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Samsung Galaxy S8 Expected To Launch At MWC 2017 On 26th February

Considering the history of Samsung we can expect the launch of Samsung galaxy S8 next year in Mobile World Congress. The show will be from 27 February to 2 March 2017, so we can expect the Samsung galaxy s8 will get launch on 26th of February 2017. It was suggested to extend the launching date of Samsung galaxy s8 due to some fault issues in Note 7 but we have no such information about any extend in the release of samsung galaxy s8 and it is going to launch on 26th Feb. It agrees to a discussion we had with Samsung's Conor Pierce, in spite of the fact that with no further confirmation regardless we'll assume that there will be two separate devices in its 2017 leader line-up for the present.

As per another report, its insiders have claimed there will be two models, which are being alluded to inside as Dream and Dream2. They are said to have the model SM-G950 and SM-G955. The Galaxy S7 has the model number SM-G930 and ordinarily Samsung bounced up by 10 for another model, however clearly the number 4 is misfortune in South Korea, thus the hop to 950 more than 940. Let’s take a look to the design of Samsung Galaxy S8: The Samsung Galaxy S7 and the Galaxy S7 edge took after their ancestors nearly when the thing is design. A few refinements were made, including lessening the back camera bump in the comparison to S6 and S6 edge but overall, the new leads are to a great extent the same at first look.

We'd expect the Samsung Galaxy S8 to change things up a tiny bit more in the design section in contrast with what the S7 and S7 edge did. What that is destined to be is hard to say right now, given it's months and months away yet there are two or three things we'd jump at the chance to see. We'd love to see the S8 thin down a little and it is fascinating to see what an all metal build would offer contrasted with metal and glass.

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Samsung Galaxy S8 Expected To Launch At MWC 2017 On 26th February  

Samsung Galaxy S8 launch is expected at the MWC 2017. Check more details here only.

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