Their first language was Spanish and so were having some difficulty understanding our tour guide’s English pronunciation. The remaining two people in the tour group were of Indian origin. Rami was born in Switzerland but went back to India when she was eight years old. She had returned to Zurich to attend university. Thomas was from Arizona, USA. A trained doctor but now a psychiatrist taking a break Issue 55


CALL TO JOIN MASTERS OF AN AGE–OLD GAME ‘There are not many opportunities for over 35 year olds to get together and enjoy a sporting release in a team environment’ – Brett Cook Age is no barrier for the boys at Werribee Masters Australian Rules Football Club.

approaching middle age were not readily available else where in Wyndham.

Werribee Masters Australian Football Club require coaches for two over 35’s, and a over 47’s teams, new players are also required for all teams for season 2013.

‘There are not many opportunities for over 35 year olds to get together and enjoy a sporting release in team environment. The club also has a great family atmosphere so that everyone is catered for on game days’

Following a successful 2012 in which Werribee Masters had three teams playing masters footy. Werribee Masters Australian Football Club completed its first season in the Premier Division of Masters football. Sine the club joined the Metropolitan Division of Masters football five years ago the club has won three grand Finals and has been promoted to the Premier Division of master’s football. The club is looking forward to another great year in 2013. New players are needed to join a fun and family oriented club for the coming footy season. The club has three teams playing masters footy, two Master’s Over 35’s teams, and a Legends (Over 47’s) team. Players need to be turning 35 in 2013 to be eligible to play in the Masters competition, the club play triple headers at all home and away games in and around Melbourne metropolitan area, games are only played every fortnight, allowing ample time for the body to recover. All players are guaranteed a game.

Werribee Masters Australian Football club does precisely that and the club is looking forward to another successful season in the metro and country leagues of AFL master’s football. Games are only played every fortnight and not on public holidays the season start in late Apr, playing every two weeks allow ample time for the body to recover. The club has great camaraderie, spirit and a very enjoyable social atmosphere. Please contact Jason on 0488 456 756 for more information, or check out our web site at www.

The Werribee Masters Australian Football Club has been established for 30 years and play home games from Chirnside Oval which has excellent facilities for both playing and social functions. The club is putting the call out for more members. Werribee Masters Coach Brett Cook, said the benefit of a physical sport such as Australian Rules for men


Issue 55

TO MARKET, TO MARKET Foodies can rejoice that Altona Farmers Market has landed in the lap of Altona, namely Altona Primary School. Altona has already seen the benefits of market life as it enriches our dayto day experience of Altona and enhances local community business, with stronger patronage drawing visitors here to spend the day here. Melissa and Amber gave us a taste of their family business’ olive oil, labelled Mount William Extra Virgin Oil. One of the oils had a ‘grassy’ taste – not my personal cup of tea (or olives) but I would imagine someone sampling this oil knowing exactly how it will complement an extraordinary dish. My choice was the lighter Manzanillo blend and Melissa tells me that buying fresh olive oil means I am rewarding my family with high levels of polyphenols, antioxidants shown to help lower the risk of coronary diseases, blood pressure and cancer.

need a few extra shopping bags. The school’s sausage sizzle was a hit, spice lovers got to sample some chorizo from the Argentine BBQ, an enticing alternative. The enclosed area of the school oval was great for families – while mum and dad sampled some honey, the kids could enjoy the jumping castle and farm animals or kick a footy with their mates. - Petronella Boonen

I came home with apples and pistachio nuts, some lovely gifts including soap and some pear and vanilla jam, a grape vine and a mental list for my next visit. The prices were surprisingly good – although I can see I may


Issue 55



Black & White Violence; Man's inhumanity to man has long been a subject for moralisation. The cause and effect ripples through communities, countries and individuals. Instead of asking, "Why is there violence?" we might ask, "Why is there peace?" We seem more inclined to be comfortable with the expectation of confrontation and conflict than solidarity. Violence is everywhere and affects everyone. Every minute of every day, someone, somewhere in the world, dies because of violence, thousands of people need emergency care, and many suffer depression, anxiety, alcohol and drug abuse. It tears apart families, friends and neighbourhoods, and does untold damage to societies. Mankind seemingly has the Inability to tolerate each other. We choose to place our own needs above others through the display of lack of consideration and compassion and the empty bucket of greed that hangs heavily across our backs.

Violence is not inevitable. Rather, it is often predictable and preventable. Many factors that increase the risk for violence are modifiable, and there are many steps that governments, non-governmental organisations and the public can take to strengthen policies, systems and services in ways that will substantially reduce rates of violence. But ultimately, if the Individual believes in peace, when you no longer believe that good is weak and evil is powerful, the active nature of peace will reign. But when all the young men refuse to kill for the sake of peace, and when all the women forbid their men to kill for the sake of peace, and when you realize that no peace will come through killing, and that the end does not justify the means, and when you grow full and light with thoughts of peace, there will be an end to war. But as long as any men go to war for the sake of peace, there will be war. And, as long as any woman teaches her sons to go to war because of love of the peace, there will be war.

Violence is defined by the intention of committing the act itself, irrespctive of the outcome it produces. This means that the determination to act in a violating way, the action of the thoughts and choices that bring you to the brink of action, whether threatened or actual; is the damage done irrespective of the next moment. You have already become violent‌ Your reality is a replica of your thoughts. If you do not like the world, you are able to change your thoughts knowing that no exterior manipulation will change the face of your experience. Our world often equates aggression with strength, winning at all costs, competition for superiority and money, notoriety and greed as the ultimate goal of triumph and or victory. But against what, compared to who? If this goal is so great and so valued, why do we lock ourselves away, monitor our belongings, carry weapons for protection, build fences around our homes and alarms for our cars? We are ultimately afraid of ourselves, our race, our community, our society. Afraid of the very essence within us that is the creation of who we are. Fight or flight, the most basic instinctual element of the human being will always be around and within us, but the boundaries that constitute their use are now so fragile and delicate that we have become a defensive culture, a wanting culture. A culture seeking constant external justification for what we lack within; grabbing like seagulls at food even though we are already full, just in case we miss out. 10

Issue 55


Altona Loop Group – Our Voices are Being Heard In the media: “…since June this year members of the Altona Loop Group Facebook page … have recorded almost 40 of these disrupted services across the past three months. Train turmoil travels on - Alesha Capone - Star Williamstown, Altona, Laverton On the Facebook site: May 2011, Minister Mulder promised... *Less bypassing. *More seats. *More carriages. *No cuts to trains. We are still waiting. This group is a place to post information, have a whinge, and record service failures and frustrations in the Altona Loop - the section of the Werribee line between Newport and Laverton that includes the stations Seaholme, Altona and Westona. We hope to achieve a reliable train service through Seaholme, Altona and Westona with: *No bypassing. *Increased train frequency *Less cancellations *Trains on time *No changing trains at Laverton *Full or partial duplication - Diana Rice In Around Altona feedback: I travel by train into the city and since the last major revision of our time table, I have found it far more convenient to drive to Newport parking the car there to travel by train from that station. Gives me greater options for travel both ways. - Ann Cassar

Issue 55


Notices IT’S ON AGAIN - THE ANGLICAN PARISH OF ALTONA/LAVERTON ANNUAL BAZAAR Friday, 26TH October, 2012, 10am3pm At St. Eanswythe’s Church, Queen Street, Altona (behind the altona post office). Home made cakes, jams, marmalades will be on sale together with books, Plants, craft, toys, bric a brac and a sausage sizzle. Devonshire teas & Lunch will also be available in our ‘St. Eanswwythe’s cafe for a day’. It is a fun day for the parishioners & the community and the funds raised are used in providing services such as Soup & Sandwiches, Playgroup, Nursing Home & Hospital visiitng & Refugee Support.


How to build a raingarden Tuesday 30 October, 4:30 - 6.30pm Louis Joel Arts and Community Centre 5 Sargood St, Altona A raingarden resembles a regular garden but with a major difference - it receives rainwater from hard surfaces such as a downpipe from a roof, paved areas or roads. It’s specially designed so that the soil, gravel and plants slow down and clean stormwater before it enters our creeks and bays. Come learn more about raingardens and help prepare and plant out the raingarden at the community centre.

Events of The Altona Laverton Historical Society - Lions District Convention 2012 in Hobsons Bay The Lions District Convention 2012 will be held in Hobsons Bay over the weekend 9-11 November 2012, with a visit to the Altona Homestead Museum included in the convention’s agenda to see exhibits from Lions Altona.

Issue 55

Hobsons Bay Arts Society News ‘Sketching on Location’ is good for anyone wanting to sketch interesting subjects - people in action. Your sketches can be made with simple materials like pens or pencils & notebooks. Often people bring watercolours or pastels and good paper as well. Contrary to popular belief, we sketch in sheltered, warm places when it’s cold outside. Nancy Belyea 0411 350 435 .

Agata Lelek Workshop Agata Lelek’s Portrait Workshop on 5 August was an outstanding success, and Agata has agreed to run another workshop, in November. If you are interested in participating contact Kathy on 9398 4049 during the evening or email the Society at

Altona Kids

n o s e m a G d r a bo

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chocolate hail





tarte tatin










petits fours







Issue 55


Pet Section


We all love to feed our dog’s our snacks or share a bit of our meals every now and again, especially when they are sitting there drooling with desperation. But do we really know the foods that may be possibly toxic to them? Chocolate is something that most of us love, but it can be extremely fatal to dogs. Cocoa contained in chocolate contains a chemical called theobromide, which affects the heart, kidneys, lungs and nervous system. Sometimes symptoms do not present for several hours after consumption, but eventually may show signs of labored breathing, fever, increased heart rate, staggering, vomiting, diarrhea and possible seizures. If you suspect your dog has consumed chocolate or cocoa, veterinary attention should be sought immediately. Caffeine, including coffee, tea, energy drinks and soft drinks can all cause damage to the heart, kidneys, lungs and nervous system. Some of the first signs of toxicity may be restlessness, hyperactivity and vomiting. They can also get increased heart rate, muscle tremors, staggering gait and convulsions.

of poisoning include vomiting, panting, rapid heart rate and coma. Not only is the cyanide a toxin, but obstruction may also be of concern from consuming the pits and seeds. Tomatoes, potatoes and rhubarb contain oxylates that can affect the nervous, urinary and nervous system. Green tomatoes, tomato leaves and plants, green potatoes and potato skins are the most toxictriggering tremors, seizures and increased heart rate. It is important to contact a veterinarian if there are any concerns about your dog ingesting these foods, or if experiencing any abnormal symptoms. It is best to avoid exposing your dog to these foods to prevent any chances of possible toxicity. Instead, purchase some healthy dog treats from a local pet store or supermarket to ensure the safety and health of your pet.

Xylitol is one of the most common ingredients found in human foods such as sugar free biscuits, lollies and gum. When this is ingested in small amounts, it can lower blood sugar, cause seizures, liver failure and possible death. Symptoms can appear within 30 minutes of ingestion and veterinary attention is immediately required. Avocado contains a substance called persin that can cause possible toxic effects, some of the early signs being vomiting and diarrhea in dogs. Not only is the avocado fruit toxic but also the leaves, seed and bark, so if growing avocados at home it is best to keep the dog away from the plant. Onions and garlic- in any form such as raw, cooked, dry or powdered contain thiosulphates, which are toxic and destroy red blood cells that can lead to anemia. Some symptoms can be weakness, vomiting, diarrhea, rapid heart rate and pale gums. Urgent veterinary treatment is required if presented with these symptoms. Grapes, raisins and sultanas are also poisonous, and just a small amount can make a dog ill and can cause kidney failure. Signs may be reduced urination, appetite and water intake, abdominal pain, weakness, vomiting and diarrhea, which generally appear within 24 hours after consumption. Macadamia nuts or foods containing these can make a dog ill, symptoms being muscle tremors, weakness, staggering, joint and muscle pain and swelling within 24 hours after consumption. Fruit pits and seeds- Apple seeds, cherry, peach, plum and apricot pits contain the toxin cyanide. Symptoms 14

Issue 55

Cindy Taylor Natural Pawfection- Professional Dog Grooming


Notices TO PAUL`S FRUIT SHOP Pick of the crop… WELCOME Walk into Paul’s fruit shop and you walk into his family. Paul offers a deeper connection between the food you eat and its origin. The most important part of any business is the customer. People buy from people…and Paul offers a comprehensive story of the journey from the grower to the store and individual and targeted service that gives his customers the best Australian grown fruit and vegetable products available. He knows where all his produce is grown, harvested fresh and chosen by him in the five weekly early morning visits he to the fresh food market in Melbourne CBD. If a product is not available and you would like to order it, he will make contact with his community of growers and pick it up ready for you the next day. Pauls has been running his business for 7 years and decided to open his doors when his position as State Manager of Chiqita Bananas’ was made redundant after the cyclones ruined the seasons harvest, halting deliveries to Victoria. Paul started his career in produce as a child working with and on his father’s market gardens in Werribee. He then moved into retail, employed as an apprentice in the first wholesale Market in the district. Looking around Pauls Fruit Shop, you will see many Appreciation Certificates given with gratitude from the many community organisations he supports. Paul sponsors the Altona Football club and until recently due to Government cuts, organised the supply to schools in the area involved in the Fresh Fruit Friday program. He donates fruit boxes to the local RSL to raffle and is known to even help his customers move house! Paul also sponsors the Bayside festival every year and offers school visits to the store to educate them on the vast produce that Australia grows. Often students would try fruit within the Fresh Fruit Friday program, that they would never try at home. They ask their parents to buy the fruit they can`t quite remember the name of, and the parent will come into the shop and describe what they are seeking. So the education of health continues in both directions of the family and community unit.

quality. He believes in all the products he supplies, from the Fruit and vegetables, fresh herbs, Deli products, coffee and variety of nuts as he has a long standing loyalty with his providers, knowing them personally for many years. His sense of humour, personal warmth and the ability to laugh at everyday trials and tribulations creates a place where people can shop with trust and the guarantee that they will leave Pauls shop better educated, healthier and smiling knowing that while they are there, they are the most important customer in the world. Pauls Fruit Shop is located at: 74 Railway Street South Altona (opposite the Altona Railway Station) Orders taken by phone or walk in! 03 9315 0144 Free Home Delivery.

Paul won the Best Fruit Shop award in 2008, designed himself the display shelving used to showcase his wonderful produce and has in the past, ordered direct from the farm, full lush bunches of bananas to be delivered to him intact so that children can have context of the origin and growth cycle of bananas. With pride and enthusiasm Paul explains his display of snow cones and the photos of the employee of the year. The snow cones are presents form his many customers who gift him a remembrance of their trip, knowing that he does not take holidays and the employee of the year is his beloved four leg companion, Dumpy. Penny a local community member, happily works in the shop when Paul is out and about and both wonderful people see their customers as their friends. Paul’s customer base stretches to the Eastern suburbs, with people stopping by on the business duties to stock up. Paul offers a confidence in his products and will go the extra mile to guarantee personal service of the highest Issue 55



Altona Gardens With a few exceptions, my previous essays have dealt with plants that are suitable for use in Altona gardens. Today, I will touch on a species that is a stunningly beautiful invader. It is Ipomoea indica, the Morning Glory, a species native to the West Indies and tropical Asia. This particular Morning Glory (there are many other closely related species) has been cultivated in gardens and glasshouses in many areas, but has become a noxious weed in Australia, New Zealand and California. Ipomoea indica grows as a very large twining vine with stems reaching as much as seven metres in length. Leaves are large and tri-lobed and the big, beautiful, eye-catching, trumpet-shaped flowers have five completely fused petals. Flowers usually only last a day, opening at sunrise and closing at sunset. Propagation by seed is rare in Australia, rather plants are spread when gardeners attempt to dig up and dump unwanted plants. The removal attempt could well result in snapped plants... and each piece will grow into a new plant. If plants are dumped in the bush, they are likely to be the start of an invasion. Large tracts of the Australian bush, especially in tropical and semi-tropical areas, have been swamped by this rampant alien invader.

have also seen a few Ipomoea indica plants running rampant in people’s gardens. In one Altona property, a Morning Glory vine was trailing over both sides of a dividing fence... and it had stretched across to one of the houses and accessed the roof space; the evidence being the leafy tendrils that had emerged from under the roof tiles. So, please, think of our environment and don’t plant a Morning Glory vine in your garden. Because the flower progresses from mauve-pink in the morning to deep purple in the afternoon, it was difficult to replicate in my painting. I would match the colour and start applying washes to my watercolour paper ... then become convinced I had mistaken the exact shade, so would start again. If I ever paint another Morning Glory, I will mix a colour and stick to it.

Many years ago, before I was aware of its invasive tendencies, I saw the Morning Glory growing up and through a chain-wire fence beside a railway track in Footscray. It was thriving in very harsh, dry conditions where it would get a drink only when it happened to rain; so its resilience is most impressive. I


Issue 55

- Helene Wild

OCTOBER READING Dear Mya, Can you please tell me what Jason was, is, and will play in my life? I feel we have a connection. Is he the one for me or is he a life lesson? I feel very confused as he sends a lot of mixed messages. Hope you can help me love from Joseph.ine Hello Josephine. You exude the sweetest, most loving and gentle energy, though sometimes so fragile, feeling vulnerable at the slightest “hit� from those around you. You often energetically walk around with your arms crossed over the front of your body. Physically this would show as your shoulders slightly stooped forward and down. Your arms would sometimes ach without you understanding why. Why the need for so much emotional protection? Past hurts are still raw and yet despite this pain, a smile crosses your face that could light a night sky. You are a person of great extremes, yet those around you would barely notice the shifts in your demure. Your body sometimes feels so heavy, particularly the upper torso and shoulders and there is often tightness or a

feeling of strain in your neck more often when you move your head to the right. Moving your head to the right, opens up the emotional side of the energetic self. So when you stretch your neck over to the right, the emotional side of yourself is more exposed, and you find this a strain on the psych. I don`t feel that Jason is sending mixed messages. It is more that you are altering the intention of the message. What this means is that if Jason says the sun is yellow, you interpret that, yes indeed the sun is yellow but not when the moon has raised! You are adding complexities, more meaning and extra dynamics to his words. You hear what he says but do not trust the commitment to the words. If I trust Jason, at what point will he disappoint me, let me down, tell me an untruth! The answer is, he may never! You may be creating an expectation of failure, mistrust. Jason walks beside you, with you, next to you but will not walk for you! What are you seeking for him to do for you, help you with, share with you! If you are unable to answer this question. Roll the dialogue around in your mind for a while and seek the answers for self. Once clarified the messages will untangle

Issue 55

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and you will be able to look at him, walk with him and share with him, exactly what is now and present, not what could should, could or maybe, be! Help is at hand. I have a lovely and gentle woman around you. She has an elegant neck which she knew was her best feature. She would always wear makeup; have earrings on and her hair up. She says her clothes were not the fanciest, but that she was always well presented and co ordinated. She says presentation is everything! She talks about her heart not being the best, and she had a cough toward the end of her life of which she would always politely dismiss. Her message is to walk tall, walk proud, be the best you can be….for you, just for you. She sends her love and wipes away your tears with a white and ironed handkerchief. She asks, Where have you gone? Come back to yourself, it is safe where you are. Rest for a while, sit and listen to nature, the birds, feel the breeze, the warmth of the sun. Reconnect with your skin, your

body, your thoughts, and your dreams. Time can heal many things; time is the key, the solution. She says bon voyage and shows me a ship that she sails away on, waving her white hanky farewell. She leaves you with the warmth of love, the pressure of a hug and the acknowledgment of understanding. I feel that your vitality can drop from energetic to fatigue quite quickly and that this is related to diet or the spasmodic eating times that you have. Your spirit guide laughs and says, you have always been like this, just like the way you sleep, hugging yourself or a pillow! You seek love in this life time as the ultimate goal of achievement, at a cost to other dreams you may have. Believe in yourself, believe. You wish to travel, but you keep putting the adventure off as you wish to share the journey with a companion. I pulled three cards form the Tarot deck for you. being. Your self esteem has taken a hit, and soon you are beginning to reconnect with yourself and the values and qualities that make you so wonderfully special and unique. Absolution is here.

Present – 8 Wands

Past card – Judgement In the next few days but also as the next few months pass, you are letting go of old hurts and the pain of a betrayal of a friendship will ease greatly. Money issues will ease and there is a general lightness of

As your psych becomes stronger you will feel more physically motivated to enjoy life again. Socialising more, laughing again; feeling in essence with yourself. Some study is coming up for you, but it is something you are eager to learn. New friendships will result from this course. Money increase, possibly from a wage is due. Your work situation will change soon as you choose to move on to another role. News of a distant friend or family member will bring a smile to your face.

Future or outcome – 7 wands You begin to feel more confident in your decision making, choosing not to undermine your convictions. An issue with your mother will be resolved and your confidence is set to soar. Acknowledgement and or recognition for something you have completed or done will add to your confidence. Warm Blessings Mya 18

Issue 55


Jill Hennessy LOCAL ROADS FEATURE TWICE IN RACV ROADS DATA The RACV survey of 8000 people confirms what western suburban commuters claim they endure on a daily basis, Jill Hennessy, Member for Altona said. “The congestion on Point Cook Road and the intersection of Old Geelong Road and Forsyth Road have made it into the top ten congested roads causing frustration across the State,” Ms Hennessy said. “Neither of these roads received any funding in the recent State Budget. “Investment needs to match the needs and the risks. It simply makes no sense for these roads to have been left behind,” Ms Hennessy said. Ms Hennessy has recently renewed her requests to the Minister for Roads, Hon Terry Mulder, that funding be made available, and that advice be sought as to what steps could urgently be taken to address these congestion and road safety concerns.

One of Labor’s most important commitments is and has always been to advocate for education opportunities that are available to everyone. We now see the Baillieu Government delivering the most savage funding cuts to TAFE that Victoria has ever seen. TAFE CEOs have been informed that total cuts to TAFE in the 2012-13 Budget equate to about $290 million a year by 2013 (source: Victorian TAFE Association). What does this mean for our local university? Victoria University and William Angliss College are considered the two most vulnerable to cuts to business, hospitality, events, fitness and retail. Victoria University has indicated that it will lose $32 million, with cuts to animal studies, events & tourism and boatbuilding courses, and consolidation of sport and fitness, hospitality, business, and financial services courses, and the loss of 50 jobs. The TAFE system can’t afford to have millions of dollars per year slashed from its bottom line. These devastating cuts are a false economy and will set Victoria’s workforce back years. The Liberal Minister for Higher Education and Skills, Peter Hall, had written to Victorian TAFE providers and admitted he had considered resigning over the funding cuts to the sector. “We all acknowledge that the journey ahead is going to be a very tough one. The easy thing to do would be to give up, to throw in the towel. Believe me I have thought of doing that on many occasions in recent months.” (Peter Hall) This letter confirms that there are major divisions in the Baillieu Government. Cutting education to local residents will impact negatively on the economy and limit education options for residents living in Altona. Please contact my office (03) 9395 0221, and I will send you a Petition that you and your family can sign. Send this back to me (free) and these Petitions will be tabled in Parliament sending your direct message to Ted Baillieu that our local community will fight these TAFE cuts. Until next month Regards Jill Hennessy MP Member for Altona District

Issue 55


West Side Quotes 1. “When a goal matters enough to a person, that person will find a way to accomplish what at first seemed impossible.” 2. “Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds that you plant.” 3. “A river cuts through rock, not because of its power, but because of its persistence.” 4. “To accomplish great things, we must not only act, but also dream; not only plan, but also believe.” 5. “Life isn’t about about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.” 6. “You will find the key to success under the alarm clock.”

Experienced Hair Dresser Required Cheryle has looked after Altona’s hair and beauty for 50 years. Can you see yourself as part of the magic at Cheryle’s Shoppe? Call Cheryle on 9398 1101 Cheryle’s Shoppe 79 Pier Street Altona A big thanks to Ashlea Williams, Settlement Manager at Mortgage Choice who volunteered to stand in for Jill at West Side Stories. When you’re at Harrington Square, why not visit Mortgage Choice- Make the right move. 13 Harrington Square, ALTONA VIC 3018 Ph: (03) 9398 1390 Fax: (03) 9398 1672

Who spoke these words of wisdom? Check out bottom of page for the answers.

Answers to West Side Quotes Nido Qubein Robert Louis Stevenson Jim Watkins Anatole France George Bernard Shaw Benjamin Franklin 20

Uganda Experience Travel Talk Tales - The Uganda Experience - With Tricia, Kim and Jill A display of photos, artefacts and products by the Bwindi Women’s Sewing Project. Presentation: Friday 19 Oct 7pm Drinks: Gold coin donation Donation: Gold coin - money will buy equipment for the ongoing Bwindi Sewing Project. Where: Louis Joel Arts & Community Centre, 5 Sargood Street, Altona. 9398 2511.

Raffle tickets for a beautiful quilt on sale. Dates: 18 Oct - 23 Oct Gold coin donation.

Issue 55


Issue 55



Hello my friends about the place and those I’ve yet to know! I wanted to write these words today to tell you how I go. I was recently happy to see here, reader concerns for our parks and our trees I wanted to be sure I responded, to tell you a little of me. See I’m one of the ones who pinches the brush and sneaks wattle lengths from the park That is if I’m not snipping tips from Eucalypts, or snatching down some bark I’m one of the ones who combs the side streets, for every acacia or plumb. and I’m definitely the one picking up pine cones and dodging doggy bombs. You might see me about in my bright yellow vest “ Wildlife Rescue” written on the back Or stumbling over curb sides at night, as I carry the branches back. No I’m not some phantom menace.. appearing at dusk to spoil And I treat the stems I’m grateful for, with sharpened blade and oil. I love our trees and know nearly each one, on my daily route to forage and gather Far from a crime I feel etched to the life of every leaf and its tether. I know which ones to tax, which ones to rest, which ones need our special attention, which old fellow has the perfect hollow, and which one is imprisoned by fencing. I live in a shack that most of you’d pass by, every day on your way to some place or another See I’m your local wildlife shelter... yep..I’m the crazy old possum mother. So I can only offer in 22

These creatures who come here need real food, not our processed food-like stuffs and the trees that nature intends to be theirs..are just bursting with what’s good enough. So the branches I pinch are to help them to grow, to learn of the scents and the textures, to help them understand what trees are at all, as many come in fur-less wretches. Without them these babies would never survive, or learn where to put that next paw, So yes I do take from our trees, with love as I go, as I know what I was put on earth for. I don’t wish to alarm or to frighten, I don’t want to disturb the great beauty either But these trees are not only ours for the others they are their only supper To see a wild animal roaming is the greatest pleasure in life I’ve been given Would that I could wish they all be out there.. rather than sitting in pens in my kitchen But until the day comes that we can learn to get along, with respect to all the wild beasties about us Issue 55

Please don’t yell bad things to me from your car as I go about and do my business. If you see me at dawn Ive probably been, for the better part of the night, awake feeding two gram bubbies on the hour, or soothing a Barn Owl with mites.


the crime I seem to be committing, that when I’m pinching those plumes or that branch..its not my ego I’m feeding. Any time of the month if you’d visit, I’ve about 20 or more in my care Little creatures of day time and night time, who have sadly ended up here. Hit by our cars or our fearing, or by our big cats and our dogs, Or simply outpaced by our furious growth, to quick to even the odds.

Keep in mind when you see me, I know that you would if you could. I know you do care about life and wouldn’t want these guys without food. Keep in mind it’s not just these critters I work hard for....its ‘us’ and future ‘we’ I am here for. So if you seem me out there ‘stealing’ branches and browse, do grab the number on my car door. I’m always about and happy to house, whatever distressed nature surrounds us. And if your garden’s bursting with willow or flower..I might even be asking your address! - Blue Blue Sky Wildlife Shelter, Altona.

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