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CRM Application your ticket to Destination: Customer Delight

Times are tough, as the dark gloom of recession prevails, and the volatility in markets brings with it a nightmare that every marketer dreads, that of retaining Customers. Well! Don’t tough times require tougher thinking? Why haggle on just retaining Customers? Discounts here, concessions there are tricks whose effect seems to be wearing off. In times like these, paradigm shifts is essential, and let us call this paradigm shift, ‘Destination: Customer Delight’. For making customers part their share of wallet in times so competitive and tough, delighting them is the only way to success. Customer Relationship Management Applications is your ticket to Customer Delight. Businesses that find an effective CRM application earn a competitive edge under recessionary conditions. CRM applications with the advancement of technology also have Web-based versions. CRM Software and applications can boost profitability as much as 70%, by guiding the sales force, analyzing the customer and their preferences and providing intuitive business intelligence that gives way to ideas like cross-selling, up-selling, customized selling. Further on streamlining a business from within is a key during lean economic times. Thus optimizing the existing resources and discarding the non-productive ones help making the organization more agile. CRM applications along with managing customers also help track internal productivity leaks, non-performing sales person. How does CRM application ensure Customer Delight, well it adds 6 interesting ingredients to your marketing recipe! Ingredient 1 – The ‘Wow’ factor: CRM Software, and applications accelerate the speed of response, empowers the staff with more customer knowledge and insights. The CRM application shares with you insights and intelligence which when presented to the customer in form of Service, makes them go WOW! And makes them feel they are valued.

Ingredient 2 – Customization: Right from ‘Welcome, Mr. Kapoor’ to ‘Should we get you, your regular, Black coffee with no Sugar’. CRM applications enable minute level of customization and personalization which makes the customer fall in love with your service/product. Ingredient 3 – ‘Feel Factor’ – Beyond all logic works the touché of emotional connect, if you make your customer feel valued, the ‘Feel Factor’ will make them attached to your product/service and even during tough times, and amidst their crunching budgets you will appear on the consideration list or must have list. For instance Web based CRM software help you connect with the consumers on topic which may not be related to your product or service but would be much of your consumer’s interest. For instance, news, small nuggets of information which otherwise are valuable to your customers can be sent as emails. Ingredient 4 – ‘Conversation Starter’ - In the words of Maya Angelou, “People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel” Customer relationship management software encourage the Delighted customer to make your product or service a conversation starter. ‘Delighted’ customers feel it, they remember it, they talk about it and they come back for more of it!

That is how you reach ‘Destination: Customer Delight’, Wish you a happy journey

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CRM Application your ticket to Destination: Customer Delight