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Volume 2, issue 3

Newsletter Date 3/8/13


Orienteering Today on Wednesday we arrived at Colo. The first of many challenges was orienteering with partners. We had a map and had to find 15 markers. For each marker we had to punch holes in our score card. It was difficult and challenging as well as fun. There were many pairs but two got back the quickest and had the most markers. The group of three that came first was Vince Creagh, Wilson McKelvey and William Burton. The team that came in second was Paddy Keady and Callum Gascoigne. Orienteering was a great experience and we learnt lots from it. By Callum Gascoigne and Paddy Keady.

Above: Jacob Digby, Will Burton and Sean Doherty enjoying a meal on Trangia stoves

Ropes Course We walked up to the equipment shed, got our helmets and harnesses on and waited to walk down to the high ropes. When we got there we sat down on the logs and were taught all about the high ropes, the low ropes and the 150 meter flying fox. We were all excited to get started but we needed to learn about the safety first. Once we learnt that we started on the low ropes course. It was challenging but was great fun. From what I saw Ed Goldman and Will Burton were doing a great job by finishing all the activities with only a few tries. Next we moved onto the high ropes. Everyone had an amazing time, though on your way up to the top looking down was not a very good sight considering it was 10 meters high! Once we got to

the top we got hooked up to the flying fox and zipped down the line going really fast. I think the flying fox was the best part of the ropes course. I think a lot of people were scared of the height but everyone made a great effort to face their fears. By Sean Doherty

Above: A long way to go up on the Postman’s Walk. Left: Jordan O’Shea and Callum Gascoigne on the Multivines.


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Mountain Biking

Edward Goldman and Harrison Haynes at full concentration on the Mountain bikes

Today, one of the groups of 7.2 English did mountain biking. It was fun yet tiring because of the heat and humidity. Our teacher, Mr Bolding was perfect for this activity. Jordan O’Shea, a boy in the group did very well considering he had never ridden a bike before. Every boy in the group gave it their best and showed 100% effort. We all thought that the bikes and equipment were decent and that it wasn’t cheap like some other camps gear. By Harrison Haynes and Jacob Digby

Overnight Campout Yesterday we went for a campout overnight. We packed up and the bag was very heavy. We had to make a long and steep walk and it took us about 1hour to get to the top. From the mountain tops we climbed we saw some amazing views of the Colo valley. When we arrived at the camp sight we made dinner because we were very hungry from the walk. We also pitched our tents which wasn't that hard. We then settled in for the night and we watched the stars and some boys saw a shooting star. When we were awake at night we even heard some animals hopping. When we woke up we got ready for breakfast and to pack up. We all met up for a meeting and saw a very small scorpion. Then we were ready for the hike back to camp and then we had delicious hot chocolate and cookies for morning tea.

By Jordan O’Shea and Joel Morrison

A well earned view over the Colo Valley

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7 colo 2 bulletin 2013