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VTelecom Australia - Innovative Telecom Services In Australia, you have the advantage of vTelecom Australia serving your telecom needs at an affordable price. They use copper wires to rout calls as compared to the VOIP method used by some of the other operators. Consequently, call quality and clarity is excellent and you would have no dropped calls at all. This copper wire technology prevents any time delays as well and you get connected instantly. When you are having a business that depends on customers calling you, any time delays when getting connected will lead to customer disinterest and project you as being unprofessional. The pricing too provides great value for money as they do not charge any kind of termination fees. Indeed, copper wire technology stands out in its ability to ensure quick call relays on a point to point basis digitally. There is no analogue to digital conversion as required in a VOIP kind of system. Read more here. Then there are other conveniences with regard to call routing where you can receive calls even when you are not at your office by rerouting that call to your mobile number. The configuration can be done such that you do not miss a single call. The routing and timing can be as flexible as you want it to be. Their time based call routing pattern helps you get calls that you may not be able to take during weekdays and weekends. These calls can be routed to different answer points as per your convenience. Typically, this service is excellent for 1800, 13 and 1300 special service numbers that are used to engage with customers. Call forwarding too is possible. The calls you get on your 1300 number for instance can be forwarded to multiple number of answer points. You can even get it configured such that after specific number of rings, the calls get routed to an answer point. The idea is not to lose any call under any circumstances. Call barring is yet another service that you can avail of. You can avoid nuisance callers and prevent calls hitting your virtual 1300 and 1800 numbers by barring them. This becomes relevant when you do not have services in specific areas and therefore you do not want people trying these numbers and get disappointed. Moreover, they might also get a wrong impression about your responsiveness and professionalism. Check here for more plans. The use of 1300 number services is gaining ground as that can give your business that professional edge and you would also be able to manage the incoming calls astutely making use of the above mentioned facilities.

The use of virtual numbers like 1300, 1800 can enable you to sell to more customers, create a distinct identity for your business and also at the same time maintain sufficient privacy. Customer satisfaction is enhanced when they get quick responses to their queries. A single number becomes the focal point for all customer interaction. Click website for more telecom services.

VTelecom Australia - Innovative Telecom Services