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APRIL 2013 Promoting Te Aroha Edition 12 Circulation 3100 The f O n o i t a Organis TE AROHA SPRINGS COMMUNITY TRUST Month fostering social services in the community Te Aroha Springs Community Trust was established in 1999 to ‘meet needs, enrich life and encourage service to the community of Te Aroha’ with the objective of initiating, establishing and administering community and social services without discrimination and not otherwise provided in the local community and its surrounding districts. Since its inception the Trust has provided care and activities to many people and continues in its endeavours to ensure that identified needs are met. The Trust is assisted by many volunteers who give of their time in many ways, including transporting people to and from the activities. • Music and Movement for pre-schoolers and their carers on Wednesday mornings at 10.00am followed by morning tea for all. • Story Room on Wednesday afternoons is an interesting programme for 5 to 8 year olds encouraging the development of reading, comprehension, and social skills. The programme has the support of the local schools who nominate the children who take part. • The Te Aroha Shopping Bus has been operating for two years and is a door to door service for transport restricted people in the community. The bus, which is manned by volunteers, runs every second Tuesday (pension day) to Te Aroha town centre and alternatively between Morrinsville and Matamata on the third Monday of each month. Next month (April 15th) will be to Matamata. Passengers are picked up from their homes around 10.00am for all services.

• The Trust supports Wednesday Lunch which is run by volunteers from St. David’s Church. A wholesome lunch is served at 11.30am and anyone is welcome to enjoy the meal and companionship. A gold coin donation is welcome but not necessary. • From time to time the Trust is also able to provide firewood in appropriate circumstances. • Te Aroha Springs Community Trust is the umbrella organisation for Te Aroha Community Food Bank and Te Aroha Toy Library. The Toy Library now has a ‘Stroke Recovery’ Membership category where puzzles and games aiding rehabilitation can be borrowed. The Trust keeps its expenses to a minimum and relies on the generosity of funders to cover its costs. The overall plan and objective of the Trust is to continue providing the social services it now provides to the community of Te Aroha and its surrounding areas, and to establish new activities when the need is identified. For information about Te Aroha Springs Community Trust and its activities, or to offer suggestions where the Trust may be able to provide a service, please contact Jean Bearda on 884 9932. The Trust operates from St. David’s Church, 32 Church Street, Te Aroha and is registered Charitable Trust No. CC22427.

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• Bus Trip outings to the cinema or concerts in Hamilton, and to interesting places in the surrounding area, occur throughout the year.

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• A lively group of people meet each Wednesday at the Friendship, Care and Craft Group where they enjoy the opportunity to share their time with others. • The Trust joins with Paeroa Community Support Trust to run Day Camp, an outdoor activities and adventure experience for 220 children and 60 teenagers over four days each September school holidays on a farm in Hill Road. Day Camp is now in it’s 20th year and over this time has been run entirely by volunteers. The children have a fantastic time in the open air and come home each day tired and happy.

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Across Shop here 18 1977 Serving your community since Thomas comes to Te Aroha 19 Reputation for being one of the best appointed in the province 12 Omaha 13 New plant on its way 14 Before phones or radio Te Aroha had its own 22 23 17 Parade held on 25 April 19 Mount __ ______ is 3125ft 20 No other building25 enhances The Domain more 21 Tui Mine ______ is nearly complete 2229 1890 name30 for Waihou River 31 24 The first Europeans to visit this region were Anglican 25 Discovered in Waiorongomai 1881 33 28 Standing Down 31 The original name of the district was Aylesbury 33 It was held on St. Patrick’s Day 34 Use to be “the capital’ of this area 35 The Te Aroha & Ohinemuri 1 5 7 10





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Across 27 Down Shop here 2 The 1972 _____ which shook Te Aroha 29 30 31 Serving your community since 1977 3 The museum recently revamped this Thomas comes to Te Aroha room Reputation for being33 one of the best 4 Citizen Advice needs more 32 appointed in the province 6 David McLean Wallace was born in 34 12 Omaha 8 Old Te Aroha Family 13 New plant on its way 9 Inspirational Morrinsville rugby player 14 Before phones or radio Te Aroha had 11 You can stay in this Waiorongomai its own Hotel 35 17 Parade held on 25 April 15 Alex Bradley Officially opened it in 1928 19 Mount __ ______ is 3125ft 16 The ____ in the 1917 Queens Carnival Across Down 20 No other building enhances The was made by Johnson’s of Te Aroha Shop here 2 The 1972 _____ which shook Te Aroha Domain more 18 The Firth of _____ Serving your community since 1977 3 The museum recently revamped this 21 Tui Mine ______ room is nearly complete 23 Try it first in Te Aroha Thomas comes to Te Aroha Waihou Riverneeds more 26 A nice bike ride to _____ Reputation for being one of the 22 best1890 name 4for Citizen Advice 24 The first Europeans visit this region 27 Hot Springs Hotel had 40 appointed in the province 6 Davidto McLean Wallace was born in were Anglican 29 Senior Citizen’s Hall in the Street Omaha 8 Old Te Aroha Family New plant on its way Inspirational Morrinsville rugby player 30 22 springs in The 25 Discovered 9in Waiorongomai 1881 Before phones or radio Te Aroha28 hadStanding Down 11 You can stay in this Waiorongomai 32 A film made here ______ of Te Aroha its own Hotel 31 The original name of the district was Parade held on 25 April Alex Bradley Officially opened it in 1928 Aylesbury 15 Mount __ ______ is 3125ft 16 The ____ in the 1917 Queens Carnival No other building enhances The33 It was held on St. wasPatrick’s made by Day Johnson’s of Te Aroha The Te Aroha Crossword questions and answers are 34 Use to be “the kindly researched and produced by the staff of the Te Domain more 18 capital’ The Firthof of this _____area 35 The Te Aroha Ohinemuri Tui Mine ______ is nearly complete 23 &Try it first in Te Aroha 26


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1890 name for Waihou River The first Europeans to visit this region were Anglican Discovered in Waiorongomai 1881 Standing Down The original name of the district was Aylesbury It was held on St. Patrick’s Day Use to be “the capital’ of this area The Te Aroha & Ohinemuri

26 A nice bike ride to _____

TE WHARE TAONGA OSprings TE AROHA 27 Hot Hotel had 40

29 Senior Citizen’s Hall in the Street 30 22 springs in The 32 A film made here ______ of Te Aroha

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Aroha and District Museum. Answers page 17.


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The Aroha Advertiser is printed and distributed during the first week of each month throughout the Te Aroha region. If you have any contributions please contact us. Deadline for next issue: Wednesday 24th April All enquiries can be directed to: This edition is printed on paper from Te Aroha Print Ltd. responsible sources and uses toners and printer parts that are recycled 40 Kenrick Street, Te Aroha along with any associated waste. phone: 07 884 9133 • fax: 07 884 9137 email: Aroha Advertiser - Page 2

Scott Simpson, M P Coromandel Meeting the drought challenge It’s been a really tough time for North Island farmers and those around Te Aroha are no exception. I know farmers in our area have been moving quickly to respond to this stressful summer with many destocking early and reducing milking. However, over the next few months managing cashflow will be crucial to helping those who have lost their income streams. I commend local dairy co-operative Tatua for the efforts they have made to support their farmers through this tough period. The 30c/kg advance each month for the next five months is a sensible, pro-active way of assisting members and represents the kind of collective response which is needed to deal with this situation and to plan for future droughts. The Government’s support measures also remain in place with funding being rolled out to local organisations like Rural Support Trusts to provide advice and guidance. Rural Assistance Payments are available in cases of severe hardship. IRD is providing flexibility around tax payments and standard assistance is available from Work and Income. I know our local farmers are a resolute and determined bunch of people but I would urge you to use every support available to ease the pressure during this difficult time. End in sight for Tui Mine clean-up Many who attended the recent Te Aroha Domain Day took the opportunity to visit the information stand on the Tui Mine Remediation Project. The latest news from the remediation team is that remaining tailings downstream of the tailings dam has been stabilised to a high standard. Specialised underground engineering to prevent future disturbance has also taken place. A special one-metre cap over the tailings landform is due to be completed and grassed this month while planting of native trees at the site’s old processing plant is due to start in May. Restoring a safe, non-toxic environment for the people of Te Aroha and its surrounds is of vital importance and the Ministry

of the Environment has to date contributed over $20 million to what the Government regards as a high priority project. I look forward to seeing this project completed over the coming months. Gold Star Award I was delighted to be in Te Aroha recently for the presentation of the United Fire Brigade Association Gold Star Award to Senior Fire Fighter, Shane Reily. Twenty five years is a tremendous commitment to any organisation. This occasion was once again a terrific reminder of how lucky we are to have such dedicated people who give so much time and energy to the betterment and protection of our communities. Often that comes as a sacrifice to personal, family and work commitments. Congratulations to Shane and his wife Kathy and many thanks to Te Aroha Volunteer Fire Brigade for inviting me to share what was a fantastic evening of celebration.

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Send in your information for any up and coming events that you want advertised to Aroha Advertiser or the Te Aroha I-Site if you want to be included in this Calendar and on the I-Site Website. APRIL Tuesday, 2nd Saturday, 6th Sunday, 7th Monday, 8th Tuesday, 9th Tuesday, 9th Tuesday, 16th Wednesday, 17th


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Te Aroha i-SITE Visitor Centre telling people where to go since 1894

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The Central Glass Display Cabinet: This cabinet is kept for special displays, and changed regularly. At present it houses a display on the Hot Springs Hotel, which was demolished in 1971. This includes the Visitor’s book, Large Key, Photograph, and Dining Room Gong, and the telephone number shown is 10!

Mayoralty Photographs: Sixteen Mayors dating from 1898 to 1989, before the Borough became a County. Priceless Porcelain 1895 on: Too many display cabinets to list, but it was noted that many of the Commemorative pieces were made in Austria and some Souvenir items came from Stoke on Trent in the UK. Also a few pieces from our NZ owned Pottery Company, Crown Lynn. Camera Collection: For the photographic enthusiast, an interesting display from the “early” days. A Display Case of Children’s Toys: This includes a beautiful Fretwork wooden train – much too delicate for a boy to play with, Maori Artefacts: Amongst these, donated by Mary Collins in 1991, a particular Kete (Woven Basket) caught my eye. The intricate weave was a gold colour this relating to the use of the Kowhai flower. It was recorded that at the time of donation the Kete was over 70 years old. Card Table: What a lovely piece of furniture. Made in the shape of a flower, with individual seatings between petal shaped curves, an ashtray indented in place for each player. I wondered what the players would have thought of today’s non-smoking laws! The Farming Section: Photographs, Butter Churns, Cheese Press, Separators, Ploughing equipment, A must to visit for all Farmers. Telecommunication Room: This has had a recent revamp by Members. In pride of place, made by Noel Maginnity and Ross Stewart, is the model of Te Aroha Mountain with the Television mast and building. A painting of the transmitter done in 1963 and Telephone Exchange Units, Valve Radios, Telephones, even an early model of Television. Family Photographs” These can be seen all through the Museum, and what I found most noticeable was the immaculate dress of all the families. Not a pair of Jeans in sight! Laundry Room: This makes you very glad that you were not born all those years ago. A triple wooden washtub complete with washboards. Cumbersome Mangles, Washing machines from days gone by. I remembered hearing of the Beatty Brand. Also in here is the wooden bath made from Kauri, as used in the Number Three Bathhouse prior to 1898. And the “glamorous” swimming costumes one could hire.

Railway Station Room: Paintings of rural scenes and the Railway Station. Flags and lantern as used by the Guard. Just arrived during my visit was one of (numbered 18) the heavy wicker baskets in which were kept the blankets and pillows which could be hired for use on long trips. Made with rollers underneath so that it could be rolled along, it is a great addition to the Railway display. A BSA Bicycle I thought rather special. It was owned by a Mr. Oscar Stace who was a member of the Te Aroha Athletic Club. He rode this bike in the British Empire Games, held in London in 1934. The wheel rims were made of Rosewood over which the tyres were placed. Rosewood being pliable enough to form into a circle. The Kitchen: All forms of cooking. Orion Coal Range - 1890, Kerosene Stove – ghastly thought -. An early Electric Stove. Bought by a Mr. A.J. Beavis of Manawaru for the sum of 23 Pounds. The Thames Valley EPB gave terms of a deposit of 10 shillings, then 2 shillings and sixpence a week for 180 weeks! There are many models of Irons, Kitchen scales, and Chamber Candlesticks to light your way to bed. A lovingly hand made Kewpie Doll topped Milk Jug Cover and Teapot Handle Protector, the latter in the shape of a Tui. Real Kiwiana. Toilet Displays: What gems. English made blue patterned china for both the Cistern and Toilet bowls. Even the chain had written PULL on the delicate china. Commodes, and Commode Seats, Stone Hot Water Bottles, and matching Wash Basins and Jugs. Even a Men’s Urinal made by Shanks & Co England. Electricity Generation: An interesting display. In 1904 the ratepayers voted to obtain a loan to finance an electrical installation for the Borough. Te Aroha was the first local body in the Thames Valley to provide electricity. So in 1906 the lights went on. General Interest. The Music Section, Churches of the Borough, the Mountain Springs, Football Clubs, the Tui Mine display, the first Linotype machine from the Te Aroha News. Medical Items and a solid wooden, well used school-desk with built in chair. The above excludes many, many items of interest. But do get along and take your time to look at the treasures that our town’s Museum has to offer. I ran out of time to sit and watch the DVD “Taking the Waters” but I will certainly be back for that. NOTE: Annual Membership is only $15.00 per couple or $10.00 per person. As a member you can visit as many times as you wish, without paying an entrance fee.

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Water restrictions still in place

Notice of meetings The following meetings have been scheduled for the month of April 2013. Morrinsville Community Board – Events Centre, Ron Ladd Place, Morrinsville on Tuesday, 2 April 2013 at 6pm. Matamata Community Board – Matamata Area Office, Tainui Street, Matamata on Monday, 8 April 2013 at 5.30pm. Te Aroha Community Board – Council Chambers, 35 Kenrick Street, Te Aroha on Monday, 15 April 2013 at 5.30pm. Public Forum: A public forum is held at the beginning of the Community Board meetings. If you would like to discuss an issue or topic relating to your ward please contact Caroline Hubbard on 07 884 0060. Matamata-Piako District Council – Council Chambers, 35 Kenrick Street, Te Aroha Wednesday, 10 April 2013 at 9.15am. Corporate and Operations Committee – Council Chambers, 35 Kenrick Street, Te Aroha on Wednesday, 24 April 2013 at 9.15am. This notice is made in accordance with Section 46 of the Local Government Official Information and Meetings Act 1987.


We are getting closer to producing the Te Aroha Dollars and have had several enquires from businesses regarding giving Te Aroha dollars for staff gifts and from clubs for raffle prizes so hopefully this will provide some reward to all those businesses that are part of our association and hopefully may be enough incentive for those that are not yet members to join. The big news for the Association and another good reason to join the association is that we have recently had a special meeting with the committee of “Crusin”. Due to the growth of the Crusin, the incumbent committee were re-assessing the event due to the amount of organisation and time taken to run such a successful event. The Business association have put their hand up to ensure that the Crusin stays in our town and are currently advertising for a Crusin coordinator. We are looking for a coordinator that can take Crusin to the next level. The successful applicant will be responsible for all facets of the event from marketing to road closure, organising volunteers for the day, bands, prizes….. The intent of the association is to get the event to a position that the funds from the Crusin can be used to promote the town and possibly additional events for the town. A big thanks goes to the existing Crusin committee for their efforts to get the event to the standard it is. Our proposed coordinator will be taking up the offer of assistance given by those members to keep the momentum and continue to grow the success of this event which has quickly become Te Aroha’s biggest event. Anyone interested in becoming the Crusin coordinator please see the adds in the Piako Post and page 7 of the Advertiser. Aroha Advertiser - Page 6

Every year Te Aroha i-SITE helps Sport Waikato and DOC coordinate the ECHO Walking Festival. This year there’s an impressive selection of 33 guided walks to choose from stretching from the top of the Coromandel Peninsula to the Waiorongomai Valley. Here’s what Te Aroha has on the menu: SATURDAY April 20 - Te Aroha Domain Short Walks A tour of the lesser known tracks on Mt Te Aroha; some winding and gentle, some short and steep but all with their own story! Steam, mining and waterfalls all feature in this medley of short walks. Duration: 4 hours; WALK Grade: 3 SUNDAY April 21, 2013 CYCLE - On Ya Bike, Not a Hike Cycle the Hauraki Rail Trail from the L & P Bottle town of Paeroa all the way to Te Aroha. Finish the ride with a soak at the Mineral Spas or Leisure Pools. Grade: 1; Distance: 21km one way; Time 2 hours approx. MONDAY April 22 and WEDNSDAY May 1 Starry, Starry Night – Te Aroha Glow Worms On the Lower Domain walk and listen to the sounds of the bush at night. Learn about the life cycle of the glow worm and interesting features of the Domain. Wear comfortable footwear, warm clothes and bring a torch. This is a great walk for the whole family and really exciting for the littlies. Registrations are nearly full for the April Walk but there are still plenty of spaces for the May one. Duration: 1 hour; WALK Grade: 2 SUNDAY April 28 – Healing the Tui Mine Follow the Tui Domain track to the site of the Tui Mine where the second stage of remediation work to protect mountain streams is almost complete. Learn the history of mining since the 1880’s and hear about plans to repopulate the site with native plantings. Return along the foothills to the Domain where walkers can choose to soak at the hot pools. Duration: 4-5 hours; WALK Grade: 4-5 THURSDAY May 2 – Waiorongomai Valley and the relentless search for gold. This full day loop tramp takes you to the upper reaches of the Waiorongomai Valley taking in some significant historic sights from the gold mining days. Learn about Malcolm Hardy – the last miner in the valley and see the remains of his modest hut. Follow the Piako County Tramline and see how men and horses combined with technology to extract gold from the hills. Regenerating bush, mountain stream crossings and a knowledgeable guide make for a very interesting day. Duration: 6 hours; WALK Grade: 5 SUNDAY May 5 – Hidden Treasure in the Waiorongomai Valley A perfect introduction to the Waiorongomai Valley for all ages. This well graded track follows the stream stopping at the base of Butlers Incline for lunch and a ‘Gold Rush’ for the kids. Follow the Piako County Tramline past a mining adit to see how gold was moved out of the Valley and take in the view of the Kaimai Ranges and farmland. Duration: 3 hours; WALK Grade: 3 To register go to the website www.echowalkfest. and go in the draw for some fabulous prizes. Or contact us at i-SITE for more information.


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HANNAH ELECTRICAL A Big Thank You to all who entered our Easter Colouring Competition. SITUATION VACANT

Event Co-ordinator Applications are invited for the position of event co-ordinator in Te Aroha. The co-ordinator would be responsible for the organisation and co-ordination of the Aroha Cruise in which is an annual event. However, the role could grow to coordinate other events in the town. The co-ordinator would be employed by, and would report directly to, the Te Aroha Business Association. Roles will include: • liaising with businesses, service clubs police, council etc • application of funding • marketing of event • website design • health and safety plan • organizing insurance • road closure A full job description is available from: Shaun O'Neill, Te Aroha Business Association Ph: 884 4184 or 0274 153 574 This role is a short term position, and would require an immediate start. Please apply in writing to: Event Co-ordinator Position Te Aroha Business Association PO Box 86 Te Aroha including your cover letter and C.V. by Wednesday April 10th.

Prize Winners Are:

Thomas McGowan Kasey Titchener Annabelle Oosthoek Jasveen Singh-Mahal Samantha Oosthoek Emily Johns Nesta Iti Jasmine Gorman Charlotte Oosthoek





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Saturday 6th April 2013

New Zealand's Richest & Most Prestigious Race for Fillies & Mares Aroha Advertiser - Page 8

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Te Aroha Beginnings . . . Identities - Sir William Herries One of Te Aroha’s greatest sons was Sir William Herries, a man more than once described by Prime Minister Richard Seddon as “one of the ablest and best­ informed financiers in Parliament.” A prominent member of the Government of William Massey, Herries was in Parliament for a quarter of a century. During that time he became one of Parliament’s greatest speakers and tacticians. When he died and his funeral procession came to Te Aroha, the town witnessed perhaps the largest crowd and certainly some of the most extraordinary mourning scenes in its history. Born in London on 19 April 1859, Herries was educated at Eton and at Trinity College, Cambridge. At the age of twentytwo he arrived in Auckland, and soon after settled in the Shaftesbury district, near Te Aroha. Within a year or so he was elected to the Piako County Council. In 1896 he was elected to the House of Representatives, where he sat continuously until his death on 22 February 1923. He was made Minister of Railways and Minister of Native Affairs in July 1912. During his ministerial career he also administered other important folios, including La~our, Customs, and Marine. He was knighted in 1920, on the occasion of the visit of the Prince of Wales. Herries was a tall man - over six feet in height - and some amusement was caused by one of his first orders as Minister of Railways: that longer blankets were to be provided for the sleeping-berths. Scholarly, witty, eloquent, patient, he had about him the air of a gentleman and a statesman. When resident in Te Aroha he had bred a few winning racehorses, and for many years he was one of the strong men identified with the New Zealand Racing Conference. In fact, in 1921 he had a book published on thoroughbred horses. Four holders of the office of Prime Minister were among the vast crowd who gathered at St Mark’s Church, Te Aroha, for the funeral service of Herries’ ashes. They were the Rt. Hon. W. F. Massey, Sir Francis Bell, the Hon. J. G. Coates, and Sir Joseph Ward, all of whom arrived on the train bearing Sir William’s ashes, along with members of the Ministry, members of Parliament, and various Government departments.

At Rotorua - on an Election Tour in the old days.

said he would never forget the scene at Te Aroha. “All business was suspended, and all the business houses were closed. The country people came in crowds, and what was taking place in Te Aroha on that occasion reminded me of the saying in Scripture, ‘Man goeth to his long home, and the mourners go about the streets’. When the funeral cortege -and it was one of the largest 1 have ever seen -passed through the streets of Te Aroha, and those who were able to do so entered the church which he had attended during his long residence in the Dominion, I just wish to say I have seen no more pathetic scene, and I am quite certain of this: there were very few dry eyes either inside or outside the church.” The Attorney-General, Sir Francis Bell, described the scene in Te Aroha as “a concourse of people such as Te Aroha had never seen before.” The Herries Memorial Park Domain was named after William Herbert Herries, and a fine statue greets all who enter. It is of a man who had risen to high office, and whose name was known throughout the land and indeed throughout the Empire, but who had left instructions that he wished to be interred in his beloved Te Aroha. Left: Prime Minister Massey leaving St Marks Church after Sir William Herries funeral in 1923

Cabinet ministers acted at pallbearers from the mortuary carriage to the hearse, and then the long procession moved off to St Mark’s. A band led with muffled drums, and immediately preceding the hearse came the Prime Minister. It was a most impressive scene, with the long procession of men with uncovered heads passing through streets which were denselypacked with mourning people. The service at St Mark’s was led by the Venerable Archdeacon E. M. Cowie (a former vicar of Te Aroha), assisted by the current vicar, the Rev R. L. Connolly. Afterwards, led by the band playing the Dead March, the cortage moved through the crowded streets to the cemetery.

Above: The funeral procession ready to start from the Parliament Buildings, Wellington.

Speaking in Parliament on 15 June 1923, the Prime Minister Aroha Advertiser - Page 10



A day and date to remember, that's when Te Aroha Racing Club has it's biggest Raceday and holds the richest fillies and mares Group 1 race in New Zealand.

Social Night Fundraising for Lights

Saturday 11th May 2013 at the Tui Park Bowling Clubrooms Bar opens at 5.00pm with Nibbles provided Main Meal 6.30pm $60 Double - Tickets available at Harcourts Guest Speaker - John Clark at 8.00pm John Clark served three years with the Mounted Squadron of The Lifeguards Regiment, Household Cavalry where he trained marching and handling firearms and later to ride and look after horses. He later transferred to Knightsbridge in London in the role as a trooper dutyman in full regalia. He emigrated to NZ in 1957 working in the agricultural industry. Don't miss this opportunity to listen to a great speaker!

Invite some friends and have a great fun day at the races at one of New Zealand's most picturesque race courses.

1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Free entertainment for children Free entry to the course Big Screen TV on course Full supporting race card Host responsibility applies

One lucky person on course could win win a trip for 2 to the Gold Coast staying at Caloundra for a week courtesy of Coromandel FM. Areas for reservation on the day are available, please contact the Club Office on 07 884 9822. Any other queries are welcome.


PHONE 07 884 9491


from Williams Quality Beds Department





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Entertainment Guide MORE FUN AT THE TE AROHA LITTLE THEATRE The Te Aroha Dramatic Society is putting the finishing touches to its latest show, Robinson Crusoe, a pantomime that the whole family can enjoy. Director Phillip Legg has been working hard with his cast and crew to bring the show to life. With a cast of 25 and crew of 15, that’s no easy task, but Phillip is no stranger to the director’s chair and rehearsals are a good blend of hard work and fun. The show is loosely based on Daniel Defoe’s Robinson Crusoe character, but with a sprinkling of pirates, shipwrecks, buried treasure and romance thrown in, the plot provides plenty of quick-fire action that audiences will love. Of course, no panto would be complete without some song and dance, and you’re going to get a real mix of musical entertainment. In true panto tradition, Robinson Crusoe is played by Stephanie Slattery, who audiences will remember from her starring role as “Sylvia” in 2011 and earlier as “Helga” in “’Allo ‘Allo”. Andrea Coetzer is back on stage to play Robinson’s true love, Kathie. Andrea played a starring role in “The Phantom of the Panto” in 2010 and is an exciting young talent. Matt Davis takes on the role of Robinson’s mother (the dame) and adds his own brand of sparkling humour to proceedings. His costumes alone are worth the price of admission.

On top of all this, through the generous sponsorship of many theatre supporters, they have been able to start a long overdue upgrade of the seats. This was a difficult job that involved removing the seats, replacing the backs, re-upholstering, sanding and re-painting arms and legs and re-installing the seats on to the raking. The new seats are wider and more comfortable, although die-hard supporters may mourn the loss of the “love seats” that have been the subject of much discussion over the years! Why not come along, bring the kids or grandkids, enjoy a wonderful show, relax in the comfort of our upgraded facilities and support a wonderful group of hard-working, talented local people? The show runs for five nights starting on Friday 12th April, with a matinee performance on Saturday 13th April. Tickets are now on sale at Piako Stationery Supplies in Te Aroha. Prices are $15 (adult) and $10 (child) with a special price of $10 for each adult that brings a child with them. Make sure you book early and avoid the disappointment of missing out!

It’s a great mix of age and experience on the stage and the show will 5 provide plenty of laughs and opportunities for the audience to join in the fun.



A string of highly successful shows over the last few years has provided some well-needed funds for the Society’s coffers and has allowed them to make some improvements to facilities. The Society has upgraded the kitchen, re-lined and repainted the auditorium, shifted the auditorium doors for easier access and (most recently) completely replaced the “raking” of the auditorium so that all seats have a better view of the stage.

Audiences will be impressed with the sets, the result of hours of planning and construction by stalwart Ron Handford. Also impressive are the quality and variety of the costumes, thanks to Jocelyn Legg, Marilyn Barclay and their team of tireless seamstresses. BLACK



FRIENDSHIP GROUP Monday 8th April - 1pm

CLEAR SPACE Leave a space of at least the width of the letter ‘A’ (taken from the logo) between the other elements. A logo niceandchance to get out and meet some new friends and old.

Let's get together and have a cup of tea and a chat. We can pick you up and drop you off NO TROUBLE AT ALL! Come to the RSA and enjoy listening to Dennis Williams and his history of Te Aroha and a sing-along with Bob and Lyn!! The Te Aroha RSA would like to invite you and your friends and neighbours to come and enjoy a monthly catch up! A place to take some time out of your normal week and come in and have a chat and catch up with friends. To register your interest or put your name down for a ride please ring the club 884 8124.

We look forward to seeing you all.

TE AROHA AND DISTRICT TRAMPING CLUB Once again the club is involved in guiding local walks for the ECHO Walking Festival and the months programme can be found in the iSITE column of the Advertiser or at There is also a club trip on Sunday 7the April which is in the inner harbour of Tauranga, starting at the Elms Mission House. This is an easy walk with good views and signboards along the way. Please phone John 884 7005 or Judy 884 8841 if interested. The club always welcomes new members and anyone interested can contact Te Aroha i-SITE for a copy of the latest programme or check every month for upcoming trips.

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884 4536

Hi Folks, Lorraine and I are proud to introduce the Palace Hotel Newsletter. We have been at the LOCAL for 2½ years now, and are proud to call Te Aroha home and be part of such a cool community…Bruce

Lounge Bar Profile Our lounge bar has many faces, by day it is the home of Pulse Café serving a full range of coffee and tea, along with cakes and snacks. Between 11.30 and 2pm we are the home of the $10 lunch, 7 days a weeks, enjoy a sit down or take-away lunch, that will satisfy you for the remainder of your day. In the evening we have the dining room open from 5.30 to 8pm, with a full menu available, including entrees, mains and desserts. The lounge bar is available for private functions, weddings, birthdays, family get-togethers, meetings, seminars or any other gatherings. We can provide a number of menu options,that are designed specifically for your function, from smorgasbord and fixed menu to finger food or dessert parties, you name it we can do it. We can also cater for vegetarians and gluten free. If required we can also provide entertainment for your function, with in-house karaoke or bands. On Saturday nights, we regularly have bands, karaoke, or quiz and show nights in our lounge bar, making it a really versatile area indeed! Next time you are in for a meal, mention this article and get your dessert for half price!! Entertainment…. Whats On…. Wednesday nights Darts from 7pm $5 entry Thursday nights Handle Club specials and draw Friday nights Sport on the big screen and $10 Roast dinner Saturday nights There’s always something fun going on @ the Palace 6th April MayDay Circus Come along for a fun night of great music Coming up Lipsync Palace Styles Get your team registered and start practising!!

Jesters Darts Club Due to very encouraging numbers we have been able to form Jesters Darts Club, based at the Palace Hotel. Membership will be an annual fee of $30, and for this you will receive a team shirt, and generous discounts on all our away trips. Our first trip away is a visit to Te Aroha club on 7th April, leaving at 12 noon from the Pub. Top gun is still Steve with Aaron right behind him. Colleen, although a bit rusty, shows that once in the groove, she will be hard to beat. Baloney award for the most crap talk for the night as usual goes to Baz. Punters Club Still slow on the returns, Ritchie T is still top dog, but Steve missed out on $5000 by a nose in the weekend. Lets hope for better returns this week Handle Club The draw hasn’t been struck and is increasing nicely, with someone in for a bit of a treat in the next couple of weeks, make sure you are in with a chance and catch up with your mates at the same time. Palace High Flyers Our team is in for a 2nd year, and looking sharp with a bit of new blood and still the core group of dedicated netball girls. Will keep you posted on their efforts throughout the season. Palace Pizza The newest addition to the Palace Family, and growing rapidly to now being open 6 nights a week, from Wed to Mon nights, 5pm till late. Choose from our helpful menu of family favourites or design your own masterpiece by selecting from our cabinet filled with over 20 topping options. Available as dine in, delivered or takeaway. Check out our combo deals to make dinner even easier! Aroha Advertiser - Page 13

View From The Palace Window A short note about our selected panel POOH… A local tradesman, well known around town, In the process of building a new home at the moment, not sure why as he spends any spare time threatening the fish around Mercury Bay. ROLY…. Has just become the proud Grandad of the beautiful Milah, congrats to Maia and Max too. During the winter months Roly is the man carrying the smallest Cobras mascot at their games, and always has a smile on his face. GAZZ …. Handsome Gary and Amy are now happily settled into their new family home, hope all of the boxes are unpacked ready for a big family influx guys, I guess with all the moving the golf is suffering but at least it will give everyone else a chance to catch up. THE MAYOR OF MANGATI…. Eric is also chairman of the Last of the Summer Wine Club which meets very regularly for coffee at Pulse. Now that the cows are nearly dry, maybe you should try your hand at making cider Eric, hear there is a bit of a competition going on locally, always good to get one up on the boy! Mountain Men Golden Oldies Rugby commences April 14 at home against Hinuera.

Community Organisation News ROTARY CLUB OF TE AROHA


Popular singer, songwriter and recording artist Fr Chris Skinner is making a welcome return to Te Aroha in April. The Catholic priest with a ministry in music, who wrote and sang Sons of Gallipoli at the annual Anzac Day service at Gallipoli in Turkey a few years ago as well as the annual service at the National War Memorial in Wellington, will be in concert at St Mark’s Anglican Church, Te Aroha on Sunday, April 21 at 1.30pm. With more than a dozen albums of sacred songs to his name he can be frequently heard on radio broadcasts throughout New Zealand. His previous concerts at St Mark’s have been sellout affairs and indications are that demand for tickets will be heavy again on this occasion. Tickets, at $12.50, can be obtained by phoning Liz on 07 8849292. Hosted by the Rainbow Singers the show will feature new songs and some old popular favourites as well as a special tribute written by the church’s musical director Betty Collins to recognise the relationship that has grown between the group and the popular recording artist.

Meeting at Te Aroha Club Centennial Avenue Wednesday nights 5.30 for 6.00pm. Phone secretary 884 9521 for further information.


Sydnie Liddle, Manisha Williams, Melissa and Sarah Grainger were presented with their Senior Guide Award by district coordinator of Papawai, Gina Chaney, at a special ceremony held at the end of last year. Guide leader, Carol Barker, said the girls had worked hard over the past two years and she was very proud of their success. She said that it has been many years since Guides in Te Aroha had achieved such a high award and looks forward to these young women achieving their Guides Aotearoa Award in the future.


Come and visit us at Te Aroha Playcentre where we offer a family environment with an emphasis on child led play and learning. After opening a fourth session at the start of this year our doors can now be found open from 9:30am-12pm Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday with each session catering for children from birth to school age. We are a quality early childhood education service that is run co-operatively by our families. Inside our gates your children will find an exciting array of activities that balance fun and education. At Te Aroha Playcentre parents are affirmed as the first and best educators for their children and we provide quality resources and programs to encourage and extend yourself and your children. Come and check us out; Te Aroha Playcentre on the corner of Terminus Street and Massey Street. It is free to attend and is a great place to come and play with your children.

L-R Sydnie Liddle, Manisha Williams, Gina Chaney (district co-ordinator), Carol Barker (leader),Melissa and Sarah Grainger.


A big thank you to Te Aroha residents who purchased Girl Guide biscuits in March. Your continued support of Guiding New Zealand is much appreciated. We apologise if we were unable to knock on your door, but time and numbers of girls meant that we could not reach everyone. If you still require biscuits please contact either Christine on 884 9841 or Carol 884 9797. We have a few packets of the traditional biscuits left.

MANAWARU INDOOR BOWLING CLUB Club nights every Thursday at 7.30pm at the Manawaru Hall on Shaftesbury Road, Manawaru. Adolescents and adults welcome. Coaching is available. Contact Terry Carswell 884 9620 or Mark Davey 884 9781.

INDOOR BOWLS are also available at Te Aroha St Marks Church - Tuesday 7.30pm. Elstow Hall - Monday 7.30pm Waihou Hall - Monday 7.30pm. Bowls provided.

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Community News CONTINUING EDUCATION TE AROHA For those of wishing to increase their knowledge of the world in which we live, the monthly meeting of the Continuing Education Group Te Aroha might just might be the place to go. The Continuing Education group meets on the third Wednesday of each month In St Mark’s Church lounge. Speakers talk on a diverse range of topics, inform, discuss and explain their views on topics of interest. We have speakers from the University of Waikato as well as other men and women working in fields of science, law, health, music and the environment – fields relating to their particular expertise and special interest. Sessions begin at 1.30pm and finish at around 3.00pm having had afternoon tea. There is a cover charge of $3.00. At our February meeting Coroner Peter Ryan explained the role and duties of a coroner, to a very appreciative audience. In March it was the turn of the ex co-leader of the Green Party, Jeanette Fitzsimons. She gave her views on climate change. She encouraged us to change our ways. In April we will be told the story of the “Amazing journey of a Letter” – from post office letter box to your letterbox So if you wish for increased knowledge, stimulation with participation in questioning, and discussion, do come and join our group each month. Join in or just sit and listen but do come and join us. We believe you will enjoy the experience.


Every Friday, Tui Park Bowling Club at 12.30. Come and join the fun! We will teach you if have never played before. Ring Patsy Cross 884 8891 or Berry Cook 884 9868.


Are you interested in Hand Crafts? Te Aroha Art Centre is looking at a workshop in Paua Shell, Bone Carving or Stone Polishing for making hand crafted jewellery. If you are intersted please ring either Rosalie Willaims 884 7796 or Gordon Smith 884 8089. OUR LOGO – PRIMARY PILATES classes held at Te Aroha Physiotherapy every Tuesday at 1pm, all ages and abilities welcome, great exercise for strengthening the core, toning and mobility, $10 per person. Our primary logo should be used Enquiries phone Vicki 889 4566COLOUR WAYS


For Community Van Phone Kerry 884 4128 For Wheelchairs, Crutches etc Phone Frank 884 7954 For Meals on Wheels Phone Lelia 884 9962 For all other enquiries phone Grace 884 8476 or Judy 884 7954

TE AROHA SENIOR CITIZENS Meetings every Tuesday 1.30pm Senior Citizens Hall, 24 Church Street PROGRAMME 2nd April John Mullan (Talk & Piano) 9th April Bingo 16th April Frank and Judy (Sax and Piano) 23rd April Jillian O'Neil (Physiotherapy) 30th April AGM Cards (500) and Bowls every Thursday 1pm Hall for hire - Reasonable Rates Contact Jack Cohen Ph 884 7771


Fun, gentle exercise to improve well being, strength and balance. Beginners classes are commencing at Te Aroha Physiotherapy Clinic Hall. Beginners Modified Sun Style Wednesdays 8.15am-9am Advanced Modified Sun Style continue Wednesdays 9am-10am. Beginners Sun Style Tuesdays 5.30pm-6.30pm 5 Advanced Sun Style continue Tuesdays 6.30pm-7.30pm Cost: $5 per class. Instructor: Jenny Lucy For more information contact Jenny - 027 245 8418

wherever possible. The vertical

format best displays the heart PIAKO CONCERT BRASS device, while ensuring all elements COLOUR





Lastareof the Summer Concert series in Te Aroha legible. Domain. Wherever possible the RSA heart Ourshould final concert this Summer will be on appear in red, withfor charcoal or whiteApril lettering14th and badge. For Sunday at 2pm in the Domain. Come other situations the black or white THESE and logo enjoy a varied programme of music – we may have a few FILES ARE IN can be used. YOUR KIT new pieces to entertain you with! Hopefully, it will still be Where the background is red, gooduseweather – if not bring a rug and a brolly – “The show the white (reverse) version of mustthego logo.on!!” ANZAC DAY NOTICE Piako Concert Brass still need some more players – especially Assemble outside RSA at 10.15am, a drummer! So start a new interest - come along and see whatCLEAR SPACE MINIMUM SIZE For optimum reproduction of at least the width of towards Town Clock at 10.30am. we do. All ages and levels of experience welcomeandand we doLeave a spacehead legibility, the logo shouldn’t be smaller the letter ‘A’ (taken from the logo) have some brass and wind instruments available for loan. There than 25mm in height. between the logo and other elements.will be a free luncheon Practises are held at Waihou Hall every Tuesday at 7pm - for afterwards - everyone is welcome. more information call Sonia on 887 1767 or Kate on 884 9434. Aroha Advertiser - Page 16 25mm

Your LOCAL One Stop Electronics Shop For all your Technical Solutions! • • • • • •

IT Home & Business Servicing and Sales & Accessories - whether your PC/Laptop has a virus, needs more RAM, or just needs and upgrade, we can help! Freeview Digital & Satellite Aerial Installation Sony/Panasonic Flatscreen TV Sales (incl: Free delivery and installation - conditions apply) Appliance servicing: Fridge/Freezers, Washing Machines, Dryers/Dishwashers, Ranges Internet Kiosks and Zenbu WiFi VCR TAPE to DVD COPYING

All our work comes with a 6 month warranty Our shop is located at 191 Whitaker Street, Te Aroha (next to Unichem Pharmacy) Hours: 10am-5pm Tuesday to Friday & 10am-1pm Saturdays. Sundays and Mondays are closed Email: Website: Phone:

07 884 7425

We have relocated to 19 Kenrick St Te Aroha

24 hours - 7 days a week

Residential Rural Commercial Industrial

For professional, prompt & quality service call

BEN COLLINS Mobile: Phone: email:

021 138 3823 07 884 6613


Piako Stainless & Alloy Specialists Ltd

The Te Aroha Miniature and Model Railway is open every 1st and 3rd Sunday of each month 10am-2pm at 39 Burgess Street.




For all your stainless steel needs. We weld aluminium, magnesium, titanium, die cast & steel.

Ph 07 884 9713

Manufacturers of low pressure hot water cylinders. Alloy plank systems for Herringbone pits.

Across: 1. Whitaker Street, 5. Piako Post, 7. Model Railway, 10. Golf Course, 12. Pa, 13. Fonterra, 14. Town Criers, 17. ANZAC, 19. Te Aroha, 20. Cadman Bathhouse, 21. Remediation, 22. Thames, 24. Missionaries, 25. Gold, 28. Mayor Vercoe, 31. Elstow, 33. Domain Day, 34. Waihou, 35. News Down: 2. Earthquake, 3. Telecommunications, 4. Volunteers, 6. Scotland, 8. Herries, 9. Alex Bradley, 11. Mokena, 15. Coulter Bridge, 16. Aeroplane, 18. Thames, 23. Milk Soda, 26. Paeroa, 27. Bedrooms, 29. Church, 30. Domain, 32. Tilly


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9 Honi St, Te Aroha p 07 884 9122 f 07 884 9121

Community News PIAKO TOASTMASTERS CLUB The Piako Toastmasters Club was elected to membership of Toastmasters International on 11 March 1982 under Charter Number 3837. The word “Toastmasters” is an inclusive term for men and women. There is no discrimination of gender, age, or race. All are welcome. As the Club enters its 32nd year it recognizes the foundation members, one of whom continues to be an inspiration and mentor to new members. One only has to listen to Max Fairhall’s personal journey in Piako Toastmasters to appreciate the impact membership can have on lives. The purpose of Toastmasters is to help members overcome apprehensions about speaking in public, as well as improving communication skills. Mentoring by senior members is of great assistance and evaluations are given in a gentle and caring way. Speaking skills are learned and developed at the members own pace through a ten speech manual, in simple steps, each designed to expand and improve the speaker’s confidence. Whether it’s overcoming shyness, learning meeting management skills, or speaking in a public role, the benefits of being a toastmaster are many. Toastmasters is a great place to try doing things outside your comfort zone, individual hidden talents emerge, and knowing that they will be well received by fellow members encourages everyone to try new things out. Piako Toastmasters meets in the Senior Citizens Lounge, Morrinsville, at 7.45 pm on 2nd and 4th Wednesdays each month. Visitors are welcome to attend to see if the club is what they are seeking. Car pooling from Te Aroha is available and President Carol de Haas (889 7901) would welcome any enquiries for further information.



FREE SERVICE Donation Welcome

Door to Door service!!

Te Aroha Town Bus:

every second Tuesday all year round (Pension Day)

Services every 3rd Monday of each month to



January March May July September November

February April June August October December

For information and booking please call Jean

884 9932

Facilitated by Te Aroha Springs Community Trust 32 Church Street, Te Aroha, 3320 Phone 07 884 9932 Mob: 021 060 6625 email: Charitable Trust CC22427 Te Aroha Shopping Bus is funded by THE TINDALL FOUNDATION

MANAWARU TABLE TENNIS CLUB Our season commences Wednesday 10th April at the Manawaru Hall at 7.30pm. New members are welcome. Call 07 884 6758 for any enquiries.


At Te Aroha Camera Club's meeting on the 8th April there will be a short lecture on Tripods. Roger Brownsey will be guest speaker and judge. Meetings are held at the Te Aroha Art's Centre, next to the police station at 7.30pm, on the 2nd Monday of the month. All welcome. ard Inquiries to Peter Kampenhout phone .07 8844505 Here is the judges pick for the photo of the month. "Traditional Hymns" taken by Dot Gregory.

The fund wishes to thank the following for their generous donations of money or goods and services. Cullens Engineering Ltd Te Aroha Community Board Catholic Womens League St David's Co-op Parish St Joseph's Catholic Church St Vincent De Paul Society Mary Massey Fenny Mulder Elaine Lovelock Eastport Rd Womens Fellowship Te Aroha Four Square Bunnings Te Aroha Countdown Te Aroha Te Aroha Mountain Lions for candy and delivering the parcels of food Steve Georgina Caleb and Alex Warren, Marion Barnes and Noeline Howitt for packing the parcels. A JOB WELL DONE! God Bless You All Jean Swan QSM, Jim Howitt - Co-ordinators Aroha Advertiser - Page 18

FUTURE TE AROHA Weekly Classes Mon. Acting class 4.00pm age 7+ Tues. Creative Beginnings - 3.30pm age 4-6 years Wed. Music, Juniors 4.00pm - Seniors 5.15pm Wed. Art, juniors 4.00pm - Seniors 5.15pm Activities April 14th - One Day Soon - Red Carpet Premier 4.30pm 22nd - Avon get together 10.00am new products, free gifts 29th until May 2nd School holiday programme. - Watch for details. May Tues. 7th -Art for Beginners 6.00-8.00pm Drawing, Pastel, Water, Acrylic and Oil painting. 6 week course for adults. $60

Rose, Leaf and Thorn. a new show to tug at the heart strings. 17th at 8.00pm 18th at 2.30pm and 8.00pm 24th at 8.00pm 25th at 2.30pm and 8.00pm Book at 8849489 Plus- Te Aroha's Red Carpet Premier Last October children from Matamata-Piako created a movie about overcoming adversity. When a young girls gets bullied by others she finally stands up for herself. The film required great skills from its young cast. Not only did they have to act but also sing and dance. Having given up their holidays to create the movie it is felt that they deserve a special premier. They were helped with the filming by industry professionals and the result is a credit to all concerned. Come along and support them. $10 per ticket. Refreshments included. Bookings 8849489


Welcomes Dave and Jade Johnston Roger and Colleen have great pleasure in welcoming Dave and Jade as partners in Shackell Electrical Ltd from 1st February 2013. Dave joined Shackell Electrical as an apprentice in 1996 and has been with the business ever since; also you may recognise Jade from her years at the Animal Health Centre. The business will continue to operate as usual, with quality service their priority. They look forward to your custom and support in the future.

17 LAWRENCE AVENUE, TE AROHA • Phone 07 884 7707 24hrs email:

TE AROHA PRINT LTD 40 Kenrick Street Te Aroha 07 884 9133


aroha print ltd .

Making you look good on paper

ARE YOU READY FOR FIELD DAYS? COME IN AND SEE US FOR ALL OF YOUR BUSINESS PROMOTIONAL IDEAS. From Business Cards, Colour Brochures, Promotional Banners or any other advertising come and see the experts. Years of experience and trade knowledge

Quality Printing Specialists

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erlusconi on whitaker

A la Carte & Pizza Menus

Restaurant & Bar

wine and cocktails • premium cuisine open Wednesday 5.30pm - late Thursday - Sunday brunch & lunch from 11.00am dinner from 5.30pm - late

Kerry McKinley


Glenda Milligan

149 Whitaker St Te Aroha 07 884 9307


Short Street, MATAMATA • Ph 888 8333 Whitaker Street, TE AROHA • Ph 0800 862273

213A Whitaker Street, Te Aroha Ph/Fax: 07 884 9378 Mob: 0274 744 144 Email:

e Signag e t e l p m o



• footpath signs • shop fronts & fascias • banners flags stickers • computer cut lettering • wide format digital printing • uniforms & sportswear printing

• sign manufacturers • car detailing • window tinting & frosting • vans trucks buses boats

Lady of the House Beauty Threading (from $10) Waxing (from $10) Brazilians (from $40) Tinting (from $15) Facials (from $39)

l Specia l i r p A Brazilian 1st time or repeat

Manicures (from $15) Eyelash Extensions (from $45) Gel Nails (from $29)

4WD 1 NZ owner - Be quick! Kenrick Street Te Aroha

07 884 8174


asters Construction

- Local Building Specialists BEN MASTERS

Clinic in Te Aroha

Text only: 021 063 4400 Fax: 07 884 8137 Email:

(Advance Bookings essential)

027 740 5881

3 Lipsey Street, Te Aroha Ph: 07 884 4555 Fax: 07 884 4005 A/H: 07 884 7828 Mob: 0274 908 858    

WOF Inspections Vehicle Maintenance & Repairs Free Battery Testing & Charging Quotes


Beauty Therapy Gifts - Crystals 135 Whitaker St Te Aroha 07 884 9457



Gift Vouchers

only $30 for April. Bookings for Wed & Thurs only


Very good condition, new WOF, new Rego, Roof Racks


• Waxing Brow and Lash Tints • Facials • Ear Candling • Foot Fantasy • Hand Pampers • Clairvoyant/Tarot Readings

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