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Changing schools smoothly

Parents have everything to gain by preparing their children emotionally for a move.


How to live with your teen’s look Lifestyle - The start of a new school year is usually a time to renew the kids’ wardrobes. When children are little this can be a lot of fun, but once they’re into the teenage years it’s much more difficult to find clothes that will please them as much as the parents. It’s around this age that shopping can start being a real headache for both parties. Yet it’s normal for teenagers to want to express their personality through their style of clothing. Some want to stand out from the crowd, while others prefer to conform to a certain popular fashion or to a style shared by their friends. This can be tricky when an extravagant style doesn’t meet with parental approval. To keep the peace and prevent any conflicts from arising during a shopping outing, take some time to discuss your family’s style parameters be-


fore setting out. Try to stay open to new fashion trends and, above all, stay cool. After all, the more you insist, the more your children will protest. Opt instead for a compromise, either by suggesting accessories in the style they love or by offering them set times when they can flaunt their latest look. If that doesn’t work, consider giving them a bit of leeway. After all, is it really that bad if your teenager wears pants that seem way too big, or if the top and bottom of an outfit don’t really match? Be careful that you don’t spend your money on styles that contravene the ethics or dress code of your teenager’s school. Explain your concerns about wasting money and leave the door open for other compromises. After all, who’s never upset their parents with some unconventional clothing?

Lifestyle - Having to move house can be a major source of stress for children. When a change of school is also involved, the emotional impact can be huge. Children need the support of their parents in order for this transition to go as smoothly as possible. Just because they are young doesn’t mean that children can adapt easily to upheaval in their lives. Just as adults do, kids need time to get used to change. The stress of a transition might manifest itself as sudden mood swings, nightmares, or minor physical discomfort. Even insomnia can make an appearance. To prevent some of these reactions, parents have everything to gain by preparing their children for a move. The best kind of start is to put all your cards on the table and explain frankly to children why they have to move and what it will involve.

After this, parents must listen carefully as they give children time to verbalize their worries. It is important that children feel comfortable expressing what they are feeling. For the transition to go smoothly, it is essential that parents supply points of reference for their children. Taking the time to visit new classrooms, meet the teachers, and see other students will help them develop more confidence. On the way home, a conversation about the positive aspects of the visit will help other fears to dissipate. Of course, parents should not expect that all their children’s misgivings will disappear like magic. But by being calm and patient, parents can make their children feel secure enough that the transition to a new school and neighbourhood can go smoothly.

Internet safety for children Lifestyle - The start of a new school year is always a good opportunity to remind children about a few safety rules: don’t talk to strangers, cross the road at intersections and stay on the sidewalks. However, in this era of the Internet, another important element should never be forgotten: Internet safety. First of all, children should never use a nickname that reveals their age. They should never, ever accept an invitation from someone who asks them not to talk about it to other people. Parents must also make their children aware of the consequences of one of the most dangerous activities on the Web – the posting of sexy or suggestive photos. Once on the Internet, these images can circulate nonstop, long into the future. This issue has caused plenty of grief for many a young

woman. Parents must discuss with their children the risks and the traps to avoid. Sitting in front of a computer screen seems to protect and isolate us, but the Internet is a window into the world at large. The golden rule is to never do on the Web what you wouldn’t dare do on the street. Because of this, careful supervision is vital. In fact, it is recommended to set up the computer in a communal area of the home so that parents can keep an attentive eye on the use their children make of it. If parents believe that their child is the victim of entrapment or bullying, they should be aware that they do have recourse against this type of criminal activity. Record and print any conversations and contact your local police immediately. R0012263455

2013-2014 RCDSB School Registration If your child is attending a Renfrew County District School Board school during the 2013-2014 school year but has not yet registered, visit your child’s school to sign up.


RCDSB elementary schools will be open starting Aug. 26 RCDSB secondary schools will be open starting Aug. 19

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               County Joint Transportation Consortium at 613-732-8419.


2. Bring your child’s proof of age, immunization records, Ontario health card, home address and proof of Ontario residency to the school your child will be attending next fall during the registration period.





Junior Kindergarten students must be four-years-old by Dec. 31, 2013. Senior Kindergarten students must be five-years-old by Dec. 31, 2013. Several RCDSB schools have full day, alternate day junior and senior Kindergarten programs. Visit or contact your school for further details.



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