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The Book of Memories. By Justin B. Date 10/21/2013

Chapter 1: Who am I

My name is Justin. I have brown hair and brown eyes. I am average height and weight for my age. I am Hispanic and also have long legs and arms. Some of my personality traits are, kind,smart, funny and big hearted. I live in a small town, in a cul de sac. My surrounding area has a lot of fast food restaurants as well as stores. Where I live, there are many people, so I define myself as a city person. I have to be careful when crossing the street because many cars pass by. I am also very careful when it comes to riding my bike. My life goals are finishing school and becoming a video game designer. I expect to reach these goals by getting good grades, going to a good college, and getting a great education. I also expect to reach these goals by improving my computer skills, and how to use different softwares. Also, when I do my homework I will do my very best while learning as much as possible in Language Arts, as well as the rest of my classes. Finally, I will reach these goals because I want them more than anything in the world.

Ch apter 2: Friendly letter Wisconsin

Oak Creek 9/21/2013

Dear Alex, This letter is my appreciation for you helping me with my science project. I know its a little late, but I just want to thank you for your help. This project was very frustrating and the hardest assessment I ever encountered. I am very thankful for a friend like you; you are always there for me. Now its my turn to show my appreciation and this letter is how i'm going to show my gratitude. As you helped me with my assessment, I thought, the next time you need help I will help you. You always said, You'll be there for me and now I’m returning the favor. You are the best friend in the world and I hope that you and I can move through the bad stuff and start all over again. I will never forget how much you helped me and someday, I will tell my kids that you were the best. When I need you, your always there for me. I think you're the best friend in the world. You can always count on me for help, just say when and I will be there to help you. Well this is it I have to go back to work now but just remember what I said, you can always count on me, to help you out. Sincerely, Justin

Chapter 3: Autobiographical Incident It all started when I was twelve years old and it was my third time going to Six Flags. I was so excited to go, until my sister asked me if I was going on the Superman ride this year; I wasn't much of a roller coaster guy. I didn't know how to respond because if I said no, I figured that my sister would have thought I was scared. And if I said yes, she would have wanted to hold me to my decision.

I remember we arrived at the park and I looked at my sister’s face; it was all lit up like a Christmas tree. I can also remember the people were so loud I could not hear myself think and could not forget the smell of all different foods from diners and snacks to desserts. Everything was colorful and bright and all my favorite Looney Tunes characters were there, like Bugs Bunny, Porky Pig, Sylvester and Wile E. Coyote. When we first entered the park, we went to ride some of the smaller rides like The Condor, The Wizard and Tea Cups. After that we went back to our car to have lunch. For lunch we had sandwiches and some chips. When we finished eating lunch, we went back to the park to ride some of the bigger rides like The cars, Swings the ride and The Shuttle ride.

After we rode many of the other rides, it was time for the Superman ride. When I was standing in line I was so scared and so nervous, I remember my sister asking over and over again “are you OK?”. Right after the last time my sister asked I was OK, I confessed that I was scared and nervous. Then my Dad said “You don't have to ride this one if you don't want to.”. After my dad was done talking I told him that if I could survive The Condor, I could survive anything. So I went on the ride and I found it to be really cool. I told my family that next year I would definitely ride The Superman ride again, and I did!

I realized that rides are suppose to be fun and are made for us to have a great time on. The only reason that I was afraid of big rides is because I was afraid of falling off of the roller coaster or have a panic attack. When I was afraid of big roller coasters I thought that they were all unstable, but then I have learned that they are very stable and usually pretty safe. This how the Superman ride changed my life.

Chapter 4: Time for school My first day of Kindergarten was the happiest and saddest day of my childhood. I remember it like it was yesterday, I remember my mom saying “ To day is the day”. When I got to school I saw my teacher Mrs, Keen and all the kids playing with new toys. But the saddest part is, when my mom had to leave I cried so bad that I felt sick. But at the end of the day my mom came back and I had one of the best days of my life.

Chapter 5: The future me

Los Angeles Times Written by Justin Budeu


Infinity Ward has done it again. In about 3 days the launch of Call Of Duty Invasion will be all over the world. We got to sit down with the ceo, Justin Budeu to ask a couple of questions like how you become CEO?, where did you go to school? and how did you come up with these new features for the game. And he said “I went to 3 different schools but the one I found most useful was Eachieve Academy”. He also said “After finishing school I found myself wanting to become a video game designer”. When three years went by Infinity Ward came up to my office and ask if I wanted to become CEO. Shortly after becoming CEO I started asking myself what game do we want to do, then it hit me what if the government is crippled and the U.S has fallen and it is up to seal team 6 to take down the leader of the invasion. And that’s how Call Of Duty Invasion became to be. All I have to say is to the Call Of Duty fans, you are going to love this one. That was all the time we had but if you want more info about Call Of Duty Invasion go to Fox 6 news. Call Of Duty Invasion will be coming out on November the 5 in 2025.

Written By Justin Budeu

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