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Audience research For my research, I carried out a questionnaire including only closed questions. This provided me with quantitative data which can now be transposed into graphs, charts and comparisons. The aim of my research was to find out if the demand was there for a posthardcore style magazine in the current music market. My results concluded as there is not one currently, it would find a niche in the market and soak up the demand that exists. As the post-hardcore genre has been growing in popularity for the last few years, it is very unlikely that the demand will decrease for the magazine. In terms of how often the magazine is planned to be released, my results showed that over 80% of the participants would prefer an edition to be released every week. I created a 3D pie chart to show the findings to the question "how much would you be willing to pay for a weekly magazine? (your highest value). These are the results I received:

as you can see from the pie chart above, 33.3% of the participants opted for ÂŁ2.00-ÂŁ2.49 but 33.3% also opted for ÂŁ3.50+. This may be down to the amount of disposable income the individuals have.

Although my questionnaire was useful to me, it wasn't without faults and should i do it again, improvements will be made. For example, it would consist of more questions including more psychographic and demographic questions to get an even mixture of the two and include more open questions so improve validity as open questions will collect qualitative data. Unfortunately, my results were not generalisable. This is because the data was not cross sectional. This means the data was taken from one geographic area. This therefore means the data is not representative and thus, not generalisable. I could solve this problem next time by getting my data from locations around the world. As the questionnaire was sent via email, this would not be a problem. In conclusion, my questionnaire was useful but could be improved to suit the potential buyers better.

Audience research  

Audience research for my music magazine.