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In New Zealand there are 11,000 Lion members belonging to 400 clubs in seven districts. Chartered on 22 May 1962 the Lions Club of Te Aroha has been serving the local community for over 50 years. An all men’s club, the membership presently stands at 40. Te Aroha Lions are community volunteers who seek to help young people, the elderly, the ailing, the needy as well as caring for our environment. We are actively involved in providing support to local organisations and community events. You will see our members in their hi-viz Lions vests as gate keepers, event marshals, helpers or just mucking in at working bees at various events and projects around the town. This year we have assisted at the AP&H Association show day, Domain day, Aroha Cruise-In, Te Aroha Athletic Club cycle race, YES talent quest, Country Kids Waitoa, Te Aroha Playcentre and helped many other individuals and groups. We also assisted the Lions District 202L project, providing help for the Balloons over Waikato event whereby our members worked as security groups. Through various club fundraising activities Te Aroha Lions are able to provided financial support to local organisations and this year we have assisted Riding for the Disabled, Community Patrols, Foodbank, Volunteer Fire Brigade, Red Cross community van, the Little Theatre, Toy Library, Te Aroha College senior prize giving and many others. The Waikato BOP Cancer Society Lions Lodge at Hamilton and the Westpac Rescue Helicopter Trust are two regional organisations to benefit from donations by Te Aroha Lions and the local Events Centre Trust has received our financial support as well. Te Aroha Lions are involved in many projects of benefit to the community. We have completed a short section of

24hr Breakdown 0800 4AXIS1 0800 429471 • Repairs & maintenance to all makes & models • Trucks, 4WD & commercial vehicles • Auto Electrical & on-site repairs • Boat servicing & repairs • WOF - TYRES

track restoration on the wetlands walking track and currently are working on creating an open space lawn and garden area beside the town library. The club has a group of ‘handy home helpers’ who are able undertake small tasks for elderly, sick or disabled residents. These members tackle simple tasks like changing light bulbs and smoke alarm batteries, shifting furniture, small painting or gardening jobs and similar tasks which can be difficult for these people. In a joint venture with our fellow Lions club from Paeroa, a cyclist shelter was erected on the Hauraki rail trail near the Mangaiti hall, funded by Te Aroha Lions Club with the construction undertaken by the Paeroa Lions. Te Aroha Lions Club was recently granted approval from the Hauraki Rail Trail Trust to undertake a landscape planting and care project on a short section of the rail trail at the approach to Te Aroha township. This project proposes to tidy the areas adjoining the cycle track and will see a great number of native trees established by Te Aroha Lions, adding a much needed lift continued page 14

at your service!

ANY Animal ANY Problem ANYTime

190 Whitaker Street,Te Aroha

07 884 9459

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Tel: 07 884 7039 Lawrence Ave, Te Aroha Aroha Advertiser - Page 1

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Across 11 New Zealand has a number of these waters Te Aroha lamplighter Silver Fern Farms recently hosted an ____ ____ Local teenager won an ANZAC of the year award from the _____ 10. Most 16 unsuccessful 17 gold mine 18 in NZ 11. Wallace ___________ Morrinsville 12. "Gotta Love It" 13. This place of education opened in 1957 14. MPDC had a survey on this subject 22 19. Te Aroha gained a new one in 1908 21. Te Aroha Volunteer Fire Brigade Chief 22. This club was the forty-forth one to open in NZ in 1962 23. All Blacks play _____ on June 8 24. This school just celebrated 100 years 25. Mary ________ a railway hero in Te Aroha 2. 4. 8. 9.



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Across Down 20 Answer Key HTML Answer Key PDF List this puzzle for the public New Zealand has a number of these waters 1. These volunteers have had a very busy Printable PDF Other puzzles by auth summer Te Aroha lamplighter 21 3. the 35,000 people have used this Silver Fern Farms recently hosted an22____ ____ Use "Printable HTML" button to get a clean page, in either HTML or P 5. These restrictions have been have buttons or ads, just your puzzle. Local teenager won an ANZAC of the year award from the print button to print. This page won'tlifted know how large a printer page and the fonts are scaled to fill the page. T _____ 6. Scott Simpson is MP foris,which area 23 24 Don't panic! 10. Most unsuccessful gold mine in NZ 7. Mayor 11. Wallace ___________ Morrinsville 12. Before road or rail, Te Aroha was a ____ 25 12. "Gotta Love It" 15. "Doctor Dick" 13. This place of education opened in 1957 16. Te Aroha is well known for it's peskyWeb The Te Aroha Across Crossword questions andhad answers areonkindly researched and produced Down 14. MPDC a survey this subject 17. One of Te Aroha town criers was Mr by the of theof Tethese Aroha and District Museum. 1. one ______ These volunteers have had a very busy New Zealand has staff a number waters 19. Te Aroha gained a new in 1908 Answers page 17. Presidian summerChief 18. First Mayor of Te Aroha Te Aroha lamplighter 21. Te Aroha Volunteer Fire Brigade 20. The cleanup is complete 3. 35,000 people this 22. This club was the forty-forth one to open have in NZused in 1962 Silver Fern Farms recently hosted an ____ ____ Australian Finance, Insurance and Warranty Prov Allaward Blacksfrom play the _____5.on These June 8 restrictions have been lifted Local teenager won an ANZAC of the23. year 6. Scott Simpson is MP for which area _____ 24. This school just celebrated 100 years Copyright information Privacy information Contact 7. Mayor . Most unsuccessful gold mine in NZ 25. Mary ________ a railway hero in Te Aroha A very special Exhibition will be on show at Te 12. Before road or rail, Te Aroha wasAroha a ____& District Museum from 08 June to 28 July . Wallace ___________ Morrinsville Answer Key HTML 15. Answer Key PDF public Solve Online Printable HTML "Doctor Dick" List this puzzle for the . "Gotta Love It" 2013. Printable PDF Other by author 16. Te Aroha is well known for puzzles it's pesky . This place of education opened in 1957 On display will be thier treasured possessions, the 17. One of Te Aroha town criers was“Broderie Mr . MPDC had a survey on this subject perse” quilt and the Piupiu/Rapaki, both Use the "Printable HTML" button to get a clean page, in either HTML or PDF, that you can use your browser's dated from the 1850’s, and have recently returned . Te Aroha gained a new one in 1908 print button to print. This page______ won't have buttons or ads, just your puzzle. The PDF format allows the web site to whereawhile they have been restored and 18. First Mayor of Te . Te Aroha Volunteer Fire Brigade Chief know how large a printer page is, and the fonts areAroha scaled to fill thefrom page.Wellington The PDF takes to generate. conserved. Joining these precious artifacts will be a 20. The cleanup is complete Don'tinpanic! . This club was the forty-forth one to open NZ in 1962 19

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. All Blacks play _____ on June 8 . This school just celebrated 100 years . Mary ________ a railway hero in Te Aroha

beautiful shawl donated by the Scott Family, Ngarua, who have recently Search held a family reunion. Janice Parsell, Museum President, said that she was

OPENING Web HOURS thrilled and excited about the return of the artifacts see Winter Season - Everyday 12.00am-3.00pm d n a and, along with Colleen Maloney & Daphne Ellis, e m plaPDF ys List thisOther Answer Key HTML CoAnswerisKey puzzle times for the public Solve Online only Printable HTML - by appointment has led this exhibition, and hopes to have very many d e Presidian th Printable PDF Other puzzles by author people take the opportunity to view the Museum’s

102 Street, Te Aroha oldest treasures. Phone/fax 07 you 884can 4427 the "Printable HTML" button to get a clean page, in either HTML or PDF, that use your browser's Australian Finance, Insurance and Warranty Provider *None of this would have been possible without the nt button to print. Email: This page won't have buttons or ads, just your puzzle. The PDF format allows the web site to

support of MPDC. w how large a printer page is, and the fonts are scaled to fill the page. The PDF takes awhile to generate. Copyright information Privacy information Contact us Blog n't panic!

Aroha Advertiser

NOW ONLINE - Check out Search The Aroha AdvertiserWeb is printed and distributed during the first week of each month throughout the Te Aroha region. If you have any contributions please contact us. Deadline for nextPresidian issue: Wednesday 26th June 28/05/2013 All enquiries can be directed to: This edition is printed on paper from Te Australian Aroha Print Ltd.Insurance and Warranty Provider responsible sources and uses toners Finance, and printer parts that are recycled 40 Kenrick Street, Te Aroha along with any associated waste. phone: 07 Copyright 884 9133 • fax: 07 884 9137 information Privacy information Contact us Blog email:

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Scott Simpson, M P Coromandel Valuing our seniors I’m delighted that core services like health and education have been put at the top of the Government’s spending list in Budget 2013. The message I get from constituents all the time is that these are the things which benefit the greatest numbers of people and address the needs of core groups in the community including both our children and our seniors. In my time as MP to date, I have been privileged to meet with many older New Zealanders across our region including in Te Aroha. Our seniors are an integral part of the Te Aroha community providing the backbone for so many of the voluntary organisations we depend upon. That is why I fully support what this Government is doing to ensure the security, wellbeing, and respect all our seniors deserve. Older New Zealanders deserve to enjoy their retirement. They deserve to know they are being taken care of, and that the financial support they rely on will still be there for them, despite the difficult global economic conditions we’ve faced as a country. Prime Minister John Key promised all New Zealanders that the rate of superannuation would remain at 66 per cent of the average wage for a married couple, under his leadership. Despite the difficult financial times, in the past five years under National the rate of superannuation has increased by 25 per cent - much higher than the rate of inflation over this same period. A married couple now receives $1099 a fortnight in superannuation payments, while someone receiving a single-living alone payment of superannuation now receives $571 a fortnight. This financial certainty is what I want for people in Te Aroha and the rest of the Coromandel aged over 65. But National is also committed to supporting older New Zealanders in other ways too. We want seniors to be healthier and independent in their own homes or in aged care. In the recent budget our Ministers of Health announced aged care and dementia services will benefit from an extra $70 million over the next four years. This is good news for older New Zealanders in care. Another thing older people in Te Aroha tell me is important is feeling safe both at home, and in their communities. That is one of the reasons why we’ve boosted the Police force by 600 officers. We’ve overseen the lowest crime rate in 30 years. There are fewer young people in court. And Police have more tools to do their jobs even better. We’re also working extremely hard to support grandchildren by improving our education system so

it delivers for every child. There are more children attending Early Childhood Education than ever before. National Standards are successfully measuring progress at our primary and intermediate schools, ensuring parents are fully informed about their child’s progress. Meeting so many of our seniors as I travel around the electorate, I am constantly inspired by their stories, and by the things they have achieved, as well as the sacrifices they’ve made to help their families succeed. It’s great that this Government is ensuring the security, wellbeing, and respect, all older New Zealanders deserve. Latest news More information from Parliament and around the electorate is available at or email to receive my latest newsletter.

Available to meet constituents by appointment


Get my latest newsletter at Tel/Fax: 07 868 3529


Streaming Live on

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Telephone 07 901 0100

W hat's On in Te Aroha JUNE 2013 Saturday, 1st Te Aroha Golf Club - 64th THAMES VALLEY - Monday, 3rd CHAMPIONSHIP & MATCH PLAY Saturday, 1st TOY LIBRARY 10 am Sunday, 2nd Te Aroha Dirt Kart Club - DIRT KART CLUB DAY Monday, 3rd HOUSIE - Te Aroha RSA 7.30pm Tuesday, 4th DANCE CLASSES Tuesday, 4th PIAKO CONCERT BRASS - Weekly practises Tuesday, 4th Future Te Aroha Centre - UKULELE GROUP Wednesday, 5th INDOOR BOWLS - Te Aroha RSA 1.00pm Friday, 7th TOY LIBRARY 10 am Saturday, 8th The Academy of Quantum Education - Sunday, 9th INDIGENOUS PLANT MEDICINE OF AOTEAROA, NZ Monday, 10th Te Aroha Camera Club - MONTHLY MEETING Monday, 10th HOUSIE - Te Aroha RSA 7.30pm Tuesday, 11th DANCE CLASSES Tuesday, 11th Future Te Aroha Centre - UKULELE GROUP Tuesday, 11th PIAKO CONCERT BRASS - Weekly practises Wednesday, 12th INDOOR BOWLS - Te Aroha RSA 1.00pm Saturday, 15th TOY LIBRARY 10 am Monday, 17th HOUSIE - Te Aroha RSA 7.30pm Tuesday, 18th DANCE CLASSES Tuesday, 18th Future Te Aroha Centre - UKULELE GROUP Tuesday, 18th PIAKO CONCERT BRASS - Weekly practises Wednesday, 19th INDOOR BOWLS - Te Aroha RSA 1.00pm Wednesday, 19th Racing Te Aroha - 25th ANNIVERSARY DALLY DAY

WAIHOU RUGBY SPORTS CLUB 1983 AMERICAN TOUR REUNION In conjunction with the Dr Dunn day on the 22nd June, the 1983 American tour group members will enjoy refreshments and reminisce at the Clubrooms from 11am. The tour group consisted of 80 members, including a senior A team, a social team, committee and supporters. After 2 years of intense fundraising by doing many diverse jobs, this tour party departed in March 1983 on a 23 day tour of Canada and America. The tour party played games in Vancouver, Vancouver Island, Canada then San Francisco, Las Vegas, San Diego and Los Angeles with many sightseeing excursions included, and a stopover in Hawaii on the returning journey.

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to do

Wednesday, 19th Continuing Education Group Te Aroha "SIROCCO THE KAKAPO" Speaker Chris SmutsKennedy, St Mark's Church Hall 1.30pm, $3.00 Friday, 21st TOY LIBRARY 10 am Saturday, 22nd RUGBY, Dr Dunn & Dr Lawrence Monday, 24th HOUSIE - Te Aroha RSA 7.30pm Tuesday, 25th DANCE CLASSES Tuesday, 25th PIAKO CONCERT BRASS - Weekly practises Tuesday, 25th Future Te Aroha Centre - UKULELE GROUP Wednesday, 26th INDOOR BOWLS - Te Aroha RSA 1.00pm Thursday, 27th Te Aroha Women's Institute - MEETING at Future Te Aroha. 11.00am. New members welcome Saturday, 29th TOY LIBRARY 10 am

Te Aroha i-SITE Visitor Centre telling people where to go since 1894

102 Whitaker St Phone 07 884 8052

Did you know… You can tune into Coromandel FM in Te Aroha! Tune in to 106.7 and hear our weekly ‘What’s on in Te Aroha’ spot every Thursday at 11.30am. You can add your own Te Aroha event to our website for FREE – or tell us and we’ll do it for you. Tell us and we’ll tell everyone!

WAIHOU RF & SC 1983 NORTH AMERICA TOUR & DR DUNN DAY Saturday 22nd June 10:30am 11am 12:30pm 2pm 7pm

Morning Tea and Refreshments at Clubrooms Frank Hubbard Netball Trophy Dr Lawrence Trophy Dr Dunn Sponsors Draw followed by Social at Clubrooms

Get along and support all the Waihou teams and we look forward to hosting you before and after game


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Community Information Te Aroha


Are you enrolled to vote?

Local Elections will be held this October so make sure you are enrolled to vote. If you are already enrolled, it pays to check that your contact details are correct. You can do all of this at

Rubbish Bag Supply 2013/14

Kerbside rubbish and recycling collection customers will be receiving a voucher in the mail again this year, which will entitle the ratepayer to a one year supply of rubbish bags (52 bags). This voucher needs to be presented at any Council office in order to collect the rubbish bags. Vouchers will be sent out from 31 May 2013 and rubbish bags will be available for collection from the offices from 4 June 2013. (N.B vouchers are specific to each property so you will need to bring in the right voucher for the respective property when you retrieve your bags). Additional Council opening hours for rubbish bag collection will be from 4 June until 15 June 2013: Monday to Friday – 8am until 5.30pm Saturdays – 9am until 1pm. Council offices are located at Kenrick Street in Te Aroha, Canada Street in Morrinsville and cnr Tainui and Tui Streets in Matamata. Note: this year’s vouchers are printed on green card, please look out for them in your mail. If you have any queries, please contact Customer Services on 0800 746 467.

Prepared for an emergency

Matamata-Piako District Council is part of the Thames Valley Combined Civil Defence Group. This group is made up of our Council, Hauraki District Council and Thames Coromandel District Council. In a Civil Defence event, we work with emergency services and welfare agencies to coordinate a response to ensure the safety of the community. It is also our role to ensure we have trained staff to deal with emergency events. Recently, staff from the three councils worked together on a training exercise where they were responsible for coordinating a response to a mock Civil Defence emergency. The exercise was extremely successful as it was an opportunity for staff to work together and put their skills into practice. It was also an opportunity to identify areas for improvement and training needs. For more information on being prepared for an emergency, visit


Te Aroha Dollars are here!!. Te Aroha dollars are gift vouchers that any one can purchase and if you have been lucky enough to be given some then you can redeem them at any one of the Business association members partaking in the initiative. They will be able to be redeemed by any paid up member of the association. If a member wishes to accept the vouchers they will get a sticker for their window that identifies them as being able to redeem the vouchers. Keep a look out for those businesses that display the stickers the first of which will start appearing next month. There is literally thousands of dollars already pre purchased and ready for spending, any businesses that want to be able to accept the vouchers need to make sure that they are paid up members. Please contact myself or Sarah Ross if you have not received an membership invoice. To purchase Te Aroha dollars as a gift for friends, family, or those staff gifts please visit Piako Stationary or Kay’s Way. Our AGM was on Tuesday 21st of May. The election of officers saw the incumbent officers being re elected with some shuffling around on the committee. Chair - Shaun O'Neill Deputy - Christine Brasell Secretary - Sarah Ross Treasurer - Darren Diprose Committee: Linda Merriman, Athlene Dufty, Bruce Austin, Kris Turner, Mike Ryan, Tara Werder, Ron House, Kim Coughey, Darice Collinson On reflection of the 20012-2013 year it had been a busy time for the association. The positive feeling of the association is having an impact on our town and is something that as an association we are committed to fostering. Thanks to all those business supporting the association, to those that haven’t yet joined we welcome you to join and please contact myself or Sarah Ross. Shaun O’Neill, Chairman Aroha Advertiser - Page 6

It’s that time again when farming families are on the move. June 1st marks the beginning of the new dairy farming season, known as "gypsy day". It's the day hundreds of farmers take thousands of cows on the road to start new milking contracts. For some farmers, it marks the beginning of a new stage in their careers and for families it’s a new home, new schools and a new community to settle into. So a big ‘Welcome to Te Aroha!’ to all our new farming families from the team at Te Aroha i-SITE Visitor Centre. When you’re ready to get out and about, use your i-SITE as starting point to find out who’s who in the district like businesses, community organisations and sports clubs. If you have a particular hobby or interest, we’ll tell you who to contact – or you can look them up on our website www. You can also find ‘What’s On’ on this website and a calendar of Te Aroha’s annual events. There are lots of family friendly activities in and around Te Aroha. The Howarth Memorial Wetland walk is a lovely walk in all seasons with different fruit and nut trees meaning there’s sometimes something to munch on along the way. Recent work on the track is making the pathway more accessible for families with pushchairs. You can spend and hour or a whole day exploring the extensive network of tracks in the Waiorongomai Valley, featuring NZs oldest tramline with much restorative work done by DOC. The Low Level Loop Track will take about two hours and is probably just about enough for little legs to cope with! The Hauraki Rail Trail offers a safe environment for all the family to get out and explore the district. And what better way to finish your day than with a dip in your own private mineral spa or a swim in the outdoor heated leisure pools. So come in and see us; we’ll get you sorted with maps, guides and information. And when you want to travel out of town we can help with that too. We book buses, ferries and trains, accommodation and activities nationwide. If you want to see New Zealand – see us first. Pop in soon and meet the team at 102 Whitaker St - We look forward to helping you settle in. Phone 07 884 8052.


8 Lawrence Avenue, Te Aroha Phone 07 884 9156 Fax 07 884 7156 Email

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Not all foods are created equal, you wouldn’t feed your family junk food everyday – so make sure your pet (who is a valuable family member) gets the best diet possible. At Te Aroha Veterinary Services we recommend feeding premium pet foods such as Eukanuba, Hills Science Diet and Iams. Premium foods can enhance the general well-being of you pets for the following reasons: • • • • • • •

= Specifically designed to help your cat or dog stay well = Same ingredients in every bag every time = All you need to feed, no need to supplement with other foods. = Less salt which reduces the risk of heart disease = Smaller stools with less smell = For a healthy or sick pet of any age, = Testing to ensure safety, and proven digestibility & palatability

• = Did you know that many premium foods may actually cost less to feed than supermarket brands due to the fact that they are more energy dense and therefore you need to feed less

ANY BRAND & ANY SIZE OF PET FOOD WHEN YOU PRESENT THIS VOUCHER AT TE AROHA VETERINARY SERVICES Expires 30th June 2013. Limit one per customer. Not to be used in conjunction with any other offer. While stocks last.

Exclusive to Te Aroha Veterinary Services. Aroha Advertiser - Page 9

It’s now winter, and while we can go to the mineral pools to warm up, the idea of a winter escape is much more inviting. Last month I had the privilege of travelling to Fiji to check out not just one, but ten amazing resorts. The beauty of Fiji is that it is only a 3 hour flight away. It’s paradise on our own back doorstep. The Fijian people are so friendly, their smiles sure to brighten any day. Fiji caters to families, couples and groups very well and is also a popular destination for weddings. The Fijian people are great with kids and cater for them really well with baby-sitting generally available and very inexpensive. Depending on taste you can be staying at a 3 star property in a 5 star location, or a 5 star property in a 3 star location.

Looking to travel? Come and see me at House of Travel Morrinsville Hi, my name is Ken Knight. Whether you are travelling overseas for the first time, going away on a family vacation, honeymoon or taking a trip down south, I can take care of everything for you.

Cnr Moorhouse & Thames Sts

P: 0800 374 379


Personal favourites: The Westin, Sheraton Villas, Plantation Island, Lomani. Families on a Budget: Plantation, Mana Families not on a Budget: Malolo, Castaway Honeymooners: Lomani, Matamanoa, Tokoriki, Likuliku Best Sand: Matamanoa Best Beach: Mana Start to plan and save now for your next winter escape.


Te Aroha Dollars ness a Busi h o r A Te ation Associ

Date: To:

ARS DOLL rs at any A H O ty dolla E AR of twen

$20 T


Sold by

. value s to the bers business to good em e bearer Association m titles th s es en r in __ uche ______ ha Bus This vo _____/ Te Aro ___/__ __

__ ______ ______ ______ ___ ______ ______ Name: ______ __ __ __ e: ____ Signatur

Do you live alone? Do you have many visitors? • Are you really lonely, unable to get out like you used to? • Would you like someone to pop in for a chat and share a cup of tea with you? • Or maybe take you for a short walk? • Or maybe read to you if you have a sight impairment? This service is free – all you have to do is call us and we’ll match you with one of our lovely visitors

Volunteer visitors wanted • Do you care about older people in the community • Are you willing to share an hour a week with someone • Many people in the community are lonely and isolated • You can make a difference to someone’s life • Time is the greatest gift you can give

Contact Jane on 07 8380 328 or your local contact Michelle 884 7545

til ____

Valid un


Available as as a gift for friends, family, or staff .

Redeemable at all financial Te Aroha Business Association members. Available from Piako Stationary or Kay’s Way

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TE AROHA NEWS Thursday June 27, 1974

Aroha Advertiser - Page 11

Te Aroha Beginnings . . . Identities: Lamp-lighter, Town Crier, Journalist and Newspaper For many years before the setting up of the town's own electricity plant, the town had it's own lamplighter in Mr Gerry White. It was quite a tie, for there were kerosene lamps on all the posts in the main street and adjoining grid. Not only did they have to be lit every evening but extinguished every morning. In the days when there were no such things as radio or even telephones, it is not surprising to learn that early Te Aroha had it's own Town Crier. There had been several appointments, but the one who most refer to was Mr Gerrish, whose voice, it was claimed, could be heard all over the infant town and half way up Bald Spur. The Burrator Weekly News – Editor Ted Axford In 1907 a new doctor settled in Te Aroha. His name was Sidney Axford, and he arrived, just off ship from England with his wife Emily, and three children, Edward (Ted), Mavis and Morris. All three children were to grow up to lead interesting lives: Ted to become a journalist, a special features writer with the New Zealand Herald and the Sydney

Mr Gerry White, Te Aroha's lamplighter

Morning Herald.

Between April 1912 and February 1913, as a fourteen year old Te Aroha boy, Ted Axford wrote and published 29 issues of The Burrator Weekly News, providing a running commentary on the life of the family and the town. His range of interests, and his coverage of town and family news, were remarkably wide. The name, Burrator, is of interest itself. A ‘tor’ as the dictionary tells us, is a rocky hill or peak, very significant to our Te Aroha Mountain, and Burrator is one of the many homeland peaks for the Axford family, found on the moors of Devon and Cornwall back in England. He produced the paper, at least after the first few issues, by means of a ‘hectograph’. Nowadays, when we have become so dependent upon photocopying, emailing, scanning, q-codes, phone apps etc. It is a little difficult to remember the days when we used ’xeroxing’, a ‘gestetner’ or a ‘roneo’ and impossible to recall the many years

Dr Sidney Axford

Ted Axford, producer of The Burrator Weekly News

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before that the use ‘hectograph’. Ted described in the sixth issue that from one ink original, it could produce any number of facsimile copies, but with the writing in purple, as opposed to the original in black, and the long process of producing the paper. Right: Page One of the first surviving copy of The Burrator Weekly News: No. 2 dated Saturday, April 27, 1912.

Don Edwards Photography & Te Aroha Jewellers 155 Whitaker Street, Te Aroha

884 8314

(next to Westpac)

Photo Restoration Passport Photos Watch Batteries Watch & Jewellery Repairs Dry Cleaning Picture Framing Instant Photos


PHONE 07 884 9491



from Williams Quality Beds Department




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Entertainment Guide GRAND TAVERN

Saturday 8th June 7.30pm

ALL BLACKS v FRANCE Live on the Big Screen 9.35pm till late



TE AROHA RSA OUR LOGO – PRIMARY SATURDAY JUNE 22 AT 8.00pm Our primary logo should be used wherever possible. The vertical format best displays the heart device, while ensuring all elements are legible.







Wherever possible the RSA heart should appear in red, with charcoal or white lettering and badge. For other situations the black or white logo can be used.


Where the background is red, use the white (reverse) version of the logo.

FRIENDSHIP GROUP MINIMUM SIZE For optimum reproduction and legibility, the logo shouldn’t be smaller than 25mm in height.


Monday 24th June - 1pm

CLEAR SPACE Leave a space of at least the width of the letter ‘A’ (taken from the logo) between the other elements. A logo niceandchance to get out and meet some new friends and old.

Let's get together and have a cup of tea and a chat. We can pick you up and drop you off NO TROUBLE AT ALL! Come to the RSA and enjoy the entertainment and company. The Te Aroha RSA would like to invite you and your friends and neighbours to come and enjoy a monthly catch up! A place to take some time out of your normal week and come in and have a chat and catch up with friends. To register your interest or put your name down for a ride please ring the club 884 8124.

We look forward to seeing you all. Aroha Advertiser - Page 14


884 4536


Hi Folks, Lorraine and I are proud to introduce the Palace Hotel Newsletter. We have been at the LOCAL for 2½ years now, and are proud to call Te Aroha home and be part of such a cool community…Bruce


Male Revue









Available Wed to Mon

$10.00 LUNCH MENU Fishermans Seafood Basket Lunch size roast of the day Seafood Chowder Salad of the day Pie and chips Wedges Nachos BLT Curry Bowl Steak sandwich Sausage and chips Lunch size fish and chips

Ask our waitress about our daily specials too

Lunch served 11.30 till 2pm

5.30pm till 8pm

Dine-in, takeaway or delivered Starters Garlic Bread for 2



4 Delicate Garlic Prawn skewers lightly grilled With Homemade Aioli

Crumbed Camembert


Delicious Wedges of Camembert, crunchy on the outside and creamy on the inside, with a rich plum dipping sauce

Mains Wedges


With bacon and cheese, sour cream and salsa



Crunchy Bacon, Lettuce, Tomato, aioli & fries



A delicious dish with bacon, mushrooms & parmesan

Mussel Fritters

Burger & Chips


Your choice of Steak, chicken or Battered Fish salad & dressings on a fresh bun, served with fries

Roast of the day


Served with roast potatoes, kumara, pumpkin, Beans, carrots, peas & gravy

Toasted Ciabatta bread lathered with homemade garlic butter

Prawn Teezers



Extra Large $16 Medium $12 Delivery $5 per address Freshly made Pizzas , choose from our Menu or design your own from our selection of over 24 toppings. Gluten Free and Dairy Free options available Open Wed to Sun 5pm till late at the café end of the Palace







A tasty light meal, served with side salad

Sweet Chili Chicken Salad $12.50 Marinated Chicken, on top of fresh salad, topped with crispy noodles

Lamb Shanks 1x $20.00 2x $25.00 Marinated in garlic & mint, served on mash with peas

Fish and Chips


Blue Whiting fillets, coated in Tempura Batter, served with fries, side salad and lemon

Fishermans Basket


A lovely assortment of fish, scallops, oysters, mussels, prawns, squid, fries & seasonal side salad



Prime Scotch steak grilled to perfection & topped with your choice of Pepper sauce, r Garlic Butter, or creamy mushrooms served with side salad & crunchy fries

Surf and Turf


A delicious scotch, cooked to your liking & topped with tasty prawns & scallops, drizzled with garlic butter, served with a side salad & crunchy fries

Chicken Parmagiana


Crumbed chicken breast topped with bacon, lashings of cheese & salsa, with salad and fries

Sweet Treats Pav and cream


Pavlova topped with whipped cream and syrup, served with vanilla ice-cream

Ice Cream Sundae


Large scoops of ice-cream with sauce, cream and sprinkles

Chocolate Overload


Warm Brownie with ice-cream, whipped cream, choc sauce and sprinkles

PALACE HOTEL Phone 07 884 4536 Aroha Advertiser - Page 15

Grand Honours are given three times and at the third time the Brethren audibly pronounce the following wordsWe Cherish his memory here (hands crossed on breast); we commend his spirit to God who gave it (both hands raised to the Heavens); we consign his body to the earth (both hands pointed to the ground).

Community Organisation News TE AROHA FREEMASONS Te Aroha Lodge first came to light in 1884 when the community of the town was mainly gold miners. The original Charter still hangs in the Te Aroha Lodge rooms in Paeroa, dated 1st May, 1884 and many of our streets are named after some of the more prominent members of the lodge. In 1887 a section of land between Whitaker and Church Streets was acquired and the first lodge was erected. One of the members of the lodge left a written account of this, "members who were carpenters gave two or more days of labour while others gave the equivalent of those two or more days or sent a man to assist at their expense. The first Te Aroha lodge was of the Scottish Constitution, but in 1890 became a supporter and later named a member of the newly formed New Zealand branch of Freemasonry and in 1890 was issued with its warrant and number being that of number 52 on the Grand Role Register of New Zealand. The Te Aroha lodge still meets every month at its lodge rooms in paeroa and welcome any enquiries about all aspects of Freemasonry. For further information you can contact Mike Mahon, secretary eith at PO Box 12, Te Aroha or phone 022 681 3571 or email


About 20 people attended the gluten-free afternoon tea held on Monday, 27th May at the Catholic Church Lounge. They sampled some beautiful food while browsing through recipe books, collecting pamphlets and checking out the display of gluten-free products. A support group for those with coeliac disease and/or on gluten-free diets is planned for Te Aroha with meetings every two months, the first to be towards the end of July. If you are interested in coming along, please contact Dorothy Morrissey, 07-884-6098.


FUTURE TE AROHA Lodge of Sorrow New exciting developments are abounding at Future TeW.Bro. Aroha.A. Bradshaw

27th November The start of a Ukulele group on 2012 Tuesdays at 6.30pm has generated a spin off with a new group starting on Mondays. The new group will be called musical mondays and will be led by Danny Boeglin who is keen to share his musical diversity with others. Danny plays many instruments himself and would like others to bring along their own instruments or play one of the many available, they will include bass guitar, guitar, ukuleles, recorders, harmonicas and his own favourite the diatonic accordion. Future Te Aroha is a great venue says Danny after recently joining the Ukulele group. So if you want to share with Danny's enthusiasm come along on Mondays at 6.30pm and enjoy making music together with others. Classes for children Mondays - The actor class is preparing to create a new show. The Crazy Quest of Tim, Tom, and Terri. Come along at 4.00pm to take part. Class $60 per term. Learn acting skills alongside rehearsal time. Tuesdays - Creative Beginnings for 4-6 year olds. A new look at preparation for acting, music and dance. The children will learn listening skills, focus and concentration whilst being introduced to the creative disciplines. Class cost $40 per term. Wednesdays - Art for up to 10 years 4-5pm Experiment with different mediums. Art for age 10+ an extension of art mediums in a relaxed atmosphere. Class $60 per term including all materials. Thursdays - Drumming African Style at 4.00pm learn to listen and create your own music. A wonderful opportunity to enjoy the creative process. New - Children's Ukulele at 5.00-6.00pm. Come along and have fun learning to play and create great sounds together. Special introductory offer $40 per class or $60 for two on Thursdays.

Activities for Adults

Te Aroha Mountain Lions need you!! Make new friends and help make a difference to our community.

JOIN US NOW Phone Margaret 07 884 4422 for further details

Mondays- Musical Mondays have fun learning and playing music with Danny Broeglin at 6.30pm open to all ages. Tuesdays- Ukulele Tuesdays. Join in the relaxed atmosphere and play along with others at 6.30pm. Open to all ages. Classes available beforehand to those interested. Tuesdays - Introduction to art and different meduims. Enjoy creating your own art in a peaceful atmosphere. Phone Future Te Aroha 8849489 or email


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MARIE’S KITCHEN @ The Grand Tavern

Phone 07 884 7576 027 328 3879 Traditional Kiwi Meals at Affordable Prices FRESH FISH (Wed-Sun) • STEAK MEALS • SEAFOOD BASKETS SHANKS (Fri & Sat) • JUMBO BURGERS • KIDDIES MEALS SEAFOOD CHOWDER (popular) • ROAST PORK (Sun 5pm-8.30pm) 10% Gold Card Members - Take Away Meals Fish & Chips etc $10 LUNCHES 11.30 - 2.00 - Get Your Mid Year Function Booked In Buffet Lunches from $15 Buffet Dinners from $25


SERVICE WITH A SMILE - WE GO THE EXTRA MILE Opening Hours: Wed to Fri 11.30-2pm Sat and Sun All Day

To purchase Te Aroha dollars as a gift for friends, family, or those staff gifts please visit Piako Stationary or Kay’s Way Winter Special! WinterMonth's Months’ Special! Bring-a-friend and get 12% OFF* Bring-a-friend and get 12% OFF*

Flick Flick NAIL SALON


Because YOU deserve some nail pampering

Call fordeserve booking: 078848268 Or just pop in the pampering salon anytime =) Because YOU some nail At 162 Whitaker St. Te Aroha

Call for booking: 07 (just 884beside 8268Oriental or justTrading, pop inthethe anytime=) Asiansalon Grocery Store) *Conditionsat apply 162 Whitaker Street, Te Aroha (just beside Oriental Trading, the Asian Grocery Store) *Conditions apply

OPENING FRIDAY 14th JUNE 206 Whitaker Street, Te Aroha

07 884 8613 Open 7 Days 9am-5pm Monday-Friday 10am-3pm Saturday & Sunday Perennials, Flower & Vege Seedlings, Potted Colour, Citrus (big range of healthy trees and Fruit Trees, Farm Trees etc No need to shop out of town you have the best service, product range and expertise on your back door Steve Stockley and Vicki Thomas Stockley Aroha Advertiser - Page 17

Community Organisation News LIONS CLUB OF TE AROHA Cont from pg 1 to the cycle trail entrance to the town. This will be an on-going project over a number of years. To generate funds the club tender for the telephone book distribution contract, operate a casualty calf collection, run firewood raffles, hold charity golf tournaments and similar fundraiser events. Te Aroha Lions work with our fellow service clubs to achieve community projects. An example of this cooperation was the purchase of a king size electric bed for the hospice room at Te Aroha Hospital instigated by Te Aroha Mountain Lions Club and this year we assisted Te Aroha Rotary Club with their Youthline fundraiser auction. In early December for the last 36 years, Te Aroha Lions have performed at Te Aroha Hospital and Kenwyn Home singing Christmas carols for the rest home residents. Since 1925 the Lions organisation has assisted the blind. One of their projects has been the collection and distribution of old reading glasses and spectacles to under-developed countries worldwide. Collecting up old spectacles for re-use in the Pacific islands is an ongoing project for New Zealand Lions and your unwanted specs can be delivered to any Lion member. Other collections undertaken by Lions are the ‘Heads up for Kids’ project, which collects old and foreign currency which is returned to the Reserve Bank for face value payment. The money raised, is used to fund education programmes for young New Zealanders who would otherwise not get the opportunity. Nationwide over $325,000.00 has been raised to date. Lions also collect aluminium can tabs and wine bottle tops which provides a return for the Kidney Kids Foundation, an organisation which supports children with kidney disorders. If you have old currency, can tabs and wine bottle tops you can pass these on to any Te Aroha Lions member.


The month of May has been a very busy one for our Rotary Club. Daphne Ellis was a guest speaker earlier in the month and her talk about Dogs for the Hearting Impaired was very enlightening. This is an area of help that we were not aware of and the difference that trained dogs make to a hearing impaired person is amazing. We recommend Daphne to any organisation which is need of a good, informative speaker. On May 15 Gary Talbot. QSM MIFireE, Manager, Thames Valley Emergency Operating Area which includes Hauraki, Coromandel and Matamata Piako districts was keynote speaker at the annual urban/rural evening. It was excellent having a speaker of his calibre who knew his subject so thoroughly and showed a power point presentation which pictured photos of various catastrophes in our area. The beneficiaries of this evening were Te Aroha Fire Brigade, St John and our local hospital who each received a cheque for $300. Our raffle at Countdown was won by a ticket in the name of Jackson ($150) and second was Coombe ($50). Thanks to all who supported this fundraising effort which goes towards the annual scholarships we give to Te Aroha College. Changeover night, when Rotary changes presidents and starts

Left: Riverside bollards project

Right: Domain planting project

Left: Wetlands walkway project

Socially, members gather monthly for a dinner meeting with a guest speaker or a fun event and regular wife/partner evenings are included during the year. The club working bees also have a fun element emphasis whilst doing the hard yards. The Lions year commences in July and the change of club officers will take place later this month. For information about Te Aroha Lions Club, please contact new club president Dave Gardiner ph. 884 9011 or membership chair Roger Hubbard ph. 884 8302. Our motto “We Serve”.

a new year is planned for June 26 when Tom Stephenson will not longer be president and Robin Reid takes over. Our facebook page is under the name of Rotary of Te Aroha if you are curious to see more of what we are doing in our area and overseas. If you are interested in knowing more about Rotary please contact the secretary on 884 9521. To learn more about Rotary activities we have a website which promotes our district 9930 on


Annual Field Day Event – Sunday 28th July 9.30am – 3pm at Waihou Hall This popular annual event is open to all brass, woodwind and percussion players of any age and playing level. The day gives an opportunity for players from the local area, and further afield, to spend time playing some new music with the help of assisting tutors and conductors. It is also a social event; a time catch up with friends, make new ones and find out what is happening with other music groups. Lunch, morning and afternoon tea are provided – entry $12.50 All welcome – players and non-players!! For registration details or more information - contact Sonia Ferguson 887 1767 Players always welcome at our weekly practises!! Tuesday 7 – 9pm at Waihou Hall. Aroha Advertiser - Page 18

0800 VISIQUE |

STUNNING DESIGNER FRAMES VISIQUE’S COMMITTED TO HELPING ANDKIDS A FREE TRIP TO MELBOURNE.* KIWI LEARN. NOW THAT’S SMART. I’M TOTALLY THERE. • $49.95 eye exams for kids up to year 8* • Free upgrade to unbreakable lenses for kids* • Quality frame and lens packages from only $99 • Free glasses and eye exams for qualifying Community Services cardholders*

Buy any pair of designer frames to the value of $149 or more and you could win 1 of 8 trips for two to Melbourne.*


Visique O’Hagan Vision Care 186 Whitaker Street, Te Aroha Phone 07 884 8015

* Terms and conditions apply. Offer runs from 22 April – 15 June, 2013. Visit or ask your local Visique for further details.

*Terms and conditions apply. Ask your local Visique or visit for further details.

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Community News SENIORNET TE AROHA (INC) AGM Wednesday 12th June 2013 10.30am St Mark’s Church Hall All welcome


2nd June – Neavesville Starting at Stadia Stream and following a four wheel drive track to Neavesville which was once a gold mining town. All that remains is a headstone and an old sawmill. Track: Average; Petrol $8.00 16th June – Tuahu Track Walking through the newly planted pine forest with a steady climb for about 45 minutes then quite level walking to the summit junction and on to Te Rereatukahia Hut returning along a forest service track. Many good views. Track: Average; Petrol: $4.00 30th June - Working Bee on local tracks. Many hands make light work. Please bring your tools For more details contact John 884 7005 or Colin 884 9308

You are invited to attend…

INDIGENOUS PLANT MEDICINE of Aotearoa, New Zealand Training Seminar Te Aroha – June 8th & 9th 2013 Please contact David for investment and further details Phone – 027 375 9130 Email –

OUR VILLAGE GARDEN: Te Keke o Te Aroha Inc. Well we are off to a good start, all plots are being planted out with winter vegetables, plans are afoot right now to plant fruit trees, our own mini orchard within the next few weeks. We now have two meeting days, the first Sunday of each month 1pm to 4pm and every Wednesday afternoon 3.30pm to 5pm. Everyone is welcome to come along at these times to dig in have a cuppa. The worm farm is doing fine, worm juice is such a good plant food, our new compost bins will enable us to clear the garden of waste too.

SENIORNET – A Valuable Community Facility throughout NZ This year SeniorNet celebrates its 21st year of operation in New Zealand and its 10th year in Te Aroha – that’s 21 years of helping New Zealanders over the age of 50 come to grips with technology and participate in this so called “Age of Technology”. We are immensely proud of our achievements. In over 80 Learning Centres right throughout the country our willing volunteer tutors have trained, coached, coerced even cudgelled over 250,000 people into becoming confident users of Computers, Digital Cameras, Smartphones, Tablet devices and the software challenges that go with them. The success of SeniorNet is quite simply our approach to learning – seniors teaching seniors. We discovered early on that people over 50 prefer to learn new technology from people of about their own age in an environment that is both friendly and non-competitive. In many ways our Centres resemble small country schools. Wherever possible we prefer to have no more than six people in any one session with two volunteer tutors, who are actually more like coaches, guiding their students. Our tutors are not “geeky know it all’s” - which is often the vision people have of a person teaching technology – we find the best tutors are those who are just a few steps ahead of their students so really the learning is very much a collaborative environment. Many people come to our Centres so they can up-skill for future employment, like learning how to master spread sheets or word processing skills needed in a work situation. Perhaps the greatest need is for people to learn the modern communication skills associated with the internet, such things as email etiquette, social media (such as Facebook) and how to Skype etc. Make this year your year to improve your technology skills. More information about SeniorNet Te Aroha (Inc) and classes can be found by calling - Lyndsay Noble - 884 9299, Carole Keightley 884 9737, Dave Clark - 889 7987.


The Lions Club of Te Aroha has been well involved in recent months supporting a number of community run events and community organisations. We have assisted with the set up and clean up of Domain Day, Security for the Youth Empowerment Service talent quest, a working bee at the Te Aroha playcentre, and are presently undertaking a tidy up of the Library garden. Te Aroha Lions also assisted with security at the Balloons over Waikato on April 6th. As Lions were the Charity of Choice, the funds raised from this event will be donated to the Waikato/Bay of Plenty Cancer Society’s Lions Lodge. The Lodge is a very special facility that provides a relaxing, modern and friendly environment and a “home away from home” for people while they are undergoing treatment for Cancer. At our March and April dinner meetings, funds were distributed to assist a number of community organisations. At the March meeting the Te Aroha Community Hospital ($1000); Te Aroha Toy Library ($500); Te Aroha Dramatic Society ($500) each received donations. The Riding for the Disabled, Te Aroha Community Patrols and the Red Cross community van were recipients of $500 donations by Te Aroha Lions Club at our April dinner meeting. Representatives from each organisation spoke about how they intended to use the funds to continue the great work they all do for the community. The Lions Club of Te Aroha is proud to support these worthy community organisations.

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Your LOCAL One Stop Electronics & Appliance Shop




IT Home & Business Servicing, Sales & Accessories - whether your PC/Laptop has a virus, needs more RAM, or just needs an upgrade, we can help! Freeview Digital & Satellite Aerial Installation Appliance Servicing and Sales: Fridge/Freezers, Washing Machines, Dryers/Dishwashers, Ranges Internet Kiosks and Zenbu WiFi VCR TAPE to DVD COPYING

All our work comes with a 6 month warranty Our shop is located at 191 Whitaker Street, Te Aroha (next to Unichem Pharmacy) Hours: 10am-5pm Tuesday to Friday & 10am-1pm Saturdays. Sundays and Mondays are closed Email: Website:

Phone: 07 884 7425 We have relocated to 19 Kenrick St Te Aroha

24 hours - 7 days a week

Residential Rural Commercial Industrial

For professional, prompt & quality service call

BEN COLLINS Mobile: Phone: email:

021 138 3823 07 884 6613


Piako Stainless & Alloy Specialists Ltd

The Te Aroha Miniature and Model Railway is open every 1st and 3rd Sunday of each month 10am-2pm at 39 Burgess Street.




For all your stainless steel needs. We weld aluminium, magnesium, titanium, die cast & steel.

Ph 07 884 9713

Manufacturers of low pressure hot water cylinders. Alloy plank systems for Herringbone pits.

Across: 2. Mills, 5. Coromandel, 7. Fire Brigade, 10. Alcohol, 11. France, 12. Railway Station, 14. Geothermal, 16. Kiwitahi, 17. Waiorongomai, 20. Sandflies, 21. Tui Mine, 24. Open Day, 25. Spooner. Down: 1. Lions, 2. Massey, 3. Hauraki Rail Trail, 4. Te Aroha College, 6. Vercoe, 8. Palace Hotel, 9. Gerry White, 13. Lawrence, 15. RSA, 18. Gallery, 19. Gerrish, 22. Port, 23. Water.


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9 Honi St, Te Aroha p 07 884 9122 f 07 884 9121

Community Groups Te Aroha FREE SERVICE SHOPPING BUS Door to Door service!! Donation Welcome

Te Aroha Town Bus:

every second Tuesday all year round (Pension Day)

Services every 3rd Monday of each month to



January March May July September November

February April June August October December

For information and booking please call Jean

884 9932

Facilitated by Te Aroha Springs Community Trust 32 Church Street, Te Aroha, 3320 Phone 07 884 9932 Mob: 021 060 6625 email: Charitable Trust CC22427 Te Aroha Shopping Bus is funded by THE TINDALL FOUNDATION

CITIZENS ADVICE BUREAU The Te Aroha bureau is located at 137 Whitaker St. Opening hours 10.00-2.00. Ph. 884 8037. Email:


For Community Van Phone Kerry 884 4128 For Wheelchairs, Crutches etc Phone Frank 884 7954 For Meals on Wheels Phone Lelia 884 9962 For enquiries phone Grace 884 8475 or Judy 884 7954


Meetings every Tuesday 1.30pm Senior Citizens Hall, 24 Church Street PROGRAMME - New members welcome 4th June Myrie Townsend - Music 11th June Michael Earl 18th June Morrinsville RSA Entertainers (plate please) 25th June Life Unlimited Cards (500) and Bowls every Thursday 1pm Hall for hire - Reasonable Rates Contact Jack Cohen Ph 884 7771

PILATES classes held at Te Aroha Physiotherapy every

Tuesday at 1pm, all ages and abilities welcome, great exercise for strengthening the core, toning and mobility, $10 per person. Enquiries phone Vicki 889 4566


Beginner’s classes are being offered in several forms and styles at Te Aroha Physiotherapy Hall. Tutor: Jenny Lucy - 25 years experience.


The classes will run for 12 weeks, at a cost of $60 payable at commencement. Pro rata refund made after 3 sessions if you decide not to complete the course.

Meeting at Te Aroha Club Centennial Avenue Wednesday nights 5.30 for 6.00pm. Phone secretary 884 9521 for further information.

TUESDAYS: 5.30pm-6.30pm Sun Style 73 Form. Advanced Group - ongoing class. 6.30pm-7.30pm Chan Lee 31 Form. Beginners class.

MANAWARU INDOOR BOWLING CLUB Club nights every Thursday at 7.30pm at the Manawaru Hall on Shaftesbury Road, Manawaru. Adolescents and adults welcome. Coaching is available. Contact Terry Carswell 884 9620 or Mark Davey 884 9781.

INDOOR BOWLS are also available at Te Aroha St Marks Church - Tuesday 7.30pm. Elstow Hall - Monday 7.30pm Waihou Hall - Monday 7.30pm. Bowls provided.


WEDNESDAYS: 8.15am-9.00am 9.00am-10.00am THURSDAYS: 6.00pm-7.00pm

Qi Gong & Modified Sun Style 24 Form. Ongoing and open to all levels. Modified Sun Style 40 Form - Advanced group ongoing class. Sun Style 29 Form. Beginners class.

TO ENROL: Phone/text Jenny Lucy 027 245 8418. Wear loose comfortable clothing and soft footwear.


Every Friday, Tui Park Bowling Club at 12.30. Come and join the fun! We will teach you if have never played before. Ring Patsy Cross 884 8891 or Berry Cook 884 9868.

INVENTORS CLUB Persons interested in forming an Inventors Club with the idea of mutual help with each others projects. Confidentiality assured. Contacts email 884 7735 884 7714

MEETING Thursday 27th June at 11.00am Future Te Aroha premises. New Members Welcome Aroha Advertiser - Page 22

PIAKO STATIONERY SUPPLIERS (Printing, Photocopying, Computer Supplies, Cards, Magazines & Books)

160 Whitaker Street, P.O. Box 62, Te Aroha 3342 Ph: (07) 884-9110 Fax: (07) 884-8736

Check out our new "School Zone" complete solution for home learning • • • • • •

FROM $5.99

Suitable for ages 3 to 8 years Workbooks, Card Sets, Software Write & Reuse Workbooks Alphabet, Maths, Reading, Writing Games & Puzzles Activity Books & Flash Cards



Dear Customers 13 Kenrick St, Te Aroha Lavenda Sushi is offering a Winter Menu, “Donburi”, as well as a variety Ph 07 884 7888 of Sushi now. “Donburi” means vegetables or meat served on rice and we will provide this as a dine-in meal as well as a take away. For our customers who don’t have enough time for their lunch or can not be bothered to go out in cold, rainy weather, please call us as we can deliver it to you (within the Te Aroha region). Our menu and order form are available in store for those who are interested in delivery services and company orders are welcome too. We are also happy to offer catering and orders are welcome for any special locations and occasions. Thank you always to all our customers and thanks for all your support. We will promise you good quality food and service.

teAROHA aroha print ltdLTD TE PRINT

40 Kenrick Street Te Aroha 07 884 9133


For all your rental requirements:

Phone Bryce 027 478 8881

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erlusconi on whitaker

A la Carte & Pizza Menus

Restaurant & Bar

wine and cocktails • premium cuisine open Wednesday 5.30pm - late Thursday - Sunday brunch & lunch from 11.00am dinner from 5.30pm - late

Kerry McKinley


Glenda Milligan

149 Whitaker St Te Aroha 07 884 9307


Short Street, MATAMATA • Ph 888 8333 Whitaker Street, TE AROHA • Ph 0800 862273

213A Whitaker Street, Te Aroha Ph/Fax: 07 884 9378 Mob: 0274 744 144 Email:

e Signag e t e l p m o



• sign manufacturers • car detailing • window tinting & frosting • vans trucks buses boats


Great Work Horse - Hard To Find

• footpath signs • shop fronts & fascias • banners flags stickers • computer cut lettering • wide format digital printing • uniforms & sportswear printing

Kenrick Street Te Aroha

07 884 8174

Lady of the House Beauty



Threading (from $10) Waxing (from $10) Tinting (from $15) Facials (from $39) Eyelash Extensions (from $45) Gel Nails (from $29)

Clinic in Te Aroha

(Advance Bookings essential)

027 740 5881

Agent for Te Aroha Dollars $$$

   

WOF Inspections Vehicle Maintenance & Repairs Free Battery Testing & Charging Quotes


Beauty Therapy Gifts - Crystals 135 Whitaker St Te Aroha 07 884 9457


3 Lipsey Street, Te Aroha Ph: 07 884 4555 Fax: 07 884 4005 A/H: 07 884 7828 Mob: 0274 908 858


07 884 8143 8143


Gift Vouchers

07 884 8143 HAIR HAIR

Brazilians (from $40)

Manicures (from $15)

MITSUBISHI L200 2.5L $3995

Manual, Tuff Deck, New WOF & Rego


• Waxing Brow and Lash Tints • Facials • Ear Candling • Foot Fantasy • Hand Pampers • Clairvoyant/Tarot Readings

20% OFF

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Marked Yellow Sticker Sale

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