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Welcome Winter is the time of promise because there is so little to do - or because you can now and then permit yourself the luxury of thinking so. Stanley Crawford

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Welcome to Aromatique Essentials issue 8

Winter is upon us, the trees have mostly lost their leaves which now lay on the ground as a carpet to protect the tree roots from the frost, ice or snow. As the leaves breakdown returning to Mother Earth they give nourishment for the trees to store until once again Spring returns...The cycle begins once more... Winter is a time to be still, take time to nurture yourself to bring balance in to your life and re-energise for your awakening in Spring. We have some wonderful stories from a group of wonderful friends and inspiring women for you to enjoy! Plus more on the Moon and her cycles, Healthy food, Aromatherapy, Business tips and more.

“Kindness in words creates confidence. Kindness in thinking creates profoundness. Kindness in giving creates love.� Lao Tzu

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Skin Food Rosehip oil ~ Rosa rubiginosa This is a very rich, natural source of essential fatty acids containing alpha linolenic ~vitamin F. This is a true skin food! Research has proven that Rosa rubiginosa oil is excellent for wound healing, premature skin aging, tissue regeneration, scarring – surgical and trauma, burns, acne, dermatitis, eczema - weeping and dry and stretch marks. Rosehip oil is moisturising, soothing, nourishing and has a softening effect on your skin. It repairs sun damaged skin and when used regularly is will reduce fine lines and wrinkles. It has also been used to reduce pigmentation of the skin. I highly recommend using certified organic Rosehip oil that has not had a synthetic fragrance added. (sometimes this is done to disguise its aroma). This oil should smell similar to omega 3 oil. • • •

Rosehip oil does not need to be diluted. You can blend it with other vegetable oils, preferably organic It blends beautifully with essential oils

Rosa rubiginosa flower

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Simple Serum During the Winter months our skin can become dry so it is important to keep it nourished, a simple serum that can be applied morning or evening under your daily moisturiser will give your skin that extra boost and nourishment it is calling out for. I do suggest that it is better to use a serum at night as that is when our body and skin is regenerating and therefore you will receive the most benefit from applying at this time. Did you know that our skin is the largest organ in our body? It helps to hold everything together and therefore we should be taking care to keep our skin in tip top shape! What are the benefits of using a serum? Because your skin dehydrates, giving it extra nourishment will keep your skin looking and feeling soft, supple and younger as it slows down the aging process, hence reducing wrinkles. Essential oils are cell regenerative meaning they help to replace cells which in turn improve the condition and suppleness of your skin. Here is one combination I use ~ Certified organic Rosehip oil (Rosa rubignosa) combined with Rose absolute, Frankincense Co2 and Neroli. Why these particular oils? Certified organic Rosehip oil is a scientifically proven cicatrisant (wound healer) and cytophylactic (regenerates cell growth), anti-inflammatory and is therefore excellent in aiding in improving our skins health. Rose, Frankincense Co2 and Neroli are all nourishing, anti-aging, cicatrisant, cytophylactic that not only promote beautiful looking skin they also improve the integrity of your skin and reduce the onset of wrinkles. Serums can be personalised to suit your individual skin conditions. Contact Julie Nelson Email:


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Inspirational stories from beautiful friends I have the pleasure of knowing...

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Do You Limit Your Joy? "The ultimate aim or purpose of human life is to achieve your own happiness". Aristotle said that, he must have known. Humans NEVER get to a place where there is a limit to feeling better, better and better. Our species has no emotional set point - although it is often the presence of unhappiness that compels us to change. As mild feelings gather little momentum, we often sit in a lukewarm "ok" . The truth is, however, our uniquely human capacity to expand and grow never ceases, your ability to experience joy and pleasure has no upper limit. Most people believe there is a psychological comfort zone ranging between MISERABLE at one end and HAPPY at the other, with this "ok" or mild CONTENTMENT lingering in the middle. News flash! There are no restrictions on HOW GOOD IT CAN GET. Your own thoughts of 'life is meant to be a struggle' -or- "this is about as good as it gets" sets your tolerance for how much happiness you experience on a day to day basis. Consider moments when you are being creative, lost in music or absorbed by a task. It is often described as "the flow'. Stop for a moment, close your eyes, turn your attention inward and allow yourself to recall the feeling of "flow". You are in the moment, connected, grounded, whole, enlivened, special, interested, excited, growing, on track, sexy, vital, electric, blissful, what other words come to mind? ~ really milk it. Where are you? What are you doing? Who are you with? Now ask yourself; what separates you from that? Money? The good opinion of others? Fear? Obligations? The truth is, there is very little you cannot alter if you wished. I have worked with many people who are filthy rich, and very unhappy. They fret over money, chores and time. I have worked with extremely poor people who are very, very happy. Material success is no guarantee. Relationships and marriage are certainly no guarantee, particularly in our society where duration is a measure of success, rather than how much growth & flourishing is occurring. When you make other peoples emotional happiness your job, you are like the government that is making promises you cannot keep. People end up devastated because they learn not to be emotionally self sufficient and they believe the well meaning offer of another that says 'I will make you happy'. When you attempt to attend to others emotional wellbeing, like the government, you want to believe you have the ability to remove the threats, hurts and suffering. But you simply cannot. How many people unwittingly become emotional prisoners by handing over or accepting responsibility for another adult’s emotional fulfilment in life? It is only by becoming fully tuned in and turned on to your own emotional happiness do you gain full control of your emotional 'dials'. That is not to say one of life's most ecstatic experiences is to be in alignment with another other emotionally whole person who does not lean on you to make them whole. It is also not advocating abandoning your dependents or current obligations. The point here is, you can argue for your limitations - or choose to re-design your world as it is unfolding as a dynamic process. A constantly growing and evolving journey. Ultimately, the reward at death will not be gold star for endurance, but whether you fulfilled your purpose. As Aristotle pointed out, your greatest purpose is achieving your own happiness - which ironically, is the measure for how successfully you are pursuing your purpose. By Tiffany Manning

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Your Energy Understand that you can only attract to you, that which is, a vibrational match to your energy

How often have you tried to avoid queues of traffic or queues at the supermarket, only to end up in the longest one going? Maybe you have gone out to a club with your friends and are determined to avoid those men or women who seem to have a radar for you and then become human leaches, only to find the epitome of leaching finds you and follows you everywhere? There is a very logical reason why this happens and is grounded in scientific facts. It all comes down to the energy you vibrate out. ‘How could I do that?’ You ask, ‘I’m not an electrical power source?’ Actually you ARE. You see, these physical bodies operate, function through electrical stimulus, which comes through every cell and molecule, these are made up of protons, neutrons and electrons, which create energy. There has been much research conducted and proven that everything in our bodies vibrates at a certain frequency, a Hertz rating (Hz) every organ, every cell, even your brain, it is found a brain will resonate at 76Hz, a genius brain resonates at 82Hz. So you are constantly vibrating out energetic resonance and this will always be determined by what you believe is the perception of your environment. The Universal laws tell us ‘what is like unto itself is drawn’ that is, what you energetically vibrate out you will attract back the same vibrational frequency. Let me give you an example, you know when you have ‘one of those days’ where everything that could go wrong does. The train is late, there are so many people on the pavement you can’t walk any quicker, you get to work late, the computer decides to have a hissy fit on you, your boss dumps loads of extra work on your desk as a colleague is of sick. Get the picture? Well this has all come about by what you have resonated out energetically, because you set your initial focus on ‘I don’t want to be late today’ or ‘I hope the trains work properly today’ even ‘I hate this job, I’m so not appreciated’ you have managed to do several things in the process. 1. You have created the belief for yourself that you in some way are not worthy to have things run smoothly, easily and effortlessly. It might be a lack of self belief or not being confident, especially if you find yourself in a job you do not like. 2. Your belief is the signal your cells pick up which are transmitted throughout your electrical nervous system, your body then reacts to your beliefs and sends this out as a vibrational resonance. So what resonates out will attract the same back, this will happen in the experiences and opportunities that present themselves to you, agreeing with the fact you are not worthy to have things run smoothly or by giving you lots of examples where you are not respected. So how do you change this? You have to change the way you think. It is not as simple as it sounds, as your changed thoughts will not change the resonance alone, this is where your emotions come in and with emotions comes how your perceive yourself and your experiences. You will need to consciously build belief in yourself, to expect good things in your life, to have all your experiences run smoothly and believe that they will and then you begin to alter the energetic frequency you resonate out. Imagine, being able to change all ‘those days’ into ‘what a day!’ and it is totally possible! Edel O’Mahony Director ~ Path of the Peaceful Warrio

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Winter STARK BEAUTY As Grandmother Earth transitions into winter, everything slows down. Stripped naked of their outer foliage, the plant world mesmerizes us with their stark, raw beauty. What appears dormant is only an illusion. In the stillness, new life is germinating in the belly of Grandmother Earth spreading its roots to secure its bond with its eternal source of energy. Winter is also beckoning us to slow down, to reflect, to renew, and to re-energize. The stark landscape in winter has a multitude of teachings for us. • Embrace natural beauty. The barren landscape leaves us breathless in its raw beauty. • Things do not define you. The naked landscape is magnificent without any adornment. • Slow your life down. The plant world goes dormant in the winter to re-energize. • Go within for new ideas. Within Grandmother Earth, new seeds are germinating. • Creation is ageless. Grandmother Earth births new life season after season. • Question illusions. When everything appears lifeless, life blooms anew in brilliant colour. Life is about transformation. Take advantage of the slower pace of life in the winter to reflect on your life journey. Meditate, write, and journal to see what inspiration comes from within you. Inspiration means of spirit. Allow spirit to guide you. Nurture what is ready to germinate within you. Everything is first an idea before it becomes reality. Transform your dream, your life, and the world. Suzy Manning CEO SIZZZL “Powerful Women Who Ignite the World” Transitional coach, speaker, & author

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In summer, time stands still. We can get lost for hours as Grandfather Sun envelops us with his warmth and Grandmother Earth cradles our bodies with her vibrational healing energies. We feel invincible. Life seems to be full of adventure, joy, and never ending discoveries. Vibrant, colourful, plants in full bloom dance in the breeze, waves ripple on water, and succulent fruits entice us with their sweet nectar. The summer blooms grace us with their innermost beauty mirroring to us our magnificence. • Own your sensuality. Flowers attract us with their aroma, their shapes, and how they move. • Trust who you are at your core. Flowers expose their inner most beauty to the world. • Everyone is beautiful. Every flower is breathtaking in its size, shape, and colours. • Nurture you. Plants soak up the sun and rain to nurture their roots to bloom in brilliance. • Honour inclusivity. The plant world does not fight among themselves. They all thrive. • Give your gifts. Plants give us beauty to inspire, food to nourish, and oxygen to live. Summer is a time of high energy. We need less food, less sleep, and we experience high energy bursts. Connect with Grandmother Earth to get in touch with your dreams and absorb the energies of Grandfather Sun to ignite those dreams. Wishing you sweet dreams on a summer day. Suzy Manning CEO SIZZZL “Powerful Women Who Ignite the World” Transitional coach, speaker, & author

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Dawn Sievers Reagan Generation Tree The mastermind behind Aromatique Essentials ezine, Julie Nelson, always gives me free reign as a contributing writer to create as I choose for each edition of her magazine. This time, however, she had a special request that I share an archived post from my personal blog about an old childhood friend. In keeping with the focus of this particular magazine edition, she felt this article would fit the overall theme. I hope you enjoy it. If you follow my Healing Morning Facebook Fan Page, or if you've been subscribed to my Healing Morning blog for a while, you'll recognize the photo image here. It is a view from beneath the sprawling limbs of a huge elm tree on my Grandpa Reagan's property. To give you a better perspective of the sheer size of this tree, here is another image. Forgive the darkness; both photos were taken at twilight. I was struck by the raw beauty of the barren limbs, stark against the wild, winter sky. Why is this tree the focus of a blog post? You see a photo of the land where I was raised, for one thing. You also see a tree which quietly grew from what my Mother describes as being a small sapling in the field when she and her siblings were young, to a truly grand presence. She is one of nine children who played in the same field where I and my brother, sister and 27 cousins played. That elm tree, to my way of thinking, raised two generations of Reagan children. It was the silent sentinel of our childhood years, faithfully kept whispered secrets, harbored grandiose dreams, stood protectively, arms outstretched over afternoon naps, watched us grow into adolescence and witnessed the majority of us marry and have children of our own. When I was wee, I used to go up to the hayloft of my Grandpa's barn to talk to God. I just knew God was there, up in the vast space of the hayloft where it was quiet and still, and smelled sweetly of fresh hay in summer months. Then I learned that snakes and other critters liked the hayloft. This helpful information convinced me to transplant my talking to God spot to the elm tree. It was huge, after all, limbs outstretched in a majestic umbrella, sheltering us in summer months to play, dream, climb way up high and practically touch the sky. It made perfect sense to me that God would love the elm tree as much as I did, and would visit with me there. Of course, God/Universe is anywhere you choose to look, and I can easily see that Presence in the sheer beauty of that old tree. At one point in the mid-1970's, the elm tree was struck by lightning and split down the centre. For a time, there was debate as to whether my Grandpa would cut the elm tree down. Of course, all of the children in the family pleaded for this not to happen, as it was our primary recreation spot and the best climbing tree on the property. After a time, the tree, amazingly, began to heal itself. I am of the opinion that this healing took place as much from fervent children’s prayers, crossed fingers, sincere applications of Band-Aids and many loving tree hugs, as it did from Nature weaving the sections of the tree back together. The scar remained from the lightning strike; the tree took on the appearance of two separate trunks melded together at the base and continued to stand strong for over 30 more years. At its most healthy years, it required at least 4 adults, arms outstretched and linked hand-in-hand to circle the vast width of the tree trunk, it was that large. I continued to visit the elm tree, even after I moved away from home, making it a point to walk out through the field and spend time there. I always thought that after all the children grew up that the elm tree had to be lonely for the sound of laughter, for the feeling of small feet climbing its limbs, for the exuberant, loving embraces we all bestowed upon it. I never left Tennessee without stopping to visit the tree, and bestowing a hug, having a conversation with it and with God, before feeling all was truly right in my world. A couple of years ago, we had an unusually rainy year following a long period of drought. There were many storms with high winds that swept across the side of the ridge where our property, and the elm tree, are located. I stopped by for a visit late one afternoon and asked my Mom to walk out to the field to see the elm tree. Reaching the edge of the field, we stopped dead in horror - half of the elm tree had fallen. Apparently the sheer weight of its large limbs had proven too heavy for the old lightning scar to bear and the lower section of the trunk split free and fell. The remaining section was still upright, but according to my Uncle who now owns the property, there are plans to cut it down and clear the property. I admit, without

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an ounce of embarrassment, that I stood there and cried. I walked up to the still standing section of my dear old friend and once again spread my arms out for a loving embrace.

Resting my cheek against the smooth bark, I closed my eyes and said a prayer. I cried some more, and cannot lie - my heart just ached as I leaned against this most faithful of childhood companions. The fanciful part of my heart wonders and thinks that perhaps the elm tree grew saddened and lonely for company over the years. With no children to play and climb all over it, no laughter to absorb, no wee arms embracing it with love, maybe the elm tree decided it was time to let go. It is my dear hope that I will be able to find some skilled artisan who can take some of the fallen tree trunk and create a piece of furniture, or decorative art, so that I may always have a piece of my childhood protector with me. The other half of the tree still stands strong in the field, and I continue to visit and say Hello each time I go home. The time is drawing near when that field will be empty of the all encompassing, mighty presence of that massive elm tree, and that will be a sad day to witness. For now, I have written a loving tribute to this old friend. I cannot stand silently and leave the world wiped clean of the existence of such a beautiful work of God/Universe and nature - I felt driven to capture the images here and write the words. We were raised well by that faithful presence, we Reagan children, and I daresay there is not a single one of us who will be left untouched by the passing of that sheltering, peaceful beauty. It is our Reagan Generation Tree. Thankfully, it has been captured in endless photographs. It is also safe in each of our memories. To the best of my calculations, it has lived close to 100 years. And now, you, Aromatique Essentials readers, can finally understand why my blog posts are hallmarked with the image of the bare branches of this graceful tree, silhouetted against the evening winter sky. When you see that image, you see something so dear to my heart that I chose it to represent Healing Morning. The energy of that old elm tree has always brought me to a powerful place of healing, peace and welcome, and that is the energy I hope is conveyed with my blog and my writing in general. My blog design is due to change at some point in the near future, but you will always find the image of this elm tree somewhere in connection to my writing. It is as intrinsically a part of me as my writing and I like the continuity it represents. S. Dawn Sievers Freelance Writer, Editor, Blogger Social Media Consultant Blog link: Website: Email:

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We are the Change Nearly six years ago I received a telephone call from a pathologist who had performed a biopsy on one spot in my right breast after an ultra-sound had discovered fourteen ominous spots. I had cancer he told me, gently, yet coldly. To this day I recall falling away from the world, unable to hear another word, and thinking over and over again: “How can this be?” Since 1996, after fifteen years of mind-boggling stress as a financial professional on Wall Street in Manhattan, I had redesigned my life. Actively, I strove to heal from battering myself, from living a life that was anyone else’s but mine. Committed to well-being and wholeness doesn’t begin to describe the journey I embarked upon. From 1996 onward my diet was 80% raw vegan, and 95% organic. I exercised daily, meditated, and deleted from my life essentially ANYTHING OR ONE, deemed “toxic.” And I felt better than I had in a long time. The diagnosis came as a severe shock. As far as I knew I had no risk factors. Within days of the diagnosis my governmental health insurance, COBRA, was cancelled on some absurd pretext, a strategy I have since learned often is used when women are diagnosed with breast cancer in the United States. Now I had a preexisting condition. I had to search for an insurance company that would accept me. Eventually, after being made to wait six months (I could’ve died, frankly), the New Mexico Insurance Pool accepted me. During those six months I searched for and completed alternative care methods. I knew what the conventional medical community dictated to me was wrong. I have only recently learned adequate testing for my specific type of breast cancer was not completed, and when it was, I wasn’t told the original recommendations made – double mastectomy, radiation and highly toxic chemotherapy, were incorrect. As the conventional medical community fumbled my life, my intuition screamed for a compassionate cure to cancer. My scientifically-trained mind knew 1000s already existed but were withheld from the general public by a profit-driven, heartless industry. In the attempt to heal from what was extensive cancer (caused most probably I would later learn by birth control pills taken in my 20s for only three years, the choice not to be a mother, and a brief excursion into bio-identical hormone replacement therapy in my early 40s), I researched every alternative method worldwide known to succeed. Often I made wise choices. And sometimes after downloading the fear perpetrated by the conventional medical community, I made unwise choices. I am here today to say, you can heal from cancer, from any degenerative condition, alternatively, conventionally, or with a combination of both approaches. You, however, must assume full responsibility for your return to health, must listen carefully and relentlessly to your body, and you must insist upon the best care available from each medical practitioner with whom you interact. It’s your life. You save it - no one else. Recently I learned from a fantastic oncologist here in Porta Del Sol where I live I was right. My medical care had been terrible. I could’ve been “cured” less invasively and less toxically years ago. I would not have had to spend more than $250,000.00 to achieve only indolence (essentially the only remaining tumour is doing very little). That’s pretty shocking too, honestly. However I am more than grateful that my diet, lifestyle changes, and whole-self healing worked amazingly against absurd odds. With a bit of true compassionate care, I could’ve combined less-invasive, less-toxic conventional and supportive alternative modalities to secure a true cure of my cancer and lived a much more beautiful life in the past almost six years. My journey is my journey. Onward I go. If you wish to understand more about my experience and to assist others in theirs, please visit and purchase my book “Pelicans, Coconuts & Butterflies: Conquering Cancer with A Life of Soul.” To ensure no woman or person encounters what I did, I founded a grassroots movement called Compassionate Cure for Cancer ® which you may learn more about at my site. I invite you to become one of the millions in our world today who are standing up for their healthcare rights, and acting as deeply responsible humans on our plane today. Join us in our efforts to bring true, compassionate medicine to our world. We are the change we wish to see. And only we, together, can orchestrate this most necessary transformation of the world medical paradigm. & in the meantime, dance, laugh and love like the beautiful soul you are. After all, it is just a journey. Ani Kaspar, author of ‘Pelicans, Coconuts & Butterflies: Conquering Cancer with A Life of Soul’ is a deeply spiritual being and pioneering advocate of non-invasive, alternative cures for all dis/ease. She’s a humanitarian, seeker of truth and conduit for healing. Ani’s humanitarian call to action “Compassionate Cure for Cancer ®” asks cancer patients worldwide to request the

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modern medical community investigate and deliver natural, less invasive method of treating and curing cancer. She is a near six-year thriver of intra-ductal carcinoma – the most prevalent breast cancer in the world today. Ani consults, conducts educational and motivational seminars, workshops and retreats, and is a life coach and international speaker. In 2005, Ani founded BodyByBliss ™, an international wellness consultancy. She is the creator of a unique, self-exploration method called IS ® Intuitive Sovereignty. Ani is fifty-two years old and lives blissfully in Rincon, Puerto Rico with pelicans, coconuts and butterflies. For additional information please contact or Or call 787.868.7760 or 787.505.5966 Ani Kasper.

Ani you are so inspirational and I just want to say Thank You Beautiful Woman, I love your presence, devotion and dedication!

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Women & Friendships

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What My Mother Never Taught Me About Women's Friendships by Victoria Ugarte

I remember well the week that I turned 50. Yep, the big “5-Oh”. I didn't hide under my bed, or check the mirror to see if I could spot any more wrinkles, or go through any of the predicted trauma that comes with this milestone. What I did engage in was a lot of reflection. One of the things that I reflected on, interestingly enough, were the relationships that I had with my female buddies throughout my life, and how the dynamics changed as I got older. As a little girl, my best friend was my cousin, Ines. Not only did we go to school together, we spent practically every waking moment with each other, and playing "pretend" in a fantasy world of our own creation. I was traumatized when she moved with her family to the United States when I was 9 years of age. In one sense, I had lost my world. At the age of 8, I formed a lifelong friendship with my cousins in Madrid (Spain), Paloma and Elena. Despite not sharing the same language initially, we understood each other perfectly after the first week. This early childhood friendship with my cousins, which developed effortlessly, proved to be vital for my emotional development. Later in my early adolescent years, I distinctly remember my awesome school friends in Manila, Philippines. We'd chatter day after day at recess and lunchtime about absolutely nothing, passed each other notes during class, then rang each other up again when we got home, speaking for hours about boys, teachers, the weekend, you name it. We'd paint each others' nails, pluck each others' eyebrows, and share each others' secrets. My mid to late teenage years saw my family and I move to Sydney, Australia. With my new group of school buddies, I discovered the beach culture of that glorious one kilometre stretch of golden sand called Bondi Beach. There my girlfriends and I hung out, swam, gossiped, and met boys from Waverley College and Cranbrook from morning till dusk. By the time my 20's arrived, I may have had plenty of girlfriends, but we had become more guarded and competitive with each other. Becoming a young Mum at 23, my priorities shifted towards family and career until well into my 30’s. By 41 I had been married and divorced. Although I was in desperate need of the nourishment and support only a girlfriend could give, I had trouble working out who my best girlfriends were. What happened? Where did they all go? What happened was that I had changed. The older I became, the more I downplayed the importance of friendships with other women as I began to view it as an indulgence rather than a necessity. But in doing so, I had robbed myself of the nurturing, strength and support that I could have tapped into when I hit the rough patches in my life. There is now a scientific research to back up the fact that female friendships not only make women feel good but relieve the pressures of daily living, lowers women's stress levels and ultimately prolongs her life. A landmark UCLA study entitled, ” Female Responses To Stress: Tend and Befriend, Not Fight or Flight” suggests that friendships between women are not only special, but they shape who the women are and who they are yet to be. Dr. L.C. Klein, one of the researchers, attributes this to a hormone that gets released called Oxytocin as part of the stress responses in a woman which buffers the ‘fight or flight’ response and encourages her to "tend to children and gather with other women instead". When a woman engages in the tending or befriending behaviour, Dr. Klein suggests that her body releases more Oxytocin, which further counters stress and produces a calming effect. So ladies, my message to you as I clock up a half century is that friendships with other women in your life is vital for your well being as a woman. But like anything precious, it does require nurturing to thrive. So do set the time aside each week to communicate, hang out, spend time with other women, be it your Sister, Mother, girlfriend or a great woman you have just met. It's good for you and an ideal way to bring the balance of mind, body, and spirit back into your lives. Victoria Ugarte is the Founder and Director of Postcards From Millie, a women’s travel website. Based in Sydney, Australia, she draws inspiration from the courage of mind and spirit of her muse, Amelia “Millie” Earhart. Victoria spends 3 months out of every year travelling the world and writing about her adventure vacations on her website, keeping her readers posted on exciting destinations, itineraries, travel tips and resources, and challenging women to go beyond their current boundaries so that they may come home to themselves. Join Victoria and Postcards From Millie’s women travel community on

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Life Life – it's all a point of view Look up at the clouds and what do you see? Someone will see ocean waves; someone else galloping horses; yet another face of an angel – and all will be correct. At the North Pole a sunny day would feel like winter to an inhabitant of Equatorial Guinea. An Innuit and a Tuareg would have very different views of the Sahara Desert. A Dali painting may appear to be a convoluted series of abstract images while an accurate and priceless still-life may appear to be a life-less reproduction of objects All is at it should be. It is all a question of perception. And such is all life. Life is essentially an energy-field, subject to the ideas, feelings and intentions that we give it, dependent on a million details from our education to our beliefs, from our habits to our fears, swirling around in the quantum soup, cooked up from our creative imagination. Becoming aware of our ability to perceive is an empowering step. It allows us to alter the view on our life-horizon and head in a direction that feels good. The act of being alive is a miraculous unfolding of evolution on a planet designed by our genius combined creative energy. We imagined splitting atoms and painting eyes on butterfly wings, made light travel faster than sound, painted baboon bottoms red and created the delicate softness of a baby's palm. That we came here and got through billions of years of tectonic shifts in the blinking of an eye to become a Reiki master or a whiz-kid at space-invaders, or that we arrived just when pixels were available so that we could record poetry on horseback, is truly exceptional. That we survive amidst collective, frenzied fear of Armageddon and continue to thrive on love, art and beauty is a miracle. For in this transient world, beliefs and perceptions are all we can really own, hold to and change instantly. With practise, the deliberate altering of perspective can become the key out of every prison-cell. It will unlock emotional victim-hood, open the door on judgement and separation and undo the padlock on the chains of attachment to the past. Altering our perception of the present by acknowledging our blessings, relishing our talents, rejoicing in our loves, indulging our opportunities and rejoicing in the boundlessness of life, is to open channels so fluent and majestic, that we have to skip. Singing the praise of our own life clears the clutter of doubts, and frees up dynamic energy to focus on the objects of our desires, to form intentions to light the way to those desires and to gain the confidence to take action towards them. Altering our perception of the future is also vital. Unhindered by fears of our dreadful demise, we can mastermind a future tinted in shades of rejoicing, we can choreograph the unfolding dance and we can bathe in a sense of constant wonder at this great adventure we are making. When we are filled with those glory-attracting feelings of optimism, enthusiasm and excitement, the creative process emerges and blesses us with the chance to express our perception in three-dimensional love form. The future will seem as rosy as the present if the past is perceived with benevolence. The present will seem perfect if the future is just the spotlight to direct us to the middle of the stage (and not the stage itself.) It is a fascinating exercise to play with perception. Once we are at peace with notions of the linear nature of life, we can begin to open up to experiencing the multi-dimensional possibilities of human existence without resorting to damaging stimulants. All it then takes is granting ourselves permission to give full rein to our imagination, and to exercise the divine artistry of creation. The concept of possibilities, infinite and boundless, become grains of sand for building castles. If we bring in the momentous power of love into this equation and weave our desires and perceptions around our fellow human beings we enter the realm of living from the heart and quantum co-creation . 2011 Copyright Jenni Parker Brown

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Life is...what you think it is !

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My Story THE DAY BETTY SHINE BECAME MY FRIEND, MENTOR AND ‘MENTEE’ by Mercedes Leal It must have been summer, because I wore a light jersey suit and no coat. It was a sunny day and the appointment to see a talented healer had been arranged by a mutual friend with whom I had worked. I had been suffering with slight back pain, the result of an injury sustained in childbirth and had heard that someone with the illuminative name of Betty Shine lived close by and could help me. My boss, the managing director of a national department store group, was not happy that I was taking a full lunch hour, for I rarely took them in order to be able to leave work soon after closing time to be with my small daughter. As I stood on the steps of the suburban apartment, I had to knock twice. Eventually the door was open and I found myself staring into smiling face surrounded with curly blonde hair and pale green eyes which surveyed me with a laser of observation. I knew instantly that there was something very special about this person. I could feel her gaze absorbing every aspect of my life and its history and without dialogue, I knew, as we stood in mutely facing each other, that she would become special in my life. Time seemed to stand still as our spirits spoke and we stood in silence absorbing and transferring inner data without speech. Then I felt as if I had passed a secret test as her welcoming smile broke into an apology for her delay in answering the knock on her door. It was nothing at all, I responded truthfully, as she led me to a sunlit room with pale blue walls and invited me to hop on her therapist’s couch. I told her about my back and she said it was as good as cured; she had not even laid her hands on me yet. In fact, she never did. They hovered a few inches above my face, as I lay on my back looking up at the ceiling, and she kept them that distance away as she moved down my body to my feet. Betty had hardly started, when a gush of clairvoyance had to be addressed. She started to tell me of the continuing existence in another realm of a cousin who had died very young in a car accident. I was puzzled. No one I knew in the UK was aware of that cousin. Then she told me that my maternal grandmother was permanently with me and would help me to develop my career as a healer. That did not make sense to me at all, and I said so. Betty continued. “Well,” she said confidently, ‘You are destined to be a healer and you will never be really happy until you are healing.” I was shocked. Healers in those days – in the late seventies – were not earning very much, Betty included, and after that first session, she refused to charge me because she knew I would help her to excel in her profession. I had some hefty financial responsibilities, caring for my mother, paying my mortgage and keeping my daughter at a private school. Yet Betty was adamant. I would become a healer. I was equally stubborn that I needed to earn a good salary. She stopped healing and looked at me softly but earnestly, like a mother about to give advice to a child; but she asked a question instead. “Why are you in a job you loathe?” I protested I did not loathe my job because it paid me so well. “Has it never occurred to you,” she continued in her calm, controlled manner, ‘that you can be paid well and still enjoy what you do?’ I confessed that I did not think the two could be found in the same profession. Her next comment changed my life forever. “You CAN control your own destiny, and happiness is your RIGHT. You WILL heal people’s lives”. She was calm and confident. I must have looked disbelieving, for she continued, “Your grandmother says she will guide you to healing and she tells me you do not believe me; but to prove to you that she exists still and is always with you, she tells me the only thing in your family’s possession from her is a small, brown jewellery box. She is showing me the contents and says that one item is the first item of value which you received as a child.” I went cold with shock, then warm with gratitude and amazement at the connection to my grandmother. Betty was right about the brown jewellery box. How on earth could she have known? She was still speaking. “What is that item she is showing me?” she asked, “this first item of value you received as a child?”

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I told her it must have been a St Christopher medallion – a small circle on which two figures were carved, looped on a gold chain. I remembered wearing it. Betty shook her head negatively. “No” she said firmly, “This is a gnarled object” and she made a twisting motion with her hands to mimic the shape she was describing. My memory was at odds at her account and I told her so. She was silent for a few seconds then told me my grandmother said I should ask my mother for the truth as she would put me right. Yet I was convinced she was wrong. I returned to work, my back completely free of pain, and immediately typed my resignation letter and handed it to my boss. He was stunned and refused to accept it for three weeks. I had no other source of income, and no job to supplant it, but it felt right. I had faith that something else would turn up. I would make sure it did by doing the exercises Betty taught me in that one and a half hours we spent together, although the healing was only meant to last thirty minutes. We seemed to have so much in common. When I returned home that evening, I asked my mother about the contents of the brown jewellery box in her possession. She went to get it. I was shocked to find inside the twisted little gold nugget which my mother said she had bought for me. I asked her about the medallion. “You were given that St Christopher medallion when you were about four years old; the nugget was bought for you when you were a baby and as soon as you saw it, you took it out of my hand, put it in your mouth and swallowed it. Your father and I were alarmed, but could do nothing other than wait patiently for its return! That is why I will never forget when you received it” My mother laughed as she saw my horrified expression. “Don’t worry”, she said reassuringly, “it was well disinfected at the time!” My boss finally accepted my resignation and my jobs got better and better. Within a couple of years, I was head hunted to work for as executive assistant to the Managing Director of one of Canada’s biggest companies. Eighteen months later, the MD resigned and I replaced him as head of the company’s European operations. In the meantime, impressed with Betty’s extra ordinary talents, I invited her to give lectures on mind energy expansion in my home, to my friends. As these classes grew, I helped her to find bigger and better venues, finally settling at the Sheraton Park Tower in Knightsbridge, London, where my good friend Caroline was working in PR. With almost 200 people in attendance, I knew Betty was now a star and could soar unaided. She begged me over and over again to write her life story. I tried several times, but was too busy and never could get beyond the first few pages; I felt somehow she should write this personal document herself. After asking me for a year, eventually she agreed to take my advice. Betty’s first book went straight into the Sunday Times Bestseller list; her second and third followed, reaching the number 1 position. I was beside myself with pride and joy. More books followed and she sent me a hard backed copy of each one as a gift, each with the most touching inscription to our friendship, addressing me by my middle name, Alicia, by which most people knew me at that time. She was rapidly becoming a household name, with her column in The Daily Mail, and was being sought by the rich and famous for her exceptional powers of healing, mind expansion techniques and clairvoyance. Yet, her life was not an easy one and her health was not perfect; but stoicism and courage were weaved within her strong, stable character and the secrets she imparted to me over 25 years will never be revealed. Betty’s books now sell in millions and have been translated into many, many different languages. Her lovely daughter, Janet, who is also very talented spiritually and has inherited her mother’s wonderful singing voice, continues her legacy from Sussex. From time to time we still meet. Betty died in 2002. The mind energy lessons she had taught me undoubtedly helped me to keep my mother alive for fourteen happy years after she received an ‘imminently terminal’ medical diagnosis in 1994. This success triggered my interest in expanding healing beyond family and friends. Several decades after her prediction about my working as a healer, Betty’s prediction finally came true in 2008, when I ran my first spiritually empowerment workshop on a research basis, with a group of erudite professionals. Lives were enhanced, people were healed, and I was delighted. The workshops grew and more and more people were helped by my healing,

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especially the sweetest little German boy whose mother did not wish him to endure the stress of an operation. I was a little apprehensive and did not wish to offer false hope; but somehow I felt I would succeed. The dear little fellow was deaf and about to go to school. In two sessions, using Betty’s techniques, I felt I was able to restore this playful little boy’s hearing fully; but I had to wait. A few weeks later, I received a note from his mother that his German Ear Nose and Throat surgeon had declared that an operation was no longer necessary as her son’s hearing had completely been restored. The photo his mother sent to me of her small son, with the inscribed declaration that her son could now hear, is one of my greatest treasures and will always be special. Additionally, Betty’s tuition, with innate skills inherited from my mother, a powerful manifester, who worked from altruistic love, and guided by my maternal grandmother, a very successful professional psychic and manifester, created the inspirational techniques’ formula I now use to help clients find a magical light within themselves which can lead anyone to greatness via the acquisition of a winning mentality. Those wonderful spiritual influences are now evident in five generations in my family, and many people have used my formula to find their divine purpose and soar to inner fulfilment and greater success. It works exceptionally well with other coaches, rather similarly to the way it worked with Betty. Although I still feel her presence very strongly, my biggest regret is that I cannot tell Betty how right, yet again, she was in her predictions; because, as she insisted, despite my defiant protests three decades ago, I am now in the healing profession she wished for me all those years ago - and, as she also predicted, I have genuinely never, ever been happier.

My favourite inscription from Betty Shine, as written on the inside covers of her Book, ‘A Mind of Your Own’, which she sent to me as a gift in 1998. She kindly sent me a a copy of every book she wrote, and always included a handwritten tribute to some aspect of our enduring friendship, love and mutual support, sometimes also addressing me as ‘Alicia’, the middle name so many of my longest standing friends still call me. For twenty five years we lived like mutually supportive, spiritual sisters and her presence is still evident. Mercedes Leal ~ May 2011 (under construction) Tel: +44 (0)7785 247 992 Email: Skype: mercedeslealmotivates

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Mercedes now works as a Spiritual Empowerment Guide, using the same innate, loving and healing family skills over 100 years old, which were used to help Betty Shine achieve her success. Additional techniques acquired from Betty’s mentorship and friendship over decades are also added to the formula to produce healing, inspiration and fast results. It is a friendly, confidential service to coaches and therapists, as well as to any individuals who may need support or motivation, via Skype, phone or workshops. She also offers a money back guarantee, and helps clients to find inspirational and fulfilling qualities in themselves which they may not always be able to access alone. In order to give the best quality, spaces are regrettably limited at any one time and a few are available at the time of writing.

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Winter Spice Recipe for the burner ~ 3 drops of Vanilla Co2, 2 drops of Cinnamon, 1 drop Star anise, 2 drops Sandalwood ~ Warmth ~ Celebration ~ Togetherness

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Coco ~ Aroma coming to you Soon!

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Pink Lotus ~ Tuberose ~ Rose ~ Jasmine ~ Divine Goddess in You ~ Take the Time for Pleasure in Life ~

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Psychic Awakening The Conscious Development of Psychic Energies and Their Uses. By Jyoti McKie

We all have a sixth sense, an intuitive knowing about certain unseen presences, situations or coming events. One of my earliest realizations of this sixth sense came as a small child. I was playing in my bedroom when the face of a benign woman appeared hovering over me. She smiled, yet had a sad feeling to her. The one thing I noticed was a large birthmark on the side of her face. I did not feel afraid of the woman, just curious as to whom she might be. Later I told my mother about the woman. My mother pulled down some old black and white photos from her wardrobe and pointed to a sweet looking woman in a black dress. The woman had the same birthmark. This woman was my grandmother who had died quite a few years before I was born. My mother said she was a very kind person and not to be afraid, though I did not feel afraid, but was in fact pleased grandmother was watching over me. My mother said it was best not to tell others about these sightings, which was a very wise bit of advice given the times I grew up in. Many of us as children already have our psychic senses open and available; unfortunately theses can gradually become eroded away by the conditioning we receive. We learn how not to trust ourselves and our innate insights.

Lucid Dreaming Our psychic knowing can come to us via several pathways. One pathway is through dreams. When the physical body has gone to sleep the power of the astral body is activated. This astral body is formed by our mental energy and can travel through many realms because it does not have the same restrictions as the physical body and is free to roam. The only problem with this is that we are usually not conscious when dreaming and may only recall fragments of the dream’s message. A lot of dreams are simply reflections from the day, but certain dreams have spiritual teachings involved and others can be precognitive in nature. These dreams may predict certain events which then take place in the future. There are teachings which can help to bring about a better conscious awareness when dreaming. The Seneca Native Americans knew of this and had a marvellous approach whereby a child was taught to re-enter their dreams to resolve any conflicts they had experienced within the dreaming state. To become awake or aware of dreaming is often called lucid dreaming. One lucid dream I recall was a teaching dream. Whilst studying Buddha’s heart sutra in India our work had been to investigate the nature of reality as a dream/illusion. At night, before sleep I decided to approach this from the perspective of what is the difference between this so called waking life-dream and the dream experience when sleeping. Not long after going to sleep I became aware of sleeping and my astral body began to rise out of the physical body. Knowing I was

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dreaming I decided to head for the Ganges river which was very close to the hotel. I flew down and crossed the river. Plunging my dream hands into the waters I could feel the coolness of the water, just like in ‘real’ life. Taking the experience further I flew to the shore and ran my dream hands through the white sands. Again I felt the grains of sand pouring through my fingers, just like in ‘real’ life. Finally I was drawn back to the physical body, but just before waking up I decided to touch the cloth of the sleeping bag and just as in ‘real’ life the cloth felt smooth between my fingers. I woke up feeling the cloth and said to myself there is no difference in terms of all is an illusion or is simply passing by and yet we are the one watching and experiencing it all. Another pathway is through the power of our inner senses and these I would like to discuss in a little more detail. It is my understanding that these inner senses like lucid dreaming can be taught and developed for healing and awareness.

Innersensing Firstly I’d like to say that in order to maintain true psychic energies we need to be really grounded. It is good to have your feet firmly planted on Mother Earth. There are grounding exercises which can help. My favourites are actually shamanic ones that utilize the power of the earthier animals such as the bear or the goanna. Nature is also very grounding, when in doubt, go hug a tree or dig in the garden. Grounding also means being as aware as possible and being present in the heart with the psychic information we receive. To be present in the heart is to see all others as ourselves and to respect and love others from this point of view. From this benign perspective we are better equipped to only use psychic energies for the good of all and should find it very difficult to ever abuse this gift. The first inner sense is the heart sense. As the heart opens both to give and to receive our limitations diminish and our sense of oneness increases. This is not to say we no longer have a healthy sense of boundaries, but we are no longer so limited by our fears. Sensing from the heart we can perceive another’s pain or difficulty. When this is balanced with the power of awareness through in depth meditation practices we are able to aid others without becoming pulled from our own centre. The other inner senses can now work in union with the heart sense and share these gifts when appropriate. Inner senses include clairvoyance (the ability to see beyond the normal/ ordinary ways of seeing) for example seeing a potential future event or seeing specific illness within the physical body. A second inner sense is clairaudience (the ability to hear beyond the ordinary/normal range of hearing) for example hearing messages which can prove useful or sometimes even life saving. A third inner sense is clairsentience (the ability to feel beyond the ordinary feelings) for example feeling another’s pain/joy even if miles apart. The other inner senses are less well known, but can include a sensing of certain smells or tastes which are not immediately present, but give useful clues regarding the situation. All these inner senses are already within ourselves and can be re-taught and developed afresh. The important thing to consider is that all such inner senses need to be balanced by the heart and by wisdom if we are to use them for the good of all. The peace of a clear and good heart will give us one wing to fly with. The peace of awareness and wisdom will give us the other wing. We then become balanced like a bird. The awakened bird of spirit becomes free and we can share our gifts, whether psychic or otherwise, in our world. Spiritual teacher, shaman, clairvoyant, artist and author of THE HEALING EARTH BOOK AND DECK. JyotiMckieHQ Email:

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Astrology for You MOON PHASES 1. New moon The birth of the moon as it starts a new beginning. 2. First/waxing crescent 3. First Quarter 4. Waxing gibbous moon 5. Full moon 6. Waning Gibbous or “disseminating’ Moon 7. Last Quarter 8. Waning crescent or “balsamic” moon 9. Back to the new moon. Waxing and Waning moons Whatever the stage of the moon, the waxing moon takes the shape of a ‘D’ and is the developing and increasing of the moon. The waning moon is in the shape of a ‘C’ and is the decreasing of the moon. New Moon People born under the influence of the new moon have a childlike wonder and excitement for life. To them life is a wonderful adventure full of endless possibilities. The past carries no importance for they are all about living in the moment. Because there is no light from the Moon in this stage they mostly respond instinctively and act on intuition. These bright, bubbly and enthusiastic personalities possess a quality of spontaneity, they think and act spontaneously and thus planning ahead is not always met with success. They enthusiastically launch themselves into their work and are at their best when creating new ideas and beginning new projects. There is a strong need for them to learn who they are and project that into the world and thus they can be criticized for being overly self involved. Essential oils Vetiver for its grounding and stabilising qualities Rose and Geranium for bringing balance Black pepper and Rosemary strengthens the mind and aids with focus Grapefruit, Mandarin and Sweet Orange encourage creativity, lemon for clarity First Crescent Crescent moon people are assertive and filled with a joyous curiosity about life. These individuals are often emotionally tied to the past tending to be compulsive in their behaviour and are not keen on stepping out of their comfort zone to test the waters. They have a strong need for security. Their creative disposition means they have a need to expand their understanding, and that they can look at any problem with a fresh perspective. For crescent Moon individuals it is important that they establish their spirit in independence. Essential oils Frankincense and Sandalwood help to let go of the past and move forward Grapefruit gives courage and boldness

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Juniper is the oil of expansion Patchouli offers security First Quarter People who are born during the first quarter Moon phase are strong willed and positive. They are both physically and mentally active expressive people who are constantly on the go and always taking an interest in everything that comes along their way. These people are able to think on their feet making quick decisions and act upon them. This makes them readily able to rise to any occasion or emergency. These individuals are born with an actively questioning mind and the impulse to challenge any present state of affairs which of course can make them appear to be argumentative and demanding, however in turn enables them to create new solutions for old problems. They have a compulsion to tear down old structures because they have the ability to recreate new ones. It is important for these individuals to not unintentionally create bedlam in their lives for the sake of excitement as the more bizarre things get the better they are. Essential oils Cypress is about transition and transformation new beginnings Basil is the height of activity being associated to the element of fire oil is all about taking action Bergamot loves spontaneity Gibbous Moon Gibbous moon people have a caring and constructive nature with a calming influence and a compulsion to help others. They have sharp analytical minds and the innate desire for perfection. They aim to be the change they want to see in the world, they hope that through their life and work that they will in some way contribute to an improvement in the world. Whether it is a conscious or unconscious decision, this can become a mission for them. Gibbous Moon folk make great apprentices as their goal is to learn all they can and become the best they can possibly be. Essential oils Neroli provides protection and is pure of heart Ginger to achieve desired results with purpose and confidence Frankincense to inspire give fortitude bringing people together. Petitgrain is full of optimism and opens up to our inner vision Full Moon Those who are born under the influence of the full moon are idealists. Their talents lie in bringing realisation to their desired accomplishments. During this time in which they have achieved perfection, experience and the drive to become imbued with intention and purpose is a breath of life. Full Moon people are skilled at softening logic with instinct and practicality with creativity. Born under the full Moon they are linked to the past and also are able to project their ideas in to the future. Their Relationships with others is of great importance to them. Essential oils Jasmine inspires us bringing joy and awareness Juniper is the visionary giving vitality and strength German Chamomile is the healer, bringing peace and calm and enhances communication Everlasting encourages inner strength and positivity with gentleness

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Disseminating moon Individuals born under the disseminating moon are natural communicators and teachers. They are what they believe having a strong impulse to broadcast their ideas and knowledge so that others can learn from their experiences. They are dedicated to their ideals and have enthusiasm to improve people’s lives however they will need to find a compromise and learn how to accommodate their own vision with the needs of others. Essential oils Peppermint is about communication and swift action Basil and Rosemary for dedication and strength, for the sake of others Lavender the allows compassion and clarity 7. Last Quarter People born in the moons last quarter have understanding, sympathy, maturity and poise that go beyond their years. They excel in counselling or advisory roles. They guide others to gather their thoughts, open up their awareness, resolve their problems and organise their lives. They can at times appear to be living in a world of their own when in reality they are going through an internal process of rediscovering themselves and beliefs. They can be prone to nostalgia and melancholia, they need to break from the past and launch themselves into the future. Essential oils Neroli brings spiritual awareness, understanding and lightness of being Roman Chamomile gives inner peace, emotional understanding and stability Sage the wise one the advisor Palmarosa is the doorway to your heart, compassionate giving you strength to move forward gently 8. Balsamic moon Balsamic moon people are dreamy and contemplative personalities. They are the visionaries with their strong intuition and far-sight they have great understanding of the way in which Mother Nature works and of human condition. These individuals believe activity to be intellectual and spiritual rather than physical. They are likely to live through a lot of change in life as their experiences involve passing and endings. The have an innate wisdom and are able to take true meanings from any situation and turn it in to a pure form and then plant it into the awareness of others. This is a transitional phase of new beginnings which they have embodied within them. Essential oils Everlasting accepts change, is knowing and understanding Tuberose aids in transformation with enthusiasm and sensitivity Juniper is the spiritual visionary, bringing wisdom and enlightenment inner strength and peace. Melissa is compassion, gentleness always cheerful and progressive

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That orbed maiden, with white fire laden, Whom mortals call the moon. ~Percy Bysshe Shelley, The Cloud

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Spicy Winter Salad There is nothing quite like Harvesting your own salad greens and fresh herbs from your own garden, one of the simple pleasures when living in Paradise ! The difference in flavour and freshness is amazing and so, so delicious ! Small bunch of curly Kale ( this kale is lovely, having a spicy tone) rough chunky slices ½ of a Chinese cabbage and ¼ red cabbage finely sliced ½ a bunch of thinly sliced silver beet (white stem removed) Bunch of wild rocket Fresh parsley, basil, coriander and mint roughly chopped 2-3 Giant red mustard greens 1 Granny Smith apple peeled and cut into julien strips

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Creamy Dressing One and a half cups of good quality whole egg mayonnaise Half a cup of fresh cream Half a cup of crème fraise One small red or green chilli and two cloves of garlic finely chopped The juice of one small lemon and one lime Salt and pepper to season Mix dressing ingredients until well combined Toss all of the greens together in a large bowl, add creamy salad dressing and serve with homemade pickled baby beetroot and crispy roasted Potato, Kumera, Parsnip and Pumpkin with crispy Pancetta and crumbled gorgonzola or goats feta cheese. This is one of my favourite salads and most of the ingredients come from our garden! You can use whatever greens or salad leaves you have available as I change to whatever is in my garden.

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Pickled Beetroot 6 baby beetroot 2 cinnamon sticks 3 star anise Pickling spice 2 dessert spoons Organic coconut sugar 3 cups white balsamic vinegar Put the coconut sugar, spices and vinegar into a small sauce pan and bring to the boil for 5mins, strain and ready to pour over beetroot. Leaving the beetroot whole, cut off the leaves leaving about 3 cm, cut off the root. Boil for 5minutes rinse in cold water and leave to cool. Peel off the skin and cut into quarters. Place into a sterilised preserving jar. Pour over spiced vinegar, put on lid tightly and leave for 4-6 weeks before eating.

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More on Beetroot I love beetroot, they are grounding and associated to the base chakra. Try beetroot in your vegetable juices with apply, carrot, mint and lemon... just so yummy! Add organic yoghurt to make a smoothis... Something simple and scrummy Grated raw beetroot and carrot tossed together with salt and pepper to season and squeeze fresh lemon or lime juice all over. I sometimes have this as a snack and find it refreshing, nourishing and grounding. You may like to add a little crumbled feta and a drizzle of organic pumpkin seed oil for a change. Another Beetroot salad is to blanch the beets for abound 5 minutes so they are still crunchy, rinse and allow them to cool, then peel. Leaving them whole slice them as thin as you can, arrange on a plate, splash a little white balsamic vinegar over the beets and a drizzle of fruity organic olive oil , sprinkle some fresh lemon thyme and crumbled goats feta over the them .

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Business Tips Are you a hobbyist or a business woman? Remember when you first decided that you wanted to run your own business? You were sick of the nine to five drill at work and you wanted more balance in your life and time with your family? But then you had what Michael Gerber calls an Entrepreneurial Seizure and you decided to start your own business. Perhaps your friends kept telling you that you were so good at baking those cookies that you should think of selling them. So you quit your job and start your own business. You bake all day and then you realise that you have to sell all of those darn cookies as well. A week goes by and you have a stack of stale cookies. You're left wondering why you started all of this in the first place. You have a good product, but you have to figure out how to get people’s attention. Building a business is not fun and games. Eventually it is (once it's established), but in the beginning the reality is - it's simply a lot of work. If you're serious about building a business, you need to take your employee hat off and put on your entrepreneurial hat. You have to think like a business person and NOT a hobbyist. So, how do you do that? Do you have pie in the sky illusions? - Do you have your head in the sand? Did you start your business thinking that once you had your website, logo, stationary and so on, that clients and customers would just come flooding through your door? Are you one of those people who 'believes' that if you trust in it, it will come? The reality is that you have to put action into your vision before any results will come. You have to be willing to work… and work hard. Anyone who thinks that having their own business will be easier than being employed by someone else is under an illusion. The buck stops with you. YOU have to do it all until you have the resources to outsource. YOU have to get yourself skilled and trained to think like a business owner. Being good at what you do does not mean you will be good at business. They are two very different things. Do you have financial goals? - Do you know your break-even point? How much do you have to make just to cover your costs? Do you have a plan to attract those paying customers to cover those costs? Do you want an actual store front at some point? What about being able to afford staff? Are you paying yourself first, even if it is a small amount. Make your first bill to pay… yourself! Even if you start at $100 a week. Increase it each month by small increments. But make it the first bill you pay. There will always be a bill to pay - but put yourself first. You will find that the money will be there for it. Your pay increase will happen as the incoming money increases. BUT if you don't pay yourself first, you don't have a business. You have a hobby. There is a lot of hype on the internet and a lot of get rich quick schemes. There are a lot of people running training seminars and selling high priced programs with the promise that it will make you rich. Simply put, business is all about hard work, staying focused, being willing to do the things that most people won't do. You have to put yourself out there. You have to get over your insecurities. YOU are the one who is selling the product or service. If you want a successful business (and NOT a glorified hobby) , then get serious now! by Ludwina Dautovic

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If you'd like to get serious about your business but need a little help, go to NOW! We have a stack of FREE resources awaiting you, a weekly small business podcast show with expert interviews and an organisation ready to support you. 1300799491

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The adventure of life is to learn. The purpose of life is to grow. The nature of life is to change. The challenge of life is to overcome. The essence of life is to care. The opportunity of life is to serve. The secret of life is to dare. The spice of life is to befriend. The beauty of life is to give. The joy of life is to love. William Arthur Ward

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