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How does Santa travel the world in just one night? He stops time. —Andrew Tyson, Kindergarten, Woodstock He rides on rollerblades.—Bailey McGuffey, Kindergarten, Mountain Road He stirs the wheel fast. —Chloe Tate, Kindergarten, Woodstock Because his sleigh goes so fast with reindeer having pixie dust and flying away. —Ashlyn Kilgore, Kindergarten, Johnston With the reindeers flying. —Luis Nieves, first grade, Woodstock Because by his elves helping. He has 1,000 elves. —Eddie Davis, first grade, Woodstock Ashlyn K. With his big sled or whatever it’s called. —Regan Trlica, Kindergarten, Mountain Road Because the reindeer run super-fast around the sky.—Tristan Roberts, Kindergarten, Woodstock He goes through the time tunnel and delivers the presents. —Eli Speer, first grade, Woodstock His sleigh has super speed powers. —Noah Garner, first grade, Woodstock Eli S. He has a sled and on the back there are some deers. —Brendan McGuffey, Kindergarten, Mountain Road

Why is Rudolph’s nose red?

Langston L.

Sara O.

Kathlyn M.

Davis M.

Cuz he’s Rudolph the RED NOSED reindeer! —Langston Lowry, first grade, Woodstock Because his name is Rudolph and his name starts with r like red. —Jose Burgos, Kindergarten, Mountain Road It’s hot.—Ayden Lavery, Kindergarten, Johnston He drank lots of fruit punch. —Eric Jacinto, Kindergarten, Woodstock It’s his favorite color. —Sara O’Brien, Kindergarten, Mountain Road Cuz he eats magic reindeer food. —Dylan Hdasek, Kindergarten, Johnston Because he’s Rudolph.—Maggie Barfield, first grade, Johnston Because that’s how God made him. —Abi Santarone, Kindergarten, Mountain Road Because he knew he was going to fly with Santa and that’s why he got a red nose. —Kathlyn McClure, first grade, Woodstock Because he eats a lot of sparkly stuff! —Toryn Guevara, Kindergarten, Johnston Because it’s itchy. —Zach Muir, Kindergarten, Woodstock Because Santa’s shirt is red. —Landen Long, Kindergarten, Woodstock His nose is hot. —Blake Jensen, first grade, Woodstock He didn’t put cream on his nose. —Kaylee Wood, Kindergarten, Woodstock Maybe because he’s special. —Davis Manwaring, Kindergarten, Johnston He itched too hard. —Michelle De Alba, Kindergarten, Woodstock

What is Mrs. Claus’ job during the Christmas season? She makes dinner. Cookies and milk. —Luis Nieves, first grade, Woodstock Be lazy. —Haley Gibbs, Kindergarten, Johnston Kisses Santa Claus (with giggles!) —John Allen Graham, Kindergarten, Mountain Road To fly around with Santa. —Alex Tobias, first grade, Woodstock She makes sure Santa gets lots of sleep. —Cameron Bennett, Kindergarten, Johnston To stay home with the elves and make sure they are building toys. —Alaina Bond, first grade, Woodstock To clean Santa’s clothes. —Logan Robinson, first grade, Woodstock She eats. —Kara Meadows, Kindergarten, Woodstock Celebrate with Santa. —Jackson Sutton, Kindergarten Mountain Road She does everything for Santa, like wash his clothes. But not get him dressed! —Grace Ferrell, Kindergarten, Mountain Road To rule the North Pole Kingdom! —Krish Patel, first grade, Woodstock Gets milk for reindeer to drink and she flies on a broom. —Monica Jorczak, Kindergarten, Mountain Road She’s staying at home watching her children play outside. —Declan Creaden, Kindergarten, Woodstock She wraps up the presents and tells Santa where to go. —Bradyn Aldrich, first grade, Woodstock Watches Christmas movies. —Saiya Patel, Kindergarten, Woodstock She has to make all the clothes. —Avery Sligh, first grade, Woodstock Looking after the elves. It’s like the elves are Santa and Mrs. Claus’ children. —Max Butera, Kindergarten, Mountain Road To wake him up. —Bella Tison, first grade, Woodstock To make Santa laugh. —Mekhi McCray, first grade, Woodstock She sits at home and waits and sits in her chair and reads. —Annika Dinescu, Kindergarten, Mountain Road

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