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Arom Kim Type II Quote Cards.

The rules of a gentleman.

Ties are meant to complement a wardrobe,it should


be a main

focal point.

Half Windsor Knot Start with the broad end of the tie in the right hand around 30 centimeters under the narrow end. Cross the broad end of your necktie across the narrow one and then once around it until you reach the front again. Lead the broad end to the top and then pull it from the front through the neck loop. Now lead the broad end to the front, Then from the left to the right across the narrow end. Afterwards direct the broad end from the back through the nack loop to the top. In a final step you need to pull the broad end through the front knot loop to the bottom. And now as supplied before locate the knot on the top and form the middle fold with your middle finger. Well done, if you followed this direction it’s probably good looking.

Please Note: Avoid cartoon character themed ties.

The best suit is a



The best suits are wool suits. Wool absorbs dyes better and it fits well and does not lose its shape. It can also be woven into many styles with an attractive cut. The next best fabric is a wool-polyester blend suit, which tend to be less expensive than wool suits, but still possess many of wool’s positive attributes. Polyester and cotton suits are one more notch down on the totem pole, and are relatively inexpensive. The fabric makes for an excellent light-weight suit, but they are far less durable. The most traditional colors for you to choose from in selecting a suit are blue and gray. Brown and black suits are OK for certain occasions, but are far less versatile than some version of the blue or gray suit. You will do a good job choosing if you stick to the traditional color suit, with a tasteful pattern, and you will find you can wear such a suit to many different places, both professional and personal. Suit patterns are usually relatively simple. The most common is the pinstripe, which is usually very narrow and vertical, and usually in white or blue. Chalk stripes are wider than pinstripes, and can make you look like a 1930s-era Chicago gangster. If you go with chalk stripes, try and find a conservative style. Plaid suits can be fine, but again, err on the side of conservatism. Apart from color and pattern, all suits have a style, or cut, which can be either conservative or modern. You need to decide for yourself the kind of personality you wish to exude, and choose appropriately. Remember, your business suits should be generally conservative - no fancy buttons or wild styles.

Please Note: Get a pocket square while you’re at it.






begins with


The crown and glory of life is character. It is the noblest possession of a man, constituting a rank in itself, and an estate in the general good-will; dignifying every station, and exalting every position in society. It exercises a greater power than wealth, and secures all the honor without the jealousies of fame. It carries with it an influence which always tells; for it is the result of proved honor, rectitude, and consistency,—qualities which, perhaps more than any other, command the general confidence and respect of mankind. Character is human nature in its best form. It is moral order embodied in the individual. Men of character are not only the conscience of society, but in every well-governed state they are its best motive power; for it is moral qualities in the main, which rule the world. Even in war, Napoleon said the moral is to the physical as ten to one. The strength, the industry, and the civilization of nations,—all depend upon individual character; and the very foundations of civil security rest upon it. Laws and institutions are but its outgrowth. In the just balance of nature, individuals, and nations, and races, will obtain just so much as they deserve, and no more. And as effect finds its cause, so surely does quality of character amongst a people produce its befitting results.

Please Note: That road will be filled with potholes.

Fortune follows the


A moustache is facial hair grown on the outer surface of the upper lip. It may or may not be accompanied by a beard, hair around the entire face. Natural – Moustache may be styled without aids. Mexican – Big and bushy, beginning from the middle of the upper lip and pulled to the side. The hairs are allowed to start growing from up to a maximum of 1.5 cm beyond the end of the upper lip. Dalí – narrow, long points bent or curved steeply upward; areas past the corner of the mouth must be shaved. Artificial styling aids needed. Named after Salvador Dalí. English – narrow, beginning at the middle of the upper lip the whiskers are very long and pulled to the side, slightly curled; the ends are pointed slightly upward; areas past the corner of the mouth usually shaved. Artificial styling may be needed. Imperial – whiskers growing from both the upper lip and cheeks, curled upward (distinct from the royale, or impériale) Freestyle – All moustaches that do not match other classes. The hairs are allowed to start growing from up to a maximum of 1.5 cm beyond the end of the upper lip. Aids are allowed.

Please Note: Holy crap look at that guy on the right.

Cufflinks when appropriate are never optional.

There are several types and factors to consider on how to choose cufflinks that will be suited for your style and taste.The very first thing to keep in mind on how to choose cufflinks is that, cufflinks reflects the personality and the individuality of a person. Consider the color scheme of your wardrobe. This is one of the most important guides to consider on how to choose cufflinks that will match your attire. For warm earth colors like browns or reds it is best that you go for gold or bronze colored cufflinks. While for lighter colors like light blues or green it is best if you go for the silver cufflinks. Another point to consider is the occasion where it will be worn. It is important that when choosing the cufflinks it is best that these pieces coincide with the occasion or the tone of the event. For easy choices there are certain categories to choose from when it comes on how to choose cufflinks. Classic collection - they are simple designs and exude elegance. These pieces are worn on special events and shirts that are paired with tuxedos. They can be sometimes customized to be embellished with precious stones or customized with your initials. An example would be the Hematite cufflinks, a style that could be worn for the most formal occasion or events. Hematites are precious mineral usually colored gray, silver or brown. Contemporary - this is a combination of both designs that could be worn for everyday work, job interview or simple events. Such as a dinner party or in the office. The Paua Shell cufflinks are a good example for this category. Paua Shell cufflinks could be worn for a more festive occasion and daily wear to the office. Cufflinks have evolved since its first use in the 17th century by King Charles II; today chic urban men who have the flare for style and function strive to achieve an super-cool look that combines fashion and functionality in their attire, and cufflinks are one of them. This piece of accessories is considered to be a sophisticated jewelry for men who value his appearance and his personal taste.

Please Note: Always go for sophistication not goofy.

“Your style is defined by what makes you feel most comfortable.”


Nothing beats a good hat, so long as it is removed when indoors. –Ryan Riordan


“Opening the door for a lady is not optional. And will never go out of style.” –Andy Rutledge

badger hair


safety razor


shaving mug


“Never trust anyone with two first names.�

Watch location


Left Wrist


earn. is something you

“When someone asks me if I want water with my Scotch, I say I’m thirsty, not dirty.” –Joe E. Lewis

Members of the English Parliament are the only ones who can actually pull off the wig-look.


Never hesitate on how you want your done.

Never trust a man who wears an EYE patch.

personal notes should always be hand written.

Camouflage should only be worn in the presence of the animal you are hunting.




defines how you

react to those life changing


“the style of tobacco�

the Hefner

the Churchill

the Martin


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