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The company with an environmentally centric approach If you are an environment concerned person and conserving it is on top of your minds then continue reading as vital insights can be obtained about things. The name which comes to our mind instantly is Mystique as it is regarded as one of the major economic friendly companies in the country of Australia. They have close to 20 years of experience that provides fast and economic friendly printing that confers to the standards prescribed by the environment. One can see for unique printing services which the company has to offer. In the world of today lot of companies promise a quick U turn which is obviously in terms of profits, but very few can claim that they are environmental friendly. From the year 2006, the company has paid attention to the fact on how the business activities effect the environment and they also recognize the role of environmental degradation which is becoming a cause of increasing concern to the customers of the business. The passion of the company is to create eco friendly manufacturing equipments and each member of the 30 members works tersely towards providing maximum customer satisfaction which acts as a double edged sword. In the first place a positive effect is created on the employees and on all counts the morale also improves. With the unique printing services of the company one can expect quality products without having to creating too much dent in their pockets. Apart from this since there are a boutique printer, it is possible on their part to offer a personalized and flexible approach to the needs of the clientele. One can check this out to know more about the payment conditions. All the payment has to be made in Australian dollars and this includes the price tag which is mentioned in the website of the company. Once you decide to purchase an item your debit or credit card will be automatically charged which will also include the shipping and handling charges. A point noteworthy is that till the company has not received the full payment they will not start processing your request. Apart from this the company is not responsible for any sort of transaction charges which are levied by the bank. Once an order has been placed and if you feel that you need to cancel the order you need to pay $ 20 as administration fee. In case if the order has been placed for production one cannot cancel the order as the necessary measures related to the manufacturing of the item has already began. The time frame in cancelling the order is generally 24 hours and one has to specify it in writing to the mentioned e mail address of the company. If one fails to do so with in the stipulated time frame the order is deemed to be approved and cannot be cancelled on any counts. In terms of refund policy though the company prides in delivering quality products you can ask for a refund within 5 working days.

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The company with an environmentally centric approach