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Communication and training Communication is the exchange and flow of information and ideas from one person to another It involves the sender using various or one of the modes to send across information. The ability to communicate differentiates us from animals. Effective communication is when the receiver understands what’s being communicated by the sender. Communication is a very important part of our lives. It is hard to think of a life where there is no communication; it is not even possible to lead a life in today’s society without communication. The different types of communication can be divided in to verbal communication, non verbal communication and written communication in verbal communication we use languages basically sound to communicate Non verbal communication means using signs or gestures or facial expressions to communicate. Written communication can be a letter which is used to express oneself. Communication is important in the advanced society because it allows people to share thoughts, interests, and form relationships in work or in relationship, it is very important that we communicate effectively. People in various work places or organizations need to spend a major part of their time in interacting and communicating with people. Poor communication skills in an organization are the root cause of some of the major issues. It is most apparent in situations where language is an issue like in people from different countries speaking various languages working together. To resolve this problem there are various training institutes that train people on how to communicate effectively. Master Your Path is one of them. Master Your Path provides Education and Trainings focusing on improved communication that result in personal and professional growth and excellence. Master Your Path has made training programmes to give certification to improve your communication using various methods like hypnosis. This organization also gives certification on these training like neuro linguistic programming, hypnosis, and time empowerment. Read more about this company. These companies believe that to communicate effectively with others one needs to first master the art of communicating with self. One of the most advanced method of making a person self aware and to effectively communicate is hypnosis. People have this misconception that hypnosis is used only when one wants someone to do something against their will. Hypnosis is also known as scientific terms Hypnotherapy. It is a method where the mind is put in to a relaxed state and is used to change your mind about addictive habits like smoking drinking gambling etc. It is also used to make one self aware about your problems. Visit here for more information on hypnosis. There are two levels on which the mind works the conscious and the unconscious. With our conscious mind we make decisions we think and act. Habits are controlled byte unconscious mind .Hypnosis induces a relaxed state of mind that helps communicate with the unconscious mind. The human brain has various levels of consciousness, ranging from fully aware, to sleepy, to completely asleep, with other variations in between. Hypnotic states occur naturally and on your own accord. People have actually experienced these states in various forms. is the site where one can find more on hypnosis

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