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Celebrating Birth – Ideas For Baby Showers You just received a call from your best friend that she is pregnant. There is a baby on the way! You can’t control your excitement and happiness. Days go by, and it is finally time to throw a baby shower for your friend. Do you want to do something new and cute? Would you want to make it really special and memorable not only for the mother-to-be but also all the other friends who will be attending? Click to read cute and innovative ideas for planning a baby shower. The first stage in planning the party is choosing a theme. It is the one thing that ties in all the other element of the party – the food, the decoration and definitely the gifts! Try to find out what the mom-to-be has been planning for her baby’s nursery, or if she has always dreamt of doing something for her baby shower. These could give you ideas for creating unique gifts and decorations for the baby shower. Though you could stick to the theme and choose decorations accordingly, there is always the option of using general standard decorations. These include baby clothes, pacifiers, booties, baby bottles, diapers and even baby bath tubs. They double up as decoration items as well as gifts. How to use them for decoration? Find out here. You could fill up the baby bath tub with punch for example. Or make a “diaper cake” that can serve as the main piece for your theme. Baby bottles can be used to serve drinks. Or you could just hang baby clothes on a clothesline to decorate the ceiling and the walls. Now that the decoration is in place, you would have to think about the kind of food that you would serve at the baby shower. It would be nice to serve food that matches the theme. For example an angel theme would require an angel shaped cake. Or a pacifier theme could be used to serve pacifier shaped cookies. The theme color can be replicated too. Use edible colors to match your decoration color. The next thing on the agenda is planning favors for the baby showers guests. In some celebrity parties, they gave away puppies as favors to the guests! Not everyone has to plan such expensive gifts. It can be as simple as giving away theme shaped cookies (like angel cookies) or filling baby booties with candies. Tissue paper, cellophane, sachets, small boxes, carry bags are all options for packing the favors. A special event such as this would require a lot of thought and planning for the perfect gift too. Though you could always buy something useful such as baby stroller, it would be even more perfect if you gift something unique like an Organic baby slings. Baby books, toys, or even a basket of baby care stuff are good ideas for gifting. If you are looking for more gifting options for the baby shower, go to this website It also carries a range of organic products for the baby and mother. You can also see for amazing toys available on the site.

Celebrating Birth – Ideas For Baby Showers