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Autism Awareness: What is the Right Piece to the Puzzle? BY DR. MITCHELL GREXA D.C.

While driving around your neighborhood or town, or sitting in traffic on one of the metro interstates, chances are you have seen the autism ribbon—the one that has all the jigsaw puzzle pieces on it. I asked a friend whose daughter is autistic about the design. She explained that the foundation went with that because of autism’s multi-level symptomatology and its multifaceted causes. Dr. Grexa graduated from Life College in 1994, with Upon learning this information, a Doctor of Chiropractic I was naturally curious about how degree. He is currently practicing in Canton chiropractic may help children who are Georgia, and has taken afflicted, and what parents can do to on the role of a wellness consultant. help prevent the occurrence of autism. Autism is a loss of communication between the central nervous system and the peripheral nervous system. In simpler terms, the brain and spinal cord are not in a harmonious balance with the musculoskeletal and organ systems of the body. The loss of signaling from the brain can be caused by two broader categories: trauma to the central nervous system and nutritional Autism is a loss of deficiencies. Chiropractors communication in general view between the central childbirth as the cause of the first nervous system and subluxation; the the peripheral nervous way in which the fetus enters the system. world in a vaginal birth can produce trauma to the newborn child’s cervical spine. This is in no way meant to blame obstetricians and midwives—or even the occasional police officer or cabbie; it is just the way it is. Most chiropractors will be more than happy to check the newborn to see if there are any subluxations present and correct them. In the modern day, mothers go out of their way to provide growing babies with the proper nutrition while they are gestating in the womb. When you are pregnant, your baby eats and drinks what you eat and drink. Good dietary habits can lead to a more normal development of the fetus. Doctors of chiropractic have extensive training and instruction in identifying and restoring the communication between the brain and the body. This does not mean that all autistic symptomatology will be “cured” by chiropractic care, but even slight improvement naturally is better than no improvement at all.

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