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Year 7 2013 - Academic Bulletin Term 1 Week 4

Dear Parents and Carers of Year 7 Boys, It is hard to believe that the boys have already completed 4 weeks of Year 7. The boys continue to involve themselves enthusiastically in the many activities available to them both inside and outside the classroom. I have received numerous good reports from Year 7 teachers about the pleasing way that boys are applying themselves to their school work.

Diary Use Boys have been reminded on a number of occasions about using their diary correctly. It is vital that boys record each class they attend each day and write down the homework received in that class. If they do not get given homework in a class, they need to write “revision”. When homework is completed, it needs to be ticked off. There will be regular diary checks during study to ensure boys are using them properly. While it may appear like a small thing, correct diary use helps boys to be organised which ultimately helps them do better at school. I would encourage you to ask to see your son’s diary every now and then and to ask about work he has completed and has due. The photo below will give you some idea of what a well utilised diary should look like.

Study time Boys are now settling well into the routine of evening study. Music practice began this week so all boys who are here in the evening will spend half an hour at the music centre practising their instrument. This leaves the boys 1 ½ hours for homework and study. We have spent some time explaining to the boys the best way to approach their evening study. A summary is included below. While there are supervisors in study who will give boys some help with their work if possible, we are also trying to develop each boys independence in completing homework. Boys will always be encouraged in the first instance to try to do their work themselves.

Assessment Tasks Along with regular class and home work, your son will complete between 1 and 3 assessment tasks for each subject each term. These tasks can range from assignment type tasks to topic tests. The marks received by boys for these tasks will go towards their mark for that subject in the Term 2 or Term 4 Report. No matter which class they are in, all boys in Year 7 will complete the same assessments tasks. I have attached a calender of assessment tasks for Year 7 for Term 1 with this email so you are aware when they will take place. At times the dates are changed slightly but your son will be informed by his teacher if this occurs.

Use of Laptops The boys were very excited to receive their laptops a couple of weeks ago. As explained to the boys on the rollout day, the laptops are a great learning tool but they must be used appropriately. Rules we enforce very strictly include using the laptop in the correct place and for the correct reasons. Boys are not allowed to use laptops around the school grounds – they must be in a classroom, dorm or the Resources Centre. For obvious reasons, boys are not allowed to play games on their laptops during their class or study times. The boys are fully aware of these rules and the fact that there will be serious consequences if they are broken. I would encourage you to discuss this issue with your son and outline your personal expectations in this area.

Missed Classes I have also spoken with the boys about what to do if they miss a class. As all boys in Year 7 play an instrument, they will all miss at least one class each week. It is each boy’s responsibility to check what was covered in that class and catch up on the work missed. They can check with one of their friends in the class or can directly see the teacher. If a boy is away for a period of longer than two days due to sickness or approved leave, he needs to speak directly with his teachers and get some guidance from them on what work has been missed. In such circumstances, I would also contact teachers to ask for their help in this process. It is very important however that the boys understand from Year 7 that they must take responsibility in approaching their teachers to collect work. Teachers are very helpful in this situation but should not have to “chase” boys who have been absent.

Please do not hesitate to contact me at or on 9816 0819 if you have any concerns about your son’s schooling. Best wishes for the week ahead.

Donna Quinn Academic Coordinator