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The coolest and happening bicycles are here In the modern and urbanized world the existence of bicycles is almost negligent and declining. But somewhere in the hearts of sportsperson and children it is still intact. Also the philosophy of environmental and a pollution free surrounding enable the producers of it to produce this age old machine for the use. Same is the philosophy adopted by an Australian company based in Sydney, named as Metropolitan bikes. The word “bike” here says that bicycles are actually the first bikes before the production and invention of any 2 stroke or four stroke bikes. In the overall scheme of things bicycles are environmentally friendly on all counts. The company designs the coolest and trendy bicycles as well the ancient style Bicycles of European era that can be used in the city for a ride are also part of the production process.. These are also fit to use on all kind of roads. All these bikes are designed and manufactured in Australia itself. The parts of the bikes like frames are made and imported from Taiwan and some of the spare parts are also procured from its European counterparts like England and Italy. Finally, these parts are assembled in Australia… check here for the whole process The philosophy and success of Metropolitan bikes is that they try out sell the bicycles directly to the public, so as they can get the direct feedback on there products and they can bargain for the best possible price in the competitive market. Thus there is no any cliché of the middlemen and the designing of the physical distribution of the product to deliver it to the end user required. Therefore, lessening the cost on it Read more for the quality policies about the company in details . They have a team of expert riders that regularly test the products, and they are always in the touch of the company so that a best quality at an affordable price can be delivered. Them we constantly work to give you the Best possible quality at the most reasonable price…. One can visit here for the price list All our products come with the warranty of 1 year. The warranty is not only on but also on the foreign parts like frames and spare parts. The parts for the backup are available with the company itself, thus there is no burden on the bikers to get it availed from somewhere else. The company sells the bike directly to the customers so they need some information regarding the user, but this information is kept as private and confidential for the benefit of consumers as well as consumers. There is a range of wonderfully designed bikes in the stock for the end users they can be ordered online from the website or one can also ask its requirements via phone if the product is already known… Click for amazing bicycles

Before one rides the bike, some safety measures are needed to be followed like properly tightened breaks which are aligned with the rim of the tires. You should also check on the nut and bolt fixtures. The company emphasizes on licensed bikes to avoid illegal activities. For more information please visit our website

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