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The Secrets of Designing a Conference Room First Impressions Matter In most offices, the conference room is where first impressions are met and deals are signed. From important clients to prospective employees, it is the central hub of activity and decision making. A well designed conference room will not only give a business the professional image it wants, but can be the key to success in all its ventures. Understanding the Space When designing a conference room, understanding the space available is crucial to the design’s effectiveness and strategy. Two questions a business should ask are: 1. How often will the conference room be used? 2. How many people attend your meetings? By understanding a business’s “need,” the designer can effectively utilize the space without going over budget or adding unnecessary features. Fostering Creativity In general, a conference room is a collaborative space. With collaboration in mind, focus on creating an environment that promotes creativity and team work. Common ways of doing so includes adding white or blackboards to the walls, and keeping supplies like pens, papers, and calculators in stock. If a business is prone to having long meetings, it’s also recommended that a refrigerator with food and water be available within reach. Minimize Distractions A productive and impressive conference room should be kept free of any possible distractions. Businesses should avoid hanging unnecessary artwork or décor in the conference room and save those elements for the reception area or hallway. Wall Paint & Lighting In any space, wall color and lighting play a significant role in mood and atmosphere. Avoid painting the walls dark or bold colors like red or navy blue. Strong or unusual colors can be an unnecessary distraction for attendees. Choosing a lighter color like white, cream, or light blue will promote a sense of openness and freedom.

When lighting a room, try to incorporate as much natural light from windows as possible. Natural sunlight will give the room a sense of life and create a welcoming mood, while fluorescent lights are often perceived as agitating and harsh. Invest in Chairs In any meeting, the office chair is the one piece of furniture that will be in constant use. As mentioned earlier, during long meetings with clients or employees, it’s important that they remain focused. One of the ways to avoid distractions is by investing in high quality chairs that are not only comfortable, but provide proper back and arm support for the user. If purchasing multiple chairs is outside the budget, look for premium used office chairs that will serve the same purpose as their new counterparts. The Centerpiece – Conference Table In every office, the centerpiece of the conference room is the conference table. Not only does the table determine the room’s seating arrangements, but it is often the first thing a client sees when they enter the room. When selecting an office conference table, look for one that best represents the needs of the space. For smaller offices, a round table is appropriate for building and maintaining relationships with clients and employees. Larger offices will find an oval conference table useful to comfortably fit all the attendees, while having the ability to maintain eye contact with everyone who surrounds it. Offices that needs require more structure should look for square or rectangular tables that give a sense of hierarchy. As with office chairs, if purchasing a new conference table is more than a business can afford, it is better to look for a used conference table that fits a business’s needs, rather than settle for a new table that doesn’t add to the productivity or focus of the room. For more information on designing conference rooms, please visit Arnold’s Office Furniture at Company Bio Since 1929, Arnold’s Office Furniture has been supplying businesses with the highest quality pre-owned office furniture and office design solutions. With one of the largest inventories nationwide, they offer complete cubicles, desks, chairs, and other components. Businesses all around have trusted Arnold’s for their unmatched customer service, affordable pricing, space designs, delivery services, and their renowned selection of furniture. For more information, please visit them at

The Secrets of Designing a Conference Room  
The Secrets of Designing a Conference Room | The conference room is a critical part of a business’s...