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Welcome Hello and welcome to our 5th issue Christmas is approaching and I would like to thank you for your valuable presence and support in sharing one of my greatest passions with me ~ Aromatherapy! Christmas for me is a time to share and care. I love this time of year! A time to celebrate, enjoy gatherings of clans, giving and receiving, fabulous food, sharing of happy times and experiences. A time of togetherness and forgiveness, leaving the old behind and feeling such excitement for the new beginnings we are about to embrace. 2010 has been an amazing year for me. I am very blessed and appreciate being able to connect and work with beautiful people from all over the world. I have gained new friendships with many inspiring and like minded folk and I have loved every single step along the way! What is in stall for Aromatique Essentials? Whatever comes our way that is for the good of all ~ we have a few treats in line for 2011 and I know it is going to be another awesome year. "Christmas is forever, not for just one day, for loving, sharing, giving, are not to put away like bells and lights and tinsel, in some box upon a shelf. The good you do for others you do yourself..." Norman Wesley Brooks, "Let Every Day Be Christmas" 1976~

A big thank you to the wonderful women and men who have contributed to Aromatique Essentials Ezine through sharing your knowledge and expertise during 2010. I look forward; as I am sure our readers do, to you joining us here in 2011 with your magnificence. Amy Nelson Blain ~ Photography Alex Zaia ~ Ezine designer Dawn Sievers ~ Healing Morning Blog Fiona Harley ~ Life Coaching Julie Harrington ~ Astrology Katrina Zaslavsky ~ Inspired Wellness Vicki Sauvage ~ Feng Shui

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Celebration Celebration ~ what do you have to Celebrate in your life? I have always believed that we should celebrate our achievements and for many years have encouraged others to do so. Sometimes we get so caught up in our everyday lives that time slips away and we are left wondering where it went! Well my lovelies celebrate your achievements ~ take some time for you, find a place to relax and reflect without being disturbed. Now instead of saying I don’t have time ~ take the time, for this is in itself acknowledgement of your accomplishments. Ten minutes will give you time, time to write down what you have achieved and tell yourself what a fabulous job you have done. Once you start you will realise that you have actually done alot! Thanks to my friend and awesome coach Kerrie Phipps ~ I have become more aware of acknowledging and celebrating my own achievements. What does this do for me? Firstly it puts a big smile on my face, I feel a lightness of being, contentment, satisfaction and it allows me to keep moving forward with confidence. For this I am grateful. I am motivated, I have clarity and I enjoy moving toward my next set of goals, achieving and acknowledging each one. Strawberries and Champaign sounds perfect!

Aromatherapy to Celebrate Your Life! For the Essential oil Burner ~

Cinnamon, Clove, Cardamom, Ginger 2 drops each, Sweet Orange 4 drops... Bergamot, Lemon, Lime, Cardamom and Peru Balsam 2 drops each... Vanilla Co2 3 drops, Clove, Cinnamon and Ginger C02 2 drops each...

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If there is something that influences all five of our powerful senses then, the answer is Aromatherapy~

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Recipes Thai Salad with Steamed Salmon

Ingredients ~ to serve 4 Salad Greens ~ 1 bunch each of Thai basil, coriander, mint ~ rinse, drain and remove leaves from stalks set aside in the fridge. Sauce ~ juice of 2-3 limes, fish sauce, light soy, finely chopped lemongrass, garlic and grated fresh ginger, julienned chilli, 1tsp palm sugar or less ~ the amount of each ingredient will depend on your personal taste, with the light soy start with 1/3 cup, fish sauce 2-3 teaspoons. I really taste as I go. 4 pieces of fresh salmon skinned, de-boned and cut into 4cm pieces. Place water in steamer and bring to the boil, on the top half of your steamer place a sheet of baking paper, prick a few holes to allow steam to pass through. Place salmon on baking paper cover with the lid and steam for 2 minutes. Turn off element and let the salmon sit for a further 2 minutes. Carefully remove the salmon from the steamer on to a plate. Fragrant rice to serve ~ when cooking the rice add a star anise fruit and 3 kaffir lime leaves, this will give you a beautiful Aromatique flavour. Serving ~ Gently toss salad leaves together, plate up your rice, layer with salad greens, salmon and finally pour over desired amount of juice... Enjoy my lovelies...

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Fruity Bits

Strawberry and Paw Paw with lime and cracked black pepper ~ dice fruit to bite size pieces, squeeze the juice from a fresh lime and season with a cracked black pepper ~

Fruit Salad ~ Blood plums, blood Oranges diced, Star fruit slices ~ 2 of each fruit. In a sauce pan place the juice of 2 blood oranges, a little palm sugar, 1 star anise fruit, 1 cinnamon scroll and 4 pimento berries or 2-3 cloves, gently bring to the boil and simmer for 5 minutes. Strain, allow to cool and refrigerate to chill. To serve place fruit in a shallow bowl with a dollop of organic yoghurt, carefully pour chilled juice on top and you are now ready to indulge and tantalize your taste buds.

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Mango crush ~ 1 cup of ice, 6 – 8 lychees and 1 mango chopped into small pieces. Blend together until smooth, pour into a glass and garnish with a fresh mint leaf. Use a spoon to enjoy this deliciously refreshing appetiser or to complete your feast ~

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Chocolate Botanical name ~ Theobroma cacao

The essence absolute of Cacao possesses the very aroma of a black chocolate evoking an atmosphere of pleasant relaxation and well-being. Chocolate is a sensual food and its perfume tickles the senses and temptation. The brown colour of cacao’s essence is relaxing, earthy, reassuring and will naturally attract the persons who need to pay attention to their primary psycho-physical necessities associated to the base chakra. The aroma of cacao awakens in us the same feelings that eating chocolate provokes; the sensuous pleasures that help us to taste life in the moment. The aroma of cacao is indicated for persons who do not know how to enjoy the pleasures of life because of their exaggerated seriousness and stubbornness towards themselves. Chocolate is well known for stimulating the production of endorphins, its euphoric and antidepressant properties. Therefore the perfume of cacao is indicated for persons who are depressed, sad, lacking energy and resentful.

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Friendship Song of Friendship As I drove around doing my errands today, I reflected on energy patterns and how they relate to friendship. This post will be published here on Healing Morning blog, and is also destined to be an article in the next quarterly issue of Aromatique Essentials E-zine in Australia. The general theme of this upcoming issue is friendship, and this is why it took me a while to decide exactly what to write. I didn’t want to recycle old thoughts, or repackage a prior blog post.

Everything we do, say, think and feel is producing energetic patterns. These patterns manifest into myriad corporeal forms, but friendship is one pattern that is slightly ephemeral. It takes shape and form in those people we choose to call friends, be they blood relatives or family of our heart however friendship itself is an unseen thing. We all know a wide range of euphemisms that denote how we interact with others. One would be that “water seeks its own level”. Another would be that “we are judged by the company we keep”. Yet another is my own thought, and it is that when walking on a beach, one grain of sand cannot shift without affecting the millions of other tiny grains around it. We are like unto that grain of sand in relation to friendship and the people we allow into our Inner Circle. As with water seeking its own level, we as human beings resonate at a specific vibratory level, attracting other people vibrating at that same or similar vibration. This is my own theory, of course and I feel it rings true. It would be highly unlikely for any of us to feel physically, emotionally or spiritually comfortable spending time around another person whose intrinsic energy is discordant and not in harmony with our own vibration. I feel that in this manner, we attract others and we form relationships that complement on an energetic level. Because all of Life is of a cyclic nature, there come those moments when friendship...and harmonic longer match. It is this moment that we usually find most painful, as it is the hallmark of that relationship coming to an end. I used to struggle mightily with this experience, as it is my nature and preference to keep people I love in my life forever. For some, these cycles are more easily weathered, but I haven’t always handled it with equanimity. It took many years of living through these cycles to understand and accept that not all relationships are meant to last forever. Indeed, the realization and understanding for me, now, tell me that many friendships are meant to burn brightly, quickly, bring strong blessings, and cycle to a close rather quickly. I still don’t like this particular manifestation, but I have come to recognize the beauty of these experiences when they do occur. I have found a way to be thankful and appreciative of the time and happiness of every friendship I am blessed with. If they are of a short duration, I have also learned that sometimes, they cycle back around years later in my life. When this occurs, it is particularly lovely, as both I and that old friend have grown and changed in the interim, allowing a homecoming that is a fascinating celebration. With age comes wisdom....another old homily. The older I get, the more I recognize that Life is, indeed, an endless cycle of patterns, dances, puzzles, harmonies and paintings. I mentioned in my last blog post that “friendships are the defining, delicate touches of colour on our Souls, I think. Each person we allow into our Inner Circle adds a new element to our personal canvas, and in so doing, they add contrast.” (Contrasts, November 6, 2010) Through the medium of the internet, I have connected with people I would never otherwise have been able to meet in this lifetime. From Knoxville, Tennessee to Australia, I have connected in friendship with Julie Nelson (Aromatique Essentials proprietor) and as a result, my writing is reaching an even wider audience. From a good health perspective, friendship is essential to us. Being able to confide in that close friend, being able to laugh, to play, to relax completely...all of these things nurture our Spirit and bestow a wide range of health benefits. I could go off on a wild tangent on all the good health aspects of friendship, which is a topic for another article. Today, as I ran errands, I reflected on the esoteric application of friendship and how the interactions we have with our friends ultimately weaves a strong energetic presence, albeit invisible to our human eyes.

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I imagine that the love between friends produces the most beautiful energy pattern, if we could see it with our eyes....produces the most ethereal musical rhapsody, if we could hear it with our ears....produces a woven tapestry of unspeakable beauty, if we could touch it with our hands. We can do none of these things, but the gift we are given is to feel it with our hearts and minds. Our Spirit, that essential, unique thumbprint of energy each of us is, feels the blessing and happy energy that friendship produces. And we are all richer for this blessing. Here in the United States, we are approaching our Thanksgiving holiday, so I find this a very fitting tribute to be writing about my own perspective of friendship. We are always, always exactly where we are meant to be in our lives, with the perfect people surrounding us, offering lessons and reflecting back to us what we are sending out to the world. Take a moment to give this thought, as it is a powerful statement. People come into our lives to teach us and also to reflect back to us. I often remind myself of this very fact if I am feeling dissatisfaction or a lack of harmony surrounding me. That niggling sensation of things not quite feeling right, as though puzzle pieces aren’t aligning properly, is usually a red flag indicating some inner house cleaning is necessary. Yet another blessing friendship can offer us, if we are willing to listen, be open and also be honest with ourselves. I find it very appropriate, in the spirit of Thanksgiving, to be writing about the beautiful harmony and blessings of friendship. As I have written this article, my thoughts have come together in a manner that pleases me, because I also learn from the process. Little gems of wisdom that I have stumbled across over a lifetime will suddenly surface, fitting into the body of text in just the right fashion. As a result, my own resolve and Spirit are strengthened and the vibrations that I radiate outward get a bit of a shine and polish. It is my choice, my conscious intent, to always radiate positive energy so that in return, I may attract similar positive energy and people. I want the friendships and love in my life to reflect the best version of Me that I am capable of rendering each day. I call it a song of friendship, this harmony that we all come together to produce. To those in the United States celebrating Thanksgiving in the coming week, I wish you a safe, happy, blessed holiday. To my friends and readers elsewhere in this big, beautiful world, I wish you days of peace for the coming holiday season as well. Namaste. Author Bio: S. Dawn Sievers is a freelance technical and creative writer and editor, working in a wide range of industries and technologies. Additionally, she is a social media management consultant, the author of Healing Morning blog and co-founder of Authentic Blogger group on Facebook. She works as an editor for both fiction and non-fiction manuscripts, as well as a consultant for blogging. To contact her for any of the above, please go to:

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~May Your Garden be filled with Sunshine, Fragrance and Love~

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Life Coaching Jingle bells, lots of snow, presents round the tree and.......

Yes it’s that time of year again, Christmas is just around the corner and what does that mean? Yes, you got it stress! Along with the normal everyday triggers, work, home life, family, friends there is an ever increasing pressure to provide the latest “must haves”. With mounting demands from a never ending Santa list, the perfect tree with this year’s colour co-ordinated decorations, what’s wrong with last year’s? They have only been used once! And then there is the big debate about whom to invite for the sit down dinner, the seating plan, table decorations - fresh or fake!? How about this year we cut ourselves a bit of slack? Christmas shouldn’t be about what we want, which is better, or how much was yours! It’s about spending time with the people in your life that really matter. It’s also about coming together and remembering those that can’t be with us. How far will all this craziness go before we start teaching our children the true meaning of Christmas, where instead of being dragged down the conveyor belt of financial debt and failed expectations we create an environment of love, trust and honesty. A place where everyone can feel at ease and quality time is shared by all. Festive celebrations can be stress free.... 

Make a list of those you would like to spend time with. People that make you feel good, smile and laugh. Arrange “meetups” with them over the holiday period. Also write a list at the end of each day of things you need to do the next day. By having your list ready when you start each day it will make it easier on you. When you start each day look at your list, and start doing one task immediately. If you are organized, your whole day will go much smoother.

Make sure you get enough sleep; this will make you feel refreshed, relaxed and ready to go. Take a nice bubble bath, light some scented candles and turn on some soothing music. Let your mind wander and imagine you are walking along the beach in bare feet and just listening to the sounds of the waves, whilst looking at the crystal blue water gently lapping the shore. Let all your problems go for the time being and just relax.

When you feel yourself becoming stressed or anxious “STOP” and ask yourself “why?” and if it’s for the wrong reason move onto the next “to do”. If the people at home are getting on your nerves, try to get out of the house and take a long walk in the park, or a drive through a scenic area. Sometimes just removing yourself from a stressful situation can smooth out the edges on your nerves.

Take some time each day to relax and daydream. Imagine yourself relaxing in your favourite spot, whether it is walking on the beach or sitting on a park bench reading. Taking a few deep slow breaths and hold it in for 10 seconds and then slowly let it out.

How about spreading the load this year, share the responsibilities for creating a festive treat that everyone can be a part of. Delegate jobs and lighten the load. Preparations can be fun, let other decorate the tree, put icing on cakes or even wrap each other’s presents... this can create excitement and a joyous atmosphere where everyone can play a role in contributing something, no matter how small, into making a long lasting, pleasurable memory, a Merry Christmas.

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Stress does not have to control your life. You are the master of your own emotions and can control most occurrences of stress. By paying attention to what causes you stress or anxiety, you will know when you need to stop and take another direction. Find your inner peace by taking time to relax and let go. There are a lot of ways that you can make stress disappear and make your life more enjoyable. Whether you like it or not, this day is coming and you can choose to be stressed or you can choose to enjoy this holiday period with lots of fun and laughter. It’s not about how much you spend this Christmas, it’s about who you spend this time with that counts. Before I leave, please take a minute out of your day to remember those that cannot be with us today. Remembered, and Never Forgotten.

Merry Christmas to you all

Fiona Harley ~

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Jasmine Jasmine officinale One of my very favourite essential oils – Jasmine with its pure white flowers is pure of heart, evoking love, sensuality and euphoria, the ever alluring seductive fragrance. This beautiful oil is ruled by the Moon associated to water and therefore has a strong influence on our emotions.

Jasmine encourages inspiration, joy, openness, optimism, awareness, sensitivity and harmony. Warming to the emotions, euphoric, calming, uplifting Jasmine brings confidence, assertiveness, inspiration and self awareness. A beautiful oil to annoint and use as a perfume ~

Jasmine softly embraces our spirit and heart, bringing a greater understanding of the conscious mind. Jasmine has the ability to connect us with the Angelic realms transporting our souls joys and love to the Universe.

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Amy Nelson-Blain

Gift Ideas ~ A beautiful photograph of yourself, your children or your whole family! A 1 hour session where you can be photographed at your home or any location of your choice within the Sydney region. You will receive 5 - 10 beautifully retouched images on a disc for you to keep plus a digital contact sheet of all the shots taken on the day. You will also receive one large beautiful gloss photographic print, your choice of sizes from 8 x 12 - 11 x 14 inches. All this for $150.00 AUD. Contact Amy to make your booking today as I am only accepting a limited number of sessions!

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Our goal is to create breathtaking, elegant, contemporary, cinematic wedding films. We create a personalized and handcrafted film for each of our clients to tell your unique story through timeless emotion and style, and strive to capture the essence of your wedding day as it naturally unfolds. We are a boutique style service with a background in visual arts, photography and film, resulting in expertise and innovative ideas; we continually aspire to push our technical and creative boundaries. By means of the latest equipment, and filming on full High Definition 35mm DLSR’s with an assortment of 35mm lenses; creates a cinematic experience. In addition we offer the classic choice of filming on Vintage Super 8mm film, providing a picturesque otherworldly feel and takes your film to another level. We take on a limited amount of bookings per year to ensure we can be as devoted as possible to revealing your story and present a beautiful final film to our clients, which you will cherish forever. We offer a selection of packages allowing you to choose one that is right for you. We are available for face to face consultations to discuss your needs and a pre visit to the venue/s is essential to guarantee we can be as comprehensively organized as possible. We are based in Sydney, Australia but are also available for weddings Worldwide. Additional fees will incur for Weddings beyond 100 kilometres outside of Sydney or Interstate and for Weddings occurring overseas. Contact Amy Nelson-Blain to discuss your cinematography needs. [+61] 0415 364 499 © Amy Nelson-Blain

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Training Your Scents Webinar Series~

This series includes 13 webinars (approximately 13 hours) covering the properties of 22 essential oils, recipes for many common conditions and how to apply them, 4 videos demonstrating blending, compressing and foot baths and work sheets for each of the 22 essential oils. 13 webinars:






That is a total of:


This is a jam packed series full of valuable information on Aromatherapy and I have decided to keep it available because of its popularity. This is also the foundation to the following live webinars that I will be delivering in 2011. When you purchase ‘Your Scents’ you will also receive a bonus of another 5 essential oils that can be used for making your own Eau de Toilette and Perfumes. Your investment is only $95.95 To purchase ‘Your Scents’ Webinars series go to~

With 15 years’ experience as an Aromatherapist, 12 of which have included both the design and delivery of aromatherapy and beauty programs with two of Australia’s leading natural therapies colleges, and Ella Bache` school of Beauty Julie is a leading therapist and has been a driving force at the forefront of this field throughout its transition from an alternate therapy to the highly recognised and commonplace therapy it is today. Julie’s expertise and passion has also extended into writing for publications, including ‘Pharmacy Trade’, ‘Pregnancy Magazine’, ‘Cleo’, ‘For Me’ and various newspapers. She has featured in ‘Body & Soul’ and appeared on radio. Julie contributes articles on Aromatherapy for various online Newsletters and Ezines ~ Inspired Wellness, Clover pages, I Game Attitude, Women of Action, Vicki Sauvage – Feng Shui.

Friend Julie and Aromatique Essentials on Face book ~

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“Capture the Essence of Your Soul”

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The Red Tent Woman

The Red Tent Network Events are launching a new event in Sydney with the founder of Aromatique Essentials, Julie Nelson. Julie Nelson has long been associated with Ludwina Dautovic having worked together many, many years ago. They have recently reconnected thanks to Facebook and have realised they both have common interests and goals. And that is to support women in business and life by providing them with a networking event that will support you with a holistic approach. At the Red Tent Events we support you in three ways: 1. Via our networking events held monthly in women’s homes all across the country 2. By providing you with a complete Business Online Resource Centre that will assist you in growing and marketing your business 3. And with a Free Advertisement on our website and a Free Listing in our Online Business Directory listing (Valued at $800) By being involved with The Red Tent Community you’ll not only be supported in your business but also in your life. You see, we believe that for women it’s never just about your business; it’s also about how you’re feeling about ‘You’. So expect to feel connected, nurtured and supported when you connect with the Red Tent Woman Community. Details for her event: Date: Friday 4th February Time: 6.30 – 9.30pm ish What to bring: A small plate of something healthy to share and BYO wine. Cost: Please join us as our guest for your first event For book your place at Julies event on Friday 4th February call her on – o2 4998 8786 Or email her at – There are limited places so book now! We’ll be sending you a confirmation email a week before the event. To find out more go to: Or friend us on Facebook – The Red Tent Woman

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Products At Aromatique Essentials, we believe that your beauty, health and well-being deserve the finest handcrafted aromatherapy blends and products. You will find a range of luxurious beauty and therapeutic products that use the most natural resources and certified organic ingredients available. Because each product is hand-made for you, it can be personalised so it’s completely unique to your needs. Why buy off the shelf when you can use personalised beauty and therapeutic aromatherapy and live naturally from tip to toe? Aromatique Essentials revives the holistic art and science of using aromatic plants and essential oils and each product offers you a fusion of natural luxury. 

For natural skin care, beauty and therapeutic products look through our Personalised aromatherapy

Learn how to create your own blends and take home your own personalised product in any one of the

Aromatherapy Workshops and Seminars 

Own a Signature perfume that is truly unique to you with a scent based around personality, your favourite aromas

and your astrological birth chart. 

Design your own eau-de-toilette that is exclusive and unique … just for you.

Experience Aromatherapy Pampering on your own, or for a fabulous Girls Day In.

To learn aromatherapy and organic gardening tips that you can use every day, read Julie’s Aromatherapy Blog which is bursting with news, and useful snippets .

Julie Nelson of Aromatique Essentials is offers a free 30 minute consultation ~ Do have any questions about Aromatherapy, your health or beauty? Then contact Julie on; Email~ To see Aromatique Essentials products and Training go to Website ~ Friend Aromatique Essentials on Face Book ~ Blog ~ Phone~ (+61) 02 4998 8786

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Aromatique Candles Personalised Eau de` Toilette~ 100ml

Aromatique Face Serum Aromatique Face/Body Creams

Aromatique Inhaler Face, Body and Room Spray’s

Aromatique Roll-on

Aromatique Hydrating

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Designer Perfume Bottles Sprays 50ml Exclusive to Aromatique Essentials By Setsuko Ogishi Limited Number Aromatique Essentials offers a free 30 minute consultation with Julie Nelson ~ do you have any questions about Aromatherapy for your Health and Beauty? Email~ To see Aromatique Essentials Products and Training go to Website ~ Friend me ~

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Feng Shui 3 outstanding women of the modern era These three women have had a significant impact on the South Asian political arena. They are strong women in their own right – each is clearly different than the others and each has inherited a legacy from very strong and well respected fathers who led their country's movement towards independence or democracy. Two come from families where their fathers were assassinated when they were quite young. All three come from families with very strong religious convictions and those religious values influenced very deeply at least their initial political life. Two of them have been assassinated and one has remained in public life albeit not necessarily in the limelight. All three of them went to study in England – all three at oxford. All three did extremely well in their studies. Two continued post graduate studies in the US. Only one of them had a mother who was equally strong as her husband – the other two had mothers who died young or were, as widows, single parents. Two of them rose to power in their own right at relatively young ages through organisations they set up. All three of them have spent time in jail or detention. Two won prestigious international prizes. Two of them had or have husbands who were or are involved in the political life of their country. All three of them lived abroad for long or longish periods of time. Two of them have been or chose self imposed exile. Who are they?

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Indira Gandhi Born 19/11/1917 died 31st October 1984 – assassinated, cremated 3/11/1984

She is a yin wood day master which is weakened by the presence of strong metal very close to her. She is born in the winter month so the wood is not prosperous but is at least nurtured. Her mother is resource in her chart and her father is power – this is indeed how life played out for her. She was essentially raised by her mother who had a weak position in the Nehru household. Her father was the first Prime Minister of India Jawaharlal Nehru and all the serious and respected figures of the Indian independence movement came through her family home as a child. She experienced periods of separation as her father along with all of the other figures in that movement were frequently jailed for civil disobedience (the programme that Mahatma Gandhi initiated whilst in South Africa). She was born into a political family with both her father and her grandfather playing major roles in the Indian independence movement. 2nd luck pillar 1932 - 1941 She was raised by her mother who died young of TB the year prior to her being accepted into Oxford. It was at Oxford that she joined the radical India League. She became the 1st woman to be elected Prime Minister of India (indeed she was only the 3rd Prime Minister of India)

Š Aromatique Essentials - Julie Nelson


4th luck pillar 1962 – 1971 Her first serious 'plays' for power occur in 1959 – 60 when she was elected president of the Indian National Congress and it is from here that she derives all her power for all her subsequent political actions. It is the luck period of 1962 (yang fire dragon) where she commences her significant involvement in the politics of the Indian state. 5th luck pillar 1972 – 1981 When she enters the next luck period (yin fire snake) that she runs into political, electoral and financial problems. Her party is riven by political rivalries and her son is Sanjay implicated in many of the problems that beset her. January 1980 she enjoys a resurgence of power and resumes the Prime Ministership of India. 6th and final luck pillar 1982 - 1984 The last luck pillar Yang earth over horse is significant as it is in this cycle that she is assassinated following the Occupation of the Golden Temple – this is the beginning of the end for her. June 6th 1984 Operation Blue Star was launched to avenge the Sikh occupation of the Golden Temple. She is assassinated by two of her personal bodyguards who were Sikh's.

© Aromatique Essentials - Julie Nelson


Benazir Bhutto Born 21st June 1953. Assassinated 27th December 2007.

Benazir has a yin water day master. Her mother is yin fire and her father is yang earth. There is a special relationship between the father and the daughter but there is competition in this chart. They transform into fire. Fire for Benazir is wealth (mother) and father is power in her chart. Her father was indeed a powerful man. He was regarded as the father of democracy in Pakistan and was hanged by one of Benazir's arch rivals when he was president / general Zia. 3rd luck pillar 1978 - 1987 This occurred in her 3rd luck pillar yin metal over rooster. It was this act which precipitated her into serious political life. The rooster interrupts her flow and switches the emphasis from output and wealth to resource and power. It is kind of like a switch has been thrown on a railroad track and she now shifts to a different track – straight ahead for Islamabad. She has shifted from a weak or feeble flow to a strong / dominant flow. The rooster is imperative in this configuration because it can knock out the rabbit.

Š Aromatique Essentials - Julie Nelson


From 1977 – 1979 she was in and out of house arrest (as was her mother) (yin fire snake through yin earth sheep) and sees a shift to the the pivotal yin metal rooster luck pillar. She is not released from house arrest till 1983 (yin water pig). January 84 – 88 remained in self imposed exile in London – she was also leader in exile of the PPP (her father's party). 4th luck pillar 1988 – 1997 This is a yang water dog cycle. November 16th 1988 in the first free elections in a decade she and the PPP won the largest bloc of seats and she was sworn in as 1.

the youngest person


the first woman

to head the government of a Muslim-majority state in modern times. 1988 was a yang earth dragon year. Earth is power for her. Her Govt. was dismissed in 1990 following corruption charges. Yang water sits as competitor next to her yin water. 1990 is yang metal horse year – two horses are unfavourable and the horse joins with the dog (luck pillar) to form fire which again takes her back into the weak self cycle (it is also wealth and she stands accused at this time of corruption (for which she was never tried). In the 1993 elections (still in the yang water dog cycle) the PPP was victorious and she continued her reform agenda. She was a founding and active member of the Council of Women World Leaders. Benazir and her husband Asif Ali Zardari are accused of money laundering, corruption. These allegations never resulted in any charges ever being laid despite being put up by both Khan and Musharraff 5th luck pillar 1998 – 2007 This is her final luck pillar yin water pig. The pig restores her to a weak / feeble self but the yin water in the stem switches her to being a strong self. She is no longer strong because the rooster has gone. She is no longer feeble because the yin water brings her back. She again goes into exile. She declares her intent to return to Pakistan in 2007 ahead of the general elections. There was an attempt on her life 16th October 1997. 8th of November she was placed under house arrest by Musharraf's Govt. She was released the next day but other opposition leaders were not. 8th December 2007 there was a storming of her party headquarters and 3 of her supporters were killed. She was assassinated on 27th December 2007.

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Aung San Suii Kyi Was born 19th June 1945 in Rangoon Burma.

She is a yin earth day master. She has a key rival in her natal chart in the day pillar. She had a supportive mother and her father is wealth in her chart. Her father was regarded as the father of democracy in Burma. He was assassinated in 1947 when she was 2 years of age. 1947 was a yin fire pig year. 2nd luck pillar 1961 – 1970 She was talented at languages and after the death of her father her mother moved the family to India. Her mother (like Benazir) was politically active in exile. In 1969 she graduated from Oxford – she then worked for the UN. 3rd luck pillar 1971 – 1980 This was also a very settled time – she married, had children. 4th luck pillar 1981 – 1990 Yang fire dog cycle. 1985 she gained her PhD from the University of London. 1988 she returned to Burma and was first arrested by the military junta on 20th July 1989. (yin earth snake year). She does not need to be overwhelmed by the fire and the earth. 5th luck pillar 1991 – 2000

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Yin fire pig cycle. This is her least favoured energy. Yin fire combines with yang water to form wood which is power. The pig and the sheep combine to form wood – again it is power, it switches her chart. She was released from detention in 1995 (july) – yin wood pig. Two pigs are not auspicious. 1995 was the last time she saw her husband, he was diagnosed with prostate cancer and died on his 53rd birthday 27th march 1999. 1999 was a yin earth rabbit year. The rabbit combines with the pig and the sheep to form the complete wood frame. Wood is power for her. They only saw each other 5 times from her first arrest in 1989 to 1999! 6th luck pillar 2001 – now Yang earth rat cycle. This is her current luck pillar (she will move into her 7th cycle in 2011). She was arrested and released or detention was extended: 1.

2000 – arrested - yang metal dragon


2002 – released – yang water horse


2003 – arrested – now in 'secret' detention – yin water sheep


2007 – arrest extended yin fire pig


2008 – arrest extended yang earth rat year


2009 – arrest extended yin earth ox

7. 2010 – released - November yin metal pig month in a yang metal tiger year. The yang metal combines with her day master to produce earth. Earth is her self – she is suddenly really supported and some of the energies that have moved against her are released. Next year should be a very interesting time for her as the rabbit will combine with the sheep tying up the key rival in her spouse palace. It will also knock out the rooster which has been such a tricky creature in her chart. All three women have been key players in the South East Asian political arena. All three had very strong relationships with their fathers and their fathers had pivotal roles in the democratisation of their respective countries. All three of their fathers struggled with Britain to throw off the pall of imperialism and colonialism and to bring their respective countries closer to democracy. All three are regarded as strong women and the men who usurped their legitimate power did not know what to do with them. They could not 'terminate' them as had happened with their fathers. All three were ground breakers not just in their own cultures and countries but on the world stage. They were somewhat reluctant figures although Indira was certainly regarded as having a great capacity / desire for power. All three were outstanding scholars and could have become safe and secure academics but politics chose them! Women around the world owe a serious debt of gratitude to these women who have broken ground in a way that most of us cannot conceive. They were very courageous women all three knowing that there were significant challenges to their personal freedom from the men that surrounded them.

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Christmas Spray ~ Spicy Turkish Delight

Rose 10 drops ~ Cinnamon 3 drops ~ Pimento Berry 2 drops ~ Ginger C02 1 drop, Cardamom 4 drops

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