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ISSUE 50 Letterboxed to homes in Altona and Seaholme, with new distribution points in Altona North, Altona Meadows and Williamstown

Don’t I Know You? Did you know Suzanne from Unit 7 is a dancer? Or that lady who is always in her garden at the end of the street - did you know she was an artist? Didn’t I see you handing out flyers this morning? And now you’re in the parade. Altona Beach Festival made for a perfect Autumn weekend with a choice of almost every activity you can imagine, and if you just fancied a bite to eat and some good local music that was taken care of as well. It is, afterall, what the people of Altona are so good at opening up the community and its resources in a welcoming, ‘hands on’ way. Unlike many community festivals these days, Altona Beach Festival has kept a strong connection with the local community groups and businesses of its area. For many who have loved the festival since its days as Occupation Recreation in the 70s, it has remained an essentially non- commercial event, involving residents and visitors alike with activity of low or no cost.

As Anthony Ang, of altonabeauty.blogspot. (a great read for those online) said, the festival is a great local alternative to Moomba, with less crowds and queues so that you “get to enjoy the activities more.” Many of us were involved in the festival either directly by serving sausages for the local Continued page 3

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Rambling with the Editor This month was extra busy for our family as we undertook number 32 on the Holmes and Rahe Stress Scale and moved house - it might well be number 37 as their is a mortgage involved or does that count as two on the scale? The move itself was essentially a smoothly organised process. Where the stress came in was in the details (a true devil in the detail) with what to pack and what to keep, who to contact, what to connect, disconnect and cancel. Garage sales, trips to the tip and donations to op shop. When it came down to sentimental items, there had to be a choice of just how much emotion was tied up into some objects. for me, it was difficult to revisit some of my late parents belongings - something I wasn’t very keen to do during an already stressful time. All that said, it’s a good time for an overall refresh of how we do things and there’s exciting new territory to explore. With all moved, and boxes all around, the Around Altona comes to you a little later than usual but we hope you enjoy Issue 50. Until next month, Petronella Boonen Editor

Puddling with the Publisher While in the waiting room at Werribee Hospital its paw, the fish would disappear and reappear in recently I had rather a pleasant surprise. another spot and so the cat would strike again# Sitting opposite to me were a mature couple, the lady, texting, going hammer and tongs on a mobile phone, and the gentleman, flat out on an IPad.

This was fine and after a few minutes TWO fish would appear and the cat would use two paws to strike fascinating – I was most impressed.

Now if they were kids this would not have surprised As I’m attempting a start up of a ‘Virtual Mens me – what grabbed me was that mature people Shed’ (there is an invitation in this issue) I have had adapted this modern means of communication invited him to join as I hope you do. and were highly proficient! Unable to restrain my curiosity I sat down next to them and explained my interest.

My favourite was a program he had evolved to train his CAT! He had a goldfish swimming on the screen and he had trained his cat to stamp a paw on the fish when it swam around – when the cat struck the fish with Page 2

Issue 50

Bill McPherson

The gentleman was appreciative of my interest and began a demonstration of some of the programs on his ‘computer’, of which there were many. It transpired that he was a computer Tutor of disabled people and was a very skilled operator.

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football club, providing club information to newcomers or participating in a production. You might have been one of the many volunteers behind the scenes, making sure the day went smoothly. Most of us have recognised our neighbours, friends and family are somehow tied in the fabric of the event making it all the more special. Children again had fantastic options with story telling at the Homestead, biscuit decorating, arts and crafts and drama workshops all loads of fun and free. Local talent of all ages kept the music and entertainment quota well represented. The Classic Car Show held by the Menshed was again a huge success and no one wanted to miss the traditional parade and fireworks topping off a great day. If you want to get involved in one of the groups you saw on the day, don’t wait until the next festival - check out the Council’s online community directory: w w w . h o b s o n s b a y. v i c . g o v. a u / Community/Community_directory or visit some of our fantastic community centres, which hold a wealth of activities you can get stuck into. You never know - we might be visiting you at next year’s festival! - Petronella Boonen



M: 0449 834 359 E: Issue 50

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For the second time, on Saturday March 10, the Hobsons Bay Mens Shed held their annual Classic Car and Bike Show at Apex Park as part of the Altona Beach Festival 2012.

Member Will Stjepovik was active with his camera (thanks for the pictures Will). There is a video of the event taken by George Said and can be seen on U tube.

With almost 150 entries, all competing for a bucket load of trophies, the turnout was spectacular with almost every model represented from a ‘Roller’ to a Ford Prefect making the job difficult for the team of judges.

A job well done by the members of the Hobsons Bay Mens Shed.

Once again organised by Graham Weightman and his group of experienced volunteers (he claims they did it all) the show went like clockwork with all details running according to the plan worked out in 2011/12 in conjunction with his team and the gorgeous Hazel, the event organiser from HBC Council.

Graham Weightman "the man in charge"

The Sun obliged and the rain waited for another day – the exhibits were really great, my favourite being the ‘Rolls Royce’, a classic vintage model, in perfect condition, looking as new as ever, standing silently, just drippimg the wealth it represented. Page 4

Issue 50

EFFECTIVE MOBILE MARKETING TOOLS There are many mobile marketing tools that can be used to grow your business. These are the most effective ones. 1. Location based services like facebook places and foursquare are social media applications. They allow businesses to offer promotions on their products and services and this will in turn help them get more loyal customers. Through location based services, customers can check-in to your business and also notify their friends of their present location.

2. Email marketing has been a very effective marketing tool for a long time. Now it can be used for mobile marketing considering the fact that the number of people using their phones to read their emails is on the rise. 3. Text messaging or SMS marketing makes it possible to send discounts and promotional messages to customers on their cell phones. One of the main advantages of using SMS is the fact that the read rate is high and most people read their messages immediately they are received. 4. Mobile websites: There are two ways you can approach this. You can either create a mobile website which is usually a lighter version of your website or make your website easier to view and navigate on mobile devices. Mobile websites are better because customers will quickly find the information they want. Mobile marketing is a good marketing platform to grow your business, your customer base, and your profits. Before you start a campaign, you have to do some research and learn certain strategies. Software tools can also make things easier. For a complimentary consultation on how mobile can help your business simply contact Local Marketing Magnet on 86780657 Cheers, Fred Gillen 0403 865 677 http://www.

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MORE GROUPS BENEFIT FROM LIFESAVING UNITS Altona, 13 March 2012: Altona, Laverton/Altona Meadows and Point Cook Community Bank® branches and Bendigo Bank Williamstown branch, today announced of an additional 40 automatic defibrillators units will be donated to sites across the community. The announcement at the Altona Life Saving Club of more units follows the purchase of 15 defibrillators for local community clubs in January as part of the first phase of the Defib Your Club for Life program. Funds for this project are provided by the three Community Bank® branches. At the event, program founder and MICA paramedic, Andrew White, said the additional defibrillators may potentially save even more lives of those who suffer cardiac arrest. “A defibrillator is the most important life saving piece of equipment any club or group can have,” Mr White said. “There are great benefits for any community that has access to automatic defibrillators for emergency situations. “Research tells us that the MCG that has a cardiac arrest survival rate of 85 per cent, as automatic defibrillators are readily available. This is compared to a 7-10 per cent chance elsewhere

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Issue 50

in Australia where the life saving equipment is not as accessible.”

“Thanks to local shareholders and customers, our Community Bank® branches can support Mr White formed Defib Your Club for Life in important programs like Defib Your Club for Life memory of 19-year-old Stephen Buckman, a for the benefit of our whole community.’’ young Rupertswood footballer who collapsed and “The more business that’s done, the more funds died during training in May 2010. can be raised for major community projects,’’ he Director, Altona, Laverton/Altona Meadows and said. Point Cook Community Bank® branches, Michael For further information on the Defib Your Club for Boyd, said local Community Bank® branches were Life program go to: committed to the health and safety of Hobsons Bay and Wyndham locals. “This is an important project for us to support, that will provide 88 defibrillator units, which have been strategically located to ensure accessibility to any member of our community in a timely manner. The Defib locations as announced at today’s launch are attached.



Issue 50

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A Word from our Mayor Hobsons Bay enjoyed a wonderful summer of I would also like to note that the new public toilet in activities and events but the fun will continue into Frazer Reserve, Altona is now open for public use. I am particularly pleased that this much needed autumn. asset for visitors and residents near the Esplanade Art in Public Places is now taking place across has been constructed. the city with more than 50 artists exhibiting in 40 businesses and unexpected places. There are also In other news, the Council is continuing its work 20 events as part of the program and I would urge on a detailed feasibility study on the current and everyone to get out and marvel at the creativity of future needs for multi-purpose facilities within the Altona Central Sports Precinct. our local artists and also support the venues. For locations and event details, visit www. On the works front, Council officers have been busy with the first stage of the Cherry Lake car park and picnic area upgrade, which is expected to be completed this month. The Council has spent $470,000 on re-defining the car park; line-marking and installing garden bed areas; removing large areas of the current car park to discourage truck parking; creating five accessible car spaces; new fencing; and regrading the car park area and creating planted swales to capture and filter stormwater run-off.

Current users of the Altona Youth Centre and the Altona Football/Cricket Pavilion will all be consulted about their needs during the study. The study will investigate the opportunity to replace existing facilities with a new multi-purpose hall and function venue. However, no decision will be made on the future of the Altona Youth Hall until the feasibility study is complete. Works in the Altona Central Sports Precinct Plan that can go ahead in 2012 include the Cherry Lake car park upgrade, improving access roads, particularly at Bluegum Drive, and improving training lights to fully light pitch 1 and 2 at Kim Reserve.

Stage Two works will include improvements to the For more details on the Altona Central Sports picnic area. These works are yet to be scheduled. Precinct Plan, visit The Council will also rehabilitate Altona Road from Finally, young people are also invited to show the Ford to the Pines Scout Camp in May and off their creative flare with the annual Pixel8 conduct works on the Altona Boat Ramp car park photography competition. in mid-2012.

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Issue 50

Pixel8 is open to young people aged between 12 and 18 and was initiated by local Victoria Police Inspector Bill Mathers. The project brings together several local organisations, including the Council, Victoria Police, Altona Lions Club, Newport Islamic Society and Star Newspaper Group, to work together to encourage creative expression and harmony for local young people. The competition is not only an opportunity to showcase the talent of our young people but also our community as viewed through the eyes of our youth, particularly the local environment, obscure and unusual places and our cultural diversity. There are also some wonderful prizes up for grabs. Entries close on Friday, 4th May. For details, visit Please send an email to au if you wish to receive local community updates via email. I am also available on facebook and twitter. To raise any local issues, please call the Council on 9932 1000 or email

Cr Tony Briffa JP Mayor of Hobsons Bay

Issue 50

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APRIL poem by Jack Nystrom A pretty girl’s name is April, But it has gone out of fashion: Since its sound is so musical, What, one wonders, is the reason? It is the fourth month of the year, As prescribed by Pope Gregory; Up in the northern hemisphere, It’s a time of rebirth and glee. The derivation is Latin, A word to do with opening, A time for new life to begin: In Europe, in April it’s Spring. England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales Will have sunshine mixed with showers; Gone Winter’s snow and icy gales; Now fun and games will fill the hours. But down here in the Antipodes, Everything’s the other way round: Evergreen are our native trees; Autumn leaves don’t fall to the ground. Alas for cricket, time is up; The footy is now in full swing; Rugby’s glory, Bledesloe Cup; Joy for some September will bring. I recall, the first April day, As a kid at primary school, Some funny tricks we used to play On a gullible April Fool. In April we have Anzac Day, Marked by parades and contemplation Of those who with their lives did pay For the freedom of this nation. Though in Australia it’s Autumn, With Winter now three months away, There is no reason to be glum, But plenty of cause to be gay.

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Issue 50

Can’t Get to the Doctor? Or had to wait 2 or 3 days for someone to visit and take you to the Hospital?

It makes me proud to be in this Industry and supplying such a needed product.”

Maybe you needed to get to the Doctor’s for a simple visit but had to wait until it became an emergency?

When a Customer of ours in Lalor, purchased his new Shoprider Explorer, one of his first trips was to the shops to see an old friend that he had not seen for weeks. Now he can go every day and do the shopping too!

The permanent or partial loss of mobility, for whatever reason, can creep up on us so slowly that it becomes acceptable and we get used to relying on others for our daily chores and outings. But this should not be acceptable! Being mobile to the best of our ability for as long as possible is a great goal to aim for. Margaret Bateman of Mobility Online says: “To see the smile on a client’s face once they have trialled their new mobility Scooter and realise that they can now get out and about under their own steam gives them a renewed way of life and is so fulfilling for me as a business owner.

Mobility Online is a dedicated Shoprider Scooter Dealer and we specialise in personal demonstrations in your own home, Retirement Villages / Nursing Homes, or anywhere that a Scooter is required, throughout Melbourne central and the surrounding Western suburbs out to Geelong. Trialling the machine where you live is so important as this ensures that the correct Scooter is matched to the user, it will fit your parking space and you are comfortable driving it in the area that it is to be used the most. See videos on our Scooters at www.mobilityonline. or just give us a call for a Scooter Information pack. Margaret Bateman – Mobility Online Ph 9742 6254

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Kids jokes Q.What side of the bear has the most fur? A: the outside!

Q. What did the mayonnaise say when someone opened the refrigerator door? A. Close the door, I’m dressing *** Q. What did the triangle say to the circle? A. You’re pointless. ***

Q.What asks no question, but demands an answer? A. A phone.

Q. How can you tell when a bee is on the phone? A. You get a busy signal. *** Q: How does a lion greet the other animals in the field? A: ‘Pleased to eat you!’ *** Q: How do you start a teddy bear race? A: Ready, teddy, go! *** Q: What stays in the corner and travels all over the world? A: A stamp.

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Word Search Well Being Nutrition










Fresh air















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IS IT ALWAYS BEST TO COMBINE YOUR SUPER FUNDS INTO ONE? How many Superannuation Funds do you have? exit penalty of over $30,000. This exit penalty One? Two? Not sure? Lots? was removed at Age 55. Although he wasn’t very happy keeping the fund, by holding it for one extra Throughout our working lives it is unlikely that we year, he saved $30,000 in exit fees. will remain with the one employer until retirement. Each time you change jobs most employers should Case Study 2 offer you a “default” fund to have your contributions Robert* came to see me two years ago. He paid into with in most cases a “Standard Choice wanted to ensure his Estate Planning was Form” to nominate your own fund if that is your correctly structured to be able to successfully preferred option. leave funds to his current wife, ex-wife and two adult children if he passed away. His ex-wife Having a number of superannuation funds can is considered to be a tax dependant, but not a result in: additional fees; difficulty keeping track of superannuation dependent. His current wife is a your funds; and maintaining a suitable investment tax and superannuation dependent, and his adult strategy. In many cases, combining super children are superannuation dependents, but not accounts could be in your best interests. tax dependents. By checking his existing funds, the tax components and insurance policies, we determined that it would be best to leave one of his existing super funds to his ex-wife via his Estate as it held mostly “taxIs it automatically the best option to only have free” component. A different fund was left via a one Fund? Binding Nomination to his current wife with mostly “taxable” component and Life Insurance attached. No, not always. We then arranged a Life Insurance policy to be held outside of superannuation with his adult What is combining super accounts? children as beneficiaries. This structure meant that minimal tax would be paid by any beneficiary. Consolidation (aggregation) is the combining of two or more superannuation funds into one fund. If he were to consolidate his super funds, and hold all of his life insurance under superannuation then Are there any disadvantages of consolidating his taxable and tax-free components would be super funds? mixed together and his ex-wife and adult children may lose a portion of their benefit in tax (assuming Before you consolidate your various they are classified as non-dependents). superannuation funds, check first whether there are any fees for closing a super account, known as a withdrawal, transfer, exit or termination fee. For some older types of super funds, these fees can be very high. In addition you should confirm if there are any benefits you may lose such as insurance cover. You also need to consider Estate Planning Issues in relation to the insurance and taxation components held in each fund before consolidating. However is it automatically the best option to accept your Employer’s fund and rollover your other funds into that one?

Case Study 1 Tim* came to see me last year. He wanted to consolidate his three super funds in order to commence a Transition to Retirement Pension at Age 55. He was 54. Upon checking his existing funds, it turned out that one of his old products with a balance of approximately $90,000 had an Page 14

Issue 50

If received by his adult children, any Life Insurance component of the benefit could have tax payable of up to 31.5% (including Medicare levy). By holding the Life Insurance to benefit his adult children outside of the Superannuation environment there is no tax liability upon the proceeds if he dies.

world events, and your own personal situation it is essential to refer to a financial specialist who is experienced and up-to-date.

Melinda Houghton Authorised Representative of Aon Hewitt As his current wife is classed as a “dependent”, Financial Advice Limited she pays no tax on the funds she receives from Authorised Representative No. 290343 superannuation either from a taxable component Aon Hewitt Financial Advice Limited ABN 13 091 or from Life Insurance. 225 642 AFSL No. 239183 Case Study 3 Susan* came to see me this year. She had rolled This information may be regarded as general all of her superannuation funds into one and advice. That is, your personal objectives, needs then applied to increase her Life and Total and or financial situations were not taken into account Permanent Disablement (TPD) Insurance that was when preparing this information. Accordingly, held under her new fund. you should consider the appropriateness of any Susan plays Netball, and had undergone a knee general advice we have given you, having regard reconstruction three years prior, so the Insurer to your own objectives, financial situation and declined to cover her for any activities that related needs before acting on it. Where the information to her injured knee under the increased TPD relates to a particular financial product, you should obtain and consider the relevant product disclosure Insurance cover. statement before making any decision to purchase Although she had existing TPD Insurance cover that financial product. under one of her old funds, she had already closed the account and cancelled the insurance, so we were unable to regain the old Insurance policy that did not have a “knee exclusion” applied. Conclusion In many cases having one Superannuation fund is the best option. In some cases it is not. It is important to check all details of existing funds and options in new funds prior to combining any accounts. Superannuation can be confusing, and the information you need to make the best decisions is not always shown on your fund statements. Consulting a Financial Adviser can assist you to:  Establish what you need;  Establish in detail what you already have;  Check your current fees, investment options and insurance options;  Consolidate where appropriate;  Minimise financial risks and maximise financial opportunities. * Clients names have been changed to protect their privacy. Please contact Melinda Houghton at the office of Houghton Strategic Solutions in Point Cook on 9394 6344 to check your superannuation options. With constant changes to legislation, financial markets,

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More Reasons to Get Out and Around...


forces decided to join c group of artists oved to be a great cti le ec ry ve a , pr This In 2008 bition together. u’re in luck followed and have an exhi paintings on display and was for April 1st? – Yo 80 Couldn’t make it ged to Sunday 6th May. oisseurs to nn 70 co t ith ar w ng ss cti suce & 2010, attra 09 the date has chan 20 in . ns nd tio yo a l out by exhibi elbourne and be gistered yet – fil from all over M If you haven’t re rm on the day. k fo n registratio After a short brea ad in alk W d’s lan ZELLER GWEN et W see the NAFFO, KAREN PI A AN IV , For more details is issue. ER SH SHIRLEY FI SPITERI th TEMBY & DENISE S 2012 ING IMPRESSION E BACK with LAST AR 12 s, outdoor 20 NS ud SIO from their st io flowers, ks or LASTING IMPRES tw ar of ty 13th MAY , An exciting varie vels . Landscapes, seascapes, h May to SUNDAY tra ercolour, and When: FRIDAY 4t painting trips & . rylic, pastel, wat tional to ST ac D ls oi OO in RG d SA te 5 in Y, LLER from tradi figures etc., pa Where: JOEL GA Mel. ref.54 G11 n unique styles, ow r ei th in NA ed er TO rend ALTONA, AL contemporary. m. Rise to the - Frid. 10am - 4p on M : es Tim nday 6th May – e lunch n Su d en Exhibitio sp to ay w m - 4pm. What a fabulous ns Wetlands Walk, perhaps so feast at Sat. & Sun. 11am visual at the Lio le ge ab en rit all ve . a ch M in 2P ht d then delig pressions. AY 6th MAY AT on Pier Street an anteed to give you lasting im LAUNCH: SUND ar gu , ry lle Ga the Joel

RK CLASS O W H C T A P NEW hand piecing,

, such as k techniques ork, plus ty of patchwor ry, Victorian crazy patchw rie va a n ar Le de oi br em ple appliqué, sim much more... d needs of king desires an or hw for an afternoon tc pa e tea at e to suit th Centre to help ra ise money for the the Louis Joel Community The class is flexibl , each student. Ugandan Sewing quilt by hand Project. Enjoy a fun afterno aking a whole all projects m of t gh on with great food ou off with the th and company. in class into sm c. There will be lucky Don’t be put ake the blocks you learn et door prizes and a and cushions m ns so al io spinning wheel. you can s, pin cush at So bring your spar m orking e ac pl tc e coins as there ar such as some pa hw e great prizes to be d people with an s er nn gi won. for be This is a class experience. WHERE: Louis Jo ltona el Arts And Com ood Street, A m unity Centre, Sargood Centre, 5 Sarg el Jo Street, Altona. s ui Lo Venue: for 7 weeks WHEN: Wednesd th April, runs 18 ay sd ne ay, May The 9th Dates: Wed m - 9pm - 12pm and 7p TIME: 1pm to 3p m Times: 10am COST: $5. The co Cost: $70 st includes aft ials list will be and tea and coffe ernoon tea 6706. A mater 60 13 04 e. on e Julie g. All profits from th To book, phon provided when bookin e will go towards years TH with over 20 hing E UGANDA SEWIN patchworker l ac ca te G PROJECT. lo th a , bo tin s, Naugh ing, craft DRESS: To add so Teacher is Julie tchworking, quilting, sew quilting machine, but m e at m os ph pa m ere to the afternoon, come experience in . Julie has her own long ar nd. along in by ha ng rsonally interpretation of African colours. The ilti pe d qu an ys jo this is up to you. also en

SEWingly SWEET AFTERNOON TEA Come and join us

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A word from Jill Hennessy 2012 STATE BUDGET


In the lead up to the May State Budget, I have been strongly campaigning for urgent investment in roads and public transport infrastructure across the Altona electorate, for additional education and health funding, and in a plan to support local jobs.

Hobsons Bay City Council has rejected Innova’s application to build a soil remediation facility in Altona at its recent meeting.

Given the previous State Budget failed to deliver a cent for roads projects or a single new bus service in the Altona electorate despite slugging passengers decade-high fare increases, the need to invest is great.

Dow Chemicals site on Kororoit Creek Road.

Many residents would be aware of Innova’s plan to build the facility on the

This is an issue that I have been engaged in and has been raised with me by many residents over a long period of time.

My paramount concern has always been the health and wellbeing of local residents and the So too is the need to invest in education, given environment, and I have previously written to the the government’s record - $481 million cut to Environment Protection Agency to voice these from education and its cruel cuts to the Victorian concerns. Certificate of Applied Learning program. We need investment in health services, not the prospect of privatisation. And with more than 1000 full time jobs being lost in Victoria each week since the Coalition came to government, a jobs plan is a must to protect existing jobs and to create new ones.

I have also made the point that a number of pollution issues still require ongoing work locally by the EPA and I join with locals who are concerned to ensure there is no increase in risk to public health and the environment. The council rejected Innova’s application on the basis that the facility would pose too great an environmental risk, would adversely affect the amenity of the local neighbourhood and would lead to traffic problems on Kororoit Creek Road. The company has indicated that it will launch an appeal against Council’s decision at VCAT, so the matter is far from resolved. Like local residents, I will continue to follow the issue closely.

Office of Jill Hennessy MP Member for Altona District Shadow Minister for Corrections | Shadow Minister for Crime Prevention | Shadow Minister for the Anti Corruption Commission

Issue 50

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Altona Gardens

IRIS Iris sibirica, the Siberian Iris native to northern Asia and eastern and central Europe, is a herbaceous perennial plant that flowers in late spring or early summer; and Dutch Iris (Iris X The genus Iris, which consists of close to hollandica) have become popular because they 300 species, is widely distributed throughout are so easy to grow. Dutch Iris is the type of Iris temperate regions of the Northern Hemisphere. most often offered, as a bunch of cut flowers, at In the wild, Iris spp. are found in a range of florist shops. habitats from cold mountains to grassy slopes, While walking around Altona I am always meadowlands and riverbanks in Europe, the interested to see what people have planted in Middle East, North Africa, Asia and North their gardens. Iris never fail to make me stop in America. The name, Iris, is from the Greek my tracks and admire. word for rainbow, referring to the wide variety of Over the years, I have painted a few different colours found among the many species. types of Iris. However I have opted to illustrate For this essay, I have chosen to feature Iris, plants that are unapologetically pretty - soft, delicate, feminine and, therefore, immensely appealing to gardeners and artists.

Irises are perennial herbs that grow from a creeping rhizome or a bulb. Species from drier climates are normally bulbous while those from cooler areas are rhizomatous. All Iris spp. have erect flowering stems which may be simple or branched, solid or hollow, and flattened or have a circular cross section.

this essay with my watercolour rendition of Iris siberica, one of a series of 14 watercolours featuring popular garden plants that I called Memories of my Grandmothers’ Gardens.

The European Iris germanica is a rhizomatous species that produces several basal swordshaped leaves and may grow into dense clumps;

Page 20

Issue 50

Helene Wild Resident Artist Habitat Trust


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Favourite Quotes Learn from the mistakes of others. You can never live long enough to make them all yourself. - Groucho MARX * * * Youth is a blunder; Manhood a struggle; old age a regret. - Benjamin DISRAELI, 1804 –1881, British Prime Minister. * * * There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies and statistics. - Benjamin DISRAELI (Attributed to him by Mark TWAIN)

Courage is rightly esteemed as the first of human qualities because it is the quality which guarantees all others. - Winston CHURCHILL In diplomacy, words are bullets. Bill HAYDEN, Former Foreign Minister and Australian Governor General. * * * Cogito ergo sum (I think, therefore I am.) - René DESCARTES, (1596 – 1650) French writer and philosopher (Le Discours de la méthode, I)

* * *


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Issue 50

* * * Truth is rarely pure, and never simple. Oscar WILDE (The Importance of Being Earnest)

Services at Your Doorstep Mobile Xpress Mechanics • On site vehicle maintenance • Free quotes

All makes and models Call George on 0434 000 313 Initial 5 Day OH&S Course First Aid Level 1 & 2 & CPR Self Esteem, Self Confidence & Stress Management

McHatton Training & Consultants P/L

RTO 21557 Newport/Laverton Phone 9391 9005 or 0411 325 050

Social Media Monster

For all your SME Social Media Management needs, contact:

ALTONA BEACH PHOTOGRAPHY or give her a call on 0402 738 328

XanGo Distributor Mangosteen Juice

altona west engineering

Annie Jesaulenko Tel: (03) 9315 9118 or Mobile: 0418 142 116

CNC Milling, Precision Turning, Custom Designed & Machined Components, General Engineering 17C Slough Road Altona Ph: Gary Humphrey 0413587318

Your stories and photos are what keep the Around Altona conversation going. Local club news is also welcome. Send your stories, articles and letters to or drop them off at West Side Books

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Stressed about your health? Naturopathy & Homeopathy Call Mark on 0409 350 289

CLASSES Fun fitness class combining latin , Egyptian Bellydance and yoga stretches... Beginners welcome, for all ages and fitne ss levels. 6.30-7.30pm Scho ol term Wednesdays Sen ior Citizens Ce ntre 2 Sargood Stre et, Altona $12 per class ($1 0 conc) Phone Martine (Cert III Fitness) 0411727930

Weekdays at Altona Fridays at Port Melbourne

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Issue 50

Around Altona 50  

Community Newspaper Issue 50, May 2012

Around Altona 50  

Community Newspaper Issue 50, May 2012