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A note from your Editor . . Welcome everyone, I am sure that you will thoroughly enjoy this issue as you discover some great tips and information to help support the children in your life. Whether you are a parent, grandparent, sister, brother, aunty, uncle, guardian or godparent you will find some treasures here. This issue has been an absolute delight to work on during the course of its unfolding from the initial idea to the published magazine. For me the photoshoot was the highlight of this project and as you read through this issue you will be smiling from ear to ear when you check out our Pixie editorial. What I can tell you is our little pixies were so excited, enthusiastic, adorable and such a joy to work and play with! They want to know when their next photoshoot is! I would personally like to thank their Mum’s for the trust they had in us and allowing their girls to be a part of our creativity and passion for the health and wellbeing of children. Thank you Amanda and Anna-Lise I am so grateful to our wonderful team of professionals for their ongoing support and contributions. I feel that we are family even though we are across the oceans. Until our next issue, Julie Nelson

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Cover photography by Amy Nelson-Blain

Table of Contents Aromatherapy for Children 6 Aromatique Bathing 9 Mandarin Essential Oil 10 Foundations 14 Angels Among Us 17 Fruitilicious Treats 19 Pixies Delight 20 “Mummy, I had a bad dream.” 34 3 Ways to Nurture your Child’s Intuitive Development 36 Giving Teenagers back their self esteem 39 German Chamomile Essential Oil 40 We are the World - We are the Children 46 Products by Aromatique Essentials 46 Our Contributors 48


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Aromatherapy for Children By Julie Nelson

cage area and through the back under her right shoulder blade. To do this they cut 2 of her ribs, which where fused together, later on in life this created a major problem with her spinal growth. This was common for TOF children back then. Today keyhole surgery is done. Amy’s right rib cage did not grow to the same capacity as her left, this caused curvature of her spine and as she grew a 22 degree curve in her spine had formed. Between the age of 12 to 13 her curvature increased My daughter was born with a congenital condition known as to 41 degrees, when she had begun puberty. TOF ~ tracheoesphageal fistula. This means that her oesophagus Amy was becoming very uncomfortable, experiencing pain was not completely formed. There are a few different types and headaches every day. This is why she chose to have the of TOF formations. Amy’s was where her oesophagus did spinal fusion. Her back surgery was a success and more than not join and both ends formed as stubs and bridged into her they had expected and they were astounded at her recovery! trachea. Amy experienced eating issues, severe reflux, lack Over a period of 18 years now Aromatherapy has played a of weight gain and more. She was the youngest and smallest vital role in supporting Amy emotionally, Physiologically and spiritually Amy has a long history, TOF baby born in Australia in 1988. (her title was taken by a “Aromatherapy is an extremely valu- however I have given the basics so that boy from the Solomon islands in able tool that we can have at hand to you can have a better understanding of 1999 being a week younger and support and treat many common con- how Aromatherapy has played a part in her emotionally, physically 100 grams lighter). ditions that our children experience.” supporting and spiritually through out her life. The procedure for a TOF repair back then was far more invasive than it is today where keyhole surgery is used. Amy’s It is important to re-iterate that when using essential oils TOF repair was performed on day one, a 4hour operation. an aromatherapist will treat everyone as an individual and She was 8 weeks premature and weighed 1190 grams. During therefore personalise each clients blend and application to suit the procedure 2 of her ribs where cut to get to the repair their specific needs. I highly recommend you consult with a site. This later caused scoliosis, a common result with TOF qualified practitioner before using any essential oils especially children back then. Because the ribs fused together her right with a chronic or acute condition. rib cage was smaller than the left side and as she grew her right rib cage did not grow to the same capacity as her left From the age of 5 to 8 years Red or Sweet Myrtle, Mandarin side. This later on in her life caused problems and Amy had a and German Chamomile where my most used essential oils for treating her chronic wet lung condition. These oils were posterier spinal fusion. calming and supported her immune system. They assisted At the age of six months Amy was diagnosed with recurring with her digestive problems, commonly TOF children have chronic lung disease. This condition has been the most trouble swallowing, they can regurgitate when eating which concerning through out her life. She has a history of recurring runs the risk of aspirating, experiencing food being caught lung infections and countless hospitalisations for pneumonia or lodged in there oesophagus and often can not eat certain foods, like chewy meat, anything that has a husk apples skin and bronchitis. At the age of twenty two months Amy had a ‘fundoplication’ of fruit to name a few. Each TOF child is different. this was standard surgery for severe reflux which specialists believe may still be occurring. They believe this is one of the Red or Sweet Myrtle, German Chamomile, Melaleuca causes of her lung infections, however this is speculative. At ericafolia, and Mandarin were my most used oils on Amy the age of 13 Amy had a posterior spinal fusion due to the from the age of five to ten. In the practitoner’s guide to original surgery for her TOF repair. Initially the surgical Aromatherapy red or wild Thyme and Peppermint combined procedure was very invasive going in through the front rib are recommended for deep lung infections, I have used this Orthodox medicine and Aromatherapy work hand in hand to compliment each other ~ Never take anyone off medication without a doctor’s consent. My daughter would not be alive today if it were not for modern medicine and I am a strong supporter of both complimentary and orthodox medicines, each has its place. When they are combined you have a holistic therapy that is working on all levels.


combination with Ravensara, Sandalwood, Manuka and mandarin’. These were the 2 essential oils I used on her especially when she was in hospital. These particular essential Eucalptus smithii. oils are recommended for the fragile, and chronically ill people for their support, nurturing and gentle healing Applications: Topically applying the oils to her chest and back by gentle properties. Mandarin is a strong anti-septic and excellent for massage. These treatments were used as a complementary air-borne bacteria, German chamomile is calming, a strong treatment along with orthodox medication. Never take anyone anti-inflammatory and both are good immune-stimulants. off medication without a doctor’s consent. My daughter would She associated these essential oils along with touch to feeling not be alive today if it were not for modern medicine and I better, feeling nurtured and comforted. They assisted in am a strong supporter of both complimentary and orthodox supporting her immune system, respiratory system and medicines, each has its place. When they are combined you nervous system. have a holistic therapy that works on all levels. The essential The essential oils I chose to use depended on the stage and oils and applications varied depending on her age and what acuteness of her condition and I also took into account age, medications and the environment. she was presenting. Surgical Scars ~ I have also used essential oils for scar and Amy associated feeling better with these particular oils and tissue repair with excellent results. would often ask for them when she was not feeling well. Aromatherapy is an extremely valuable tool that we can have They were applied by hand and foot massages in her acute at hand to support and treat many common conditions that stage (once she was out of danger) and chest rubs thereafter. our children experience. Chamomile was used frequently in bathing. The affect was Following I am going to give you some examples of essential very evident, especially combined with massage. We always used and still do use Sweet or Red Myrtle because oils and applications that were used to help improve her of its calming properties as Eucalyptus globulus and radiata immune system, support and strengthen her lung function, are too stimulating to the bronchi and can cause adverse reduce pain and discomfort emotionally and physically, reduce anxiety, stress and depression amongst many other affects. Thyme and Peppermint was appield and used for pseudomona symptoms she experienced. bacteria in her lungs. This bacterium thrives and colonises in wet moist lung conditions and is common in CF and chronic Lung Support: Sweet or Red Myrtle ~ Decongestant, expectorant, calming, lung patients. strengthening to your immune and nervous systems. Frankincense combined with German chamomile is an excellent an anti-inflammatory and Frankincense along with Eucalytus smithii ~ Decongestant, expectorant ~ This essential Clary sage is used for slowing down and deepening the breath. oil is recommended for chronic lung disease as Eucalyptus Essential oils such as Neroli and Rose gave emotional support globulus and radiate are over stimulating to the bronchi and therefor cause adverse effects. for chronic anxiety and depression. Sandalwood, Myrrh, Tea tree, Melaleuca ericafolia, Eucalyptus smithii, Ravensara and Manuka are other oils that have been German Chamomile ~ emotional nurturing and support, Strong anti-inflammatory, immune support. integrated in to her treatments. All essential oil treatments have been in conjunction with Mandarin~ Strong antiseptic and good for where there are contagious conditions such as colds and flu. Emotionally orthodox medicine and various another natural remedies. uplifting and excellent immune booster. How do I know they supported her? From a very young age she was aware of her body and how Frankincense ~ anti-inflammatory, slows down and deepens she was feeling. There were many times that she would say the breathe, grounding, calming, relaxing and strengthening to me ‘mummy can I have some German chamomile and Sandalwood ~ anti-inflammatory, relaxing and calming, staph


Myrrh, Everlasting these essential oils are anti-inflammatory, anti-pruritc (anti-itch), anti-septic, Vulnerary (wound Melaleuca ericafoli and Tea tree (Alternafolia) Anti-septic, healing), Cicatrisant (assists in scar formation and reducing bactericidal, Anti-viral, Immune booster, Very strengthening the hardening of the tissue) to the nervous system. Applications: Topical, Body sprays, bathing, compressing. After the age of seven, I began using stronger essential oils Babies, infants, and adolescents can all benefit through the for wet lung conditions these were Peppermint, Red or Sweet use of Aromatherapy and essential oils to improve their health and wellbeing emotionally, physically and spiritually. Thyme, Clary sage with the above essential oils. Other essential oils I used where Lavender, Ravensara, Rose, Aromatherapy and essential oils can be used in conjunction with other natural therapy treatments and orthodox medicine. Neroli, Cyrpess, Lemon Myrtle, Lemon and Grapefruit. infections, immune stimulant

Essential oils where used to support and improve her immune system, assist in reducing the onset of respiratory infections. There is no doubt in my mind that the above essential oils where beneficial as the results were obvious. This also depended on the severity of Amy’s condition, whether it was bacterial or viral and the presenting symptoms. There were times when there was a very subtle difference and other times the results were fast acting and very substantial. The beauty of using essential oils is that you have many to choose from, I did not always choose the same essential oil’s as it would depend on her physical and emotional condition.

For Aromatherapist’s t is essential that you research the contraindications of both orthodox and traditional medications and to make sure they are compatible. If you choose to use essential oils and are unsure seek the advice of your Aromatherapy practitioner or doctor. Using a room diffuser is vey safe and excellent for combating airborne bacteria and virus.

Common conditions that essential oils can be of great benefit are childhood diseases, emotional conditions such as anxiety, stress, tension, depression, bi-polar, skin conditions, PMT, pain management, digestive problems, rheumatoid arthritis in children and young adults, muscular aches and pain, sports Applications: injuries and performance…the list goes on. Topical, friction rubs, bathing, essential oil diffuser In the beginning of my treatment with Amy I was well into completing my Dip. Aromatherapy and had a clinical Surgical scars and wound healing: German Chamomile, Everlasting, Frankincense CO2, Myrrh, superviser to support and advise me, which gave me the Patchouli, Calendular CO2, Rose and Rosehip, Centella confidence to use essential oils in a clinical situation. Without access to extensive knowledge of aromatherapy, I infused and Hemp oils. believe it is more appropriate for you to er on the side of caution. Use your creativity to create beautiful diffuser and Application: Topical room spray blends for your children. These can be used for Essential oils are very beneficial for reducing symptoms from reducing anxiety, stress, frustration and help with relaxation, mood swings, and can be used for children’s nightmares. insect bites, measles, chicken pox: Lavender, German Chamomile, Frankincense, Patchouli,


Aromatique Bathing By Julie Nelson

Foot baths are a wonderful alternative to full body baths, especially as we need to conserve our water. They can be relaxing, stimulating and used for many different conditions for example tired aching feet, swollen feet and ankles, softening hard skin, headaches, PMT, relaxing, anxiety, stress and tension. Tip - when getting ready for your foot bath place a towel under the bowl, then pour in your water, add the essential oils and agitate before placing your feet in the bowl. Agitating the water helps to disperse the oils, sit back and enjoy. Generally for therapeutic baths we recommend you soak for 10 minutes, otherwise you may lose the effect you desire. When you are ready to take your feet out, place them onto the towel, move the bowl carefully to one side, wrap the towel around your feet and pat dry. Having an Aromatherapy bath is so healing on many levels.

Method - Add your chosen essential oils just before hopping in and make sure you agitate the water to break up the oils. If you have sensitive skin you may choose to use a dispersant. A dispersant can be milk, vegetable oil or a product specifically

“Foot baths are a wonderful alternatve to full body baths.” made for use with essential oils, known as a disper. Always add your oils to the disper, milk or vegetable oil first, then pour into the bath and gently agitate. If vegetable oils used be sure to have a non-slip mat in your bath. To receive the most benefit you only need to soak for 10 - 15 mins. When bathing you have 2 methods of absorbtion they are through your skin known as the integumentary system and your olfactory by breathing in the oils.

Bathing can be used for reducing stress, tension, anxiety and depression. Other conditions that can be treated muscular A question I am sometimes asked. aches and pains, skin conditions for example very dry skin, Q. Why do we use the same amount of essential oil drops in a full body bath as a hand and foot bath, there is so much more water? “Agitating the water helps to disperse

the oils.”

A. We are covering more area of our body with water; therefore we are receiving a higher absorbtion rate. As I mentioned a tepid bath can be used to reduce inflammation, insomnia, earlier we also have two methods of Absorbtion, more is being muscular aches and pain, PMT and menopausal conditions, taken in by your body. boosting your immune system, soothing itching or irritated skin for example measles and chicken pox, having time out For some, it may not be practical to have a full body bath due to lack of water or you may not have a bath. Please do be and being mindful of the process. conscious of how much water you use. Your bathing water can be recycled by using on your garden bed or pot plants. Children 1 year to 10 use 3-4 drops of essential oil in total. For 10 years and up 6 - 8 drops of essential oil in total is Remember to research the essential oils and their contraindications. If in doubt you can contact me via facebook. recommended.


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Foundations By S. Dawn Sievers

We are all a sum of our formative years. If we’re fortunate, we were surrounded by loving parents, grandparents and extended family that weave together a fabric of care, support, encouragement and guidance. The time of year that this article will publish in Aromatique Essentials will be approaching spring and my thoughts always turn to home, up on the side of a ridge in East Tennessee, in the United States. I am drawn back home to walk the fields and see the flowers blooming, and revisit the places of my childhood.

and seeding the fields between our house and his. When we approached, asking for the inevitable tractor ride, he obliged, taking each of us up on his lap for a turn around the field.

I can remember that so clearly, to this very day. Sitting there on his lap, surrounded by his arms, watching his large, work worn hands on the wheel of the tractor. It is one of the most secure feelings I believe I have ever felt, just being blissfully happy to be with him, experiencing riding on the tractor, chattering away, occasionally making him laugh. When my I speak often about my large, loving family. We were fortunate turn on the tractor came to an end, he helped me down, then to live next door to my maternal Grandparents; in southern knelt next to me and pulled packets of seeds from the front terms, just across the field. Further down the lane was my pocket of his overalls. The pictures on the seed packets were of daisies, all colors and varieties. There Great Aunt Carrie’s house. Aunt Carrie and her mother “Scents and music are the strongest had to have been a good 20-30 packets, raised flowers to sell downtown triggers for memories, so it is no small as the fields were large that he was tending. Grandpa told me the seeds on Market Square at the turn of the century...early 1900’s. I wonder that I am most at home dur- had been on sale at the Farmer’s Co-op have described in past articles ing the spring and summer months.” and he decided he would buy them for me. Just me. It is important to note that during my childhood, the remnants of all of those flower beds still existed all around our here that there are 27 grandchildren (my first cousins) in the combined properties. I learned all manner of information and family, so one child being singled out was not common. Yet details about flowers, gardening and the old ways of tending my Grandpa did this with us at various times. He would take my brother hunting, show my sister how to use woodworking the land from these relatives. tools and he would share flowers with me and my Mom. For me, this was part of the quiet strength of my own foundation. My Grandfather was a farmer who raised tobacco That year, the fields were sown with a combination of hay and for a living, among other jobs. Because he was raised around all those thousands of daisy seeds. It looked like something flowers, he had an appreciation for them that continued out of a movie when the flowers bloomed...white ones, pink throughout his life. When springtime would approach, he ones, yellow, pale blue...and a few black-eyed Susans scattered would often take us with him to the Farmer’s Co-op to buy about. I would come home with arm loads of bouquets daily, seeds for spring planting. Or, if you happened to be visiting there were so many of them blooming. their house on the days in the fall when the seed catalogs came in the mail, you sometimes could sit quietly in his lap Why is this important enough to write a blog article about and peruse all the colorful pages of flowers and vegetables and it? I could say it is as simple as it being a lovely childhood memory and that would be true. I could leave it there and this ‘help’ plan for the following season’s crops. would still be an enjoyable article to write and read. Yet it was My Grandfather was a hard person, with his own set of more than that. Growing up in a home with an absent father, struggles and faults, but he was a very good grandparent. my Grandpa became our primary father figure. In later years One year when I was still small, we were outside playing and this would also grow to encompass all five of my Uncles, but heard Grandpa’s tractor start up. This was the signal to race to begin with, my Grandpa was my first male hero. across the field and investigate what exciting, interesting task was on the day’s agenda. That morning, Grandpa was tilling That one summer where he did something that he probably 14

standing next to a tall Grandpa with his hands full of flower seed packets, and a sweet moment just for that one little girl. It reminds me that I am loved unconditionally and that the size of the field where those flowers were sewn that spring, vast and endless to a child’s eye, represented a wide open vista. Even at that young an age, I was aware of underlying messages that God/Universe/Spirit sends us. That day, the message was simple. “You are loved.” And it was spelled out in daisies As the years went forward, he would bring flower bulbs to from the hand of a Grandpa to a Granddaughter. my Mom and I to plant around our property. Sometimes they were the old fashioned, familiar flowers such as daffodils, As an adult, I have carried that moment with me, deep in muscaris (we called them miniature grape hyacinths), my memories and heart. I have paid the moment forward peonies, hydrangeas, and my favorite flower, Lily of the regularly, paying attention to small things that matter to Valley. Occasionally they would be something that caught those around me. I am a sum of my childhood and my life his eye because they were unusual. It was his awkward, silent experiences, and it makes me smile to finish this specific way of showing us he cared, I think. Now, as an adult, when article and realize that once again, the reason so many springtime approaches the Tennessee Valley and everything people comment on my loving nature is because of the solid blooms fresh and new, I feel a sense of closeness to my foundation I was given in childhood. roots. When I see everything greening up and all the flowers If you are reading this article, take a moment to cast your blooming, I automatically reconnect with those childhood mind back and find a special memory to focus on where you felt that same warm blanket of love surrounding you. It may memories. not be from your childhood; indeed, it could be from a week Scents and music are the strongest triggers for memories, so it ago, but if you take a moment to concentrate, you will find is no small wonder that I am most at home during the spring it. With enough time and thought, you will find many such and summer months. When life is fast paced and hectic, I moments, for you are equally beautiful and equally deserving think we all revisit those quiet moments in our minds. Clearly of the message, spelled out in daisies or in colorful script, or in my mind will always be the bright memory of a little girl in nice, simple clean lines that... You Are Loved. didn’t spend much time thinking about, was a moment where I was shown that small gestures matter. It was also a moment where I felt loved in that unique manner that all small children accept as their due. I was loved, cherished and cared for to the point that this busy, oftentimes gruff and brusque man took time to do something whimsical and thoughtful in a manner he knew would absolutely delight my little girl’s heart.


Angels Among Us By Suzy Manning

our imagination. Everything in this material world was once an idea or a dream. • Let children color outside of the lines. Conformity breeds mediocrity. There is no greatness living inside the box. All great inventions and powerful leaders thought outside the box. • Enjoy children’s self-expression whether in clothes, decorating their room, or in friendships. They are each their own person with unique gifts and a life purpose all their own. A research study done at the University of Iowa showed • Teach teambuilding. Business and leadership is shifting that the average 2 year old receives 432 negatively oriented from exclusivity, competition, and rugged individualism to messages a day to 32 positive ones. Behavioral psychologist inclusivity, collaboration, and co-creation. They are our future. have estimated that just the verbal cues fed to us by our • Be open to learning from the children. They are spiritual beings much wiser than we give them parents in early childhood, which still run inside of our “Children come into the world filled credit for. They are here to teach us and heads like muffled tape loops, with love, joy, laughter, wonder and to help shift the consciousness on the planet. amount to over 25,000 hours of pure conditioning. Yes, children curiosity. They teach us to live in the Children are amazing in sensing, feeling, need guidance and rules for moment, to be kids at heart.” intuiting, and knowing what is going their safety and growth, but at what expense when we dampen or shut down the magic they on. They are the angels among us to transition us into a bring to life. Let’s look at how we could interact differently to new world of love and relational consciousness. Love them, embrace them, encourage them, and listen to them. Follow benefit both the adults and the children. guidelines to keep them safe as children, but do not clip their • Focus on and compliment on what children do well. We all wings. These wings will spread vibrations of love throughout do more for others when they appreciate who we are and what the Universe transforming our world into one we can only imagine. The children see it beyond their imagination. That we do. Positive praise builds self-esteem. • Allow children to dream. There is no future without using is their gift. Children come into the world filled with love, joy, laughter, wonder, and curiosity. They teach us to live in the moment, to be kids at heart, to be more forgiving, and to see the world anew every day. Somewhere in this journey, their wings that allow them freedom to explore this vast new world get clipped. We start to negate the wondrous magical gifts they bring to us. We negate their joy, their play, and their dreaming to fit into a structured space we are more comfortable with.


All products from Aromatique Essentials are handmade to order, using the highest quality ingredients from the most natural resources available. Whether you use them for your beauty for their therapeutic qualities, essential oils can help improve your health and well-being. Every product can be personalised to your specific needs for health or beauty needs; creating a customised aromatherapy experience that’s just for you.


Fruitilicious Treats By Julie Nelson

Whatever fruit is in season, you can make up delicious fruit salad sticks for your children. • Pineapple, blueberries, strawberries and grapes • Rock melon, blueberries, strawberries and kiwi fruit • Raspberries, blueberries, strawberries and honeydew melon • Strawberries, pineapple, rock melon and watermelon

organic yoghurt then finish off with a drizzle of good quality honey. For fun, use a rock melon cut in half with the flesh taken out as a bowl! Healthy Snack

Certified organic dried fruit such as cranberries, goji berries and white mulberries with activated nuts and cacoa nibs is a very Make a fruit salad soup with chopped fresh healthy treat that is highly nutritious and packed with essential vitamins to support your fruit, add half a cup of organic or freshly squeezed pineapple or apple juice, a dollop of children’s health and wellbeing. 19

Pixies Delight


Photographer: Amy Nelson-Blain Stylist: Julie Nelson Talent: Sian and Whitney Hair and Make-up: Chereine Waddell Jewellery Designer: Make A Strand (Amanda Webb)



Tulle Dresses: Julie Nelson Jewellery: Make A Strand Props: Stylists Own


Tulle Dress and Wreath: Julie Nelson Silk Flowers: Teeki Designs


Jewellery: Make A Strand Necklace - $30.00


Wreath: Julie Nelson Jewellery: Make A Strand Necklace with Flower Pendant - $30.00


Wreath: Julie Nelson Jewellery: Make A Strand Necklace - $30.00

Dress and Silk Flowers: Julie Nelson Jewellery: Make A Strand


Tulle Dresses and Wreaths: Julie Nelson Jewellery: Make A Strand



Jewellery: Make A Strand Necklace - $30.00


Jewellery: Make A Strand Necklace - $30.00



Tulle Dresses and Wreaths: Julie Nelson Silk Flowers: Teeki Designs Jewellery: Make A Strand Beaded Necklaces - $30.00


“Mummy, I had a bad dream.” How to handle your child’s and your own nightmares. By Margaret Jarvinen This is a common dream and will come up when your child is scared of something in his/her life and is not dealing with it. The solution is to help your child understand they are in control of their life experiences through their perception. Try and identify what your child is not willing to face and then help them face it. Just take a moment to consider what recent changes or experiences they have had in the last couple of days. Because, when we face our However, if you handle your child’s (and your own nightmares) fears its power diminishes and a solution usually appears or the in a reflective and symbolic manner, a great opportunity for self- problem disappears. awareness and self-development arises. How can I help my child? 
Here is what I do to help my own children (you can also do this for your own A dream is the language of your inner child) deal with nightmares and help unconscious mind. When you sleep, your unconscious mind “All symbols in your dreams are them become more self-empowered: is processing your everyday related to how you perceive your 1. Comfort your child and gently enquire experiences. What you dream is world.” about the bad dream. You can ask questions always related to the last 1-2 days in your waking life. While you are dreaming, your unconscious is like: “Do you want to tell me about the dream?”, “Was there processing the activities, thoughts and emotions you experienced something chasing you?”, “Are you feeling scared?” Empathise with throughout the day. A dream is rarely what it appears to be on him/her, “Oh, you must have been scared.” If your child does not the surface. All symbols in your dreams are related to how you remember the dream, just let it be and tell him/her dreams are like perceive your world. Your dreams are showing you aspects of movies, some are just scarier than others. yourself and what values and beliefs you hold. 2. Before your child goes back to sleep after being woken from Why do we have nightmares?
Nightmares are dreams which a nightmare, tell your child to get his/her imaginary wand and clearly show you are suppressing emotions about yourself. They are transform the thing which was chasing your child into something wonderful opportunities for self-discovery and self-improvement. your child loves and will help him/her feel safe, for example, If you push anything you consider bad or evil about yourself deep butterflies or fairies. down, that negative energy always comes back to haunt you in your dreams. When you confront this negative energy and learn to What does this do?
I see two main benefits in this approach which are extremely powerful. understand your emotions and feelings, you can heal them. We are usually conditioned from an early age not to like or take much notice of our dreams. As a child you may have heard your well-meaning parents respond, “Don’t worry darling, it’s only a dream. Go back to sleep.” Or you could have had a terrifying dream as a child and said to yourself, “That’s it! I never want to remember another dream again.”

If you are having trouble sleeping and then when you do sleep, 1. You are teaching your children they are in control of their own your dreams are weird, it is a clear indication you are experiencing experiences and they have the power to change things if they do stress in your life. This stress can be caused by a life change, conflict not like it. This is a very self-empowering thing for them to do. or new experiences. 2. You are helping your children to reprogram their unconscious Considering this, it makes sense as to why children go through belief they are safe in all life experiences and there is no need to periods of having nightmares as they are learning about themselves run from things they do not understand. and the world around them. Children’s nightmares and dreams are Your child’s nightmare may be quite different from the example very similar in theme to many adults’ dreams. Being chased is a common dream theme 
Your child may dream I have given but it will provide clues about how to look at your of being chased by anything—a monster, an animal, a person child’s dreams. or something else (perhaps a household item such as a vacuum My daughter (4 years old) literally does this in her sleep now and cleaner). In the dream your child runs away or hides but the thing very rarely has disturbing dreams. My son (6 years old) hasn’t mentioned any nightmares to me for a long time now. keeps chasing him/her.



3 Ways to Nurture your Childs Intuitive Development By Robine Yohm Pretend Playgrounds When I was six years old I was a space princess, piloting my own starship traveling through the galaxy. This was my absolute favourite game when the neighbourhood kids and I would play pretend. So many hours would pass by filled with so much fun until our parents called us in for supper (“Aww, mom!”).

wonderful opportunity: how amazing it would be to encourage the intuitive development of children such that it continues developing and strengthening just as they grow physically? 3 Ways to Nurture Intuition Play I would say that one of the biggest reasons why we lose touch with our intuition is that many of us don’t realise the importance of using our imagination. We make the assumption that imagination is for kids or solely for creative types or artists. Well, guess what? We are all creative!

Does this bring back any memories of made up games you used to play as a child? Think back, maybe you played a similar game of pretend or imagined that you were racing a fast car instead of a bicycle. Your tree-house was a majestic castle or your stuffed animals were students in a special school Think back to the games you played as a child that involved where you were supreme boss and teacher. imagination. Felt good, right? Games that feel light, fun These games we played were more than low-tech ways to have and engaging raise your energy and increase your intuitive a lot of fun - we were raising our vibrations, feeling in touch sensitivity. In fact, today when I teach intuitive development with our energy and thus allowing ourselves full access to our to adults many of the effective exercises we do involve play and fun. intuition. Getting Older, Getting Wiser? But then, as we all do, I grew up, stopped playing pretend games and put a leash on my imagination. It wasn’t until I began formal medical intuitive training as an adult that I realised how intuitive I was in my childhood. Today, bits and pieces still come back to me of times when I felt guided as a child and instinctively trusted my gut instincts. For me, these little revelations have been inspiring “nuggets” that remind me of the potential we all have if we choose to develop and awaken our intuitive abilities. It also brings up a


So for at least part of your child’s play time, try moving away from the computer, shutting off the television, and putting the video games down. If pretend games of spaceship princess are not their thing, how about: - Gazing at cloud formations and guessing what the shapes resemble. - Drawing pictures of fantasy creatures (i.e. “What would a dog with wings look like?”). - Making up fun pretend stories about random people and sharing them with each other. - Imagining what you would have to pack if you were to go on

a picnic to the North Pole. reason why our intuition took a vacation and retreated rather The possibilities are endless and the important thing is to than grew stronger as we grew older. Being told we were have fun, imagine - accessing the creative intuitive side of wrong or dismissed was not fun and from that we made the yourselves - and laugh. subconscious association that our intuition was the source of getting us into trouble. Feel How do you feel right now? For most of us this question elicits When your child tells you what they are feeling about an a, “Good!” or “Fine” or some other quick response. But what issue, situation, person or anything that seems to just come is going on in your body? It’s a bit trickier to answer if you’re out of the blue, listen and take them seriously. Even if it is not not used to checking in with it. For example, how does your possible to take action on their intuitive guidance, you can body feel when it is hungry, tired, cold, thirsty, sad, angry, or still effectively build trust by: happy? - Letting your child know that you hear what they are telling you. Checking in with the body is a very good habit to get your - Thanking them for sharing. child into. It helps ground them in the present moment and - Explaining why you can’t take action at this time. gets them accustomed to how their mind-body connection - Promising to keep considering what they have shared. works. Even more importantly, they will naturally become very attuned to how different situations and people make Wisdom Within them feel in their bodies. This is all part of learning to trusts The ability to call upon your intuition and trust it is amazing. There is no substitute for the feeling of having an instinctive their instincts and act accordingly. intuitive feeling, acting on it, and knowing without a doubt Acknowledge Have you ever known something instinctively, just known it that you did the right thing. even though you couldn’t logically explain why you felt that It is exactly the kind of confidence that we want to inspire way? We’ve all had many moments like this of our intuition in our children. A self-assured intuitive child is more apt to tapping us on the shoulder. And like many of us, perhaps you trust in themselves and their abilities apart from any negative shared this feeling with someone else as a child or an adult influences or peer pressure. and were laughed off or dismissed. Perhaps it was even you that did the laughing at or dismissing of your own intuition. And as a parent, parental figure, or teacher your guidance and nurturing is absolutely essential in allowing a child’s intuition Ouch! This is probably the most important key to encouraging to develop organically. It can then blossom into powerful intuitive development in children: validation and instincts that will assist them in all parts of their lives and acknowledgement. For many of us, lack of it is the biggest open up a new world of possibility.


Giving Teenagers Back Their Self Esteem By Edel O’ Mahony I think Harry Enfield’s comedy sketch of Kevin turning into a teenager epitomized the common opinion of the ‘angry teenager’. Yet in all seriousness, this common expectation of children becoming angry and obnoxious is purely down to what people are conditioned to believe. In fact the ‘schooling’ systems both in the UK and U.S were set up with the firm intent (and researched study) of having children in the required amount of years of schooling to produce subservient behaviour. Producing young adults that would be easily conditioned through lack of self worth.

closing down while in the ‘normal’ school system, in fact it was lowering his frequency so much it was making him ill. I took him out of mainstream schooling and let him study at home, with the guidance from a tutor and myself. In seven months he had studied 7 qualifications and passed them including Physics, Biology and Chemistry, he completed and passed his grade 4 rock guitar qualification also. Had he remained in the ‘system’ it would have been another year before he would have sat any exams.

Having brought up my 4 children on my own for some 14 years, I am some what qualified to speak about teenagers! Coming from my own lack of self belief many years ago (hard to believe now!) and totally immersed in the conditioning that tells us parents have to set rules and punishments if children do not follow them, I was very strict with my 3 eldest children and then wondered why as they became teenagers, they became angry, obstinate and reclusive.

The schooling was one aspect. I learned from bringing up my daughters, that control comes from a person’s own frequency of lack and trying to control was not the answer. I learned to let go, understanding we are all here to live our unique life experiences; I was merely here to guide them as they created their own experiences. I fully embraced the creative energy within my son and allowed him to express this by letting him make the decisions for doing what he loved to do. I am very proud of the confident, creative, amazing young man he has turned into.

I instinctively had a sense I was projecting out my own frustrations, fear and lack onto them through imposing restrictions and rules, yet at the time I was not capable of doing anything or knowing how to change my own circumstances. It was only through my own evolvement that I came to realize why children come to be perceived as anger teenagers. You see, when we come into these life experiences, we are totally connected to energy, where we are meant to be, loving every moment and living in the now. No thoughts of what went on the day before or what lies ahead, just being present in the now. Through generational and social conditioning, children are taught in an environment of competition not creation, pressured into avenues of study or qualifications that are very often the failed desires of their parents, so children begin to move out of alignment with their natural energy as they live other people’s life experiences rather then their own. Energetically this moves them into low frequency, which is matched by the corresponding emotional scale of stress, worry, anxiety, frustration, anger and low self worth. Hmmm, seems to be a pattern emerging here? These are all the so-called ‘common’ traits of a teenager’s behaviour. Of course this then becomes a continuous cycle of resonating out low frequency and attracting back experiences and opportunities coming from low frequency also, as energy works through the universal law, ‘what is like unto itself is drawn’. So how do teenagers grow their confidence? More importantly, how do we keep children connected and aligned to their energy to grow up confident teenagers? I was able to witness the ‘change’ in my daughters and was determined not to have my son needlessly go through the same. I had always been aware of his high frequency and unconditional love and was dismayed to find all this

For any teenagers reading this, here are a few tips to build your self-esteem: Turn off your TVs, radios and give up reading magazine that only report negative news. Begin to take control of what you watch and listen to, make it your choice. You decide the films, the music and the information you look at. Define who you are. Not as a brother, sister or cousin and how you make everyone happy, instead who are YOU? What are your desires and passions, what is your vision for living a life you love? Your strength comes from inside, take time to reconnect with your energy. Take up meditation in whichever form aligns with you. Begin to trust your intuition, energy does not hear words, it feel vibrational frequency and communicates with you through your beliefs. It is your beliefs that are the signal to your cells to determine the frequency you resonate out and this is how energy gets your communication. If you hold a lack of self worth or self- esteem you resonate low frequency and so attract back the same frequency in experiences. Meditation helps you to connect with your energy and raise your frequency. Focus on your desires as if they are already here with you, let this become a belief and trust that energy will always match the frequency you resonate out, so it will attract back the frequency in experiences and opportunities that will fulfill your desires. There is no reason why children should become disconnected from there natural high energy and when you understand that your frequency is determined by your beliefs you can see how important it is to nurture children’s self esteem and help them to grow up connected, fearless, confident and magnificent.


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We are the World - We are the Children By Joanne Faulkner The focus of this edition is children - our future generations, their health and wellbeing. Whew! That is a very big subject, so I will approach it from a larger point of view in order to spare our lovely readers.

sign of Aries and will be here until May 2018. Uranus governs intellectual genius, technology and electronic advancement and greatly influences humanity’s huge leaps forward. Aries is daring, courageous and resourceful, yet can also be selfish and explosively impulsive. This generation will tend to demand changes and refuse to live by the rules preceding generations have set. They will have a strong pioneering spirit and will need new experiences in order for them to remain happy. There will be a tendency toward tempers issues and for starting projects, yet not finish them so they must learn to develop more consideration for others along with the ability to cooperate and delegate wisely.

In Astrology, the 5th House of Creative Self Expression governs children. This house is also the seat of risk-taking, creativity- especially performing arts, and pleasure of all sorts…. especially sex. It also pertains to children and all matters connected with their upbringing, early education and social development. The natural sign of the 5th House is expressive, generous and loving Leo, the fixed-fire sign. Its planetary Ruler is the Sun – the life-giving energy we all need to survive and thrive. Through the power of this exuberant Neptune, known as the planet of illusion, is concerned with trio, we are able to experience the joy of living, laughing and emotional genius, poetry, music, creative inspiration and many of the arts. It is also the planet loving in order to create through rules addictions, escapism and the mind - and the body. “This generation has the potential for that mass delusions. Neptune has been The 5th House may very well rule creating a government that serves the retrograde in Aquarius and is now back in its natural home in Pisces. This will children, yet the slow moving entire world as a whole.” signify a time of peace following the outer planets play a larger role in each of our lives since they shape us all as a group. While all beginning of the Aquarian Age. This time will provide an the planets, signs and houses along with their aspects define opportunity for us to combine higher Spiritual influences with us as individuals, the generational planets of Uranus, Neptune our art, music and healing. Higher aspects of humanity will & Pluto and their aspects define and unite us as a whole. be the focus of this generation. Neptune in Aquarius gave us These three heavy hitters have recently, or are in the process strong humanitarian ideals. The souls born during this time of moving into new signs, which will ultimately change all of will seek to blend social, political and philosophical ideals into our lives. While change can be chaotic and upsetting, it can one workable concept. New ways of healing incorporating also be stimulating and liberating and with these three planets ancient methods and modern insights will be highlighted. involved, the changes are about transforming into the highest Enhancing all that we do by making use of the highest creative expressions of Neptune in Aquarius is key. Neptune in Pisces vibration we can achieve. Let’s have a peek at the potential! brings inspiration through the mystical. Since Pisces is about Uranus, the planet of independence, invention, awakening exploration beneath and beyond the surface of things, it and disruption for good or evil in now in the Cardinal-Fire enhances the desire to be in expanded states of consciousness.


This will bring the capability for gaining harmony between the physical and the spiritual worlds. These souls will be hard-wired to obtain the unification and co-operation of the five human bodies - those being the physical, etheric, conscious, sub-conscious and super-conscious. With all this deeply creative and enlightened energy manifesting, it is highly probable for great artists, mystics and spiritual leaders to be born during Neptune in Pisces, which is 2011/2012 – 2025/2026.

more globally impacting. This generation has the potential for creating a government that serves the entire world as a whole. The way the astrological forces are leaning, this system will be based on the best interests of all humankind, and will be founded on the new social, legal, educational and spiritual ideas that were developed when Pluto was in Sagittarius. This generation will have the power to create dynamic, practical businesses, organizations and government that will be based on the concept that all people be allowed to develop their own potential through their self-discipline and personal abilities. It’s all very exciting if you ask me!

We, as a whole will benefit in the higher vibration and will collectively remember that we truly are Spiritual beings having Heavy stuff? You could choose to see it that way, so let us remember that we deal with transitions, changes and human experiences, and integrating it into our daily lives. difficulties every day of our lives. We toss out old clothing Pluto symbolizes the capacity to change our lifestyles, to make room for items that fit us as our tastes and bodies thoughts and behaviors beyond recognition. Pluto rules all change. Transition helps us reach higher vibrations of wisdom, the powerful forces of creation and destruction. In 2008, it love, peace and unity. It is our birthright and duty to change moved into Capricorn, and will be here for twelve to thirty- and grow along with our Mother Earth, and right now, she is two years. Capricorn deals with professional status and having serious growing pains! reputation, leadership and mastery. It is also a CardinalEarth sign, which means it is stable, fair-minded, logical and Remember also that the Sun rises daily and brings us the light efficient. The two united are a real dynamic duo! To give we need to live and flourish. Royal Leo grants us permission an example of this powerful combination, the most famous to dance, sing, play and create, and the 5th House promises occurrence of Pluto in Capricorn that comes to mind was us many pleasurable activities to keep us joyfully occupied, no the creation of the American Declaration of Independence matter what our lessons may be. in 1776. That was an enormous change for a great portion of the civilized world, and the current manifestation will be even We ARE the world - we are her children!



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“A Child ’s imagination is moving beyond limitations.” - Julie Nelson


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