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Eball International – Sports Simulation At Its Best Marketing experts keep coming out with new strategies to get more value for the money they spend. The focus is always on getting the attention of their target audience and they do not mind taking recourse to any new methodology. Eball international is one such company that has come out with sports simulator options that have caught the fancy of marketers. The eball simulators have been proven to be great crowd pleasers. Amusement centres, theme parks, trade shows and conferences have all taken advantage of these simulators to attract crowds. Major sponsors have found this technique a very useful one to gain eyeballs from crowds visiting malls, supermarkets. They have been able to come out with targeted marketing strategies and campaigns to launch new products, services and have found the responses from crowds very encouraging. These simulators are now being displayed at even the Australian Institute Of Sport and the National Sports Museum at Canberra and Melbourne respectively. That is sufficient testimony to its effectiveness and crowd pulling ability. Read more about how this technology works. As you would have seen, the technology involves the action of thousands of art sensors that are constantly processing many scans per every second. This helps measure accuracy and provides a real time experience to the viewer. Remember this is technology at its very best and should be considered such instead of relegating it to the status of a play toy. As a marketing tool, it is brilliant. You can customise signages that are used in-game as well as make use of external branding. Through this you would be able to generate much needed traffic when your target segment even pays for playing the game. You can also expose them to your marketing messages at relevant time points to drive home your brand and develop its recall value. Incorporation of your corporate logo is a steal and will be surely noticed by the viewers. As a coaching tool too, it is worth its weight in gold as the viewer can get the “real-time� experience and feeling of playing the sport and would be open to suggestions as well as ideas. You will get the atmosphere of a real stadium reverberating with the cheering of fans with commentary in the background and the experience of playing with real balls. The arcade as well as event mode ensures that commentary interaction is continuous and that is what has enthralled people. They keep coming back for more. You have in your hands a wonderful tool for an intense arcade marketing experience. Check here to know more. The commentary that is built in provides the real time drama excitement and the sound effects are just out of the world. You can have simulators set up both indoors as well as outdoors for a variety of sports like cricket, rugby, soccer, American football. These are all sports that never lose their entertainment and attraction amongst viewers.

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