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Tropical Paradise Down South – Palm Cove Situated in Queensland, Australia, Palm Cove is a small tropical beach town located in the midst of rainforests. It is the perfect combination of man-made features and natural settings. The result is a setting which is incredibly beautiful and pleasing to the human eye. Its beauty and serenity makes it a perfect tropical destination for holiday makers, travelers and people who want to take a break from daily routine. The bustling town of Palm Cove is rife with activity and things to do. There is much to do and for adventurous people who like to explore new places. It is also a wonderful setting for those wanting to relax and de-stress. Palm Cove is one of the cleanest beaches in all of Australia. Palm Cove, though secluded and serene, provides a host of culinary treats for its visitors with an extensive line up of restaurants, eateries, and bars and pubs. Sea food is one of the most popular and well known delights of the region. It is a must try for everyone who visits Palm Cove. See this page for more information on the things to do, accommodations and transportation. Known as the most popular destination for spa in Australia, Palm Cove is a filled with things that a person can do, if they do not want to relax on the gorgeous beaches. There is the option of visiting a crocodile farm and taking a boat ride to see them in their natural habitat of the wetland. For those interested in going on nature walks, the rainforests present an amazing opportunity to spot wildlife and beautiful birds. You could also visit the zoological garden which provides both the option of the daytime visit and night zoo for nocturnal animals. All said and done, the main thing that attracts tourists to Palm Cove is not the delicious food served at award winning restaurants, or beautiful beaches. It is the spa treatments that are on offer. There is no dearth of options to choose from. One could opt for a detoxifying mud bath, or a relaxing body wrap. There is the option of getting a full body polish treatment done. Or you could take the easy way out and get a relaxing massage done. You can visit here for more services When visiting this tropical paradise, it should be kept in mind that there are many options available for places to put up at. There are the reputed luxury hotels, resorts, the home stays, and various other forms of hospitality arrangements. There is also the provision of apartments that one can let out for the duration of their stay. The apartment modus provides a home away from home with all the basic amenities provided in the flat. There are two main reasons why people choose to stay at an apartment. It is a more economical proposition than staying at a hotel. If you are a fussy eater, maybe cooking your own food the way you like it could make you feel more comfortable about travelling. Apartments Palm Cove offer luxurious apartments in a lavish resort located on the beachfront. These apartments are fully furnished along with a kitchenette. They combine the extravagance of a star-rated resort along with the practicality and low cost of an apartment style accommodation.

Tropical Paradise Down South – Palm Cove  

Situated in Queensland, Australia, Palm Cove is a small tropical beach town located in the midst of rainforests.

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