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Who would be the audience for your media product?

The main target audience for my magazine, much like Kerrang! is 16-24 year olds of both sexes. They would typically be lower/working class (C2DE) as they are likely to be in college/university or a in low-wage job. That is the demographic aspect of my target audience. In terms of psychographic tendencies, they will generally like to shop in stores such as Dead Good, an alternative clothing shop. They are likely to attend a lot of live gigs of metal-core or post-hardcore bands and possibly play instruments themselves. They will probably by their music as MP3's from iTunes or CD's (alternate clothing stores often have a range of CD's available). It is very likely they will already purchase a magazine however, fitting a niche as mine does will soak up the demand for a more specific genre of magazine meaning they will stop buying the previous magazine or purchase both.

Dead good clothing store in Gt. Yarmouth.

Void clothing store in Nottingham

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