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Street Wear: A New Definition of the “cool” Fashion Statement Urban fashion has seen a lot of transformation and evolution over several years. This evolution attributes to the massive change and infusion of culture into the young generation which has brought about certain alterations in perceptional and attitudinal patterns of the same. So street wear, as an integral part of urban fashion has established itself as a means of association between personality and style statement. Coming to the cultural links of street wear, it is noticeable that this particular fashion has had considerable influence on the hip hop culture which found its way to college campuses, sports lifestyle and the world’s some of the greatest metropolitan cities like Los Angeles, New York and Tokyo. Reflecting on the popularity of street wear, it is highly justified because it caters to certain product categories which can be regarded as staples in the lifestyle of the young generations. These include t-shirts, jeans, jackets, hats and caps, backpacks and casual shoes. Moreover this particular fashion or style statement has not only been endorsed by many underground hip hop artists but also been taken up as major product categories by several high end brands of big shot apparel and accessory manufacturing companies. Visit here to know more. Well, when it comes to youngsters, choosing the correct and suitable street wear is very important. A total fit with ones personality is of prime importance as stylish street is a good indicator or reflector of one’s personality. Besides, choice of street wear must match the customer’s style and culture. Trendy designs of punk rock or skater culture might suit who belongs to a rock culture where as others might not place that much importance to design and style. Comfort is another very important parameter which customers need to stress upon while purchasing street wear. Mere style and design will not matter if one is not comfortable wearing that apparel. Read more about what to look for. Brand consciousness and price also plays an important part in the customer’s decision making process regarding purchase of street wear. Having a certain exhaustive list of brands en rapport with customer’s choices is necessary. These brands may range from sport lifestyle to informal put on and can actually aid the customer in freezing his options and boiling down to fewer brands from which he/she can choose easily. The prices of such street wear will also vary from one brand and emblem to another. Check here for major leading brands. In the street wear segment, Made Status Clothing is an important online as well as offline shopping destination based in Australia. Barring online purchases, one can also purchase from Cry Baby, a street and lifestyle apparel store in Townsville, North Queensland. The product offerings are greatly influenced by American urban clothing. The credo of this company is to offer wide range of collections of underground street wear, hip hop fashion and skate clothing, head wear and other accessories for men and women. The main points of difference are attitude and style the mission statement being street, skate and success which this company has

consistently delivered to customers irrespective of their origin and occupation. Customers can click website for amazing clothes.

Street Wear: A New Definition of the “cool” Fashion Statement