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What Are The Significances Of UPC Codes?

The retailing business of the products worldwide has paved the way for some digitization in numbering the products. There have been import and export in all parts of the world. It is a fact that not all products are available in a particular examples

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gems and many more. So, there is high plausibility of carrying out import and export because those products are definitely necessary for the country people. The business of selling finished products was started long back in ancient times. There were a lot of complications faced by the sellers in the ancient times. This is because they could not keep track of the number of products sold. So, they started numbering the products according to their specification. This helped them a lot. But, after a few times there were problems concerning the uniqueness of the product and copyright issues. Eventually, so many problems were piled up that created a potential to prepare such a numbering methodology that identifies a product uniquely such that no duplication arrives. This requirement was very sophisticated, which made many technical companies to decide what could be the possible way. It was in 1970 when IBM or International Business Machines proposed a theory on bars and numbers. They quite efficiently projected meaningful idea but the real application seemed impossible it covered a large area if they bar codes were to be pasted on the cover of the product. The idea evolved slowly and in 1972 with a lot of effort and hard work the 3 person team of IBM found a suitable way of bar coding and scanner that seemed practical. There was a one on one correspondence for the bars

and number which helped in bringing the uniqueness in the product identification. The product’s bar code once scanned was registered in a database that it is sold. This is important so as to track the trade items especially when the product has crossed the boundary of its parent country. This bar code is particularly known to be UPC Codes or Universal Product codes. There are several patterns in them, out of which, two are the most important and they are UPC-A and UPC-E. They are certainly different aspects in both the patterns with the number of digits. The UPC-A has 12 numerical digits. The UPC-E has 10 numerical digits to make the code. Again, one more superset coding mechanism is the EAN which is actually European Article Number where one more digit is introduced to cater the large number of articles manufactured in Europe. Now, EAN has been abbreviated as International Article number.

What Are The Significances Of UPC Codes? - This requirement was very sophisticated, which made many technical companies to decide what could be the possible...

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