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Promoting Te Aroha Edition 10 Circulation 3100 e n Of Th o i t a s i n a Org GREY POWER TE AROHA Month Grey Power is a voluntary organisation set up to promote the welfare of New Zealanders aged 50 years and over. The main objectives are to obtain fairness in the many areas pertaining to the Health and Welfare of it’s members. The Grey Power Federation of NZ consists of 76 Associations, grouped into 7 Geographic Zones, and currently has nearly 70,000 Members throughout the country. Grey Power Te Aroha currently has 320 Members and is one of the 22 Associations which make up the Mid Northern Zone, known as Zone 3. Many Businesses throughout the country are kind enough to offer Discounts to Grey Power Members. Here in Te Aroha our Discount Book lists 48 local businesses that offer discounts to our Members. The Federation has a Lobby Team that visits the many Politicians, Ministries and other organizations whose actions directly have an effect on our Member. The Lobby Team is always the first to recognise that at the time of their visits, they do not know what the result will be, but the following is a list of some of the results that have been achieved. 1. Removal of the Surtax 2. Asset Testing Legislation being Phased Out 3. Lower Doctors' Fees 4. Lower Pharmacy Fees 5. Removal Over 80's Driving Tests 6. Removal Simulated Driving Tests by Occupational Therapists 7. Lower Tariff Electricity 8. Superannuation Increased to 66% of the average after tax weekly wage 9. Rate Rebate Scheme re-vitalized 10. Independent Superannuating & Income Centres 11. Improved Regulations for Rest Homes 12. Code of Practice for Rest Homes 13. The National Superannuation Adjustment for the Tax Cuts in the 2008 Budget was a long awaited recognition by a major political party of the plight of the elderly reliant on National Superannuation. 14. Hearing aid subsidy increased

15. Rates Rebate Scheme indexed to CPI. Amount now $530 from $500 and threshold now $ 21,180 from $ 20,000 16. Spot Audits Rest Homes 17. Retention of Graduating Doctors - (Student Loan) 18. Lowering Electricity Increase for the Emissions Trading Scheme

19. Retention of Super Gold Card Off Peak Travel Waiheke Island Ferry In addition to the above, Grey Power has been successfully involved in many outside Committees in Energy and Health in particular: Hard of Hearing, Disability Committees, NZ Specifications for conditions in Rest Care and Rest Home Workers, Health of the Older Person and Electricity Commission Committees, are a few examples. Our General Meetings are held at St. John’s Hall, Burgess Street, on the first Monday of alternate months, starting in February. The format is Morning Tea at around 09.30 followed by a Guest Speaker then the General Meeting. Anyone interested in joining Grey Power Te Aroha can contact Berry Cook on 884-9868 or Rod Hunter on 884-4275

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Tel: 07 884 7039 Lawrence Ave, Te Aroha

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Across 1. Stately building in Church Street 4. Use is currently restricted 21 5. Local Maori Chief 23 6. A type of butterfly 8. Where Thomas comes to Te Aroha 10. Closed in 1973 15. This 24 walkway was the _____ ____ 16. Still a voluntary organisation 26 17. Threat to local natural environment 19. These falls are a 20 minute drive from Te Aroha 22. Opened on 24 May 1898 25. A type of moth 26. Our local MP 27. On top of the mountain


Across 23 Answer Key HTML Down Answer Key PDF List this puzzle 1. Stately building in Church Street 2. Hire bikes from here HTML Other p Printable Printable PDF 4. Use is currently restricted 3. This school had a disastrous fire in 1960 Use the4."Printable HTML" 5. Local Maori24 Chief Runs through Te button Aroha to get a clean page, in either HTML or P print button to print. This page won'tinhave buttons or ads, just your puzzle. 26 6. A type of butterfly 7. The Town Clock is built this style know how large a printer page is, and the fonts are scaled to fill the page. T 8. Where Thomas comes to Te Aroha 9. Closed for painting Don't panic! 10. Closed in 1973 11. Deputy Mayor 15. This walkway was the _____ ____ 12. Te Aroha business did well over 27 16. Still a voluntary organisation 13. The trots were held here 17. Threat to local natural environment 14. They used to cross the river 19. These falls are a 20 minute drive from Te Aroha 17. Closed due to fire Down 22. Opened onbikes 24 May 1898 18. Hot ______ Hotel 2. Hire from here 25. A type of moth 20. ________ Range 3. This school had a disastrous fire in 1960 RunsMP through Te Aroha 26. Our4.local 21. Happens in March 7. The Town Clock is built in this style 27. On 9.topClosed of theformountain 23. RSA is based here painting 24. The ______ Memorial Reserve 11. Deputy Mayor



Across 1. Stately building in Church Street 4. Use is currently restricted 5. Local Maori Chief 6. A type of butterfly 8. Where Thomas comes to Te Aroha 10. Closed in 1973 12. Te Aroha business did well over 15. This walkway was the _____ ____ 13. The trots were held Answer here 16. Still a voluntary organisation Answer Key HTML Key PDF List this puzzle for the public Solve Online The Te Aroha Crossword questions and answers are 14. They used to cross the river 17. Threat to local natural environment Other puzzles by author Printable HTML Printable PDF 19. These falls are a 20 minute drive from Te Aroha 17. Closed due to fire kindly researched and produced by the staff of the Te 18. Hot ______ Hotel 22. Opened on 24 May 1898 Aroha and District Museum. 20. ________ 25. A type of moth Use the "Printable HTML"Range button to get a clean page, in either HTMLpage or PDF, Answers 18. that you can use your browser's 21. Happens March 26. Our local MP print button to print. This in page won't have buttons or ads, just your puzzle. The PDF format allows the web site to RSA is based 27. On top of the mountain know how large23. a printer pagehere is, and the fonts are scaled to fill the page. The PDF takes awhile to generate. Don't panic! 24. The ______ Memorial Reserve




e e s d n a ays e m o C displ the

Answer Key HTML

Answer Key PDF

Printable HTML

2. Hire bik 3. This sch 4. Runs thr 7. The Tow 9. Closed f 11. Deputy M 12. Te Aroh 13. The trots 14. They use 17. Closed d 18. Hot ____ 20. _______ 21. Happens 23. RSA is b 24. The ___

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Use the "Printable HTML" button to get a clean page, in either HTML or PDF, that you can use your browser's print button to print. This page won't have buttons or ads, just your puzzle. The PDF format allows the web site to know how large a printer page is, and the fonts are scaled to fill the page. The PDF takes awhile to generate. OPENING HOURS Don't panic!

Summer Season - Everyday 11.00am-4.00pm Other times - by appointment only


102 Whitaker Street, Te Aroha Phone/fax 07 884 4427 Email:

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The Aroha Advertiser is printed and distributed during the first week of each month throughout the Te Aroha region. If you have any contributions please contact us. Deadline for next issue: Wednesday 27th February All enquiries can be directed to: This edition is printed on paper from Te Aroha Print Ltd. responsible sources and uses toners and printer parts that are recycled 40 Kenrick Street, Te Aroha along with any associated waste. phone: 07 884 9133 • fax: 07 884 9137 email: Aroha Advertiser - Page 2

Scott Simpson, M P Coromandel The start of a New Year always brings renewed energy and a sense of anticipation as to what the next twelve months will hold. While we are by no means out of the woods in terms of the impact the global recession is having on the economy, I am hopeful we will see some significant progress made during 2013. The spending restraint and sensible prioritisation of resources in 2012 has put New Zealand in a comparatively healthy position when compared with many other OECD countries. We can also expect to start seeing the positive effects of several major policy reforms undertaken by the National led Government last year. For example, the overhauled welfare system now has work and readiness to work as its main focus with clear pathways and strategies to get people into employment. The rebuild of Christchurch will gain momentum creating significant work opportunities and boosting both the regional and national economy. Meanwhile the continuing roll-out of the Better Public Services programme will see a better standard of front line services across all the major sectors, from health and education to policing and housing. This won’t necessarily mean spending more, but spending better to make sure our services are really delivering for people. Locally on the Coromandel we can look forward to seeing progress in the development of our new aquaculture zones, one of the most valuable economic opportunities presented to this region for many years. Further work on reducing red tape within the Resource Management Act will act as a positive catalyst for the building industry and with house prices slowly

recovering, this is a sector where I would hope to see substantial growth in the Coromandel in 2013. For me, 2012 was a hugely busy but exciting year, my first as Member of Parliament for Coromandel. Some particular highlights stand-out – the official opening of the Hauraki Rail Trail with the Associate Minister for Tourism Chris Tremain was one. Showcasing our new marine farming zone to the Prime Minister was another. I was also delighted to meet groups of our 65 plus residents during the morning and afternoon teas I hosted in Te Aroha. I have thoroughly enjoyed travelling the length and breadth of the Coromandel, including of course Coromandel Town and getting to know you, the people, the families and communities who make this such a special place to live. So Happy New Year to you and yours. I’m looking forward to 2013 and to continuing to work as hard as I possibly can on your behalf.


Available to meet constituents by appointment Thames 07 868 3529


$40 per day bike hireage Talk to us about group bookings Present this and receive 15% off any bike purchase p 07 884 4545 m 027 677 8531

Streaming Live on

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Telephone 07 901 0100

Community Calendar

s Mountain

to do

Send in your information for any up and coming events that you want advertised to Aroha Advertiser or the Te Aroha I-Site if you want to be included in this Calendar and on the I-Site Website.

FEBRUARY Monday, 4th

Wednesday, 20th Tui Park Bowling Club - TWILIGHT BOWLS Waitoa Bowling Club - SOCIAL TWILIGHT BOWLS

Tuesday, 5th Wednesday, 6th Tui Park Bowling Club - LADIES TWO DAY CLASSIC Tuesday, 5th

Te Aroha Athletics Club - CLUB NIGHT 6.00pm

Friday, 22nd Saturday, 23rd


Monday, 25th


Tuesday, 26th

Te Aroha Athletics Club - CLUB NIGHT 6.00pm

Wednesday, 6th Tui Park Bowling Club - TWILIGHT BOWLS

Wednesday, 20th Tui Park Bowling Club - TWILIGHT BOWLS

Sunday, 10th

Piako Concert Brass - CONCERT IN THE PARK

Monday, 11th


Friday 1st March "TE AROHA TOY LIBRARY PARTY IN THE PARK" 9:45am - 12noon, Herries Park

Tuesday, 12th

Te Aroha Athletics Club - CLUB NIGHT 6.00pm

Wednesday, 13th Tui Park Bowling Club - TWILIGHT BOWLS

Sat 2nd March


Te Aroha i-SITE Visitor Centre

Saturday, 16th

Te Aroha Athletic Club - RIBBON DAY

Sunday, 17th


Monday, 18th


Tuesday, 19th

Te Aroha Athletics Club - CLUB NIGHT 6.00pm

telling people where to go since 1894

102 Whitaker St Phone 07 884 8052


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"Railing" by Lyn Meredith.

Home - Small Business - Education Cloud Computing - Managed Services Windows - Apple - Linux Desktop Support - Mobile Device Integration Since 2005, we have worked hard to become the trusted computing partner to hundreds of homes & businesses in the Matamata-Piako & Hauraki district. For fast, friendly & efficient service, contact us. We are no fix, no fee.


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 

 

 

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Te Aroha Veterinary Services We are a well established dairy, equine and companion animal practice servicing the greater Matamata Piako area. With our purpose built hospital and surgical facilities our dedicated and experienced staff are able to provide quality care for your animal with a full range of medical, diagnostic and surgical services.

217 Whitaker Street Te Aroha Phone 07 884 9522

Opening Hours Mon-Fri 8am-5pm Sat 9am – 12pm

We also provide a 24 hour service to cover every animal emergency

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Community Information Te Aroha


Restricted Fire Season The Thames Valley Rural Fire District advise that pursuant to the Forest and Rural Fires Act 1977 and the Forest and Rural Fires Regulations 2005 a restricted fire season is now in force for the whole of the Matamata-Piako District, including the urban areas of Te Aroha, Waihou, Matamata, Waharoa, Morrinsville and Tahuna. This means Fire Permits are required for all fires in the open air. Please contact your nearest Council Office if you have any questions. The restricted fire season came into force on 30 January 2013 and will continue until further notice. Thank you for your co-operation. Water Watch Following a long dry period, a district wide sprinkler ban is in force for all water supply consumers (Te Aroha, Matamata, Morrinsville, Te Poi, Tahuna, Waharoa and Hinuera). Hosing remains restricted to alternate days - if you live at an even street number you can hose on even days (e.g. 24 Bloggs St, can water on February 2, 4, 6, 8 etc), if you live at an odd street number you can hose on uneven days (e.g. 23 Bloggs St can water on February 1, 3, 4, 7 etc).


Te Aroha is to be staring on the first week of the new TVZ show “Seven Sharp”. Following the appearance of the signage campaign on “Closeup” last year we have been in discussions with Michael Holland to entice him back to do an article on Te Aroha and the opportunities this town offers for residents and visitors. Just before xmas Michael contacted me and asked if we would like to be on the first show of “Seven Sharp” . The show will hopefully show that Te Aroha is a great place for Aucklanders to visit and relocate. They were filming on the 9th of January and last Friday returned to get some additional footage. The faces that will be representing us are Darice from Chasing Cats, Nikki from the hospital, Wayne from C21, John Rayner (a new immigrant from Auckland) and myself so hopefully the show will put the spotlight on our town. We are not sure when the show will air but have been told it will be in the first week, so tune in it should be good. Te Aroha businesses have experienced one of the busiest summer breaks with lots of visitors using the Cycleway. Our next meeting is on the 19th Feb at the Palace hotel, hope to see you there. Shaun O’Neill Chairman Aroha Advertiser - Page 6

Happy New Year everyone! Hope you’re holiday was fun and relaxing. And for those still at work, hope you have some time off planned real soon. What a summer it’s been so far! With visitors reaching record numbers at Te Aroha i-SITE this year, it’s easy to see why more people are coming to discover what the locals already know – That Te Aroha is the best little town in the Waikato! There’s just so much to do here that travellers have been extending their stay just to fit it all in. And because it’s not your typical ‘tourist town’ visitors get to mix it with the locals. We’ve loved hearing stories from visitors of how they met locals round the Wetlands or on the mountain track and learned some new little insight that the guide books don’t tell you. Or locals who love sharing their gems of local knowledge, such as answers to questions like - ‘Why does that siren go off in the morning?’ or ‘Why is the track called Bald Spur?’. Meanwhile, at the visitor centre we’ve been sending people here, there and everywhere - every day but we have had some help. We’d like to thank the business community and residents of Te Aroha who have gone out of their way to offer information, directions, rides, tent space, information, meals and even hot showers to our visitors! One local establishment hosted a group for dinner who planned a day long loop walk up the Waiorongomai Valley and down the mountain but found there was no public transport out to the Valley. No worries. Their hosts arranged for them to be picked up at their accommodation the next morning – problem sorted! It’s this kind of hospitality that makes a traveller’s trip memorable for the right reasons. Random acts of kindness work both ways. One day, a Japanese lady carried a little dog almost all the way down the mountain track and brought her into the Visitor Centre, very concerned that the little dog seemed to be alone. We gave the hungry wee pooch a drink and something to eat, and a few phone calls later she was reunited with her owner. Turns out she had wandered off with another dog and had been missing for five days so a very happy ending! We’d love to hear about folk you’ve met in Te Aroha over the holidays. Go to our Facebook page at and tell what you’ve been up to around town or share your ‘Summer in Te Aroha’ pics. Keep cool till next month – The i-SITE team

Te Aroha Landing modern accommodation for the independent traveller Te Aroha Landing is Te Aroha's newest accommodation facility comprising of 6 River Houses nestled on the banks of the tranquil Waihou River Visit us on our Open Day and go in the draw to win a free nights accommodation 29 Terminus Street Wednesday 6th February from 2pm-4pm

VALVE RADIO RESTORATION and other equipment

Get your treasured old radios going again Call the expert Kerry Pedersen

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WESTPOINT Dog Obedience

Expert training for a high standard of obedience Peter Stott 027 441 2755 a/h 07 884 8273 Training dogs for over 30 years Worked in Animal Control, SPCA, Kennel Supervisor


Kelby Stewart

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• All landscape work, soft and hard • All aspects of building work • Bobcat & tip truck


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Sandfly City Trading The Aroha Advertiser is now giving you the opportunity to advertise any items you wish to sell, swap or purchase. Cover (Front)

Not only can you have an advertisement in print, you can also have links to a webpage thatBEST will containIN photos of your goods that you wish to trade. USE THE THE INDUSTRY

Suppliers QUALITY You canof view photos of the items by entering the link on the ad on your Sand • Metal • Fertiliser • Calf Bedding • Moss Rocks search engine or by visiting the online version of this edition which • Truck and Excavation Hire for all Your Drainage and Site Works is available on A more thorough e” Richard, Melville, Ron • Livestock Cartage “Get it Right the First Tim

approach to quicker and better sales.


Phone 0-7-884 6625 or 0-27-445 2090

BOARD WANTED by 41 yr old woman. Please phone Katrina 021 082 29054. Impact – Farm

WORK WANTED. Home help for elderly people. Anything considered.THE Please phone Katrina 021 USE BEST 082 29054.

FOR SALE. 4 sets of adjustable car springs. 2-3 different brands. Offers. Phone Craig 884 8174 or 021 511 199.


Suppliers of QUALITY

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Phone 0-7-884 6625 or

FOR SALE. Grandfather Clock. Tempus Fugit. Good condition, keeps good time. Offers 021 702 975. Farm Services & Supplies Transport Operators

New bridges in the Waiorongomai valley

USE THE BEST IN THE INDUSTRY Suppliers of QUALITY • Sand • Metal • Fertiliser • Calf Bedding • Moss Rocks �

Truck and Excavation Hire for all Your Drainage and Site Works “Get it Right Livestock Cartage

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MANAWARU SANDFILL & LIVESTOCK LTD Manawaru Road Te Aroha Ph 0-7-884 6625 or 0-27-445 2090 Aroha Advertiser - Page 8

WE HAVE IT ALL •Full sales & service of pool pumps & filters •Aquatic one minute pool treatments •Chemicals & a wide range of pool accessories •Free water testing •Thermometers •Leaf scoops •Filter baskets •Vacuum heads •Pool hose •Automatic pool cleaners •Water filtration & UV systems our speciality



Revival Clothing Quality pre loved Clothing and Accessories Hours: Wednesday to Saturday 10.00am – 3.00pm In the Taxi On 11 house 11 Kenrick Street Te Aroha

16 Lipsey Street, Te Aroha Ph/Fax 07 884 7855 Mobile 0274 973 469 Email:


Come in and check it out!!

8 Lawrence Avenue, Te Aroha Phone 07 884 9156 Fax 07 884 7156 Email


Don't Get Yourself in Trouble CALL THE EXPERTS! Aroha Advertiser - Page 9

• FREEVIEW • Stove Repair • Security Installations • Air Con Servicing • Telephone Jacks • Switchboard Checks.....

Te Aroha Beginnings . . . Education had a shaky beginning As we get ready for the 2013 school year, we take a look at how the education system started in Te Aroha - taken from This is Te Aroha by C. Kingsley-Smith. In the feverish excitement of the initial gold rush, little thought had been given to the matter of education in the shanty town which was then Te Aroha. There were,of course, several gold diggers who had brought their families, and who would have assumed the time would come when some sort of school would be established on the field. One person pioneered the way. The wife of a Doctor Harvey, she was a quiet and devout woman who made one of the rooms in her home available for children. She taught them herself. Some twenty children of all ages attended the classes - all from the camp - and so the good lady laid the shaky foundations of Te Aroha's schooling. One year later the first 'school committee' made the representations to the local Methodists who, at the expense of $80, had built the first church hall in the township. The new building was thereupon rented as a school for the sum of seven shillings and sixpoence per week, and the Education Board then appointed Mr J. Matheson of Thames as the first headmaster.

All might have gone well but for the continual default in poaying the rent, which the church committee promptly raised to twelve shillings and sixpenc. Fortunately the educational authorities stepped in, and Te Aroha's first official school building in 1883. The site of one-and-a-half acres was donated by the generous=hearted Mr George Lipsey, and when the school was opened some fifty youngsters from the town and adjoining districts filed in to meet their headmaster, Mr J. Matheson and his assistant Miss K. Truscott. For many years this two-roomed school served its purpose, and it was actually part of the old structure which was demolished in 1936 to make way for a more modern building. The Primary School was rebuilt in 1936 to meet the growing population, and remained in the centre of the town until the High School which had been built in 1922. Education settled down, andat the town's fiftieth anniversary in 1930, it was the schoolchildren who figured in parades and demonstrations to mark the event.

Te Aroha's first official school building, erected in 1883 at a cost of ÂŁ700

Aroha Advertiser - Page 10


(from the book - This is Te Aroha) Apart from its pioneering, and its struggle to become established after the abortive gold rush which filled the site with speculators, Te Aroha has not been without its 'characters' who have left tales of wit and humour. Other incidents, quite unintentional have been equally as humorous, although the main actors may have had no intention of being funny.    A certain runaway prisoner from the Mount Eden jail found his way into the lower Coromandels and lived by raiding farmhouses at night. All police stations were put on the alert, but there were so many false alarms that the police at Te Aroha became fed up with going out ten and twenty miles south for nothing. The local sergeant was in the habit of taking his wife with him for company in the family two-seater. Te Aroha roared, therefore, when on his last trip he arrived back in town with his good lady sitting gloomily on the prisoners' knee!    In the mid 1930's a bored reporter sat through a sitting of claim and counter-claim between a farmer and sharemilkers in the Te Aroha court. It dragged on for hours. Noticing the delapidated state of the court Bible on the witness stand, he casually wrote that it 'any local well wisher of the court feels inclined to do the town a favour, he might donate a new Bible, as the old one is a

Can anyone help with this photograph? Location, approximate date etc

disgrace.' The result was amazing, for somehow the paragraph got to Wellington where the Justice Department sent a demand to the local Clerk of Court to furnish a description of the said Bible. Upon closer examination the 'Bible' tutned out to be a copy of the Collins Clear-type dictionary - on which it appeared many hundreds of witnesses had been sworn in over the years!


PHONE 07 884 9491

Quality Beds at Reasonable Prices SUMMER SPECIALS

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Camping Fishing Gear Picnic Essentials Gardening GENERAL HARDWARE


Our primary logo should be used wherever possible. The vertical format best displays the heart device, while ensuring all elements are legible.


Entertainment Guide







Wherever possible the RSA heart should appear in red, with charcoal or white lettering and badge. For other situations the black or white logo can be used.



Where the background is red, use the white (reverse) version of the logo.

FRIENDSHIP GROUP Commencing Wednesday 6th February at 6.00pm CLEAR SPACE Monday 11th February - 1pm MINIMUM SIZE For optimum reproduction a space of at least the width of More info contact Terry 884and9012 Leave getthetogether and have a cup of tea and a chat. legibility, the logo shouldn’t be smaller the letter ‘A’Let's (taken from logo) than 25mm in height. between theAlogo and chance other elements. nice to get out and meet some new friends and old. COME ALONG AND We can pick you up and drop you off HAVE SOME FUN NO TROUBLE AT ALL! 25mm

Piako Concert Brass

Summer Concert Series in Te Aroha Domain

Come and enjoy a varied programme of music in the Domain on Sunday 10th February at 2pm. Bring a chair and relax – enjoy the music and the ambience of Te Aroha!

Come to the RSA and enjoy a great afternoon of entertainment!! The Te Aroha RSA would like to invite you and your friends and neighbours to come and enjoy a monthly catch up! A place to take some time out of your normal week and come in and have a chat and catch up with friends. To register your interest or put your name down for a ride please ring the club 884 8124.

We look forward to seeing you all.

 YES This
 YOUTH EVENT - 6th April 2013 st

A group of youth, from Te Aroha, has joined forces with The Youth Empowerment This is a fantastic event, which gives children a safe and There
 Service (YES), and together with support from Future Te Aroha they are making telling,
 progress with Planning a YES Factor, youth Talent quest. fun environment created just for them. The
 This Youth event has received funding from The Ministry of Youth Development and join
 Friday 1st March 2013 9:45am – 12:00 Midday is intended to achieve two purposes: 1. to meet the Goal of ‘being a district that has 

 youth friendly spaces with things for young people to do’ – as per the MatamataGold Coin Donation. 
 Piako Youth Action Plan; 2. to provide a platform for youth leadership development. 
 The YES Factor talent quest will provide performance opportunities to youth aged 
 There will be lots of fun activities for the children to 14-21 in the district. Auditions will be held in Matamata, Morrinsville and Te Aroha 
 do, including music, story telling, ride on toys and very next March with the best 4 performances from each category (Music, Dance and 
 special guests. Come along and enjoy the fun! Variety) performing with along with a celebrity performer or two, at the YES Factor 
 event in the Te Aroha Domain on the 6th April 2013. 

The event is for under fives only, all pre-school children in the area are invited to join in. For more information phone Lou 07 884 9258.

Keep yourself up to date with the event by checking our facebook page “Youth Empowerment Service” and/or looking out for our monthly updates in the Aroha advertiser. We are continuing to recruit youth who would like to be involved with the planning and implantation of this event, Please contact Leith at 07 8849177 or 027 2967886.

Aroha Advertiser - Page 12


Aroha Advertiser - Page 13

All entries must be dropped off at Te Aroha Print, 40 Kenrick Street, Te Aroha before Friday 22nd February 2013. Winners will be notified by phone. Artwork will be displayed in Te Aroha Print window.

Name..................................................................... Age................... Phone................................................

Picture B is a local Pokeko named Harris and is for children aged 5-7 years. Prize donated by United Video Te Aroha - Free DVD viewing

Name..................................................................... Age................... Phone................................................

Picture A is Te Aroha Tyres and is for children aged 8 - 10 years. Prize donated by Te Aroha Tyres - Child's Fishing Rod and Reel

The Aroha Advertiser is now running a colouring competition for children with prizes for the best work, judged by Te Aroha Arts Society. In keeping with our local theme, local businesses have been selected to be coloured in for our competition and the closest to the original image will be judged the winner.


Te Aroha Tyres


Colouring Competition

Community Organisation News TE AROHA TENNIS Te Aroha Tennis Club’s grass courts were fun for a lesson from Piako Coach Clem Apted. The Courts prepared by Owen Passau[ NZ Veterans National President], and Colin Miller have been a great success this season and tennis players from all over the Country have been competing in tournaments held at the club. Club President Mike Erceg has been pleased with the increase of the numbers of Juniors this season and has plans to increase the Senior Membership. Junior Tennis Coaching starts WED 6TH FEB new Juniors welcome, phone Coach Clem Apted 07 884 4548.


TE AROHA ANGLING CLUB 2012 Annual Charity Snapper Tournament The weekend of the 23rd – 25th November was the Te Aroha Angling Clubs Annual Snapper Tournament. The weather was fine and there was lots of fish weighed in. In fact there was a total of 686 fish weighed in at the Boyd Park weigh in from 150 contestants with a total of 1180.606kg of fish total weight. This gave us an average weight of 1.7210kg with John Waugh taking away the bi $1000.00 cash prize. Either side of average was Roger (Physco) Wilton 1.7315kg and Karen Dufield with her 1.7090kg fish. The top 10 results are: Jason Farac 11.6370kg Yogesh Kumar 10.9985kg Ritesh Kumar 10.6035kg Abbie Robinson 9.6720kg Maurice Turner 8.9830kg Tony (ynot) 8.1840kg Sam Carey 7.9255kg Graham Farrell 7.8650kg Bruce Prattley 7.6355kg Denis Pollock 7.3525kg The sponsors prize was won by Walton Meat Packers who received an accommodation voucher to stay at the Anchorage Motel in Paihia. With the tournament now behind us we look forward to our Take A Kid Fishing event in April 2013. With the proceeds from this tournament and its generous sponsors, our Take A Kid Fishing Day, I am sure, like our tournament will be a huge success. We thank and acknowledge all our sponsors. Te Aroha Angling Club enquiries can be made to Richard Cornes, Ph 0274452090.

The Te Aroha Tramping Club kicked off the New Year with a visit to Te Awamutu on the 13th Jan, firstly an easy walk to Yarnleys Bush seeing some very tall Kahikatea trees and a leisurely stroll around Lake Ngaroto. Then on the 27th we did a walk up to the top of Waiorongomai Valley to see the fabulous new bridges DOC has installed to make some of those stream and gully crossings safer for trampers. The bush was lovely and cool with a gentle breeze while the sunshine blazed out in the open. The club meets every second Sunday for trips of varying levels of difficulty ranging from easy urban strolls to some gutbusting climbs and anything in between! There is usually an historical aspect to the trip or a water feature, be it waterfall, stream or river. Walks planned for February are: 10th Feb – Lindermann Rd near Katikati. This is a steady uphill grade to the Wairoa Shelter and onto some old Kauri dams nearby. After lunch, a steep downhill track for the return. This loop tramp is graded average and will take approx six hours. 24th Feb – William Wright Falls This walk starts from the northern end of Waihi Beach. A beautiful coastal walk takes us to Orokawa Bay. We walk the length of the beach where the pohutukawa branches bend to touch the white sands. Then we head inland, crossing a small stream many times before reaching the falls. This trip is graded average and will take about five hours. Photo L to R: The club always welcomes new members and anyone inter- Back row: Sam Carey, Abbie Robinson, Maurice Turner, ested can contact Te Aroha i-SITE for more information or a Ritesh Kumar, Graham Farrell, Paul Farac, Bruce Prattley copy of the latest programme or check Front: Yogesh Kumar, Ynot, Megan Farac events every month for upcoming trips. Aroha Advertiser - Page 14

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Country Kids Kindergarten Waitoa is humming with children and their families enjoying the newly renovated premises. Children have been enjoying exploring their new play space and the trained registered teachers ensure that many activities are on offer each day. Now that the sun is shining, children are loving playing outside on the fabulous slide, swings or climbing equipment. Children are busily engaged from the time they arrive to when they leave, tired but happy! The centres' philosophy encompasses care of people and the environment and the free range chickens add to the learning and fun. Right now we have nine chicks to feed and cuddle! We even have a worm farm to help recycle the leftovers from lunch time.

Country Kids love to play in their mud pit or help in the garden. They enjoy structured times with stories and songs as well as lots of time to play and learn with their peers. Teachers welcome visitors who want to pop in and a cuppa. In addition a pre entry playgroup is held each Friday afternoon from 2.003.30pm, for anyone who would like a play and a chat. So come along and join in the fun at Country Kids! A lovely spacious playroom caters for 40 children aged 2-5. The kindergarten is open 6 hours per day Monday to Thursday and 4½ Friday's term time only. All teachers at Country Kids are fully trained and registered.


Fun, gentle exercise to improve well being, strength and balance. Beginners classes are commencing at Te Aroha Physiotherapy Clinic Hall. Beginners Modified Sun Style Wednesdays 8am-9am Advanced Modified Sun Style continue Wednesdays 9am-10am. Beginners Sun Style Tuesdays 5.30pm-6.30pm Advanced Sun Style continue Tuesdays 6.30pm-7.30pm Cost: $5 per class. Instructor: Jenny Lucy For more information contact Jenny - 027 245 8418


2013 promises to be an exciting year for our school. Following our excellent 2012 year where student enjoyed great success in the classroom and the sports field we are most excited about the New Year. Staffed by great classroom teachers, with small class sizes and a supportive family environment in a beautiful rural setting, our students are very fortunate. Congratulations to our student winners for 2012. Strange Cup for Girl’s Academic Excellence Ruby Spooner Strange Cup for Boy’s Academic Excellence Michael Glasgow Citizenship Cup Taine Wilson Hill Academic Progress Cup Madison Spooner Academic Award Ruby Spooner Literacy and Thinking Award Jade Kerridge Mathematics Award Michael Glasgow ICT Excellence Award Curtis Loader Hill Sports Cup Conor McGiven Rugby Player of the Year Taine Wilson Term 1 2013 will be busy. Swimming is the order of the day for the first 6 weeks, culminating in our school swimming sports and district events. We also run a triathlon/biathlon picnic evening for students and their families. School camps are to be enjoyed by all students, the junior school will have a sleepover at school and a school outing, while the Year 5-8 students are camping at Mount Maunganui in early April enjoying a range of activities related to beach, bush and river settings. The senior students will be undertaking leadership training. Our school theme for our inquiry learning in 2013 is “We Care about COMMUNICATION.” In Term 1 the focus will be on communication systems and how we effectively communicate one to another in class, in our school, in our community and the wider world. From a simple greeting to using the modern technology now available to us all, we will explore effective ways to get our thoughts and messages to others. We look forward to working with our families and students in 2013 year. Let’s learn and have fun together.

SeniorNet Te Aroha Inc February 2013 We will be teaching what we hope you will wish to learn to maximise your computer usage To enrol in a beginners course • Email & Internet • Word Processing • • The use of iPads • • Genealogy • Power Point • Digital Photography To enrol please contact Dave Clark/ Pam Clark 889 7987 Lyndsay Noble 884 9299 Carole Keightley 884 9737

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• Invoice Books • Business Cards • Flyers • Brochures • Graphic Design

aroha print ltd .


• Copying • Scanning • Archiving • Large Format- posters, plans

Making you look good on paper

TE AROHA PRINT LTD 40 Kenrick Street Te Aroha 07 884 9133

Quality Printing Specialists

24 hours - 7 days a week

Residential Rural Commercial Industrial

For professional, prompt & quality service call

BEN COLLINS Mobile: Phone: email:

021 138 3823 07 884 6613

Piako Stainless & Alloy Specialists Ltd For all your stainless steel needs. We weld aluminium, magnesium, titanium, die cast & steel.

Manufacturers of low pressure hot water cylinders.

9 Honi St, Te Aroha p 07 884 9122 f 07 884 9121

PIAKO HOME KILLS Geoff & Lindy Wigzell KILLING ON FARM PROCESSING OF • BEEF • SHEEP • PIGS Packed to your Requirements Phone 07 884 4201 - Mobile 022 082 1238

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Community News

For information phone Daphne 884 4347.

A MESSAGE OF THANKS FROM THE FOOD BANK Thank you to everyone in Te Aroha and the surrounding districts who have donated in any way to Te Aroha Community Food Bank over the past twelve months; your generosity has been outstanding and we greatly appreciate it. Without your help the food bank would find it very difficult to assist those people in our community who are temporarily in need of food assistance. All donations, however large or small, are accepted with thanks at Citizens Advice Bureau Te Aroha, Drop IN centre and Te Aroha Family Budget Service. Many thanks to you all from the staff of Te Aroha Community Food Bank.

PIAKO CONCERT BRASS Summer Concert series in Te Aroha Domain Come and enjoy a varied programme of music in the Domain on Sunday 10th February at 2pm. Bring a chair and relax – enjoy the music and the ambience of Te Aroha! **************************** Piako Concert Brass currently needs some more players – especially a drummer! So start the New Year with a new interest - come along and see what we do. All ages and levels of experience welcome and we do have some brass and wind instruments available for loan. Practises are held at Waihou Hall every Tuesday at 7pm - for more information call Sonia on 887 1767 or Kate on 884 9434.

TE AROHA CAMERA CLUB The camera club will commence on the 11th February at 7.30pm in the Art Centre in Riwi Street Te Aroha. Every one who is interested in learning how to operate their digital camera, or want to learn how to take better photographs or learn about Photoshop is more than welcome. At various times during the year we have photographic field trips to some fabulous locations not too far from our home base. We are a small friendly club who endeavour to foster looking at the wider world with a new appreciation. Feel free to contact Peter Kampenhout for more details on (07) 8844 505. See page 4 for our Print of the Month.

TE AROHA SENIOR CITIZENS Meetings every Tuesday 1.30pm Senior Citizens Hall, 24 Church Street PROGRAMME 5th Feb Volunteering Waikato 12th Feb Roger and Raewyn C&W Music 19th Feb Daphne Ellis - Hearing Dogs 26th Feb Bob and Lyn C&W Music Cards (500) and Bowls every Thursday 1pm Hall for hire - Reasonable Rates Contact Jack Cohen Ph 884 7771


fostering social services in the community Since 1999 Charitable Trust CC22427

Our NEW programme, STORY TIME starts on 13th February and is a weekly programme offering children in our community a time outside the school environment to help them develop their reading, social, listening and creative skills. It promotes positive language skills through sharing, reading, language and creative activities presented in a fun way to children aged 5 to 8 years. The programme is facilitated by caring volunteers and is a free service to the Te Aroha community. To arrange your child's participation contact their teacher. Music and Movement for youngsters up to school age and their carers,is back after the holidays on 13th February at 10.00am. Soup and Rolls a lunchtime meal on Wednesdays - everyone welcome. Starts again February 13th at 11.30am. Friendship, Care and Craft group meet at 10.00am on Wednesdays commencing February 13th. All programmes are at St. David's 32 Church Street, Te Aroha For information please phone 884 9932 Mob 021 060 6625 or email:

PILATES classes held at Te Aroha Physiotherapy every

Tuesday at 1pm, all ages and abilities welcome, great exercise for strengthening the core, toning and mobility, $10 per person. Enquiries phone Vicki 889 4566

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This friendly group has been going since 1990. Please help us keep it alive by coming along and joining us for our weekly walk. We meet 9.15am to start at 9.30am on Thursday 7th February 2013 at Senior Citizens Hall, Church Street. Experienced walkers and social walkers always welcome.

Across: 1. Mokena Restaurant, 4. Water, 5. Te Mokena Hou, 6. Admiral, 8. Railway Station, 10. Tui Mine, 15. Railway Bridge, 16. Fire Service, 17. Possum, 19. Wairere Falls, 22. Cadman Bath House, 25. Puriri, 26. Scott Simpson, 27. TV Mast. Down: 2. Outdoor Adventure, 3. Te Aroha Primary School, 4. Waihou River, 7. Art Deco, 9. Leisure Pools, 11. Jan Barnes, 12. Christmas, 13. Racecourse, 14. Paddle Steamers, 17. Piako Stationery, 18. Springs, 20. Kaimai, 21. Domain Day, 23. Rewi Street, 24. Howarth



ANNUAL CHARITY OPEN FISHING CONTEST (Competition will not be cancelled)

5.00am Friday 22nd February - 5.00pm Saturday 23rd February 2013 Briefing Wednesday 20th February at Te Aroha Club at 7.00pm 2 x $100 note Spot Prizes to be won plus more EARLY BIRD PRIZE IF YOU ENTER BEFORE 13th FEBRUARY 2013 MUST BE AT BRIEFING TO WIN (Sponsored by Part Master Hamilton) "Can't get out? Enter anyway - you could still win a major prize" BOAT OR LAND BASED FISHING - Salt Water Fish Matamata Marine J.F. Jones Livestock H T I W Auto Tech Ltd Rex Mikkelson Contractors & WIN FISH AJ's Lawncare Plus Decrapave Concrete Ltd Cockertons Stores CLUB KITCHEN OPEN • SPOT PRIZES • HEAVIEST FISH IN VARIOUS CATEGORIES • $1000 CASH FOR AVERAGE WEIGHT SNAPPER • HARD LUCK PRIZE EACH SIDE WEIGH IN CLOSES SATURDAY FEBRUARY 23rd AT 5.00pm SHARP • PROCEEDS GO TO CHARITY • ENTRY $30 per person ($25 if purchased before 13th Feb) Entry forms available from: Enquiries to: Te Aroha Club (open 3pm to 10pm) Te Aroha Club, 42 Centennial Ave, Te Aroha. 07 884 8949 Cockerton Stores or McConnochies Service Station or Heather Hazleton 07 884 9574 or 021 036 9590

TE AROHA TOY LIBRARY Do you want to give your children the toys you have always dreamed of children having? Don't want your house filled with clutter and toys that your little ones don't really want to play with anymore? Do you want to save money but still know that your children can enjoy new toys all the time? Then joining up with the Te Aroha Toy Library is for you!! The Te Aroha Toy Library has several hundred toys of all kinds from little babies to 5 year olds. This Toy Library is one of the top toy library's in the country with the toys being so well looked after and so efficiently run! "Since I joined the Te Aroha Toy Library I know my children can have the best toys around, and we don't need to keep spending money buying the. There is a once a year subscription! When they get tired of them after two weeks, we go up and borrow some different ones. It's a system that works, and it is fantastic!" (Toy Library member of two years) Come along and see the massive range of quality toys available to borrow for your little ones!


FREE SERVICE Donation Welcome

Door to Door service!!

Te Aroha Town Bus: every second Tuesday all year round (Pension Day)

Services every 3rd Monday of each month to



January March May July September November

February April June August October December

For information and booking please call Jean

Contact: Joline 884 8416 or Dallas 884 8812

operating under the umbrella of Te Aroha Springs Community Trust (Charitable Trust No. CC22427)

884 9932

Facilitated by Te Aroha Springs Community Trust 32 Church Street, Te Aroha, 3320 Phone 07 884 9932 Mob: 021 060 6625 email: Charitable Trust CC22427 Te Aroha Shopping Bus is funded by THE TINDALL FOUNDATION

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erlusconi on whitaker

A la Carte & Pizza Menus

Restaurant & Bar

wine and cocktails • premium cuisine open Wednesday 5.30pm - late Thursday - Sunday brunch & lunch from 11.00am dinner from 5.30pm - late

149 Whitaker St Te Aroha 07 884 9307

Bookings essential for Valentines Day

Kerry McKinley


Glenda Milligan

Short Street, MATAMATA • Ph 888 8333 Whitaker Street, TE AROHA • Ph 0800 862273

213A Whitaker Street, Te Aroha Ph/Fax: 07 884 9378 Mob: 0274 744 144 Email:


erv nage S g i S e t omple • sign manufacturers • car detailing • window tinting & frosting • vans trucks buses boats

Kenrick Street Te Aroha

07 884 8174

Threading (from $10) Waxing (from $10) Brazilians (from $40) Tinting (from $15) Facials (from $39)

l Speci•aBrazilian $40• Eye Brow Shape • Tint

Manicures (from $15) Eyelash Extensions (from $45) Gel Nails (from $29) Gift Vouchers


Clinic in Te Aroha

(Advance Bookings essential)

027 740 5881


Beauty Therapy Gifts - Crystals 135 Whitaker St Te Aroha 07 884 9457


Lady of the House Beauty



Low kms • Very tidy & reliable

• footpath signs • shop fronts & fascias • banners flags stickers • computer cut lettering • wide format digital printing • uniforms & sportswear printing



1.6l, auto, A/c New WOF, New Rego




• Waxing Brow and Lash Tints • Facials • Massages • Ear Candling • Foot Fantasy • Hand Pampers • Clairvoyant/Tarot Readings

3 Lipsey Street, Te Aroha Ph: 07 884 4555 Fax: 07 884 4005 A/H: 07 884 7828 Mob: 0274 908 858    

WOF Inspections Vehicle Maintenance & Repairs Free Battery Testing & Charging Quotes

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Aroha Advertiser February 2013  

Aroha Advertiser February 2013

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