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COLO BULLETIN 2013 YEAR 7 CAMP 1 Volume 2, issue 2

Newsletter Date 22/2/13

ST JOSEPHS’S COLLEGE Hike to Colo As soon as I stepped off of the bus I was hit by the heat that I had been avoiding in the bus. It was not only me that had felt this sudden change in the temperature. On my way over towards the wood logs that I would sit at there were many ants, many people were wondering why and that question would be answered shortly. As me and my friend, Luke, sat down we heard one of the teachers explain to us the journey that was ahead. We were going on a 2 hour bushwalk, many of us were skeptical at the start because of the heat that they were having to face. We got our partners, my partner was Luke, then we went over to get our pack so that we could put our

water bottles and rain coats in there. At the moment I was praying that it would rain so that I would be free of the heat, but unfortunately that didn't happen. As we starting on the bushwalk we were spotting many ant hills, that was when we found out why there were so many ants around. The rocky surface that we were stepping on was uncomfortable but we managed and were able to make the most out of the situation. As we walked higher and higher we started to get more and more tired, and since I was carrying the pack at that moment I was feeling as though I was going to topple over. Luckily it was time that we had to have recess which was biscuits, we sat down on the cliff edge and could see the view of Colo. I was amazed at it, but then we had to get back up and continue on the walk, this time Luke was carrying the pack which made it easier for me to walk. As we were walking down to get closer to Colo the surface was getting much, much rockier. It was more of a struggle to get down the hill, and at one point some of the people, including me and Luke, got lost from the group and had to find our way down. Luckily we were able to find our way down to the road where the group was and we joined back up with them. Then it was time to go and cross the river, it was a chance for us to get cold and wet, even though it was only for a short time, it felt as though I was at the beach, relaxing. Once I had carried the pack over it was time to continue, we were getting closer. The grass was at my knees, we were passing the cows that were looking at us with curiosity. It was as though we had walked for miles and we were coming to a place that was free from the heat and the rocky surfaces. It was paradise and then as we got inside the dining hall we knew that it had just began. By Connor Lovely

This Page: Snapshots from the journey to Colo.


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High Ropes Course One of our many exciting activities at Colo was the High Ropes Course. First cabin five went to the ropes course while cabin one went mountain biking. We went through some instructions and some safety rules to keep us all safe. For about half an hour we tried all the lower ground activities, the hardest of them all was the Fidget Ladder. After trying all of those courses we started to climb up both of the Poistmans Walk and the Burma Bridge and went on the Flying Fox. Most of us weren't too scared but we all had heaps of fun doing all these activities and I’m sure we cant wait to come back and try more courses next year! By Christian D’Aspromonte

Jack Issa on the Burma Bridge.

Nick Radford tackling the Postmans Walk

Biker Strikers Another one of the great activities set for us at colo was the mountain biking. Cabin 1 were lucky enough to go biking fist whilst cabin 5 went to the extreme high ropes course. We started by going down some hills and getting to know the gears and how the mountain bike works. Once we got used to the style of the bike (which didn’t take long) we got into trying the obstacles starting with the easy ones and getting harder. After we got used to the obstacles we went to the skills park to give the skills track a ’red hot crack’ and to use some of the skills we were taught. Finally, we went to the tracks to try and get through the obstacles in the tracks. The hardest one was called ‘O Deere’ which a few of us stacked it on but luckily we were all safe. After a few laps of the whole circuit we went and put our bikes in the shed ready for lunch. By Jack Issa

Luke Dolin (above) and Gabriel Mclachlan (left) with full concentration whilst testing their bike skills.


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Overnight Campout On the second last day of our outdoor education camp all of our group strapped on our large packs filled with all the essentials of our upcoming overnight campout. Before we embarked on our hike up to the campsite we were split into four separate groups. My group consisted of five people other than myself, including: Callum Chow, Ben Lonie, Tom Cameron, Aston Buffier and Jack Dillon. When it came late morning we all set off. After our tiring hike up to the campsite with our heavy packs. We were all exhausted however, there was still work to be done. After pitching our tents, collecting firewood and digging our fire pit, we could finally sit down and cook dinner. After food was served we finally slept in our tents and went to bed. The next morning we packed up had breakfast and got ready to hike home.

Above: Aston Buffier, Callum Chow, Jack Dillon, Gabriel Mclachlan, Ben Lonie and Tom Cameron on a well earned break at the campsite. Left: Matt Courtney, Luke Lucarelli and Jacob Orr enjoying the Colo river.

By Gabriel Mclachlan

Above: Hiking to the Colo River

Above: Christian D’Aspromonte, Luke Dolin, Hugh Bradshaw, David Mulherin, Nick Melrose and Tom Roberts


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Cooking on fires On the first night we all found out that for dinner every night we would be having to build our own fire and cook our dinner ourselves. At first some people liked this idea, some people didn’t like this idea, but we had to do it so we got stuck into it. For the first night we had hamburgers. They were really good, but the fun and exciting part was cooking them ourselves and working as a team. I was put into a group with Nick Melrose, Nick Radford, Tom Cameron, Aston Buffier and myself. Before we cooked our burgers though, we had to make the fire, so some of us collected the fire wood and some of us made a fire pit. While we were cooking our burgers and flipping them over, we accidentally dropped one of the burgers into the fire. The burgers were really good and we wanted seconds and we were allowed to make ourselves seconds, so we tried to cook some more burgers. While we were cooking our second batch, Aston dropped his hat into the fire, which actually made us loose the fire. Over all it was a fun night and I had a lot of fun.

Nick Melrose enjoys a well earned beverage beside the Colo fire pits.

By Hugh Bradshaw.

Orienteering One of the many fun and challenging activities was orienteering. To find 15 points for hole punching was our goal. With vast areas we had to travel across, long grass, and rough terrain, it was the ultimate challenge. Not many groups finished, but I enjoyed it a lot. By David Mulherin Left: Christian D’Aspromonte gives orienteering the thumbs up, his teammates showing both urgency and frustration in the background.

Left: Is this electric fence on? A few brave souls decide to find out.

7 colo 1 bulletin 2013  
7 colo 1 bulletin 2013