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Exclusive limo and taxi app solution for fleet owners.

The QUp Limo and Taxi Dispatching platform is probably the most leading systems available today. We're offering a robust and scalable white label solution, support to enhance your taxi and limo business, and this is an extension to traditional practices as we make the power of technology. Currently, over 75 fleets are utilizing our services as well as in fully operational mode across 145 cities around the world. It's all about our fleet PARTNERS. PRODUCTS QUp offers our customers the optimum suite of app-based tools and platform in the ground-up: Back end Command Center Dashboard, Driver App for drivers, Passenger App for passengers, mDispatcher App for fleets’ partners, self-service Booking Kiosk and simple plug-in Web Booking System. COMMAND CENTER DASHBOARD A cloud-based platform featuring probably the most advanced dispatching system and fleet management solution for Taxi and Limo fleets •Feature a cloud based platform for dispatching and fleet management •Support manual and automatic taxi & limo dispatching •Keep a record of all the transactions to completely moderate your revenue •Enable multiple payment gateway integration •Manage all the relevant settings to fulfill your various business needs •Deliver detailed analytical business reports •Monitor and manage all passengers, drivers and dispatchers database

mDISPATCHER APP A mobile app which allows the dispatchers at airports, restaurants, hotels, bars and corporates to lease rides easily and fully manage the dispatching process •Acquire new passengers at airports, restaurants, hotels, bars and corporates •Streamline the dispatching process with manual and automatic driver assigning •Customize your app to suit your unique business structure •Let your brand go viral inside your partner network PASSENGER APP A unique white label booking app for passengers to book a car at will or perhaps in advance, track the ride entirely to make payment easily •Meet the requirements of shoppers with our advanced limo and taxi apps •Promote your personal brand along with your white label mobile app •Reach new markets, attract clients with your app in multiple languages DRIVER APP A mobile app providing a faster and much easier method of receiving and managing jobs on drivers' own smartphones •Increase the effectiveness of your drivers with automated on demand and scheduled booking requests •Simplify the drivers’ everyday work with updated trip navigation and multiple payment methods •Extend service coverage & maximize driver availability with the QUp Fleet Alliance WEB BOOKING A totally customizable web-based booking platform, giving customers an easy and quick method to book rides •Connect more Corporate travelers for your limo and taxi fleet •Provide a straightforward plug-in to your as well as your partners' website for online limo and taxi bookings •Boost your personal brand while increasing your total conversion rate BOOKING KIOSK A self-service booking app allowing customers to book or pre-book a ride from your tablet without any difficulty •Acquire more customers with all the integrated booking function •Improve client satisfaction via various taxi and limo booking channels •Push fleet branding through providing one To one advertising to passengers PRICING QUp provides a wide range of pricing structures, suitable for all fleet sizes. We assist individual operators to ascertain their requirements and then workout a deal that fits their budget. We multiply your returns within the most exclusive way! Customer support At QUp we continuously strive for innovation and develop new technology which assures our

customers the most effective service. We ensure 24/7 service with multi - channel customer care. To learn more about Taxi Dispatch Software you can check our web portal: click to read more

Exclusive limo and taxi app solution for fleet owners 669  

QUp World – Advanced white label limo & taxi app solution for fleets. QUp connects passengers to limo and taxi fleets through cloud based di...

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