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Robert Gallagher, 88

Married 62 years. Two children, one granddaughter. Advice for newlyweds: Be truthful to one another. Secret to a happy marriage: Be truthful, never lie to each other. Be patient and kind to one another. Advice for handling in-laws: With love. To resolve an argument: Be patient and use calm discussion. What’s your most memorable Valentine’s celebration? All 65 of them. What is the most romantic thing your wife has done for you? Always being there for one another. Waiting for Jacquie to finish nursing school. She couldn’t marry for three years.

Arlene Miller, 84 Ray Miller, 87

Married 66 years. Two sons, three grandchildren and two great-grandchildren. Advice for newlyweds: Be nice to one another and talk over differences. Secret to a happy marriage: You have to work at it. Advice for handling in-laws: Be good to them even if you don’t like them. Proposal story: Went on drive, Ray stopped under a tree by the road and gave my ring and ask me if I would like to marry him. What is the most romantic thing your husband has done for you? When he asked me to be his wife.

Tom Roote, 80 Lorraine Roote, 73

Married 54 years. Two children, four grandchildren. Advice for newlyweds: Build your married lives upon the foundation of commitment and obedience to God. Secret to a happy marriage: Keeping the husband well fed with his favorite foods! How to resolve an argument: Lorraine: After I pout for a while, we both say we’re sorry and usually agree that I am right! Proposal story: He said, “There’s something for you in the glove compartment.” I opened the glove compartment and found a small jewelry store box, opened and found a gorgeous engagement ring. He asked if it fit. It did and it has for 56 years. What’s your most memorable Valentine’s celebration? When he sent me a dozen long-stemmed red roses. At the time, such a gift was quite an extravagance. What is the most romantic thing your husband has done for you? Because I am a lover of cats, this incident was extremely touching and romantic. We had recently lost our cat, so I was missing him. One afternoon my husband came home from a car repair shop with a beautiful young cat. My sister who had been with him at the shop insists even to this day that Tom told the men at the shop that his wife needed the cat and took it away from them! His story and I believe the truth, is that the cat was a stray and they were glad to part with him.

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