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A honey of a tree To the Editor: As you may recall, my father, Doug Scheels, regularly submitted ʻLetters to the Editorʼ and assorted articles to this newspaper. Sometimes the submissions were for the readersʼ information only, i.e. history of the Town of Arnprior. Sometimes the submissions were to motivate the readers, i.e. suggesting people get personally involved in local issues. While other times the articles were to just make you think about life – need I explain further? In addition to Dadʼs love of Arnprior, he was also very passionate about trees. This interest was very evident during the ʻSave the Groveʼ campaign, which he and a number of other local citizens initiated and eventually succeeded in their goals. In the past few years, the number of letters Dad submit-

ted diminished due to his failing health. I had made a promise to him a while ago, however, that I would help him submit one of his favourite articles to the paper for re-publication. Since Dad passed away this past February, I am now keeping that promise which I had made to him. For that reason, I am re-submitting this article entitled ʻA Honey of a Treeʼ on his behalf. Please keep in mind that the article may not contain current statistics as it was originally published by the Ministry of Natural Resources in their ʻYour Forestsʼ magazine (Vol. 9, No. 1) dated Spring 1976. This week Dad would have turned 89 years old … or as he would have likely said “Iʼm 11 years shy of 100!” I hope you enjoy reading one of Doug Scheelsʼ favourite articles.

Happy birthday, Dad! candidate is 46 feet higher, towLynn (Scheels) Staddon ering a magnificent 128 feet! Based on a system of points, the Arnprior basswood breaks R.S. Beagan the record by 40 points, princiMinistry of Natural Resources pally because of its additional height. A record-breaking bassʻThe Groveʼ at Arnprior was wood tree has been found in clear-cut about 150 years ago in the Pembroke District of the the heyday of lumbering in the Ministry of Natural Resourc- Ottawa Valley. es. The principal species of residThe giant was nominated to ual trees are dozens of 150-yearthe Ontario Forestry Associa- old white pines well in excess of tionʼs Honour Roll of Trees by 100 feet in height. These pines Mr. J.O. Smith, Ontario Divi- are interspersed with basswood, sional Forester for Consolidat- maple and beech trees. ed-Bathurst Limited. According to J.O. Smith of Located in McNab Town- Consolidated-Bathurst Limited, ship, 200 yards west of the ʻThe Groveʼ is probably the best boundary of the Town of present day example of a prime Arnprior, the tree stands on pine forest. a private 70-acre tract called The basswood is a broadʻThe Groveʼ. The property leafed, deciduous tree bearing was purchased in 1930 by the whitish flowers which are particlate D.A. Gillies, a prominent ularly attractive to honey bees. Ottawa Valley lumberman, Its wood is soft, easily shaped whose wife still resides there. and fine grained and is used exWhile the former record- tensively in the manufacture of holding basswood tree in fine furniture. Wingham, Ontario exceeds the Arnprior treeʼs girth, diameter and crown spread, the new

The largest basswood tree in Ontario towers 128 feet about foresters J.O. Smith, left, of Consolidated –Bathurst Ltd. and Bud Wahl of Natural Resources. The tree is located adjacent to the Town of Arnprior in the Ottawa Valley. PHOTO BY R.S. BEAGAN/ MINISTRY OF NATURAL RESOURCES

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Arnprior Chronicle-Guide May 7, 2015


Arnprior Chronicle-Guide May 7, 2015