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Pork Quinoa and

In many countries, pork is usually a favourite because it is delicious and is very flexible when cooking. Pork could be cooked in a variety of healthy food recipes. You could fry it, stew it, caramelize, smoke, and a whole lot of other things. Fat in pork makes it and pork dishes like roasted, stewed, or stuffed pork recipe. It also does great as rice toppings. In every Chinese restaurant, you would almost always find a menu selection for rice toppings. I love rice toppings since it puts everything in one place and I just need my chopsticks and dig into my container.

Pork fried quinoa is just the

same. You could put your pork toppings on top of your quinoa, and dig in! Quinoa is the wonder grain of the vegetarian world. It is very rich in protein, perfect for people needing to build muscle and regain their old physical capabilities. Quinoa is usually used by vegetarians as a protein substitute for meat. It is also used by muscle-builders and people recovering from cancer. It is very easy to cook and very flexible. Cooking quinoa is just like cooking rice, and the consistency is like that of oatmeal. The problem of most people is that they find quinoa too bland and too tasteless. That could easily be remedied by cooking it with delicious food. Pork fried quinoa is one such example. But for those who are more conscious of their health, they could cook it with chicken or turkey and chili. Some even cook quinoa with pineapples and sautĂŠed tofu. The taste of quinoa is not for everyone, but as mentioned earlier, that could easily be remedied. It could be cooked in a variety of ways so that it could be made interesting. Pork fried quinoa is surely something to try.

Pork and quinoa