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My FREE Profit Formula Brought To You By... Arni Bergsson

Introduction Hi and congratulations on getting your free copy of the FREE Profit Formula. Creating an internet income is the goal of many people who want to quit their jobs or maybe just compliment their existing income. In fact, the phrase how to make money online is searched for 673,000 times per month on Google. And these searches are coming primarly from people with little to know internet marketing experience. Most, if not all, of these people are looking to make the first money online all have the following in common... 1. They don't know where to start. 2. They can't afford to invest alot of money to get started. 3. They don't have the technical skills to start making money very quickly. 4. They are looking for somone to show them how to make money online. I was once one of those 673,000 people and maybe you are right now.

Make $1000s a Month By Tapping Into This Market For FREE! The purpose of this report serves 3 purposes. #1 - To help these people make money online by solving the 4 problems I listed earlier for them...for free. #2 - To make money by helping these people make easy money online...for free. #3 - To show you how you can use the same system to make up to $400 a day! And that's exactly what the "FREE Profit Formula" does... It allows you to make money online... 1. Starting Today! 2. Without spending a dime of your own money. 3. Without having to have the technical skills to set up a website, autoresponder, etc... 4. Without having to figure out how to make money online. I have create a money making system that allows anyone, regardless of internet marketing expirience, a full proof way to make money online for free.

How The FREE Profit Formula Works The Free Profit Formula is a system where I show you an easy way to make up to $400 a day ($12,000 a month) for free. Once you follow my simple instructions you will be able to make between $10 - $400 (depending on how well you follow this free system) a day without the hassles that the rest of the internet marketing world have to face. I provide all the tools you will of charge. All you have to do is follow my simple instructions and you will start to make easy money online.

Here is what you are going to learn in the next few chapters... 1. How to make money playing online games for free! Note: If you don't like playing online games you can let your children play the games for you and still get paid. 2. How to make up to $400 a day (this is a very conservative estimate) by playing the games and showing other people how they can make money playing the same online games for free. It is as simle as that! Are you starting to see how powerful this system is? You are going to be able to start with nothing and make up to $12000 a month just by following a few steps and showing other people how to do the same.

How To Go Fom 0 - $400 A Day Online Step 1 - Join Kingdom Craze for FREE - Kingdom Craze has a unique platform that allows you to play online games for free and get paid for doing so. Kingdom Craze has sponsors (advertisers) on the site that show ads each time before you play a game. They in turn pay you a percentage of the money they earn when you watch the ads before the game start. In the game you earn points or Krun which is the games currency (1 Krun = 1 cent). You can then use these points to purchase estates (property), armory, and soldiers or convert the Krun to real cash which you can deposit into your bank account.

How You Can Start From Zero and Earn $12000 A Month With Kingdom Craze There are a number of ways to make money with the game. Note: You need at least 1 Hovel to start making daily income. 1 Hovel cost 1000 Krun ($10.00). But don't be alarmed about the $10. If you don't want to purchse purchase Krun to buy Hovels you can also earn Krun the following ways.... 1. Just play games. Points are given monthly, based on the number of games played while logged into your account. The more games you play the more money you make. You must own at least one (1) estate to get these monthly crowns. There is a three (3) game minimum to be played each day in order to collect you daily wages. Note: You can let your kids play for you and earn even more Krun. 2. Yet another ways is to Build an Alliance. You will earn income when you refer others to the game. You get a percentage from your referral’s Kruns monthly, and also get a percentage of whatever estates they purchase. The game also allows alliances to battle each other and gain higher rankings. So after you have signed up share your referral url with all your friends and family so they can join too and we can have a strong alliance. 3. A third way that you can earn enough Krun to buy hovels is to complete free offers from Kingdom Kraze sponsors. Each offer earns you Krun, which you can use to buy Hovels, which in turn earn you free cash every day for just playing games. You will earn between $.07 and $.10 a day for each hovel you own. This does not sound like much but you can use the Krun you own to buy more Hovels for a maximum of 1500 Hovels. Now if you do this you will earn... 1500 hovels * between $.07 to $.10 per day = $105 - $150 per day for playing online games. And when you refer people and they play the games you earn... � 10% of the Hovels they purchase. � And 5% of the people who sign up under your referrals hovel purchases. So you can see that $400 a day ($12000 a month) is a very conservative estimate. Your earning potential when you recruit more free members is far greater then my conservative estimate. So your main objective should be to buy a hovel for $10 (optional), Earn Krun by completing trial offes from Kingdom Craze sponors, play at least 3 games a day (or let you kids do it for you), and recruit more players to to signup under you. All of these things will allow you to earn more Krun so you can purchase the 1500 Hovels that will allow you to make over $105 to $150 a day! The money you earn for signing up other people who play the games and buying hovels will easily allow you to go from $105-$150 to at least $400 a day! That's about $12,000 a month just for playing 3 games on Kingdom Craze per day! To get started Sign up For Kingdom Craze for FREE By clicking here!

What To do Next? Now that you have signed up for For Kingdom Craze your first objective should be to get at least 1 hovel. The reason you need at least 1 hovel is because you can only earn daily Krun (Daily income) after you have at least 1 hovel. Your ultimate goal is to obtain 1500 hovels but to get started making Krun so you can buy more hovels, you only need to start with 1. To buy a hovel you need 1000 Krun. When you joined

Kingdom Kraze you got 300 Krun for free. But you need 700 more Krun to buy 1 hovel so you can start making money. To get 1000 Krun you have 3 options. Option 1 - This is the quickest and easiest way but it requires you to spend $7 - $10. This will allow you to start earning money today. But I promised you that you don't have to spend a dime to make $12000 a month so if this option does not suite you...Option 2 and 3 are free. But for those who want to get off to the fastest start possible here is how you buy 1000 Krun. After you login to the Kingdom Craze members area simply scroll down the page and look to the left and you will see a link that reads...Krun Xchange. Click on that link and you will be taken to a page where you can buy Krun. You simply enter the amount of Krun you want to purchase ( I recommend only 700 to 1000 Krun to supplement the 300 Krun you got for free when you joined, because that's all you need to get started. 1 hovel is 1000 Krun) Then click how you want to pay ( the have 3 options of which one is paypal). After you purchase 700 - 1000 Krun go back to Kingdom Craze and scroll down the page again until you see a link on the right hand side that reads...Estates. Click on that link and you will be taken to a page where you can buy your first Hovel for 1000 Krun. Make your purchase using the Krun you just paid for and you will have your first Hovel. Now you will make money everyday as long as you login to the site and play at least 3 games a day. Option 2 - Work For Krun. This is an option you can take if you do not want to spend any money buying Krun. You simple try offers from the sponors of Kingdom Craze and you will be rewarded with Krun in exchange for your paricipation. The amount of Krun you can earn for each offer varies but some offers are worth over 5000 Krun. But if you don't want to spend any money you need to only do the free offers which pay less. But there are enough free offers in the "work for krun section" to make at least 700 krun so you will have the 1000 you need to get your first Hovel. How to work for Krun The first thing you need to do is login to the members area and scroll down the page until you see a link that reads..."Estates". This link will be on the right hand side of the page. Click on that link and a menu will appear that reads "buy estates" and "track estates" Click on the link that reads..."track estates". That link will take you to the work for Krun page. On the work for Krun page there are over 100 offers that you can sign up for. But if you just want to do the free offers you can click on the link that reads "More". I menu will appear and there you can click on the link that reads "FREE". As of now there are over 30 free offers in the members area that you can do to earn Krun.

After you complete enough offers to earn you 1000 Krun, you need to purchase your first Hovel so you can start to make free money everyday. To purchase your first hovel with the krun you earned by completing the free offers in the work for krun section, you need to click on the "Estates" link again and when the menu appears you need to choose..."buy estates" This will take you to the purchase estates page where you can buy your first hovel for 1000 Krun.

Option 3 - Just recruit more players using your referral link. This option will take the longest but it is also free. You see...When you recuit players and they earn Krun and purchase hovels you will get 10% Krun on the first level and 5% Krun on the second level. Eventually you will earn enough Krun from your referrals actions to purchase your first hovel. And you need to purchase at least 1 hovel to start making a daily income. What's the Next Step? If you have followed the steps I have outline so far in this report you are well on your way. But to get to the $400 a day mark you need to reach the maximum hovels that Kingdom Craze allows you to own (1500) and recruit a few people to join your alliance. Your alliance is the people who sign up through your referral link and the people who sign up under them. Remember you get 10% for everyone you receuit and 5% for everyone that the person your recuited recruits.

Note: If you just want to earn more Krun by playing 3 games per day your maximum income per day will be between $105 - 150. Of course, this will take you longer to earn enough Krun to buy more hovels and reach the 1500 hovel mark. But if you want to reach our $400 a day goal then you need to recruit some people to build an alliance with. If you are not satisfied with slowly building your Krun, and therefore hovels, and want to reach our goal of $400 a day, quickly, then follow the easy steps... Step 1 - Get your Kingdom Craze referral link. - You referral link is a link that you give to other people and when they sign up under you for free...They become part of your downline and you earn more krun from their actions. To get your referral link just go to the members area and scroll down the page until you see a link that reads..."Expand your alliance". That link will take you to a page where you can get your referral link. Copy that link down now! Step 2 - Share you link and build your downline - Start by sharing it on social networks including facebook, twitter. If you would like..I will even create a branded version of this same report you are reading right now for you an replace my Kingdom Craze link with yours. All you would have to do is give the report away and it will do all the recruiting for you. If you would like a copy of this report branded with your links just email me at . Please use "Branded FREE Profit Formula " as the subject of your email. Be sure to include your kingdom craze referral link in your email. You can also promote you link on free classified ad sites like craiglist. Here is a link to a list of the top 500 free classified ads sites. Well there you have it. A simple way to make $400 a day and my step-bystep blueprint on how you can do it. The rest is up to you. You have to take action if you want results! So get started right now!

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