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XLRI Celebrates the ‘Joy of Giving’ It was truly a day filled with joy for the 185 needy children when they experienced compassion in its purest form at the hands of their new found ‘bhaiyas;’ and ‘didis’ who made it their mission to give these children a day they would remember for the rest of their lives. For the first event, students of the Entrepreneurship Development Centre, 2012-13 batch of XLRI, hosted Prayaas, an event for 150 children of Digital Literacy Mission (DLM) at Bhalubasa Community Centre. The XLRI event, in collaboration with DLM — an innovative learning network for poor children founded by some scientists of National Metallurgical Laboratory and Tata Steel, helped children enjoy themselves with games, snacks and dancing. The DLM learning community promotes weekday tutoring and weekend fun for disadvantaged children — those studying in state-run schools, forced to drop out due to poverty, among others — and aims to grow into a nationwide network. The philanthropic activities also included an awareness campaign ‘Jagriti’ aimed at developing awareness among rural women about female health, hygiene and sanitation. Among the other important activities were Vasra Samman and Ann Daan, an initiative to collect clothes and Pulses and distribute it to the less privileged ones through partner NGO’s.

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Legalize 3.0 launch party


Visit to villages


Finance geek to bestseller 4 Kshitij 2012


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JRD Orator - Chris Lowney 6 SIP 2013


Nurturing social entrepreneurs


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Let the Heavens hear the Roar : Legalize 3.0 launch party It’s well past midnight and the music has become more intense. A group of 400 youngsters are jiving the night away to some amazing foot stamping music. It’s a time when managers put on their party shoes and the party animal in everyone comes out in the open. An Xler would know- it’s a Wet Night!! MAXI (Marketing Association of XLRI) launched Legalize 3.0 on the eve of the wet night. The launch party started from midnight and lasted till dawn. The night was special as it was the first wet night attended by this year’s exchange students coming from France, Germany, USA etc. For the exchange students it was an amazing experience to attend the famed wet nights of XLRI and they partied hard all night. The attendees included representatives from 7 foreign B-schools. The party was not just limited to celebrations and also allowed the exchange students to meet and mingle with the entire batch of XLRI and take back good memories from their stay on campus. Legalize 3.0 was a one-of-its-kind online marketing event in the country, which pitted the best brains against each other to find out the most creative bunch of grey cells. As Legalize went international this year, the rewards were raised to a massive 1000 $ for the winners. Students were supposed to come up with the best concepts for surrogate marketing of products and commodities through short advertisements which were judged by the number of likes their advertisements received on facebook.

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Exchange students experience the villages of Jharkhand What can be more enchanting than visiting the heart of India on your very first visit to the country. 25 students from 7 B-Schools across the globe who have joined XLRI for their 5th terms went on a village visit coordinated by one of XLRI’s NGO partners to get a first-hand experience of rural India. The foreign nationals came back from their captivating trip to share some of their memories. Agatha- from France described it as an unforgettable memory. She said - “I have never seen a welcome as this when we went to the schools to interact with the students. The students are bright and have a great zeal for learning and sharing.” Another student reflected after the visit that “social awareness is the first step to rebuild India’s economy and speed up the development.”

India’s urban sector is doing tremendously well and attracting investments and attention but the rural sector is often side-lined. If the managers of tomorrow are exposed to the issues then they can contribute to uplift the rural poor. Apart from this, some students expressed concerns about the lack of teachers and poverty. The issue of a healthy student/teacher ratio is still not resolved in many schools in the villages and many schools still don’t have proper reading material and infrastructure. The NGO and XLRI are doing a great work in bringing us here so we can contribute and spread the word around. This visit also highlighted that no place is far away to reach out. The village visit by the foreign students reflects XLRI’s commitment to improve social awareness and contribute to learning. XLRI has a village visit in its curricula where it focuses to sensitize the students to the issues of India’s rural populace.

Come, join the bandwagon... Send in your valuable feedback, articles and anything else you would like to share with your fellow XLers to -

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From finance geek to bestselling author

Nirupama Subramanian

Batch of 1994

There are those who find their true calling after years of work. Nirupama Subramanian is one such person. A BM graduate of the batch of 94, she worked in a reputed multinational bank before leaving to become a consultant and a freelance corporate trainer. Apart from being a life coach and training employees in top companies, she is very passionate about writing. In her own words, ‘Writing is not work. It is more than a hobby. It keeps me sane, makes me feel alive’. Her first book Keep the Change hit stores in 2010 and went on to become a bestseller, with overwhelmingly positive feedback from the public. This year, she has released her second book, Intermission, to rave reviews.

Intermission deals with an NRI couple who have just relocated back to India, an extra-marital affair that happens and the choices made by the four chief protagonists in the time of midlife crisis. It deals with the thoughts of people who are in the age when one begins reflecting on the meaning of life and if what they have at present is all there is to life. The story is set in Gurgaon, where Nirupama resides currently and this has helped her observe people closely. While Intermission is more serious than Keep the Change, there is a sprinkling of lightheartedness in it too. With positive reviews pouring in, she is set to write more regularly. We wish her all the best in her future endeavours!

KSHITIJ 2012 KSHITIJ 2012, a flagship event of CII Yi team of XLRI, was conducted on 29th Oct 2012. This year, the institute hosted around 450 students (an increase of around 51% compared to last year) from 50 schools of Jamshedpur belonging to all strata of the society. The idea was to provide a platform and an equal opportunity to these kids to showcase their talent. Instead of only a cultural competition the event was transformed into a carnival where the young school kids could enjoy their time at XLRI premises and also interact with XL students and be inspired. The students of XLRI volunteered to serve food to all 455 children and their teachers in the same Chief Guest of the day. She was really happy to see the young student mess. performers. Besides the prizes won by the students, all 450 Like every year, KSHITIJ had events like singing, dancing, participants were given notebooks with a little message on painting, quiz, nukkad natak or street play, picture story and the front cover - a one line message which was written by talent show. Ms. Deepa Verma, Chief of HR from Tinplate XLRI students to encourage the kids to continue to work hard Company of India Limited who is also a XL alumnus was the and excel in life.

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What’s in store this homecoming: JRD Tata Oration Chris Lowney is the JRD Tata Orator of agement Companies, and gained much the Year 2012. Lowney, the author or he- experience in one of the "America's most roic leadership has penned various other admired companies" by Fortune Magabooks such as “A Vanished world” and zine. “Heroic Living”. His first book - "Heroic Leadership: Best Practices from a 450 Not only a MD, he was also a Jesuit semiYear old company that changed the narian for 7 years and is a summa cum world" was ranked #1 bestseller of CBPA. laude graduate of Fordham University, They were also translated into ten differ- where he received his Master in Arts. ent languages.

Lowney has created a NGO "Pilgrimage of our children's future" which serves to

Chris Lowney was named as the Manag- fund future education and healthcare for ing Director of J.P Morgan and Co. in his children in developing countries. The thirties and held senior positions in New organisation has helped underprivileged York, Tokyo, Singapore etc. He served children and orphans fighting AIDS successively on Morgan's Asia-Pacific, from countries such as Kenya, Philip-

Chris Lowney

Europe and Investment Banking Man- pines, Honduras and Tanzania.

XLRI shines again! - Summer Placements ’2013 XLRI wrapped up its Summer Placements 2013 in style over a In the Sales and marketing space, the major recruiters period of 4 days. Companies were invited in different slots were Hindustan Unilever, Procter & Gamble, Kraft Cadbury, based on student preferences and past relations of the compa- Asian Paints, Coca Cola, Pepsi, Colgate Palmolive , Johnson & nies with the campus. 73 companies participated in the pro- Johnson, ITC, Kimberly Clark, Marico, Nokia, GSK CH etc.. cess and 282 offers were extended to the Business Manage- The pharmaceutical sector was strongly represented by particment and the HRM students. Companies offered roles in Fi- ipation from majors like Dr. Reddy's, GSK Pharma and Novarnance, Sales and Marketing, Consulting, General Manage- tis. ment, Operations & IT Systems.

In the General Management Space the major recruiters were

The major recruiters in the Finance domain were NM Roth- Tata Administrative Services, Aditya Birla Group, Cairn, Relischild, Standard Chartered Bank, Citibank, Goldman Sachs, ance, L & T and Mahindra & Mahindra. Nomura, Development Bank of Singapore, Axis Bank, HSBC, The highest domestic stipend was offered by an investment SBI Capital, ICICI and Edelweiss.

bank for its Mumbai desk. The highest international stipend

The Consulting domain saw participation of industry majors was offered by Novartis for its leadership role at its global such as BCG, Accenture, Hay Group, Aon Hewitt, Ernst & headquarters in Switzerland. Young, KPMG, Mercer, Deloitte etc.

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XLers challenge conventions : ENSEMBLE’ 2012 'Ensemble 2012', the annual management fest of XLRI, was held from November 8 th to November 10th with the theme 'Beyond Conventions'. The title sponsor for the fest was Cairn India. GSK Consumer Healthcare, State Bank of India, Hindistan Petroleum, Pepsico, Perfetti Van Melle Cognizant and Aircel were other major sponsors. The summit was inaugurated by Father E Abraham, SJ, director of XLRI and Fr Tony Uvari, dean (student affairs) at XLRI. Delivering the inaugural speech, Fr Abraham spoke about how Ensemble has grown to become one of the biggest B-School summits of the country and also touched upon the theme of going beyond conventions in today’s corporate world. The fest saw participation of over 200 students from some of the top B-schools in the country, including IIM-A, ISB Hyderabad, IIM-L, IIMShillong, TISS, NITIE, IIFT, IMT Ghaziabad, DoMS-IIT Delhi, DoMS-IIT Roorkee and XIMB. The flagship events for the fest were organized by various departmental committees. GSK Consumer Healthcare conducted the event entHRone, which was highly stimulating and consisted of seven rounds over the course of two days. War of Wits, the flagship event of Ensemble, was organized by SAPPHIRE and sponsored by Pepsico. Genesis- an inter college B-plan competition, was a first time event conducted by newly constituted Entrepreneurship Cell and sponsored by Indian Angel Network that offered participants an opportunity to present their business plans in front of industry experts and win seed funding for their ventures. Another highlight of fest was the Idea Summit Conclave with eminent guests such as Deepika Kumari, current world rank #2 in archery; Premlata Agarwal, the oldest Indian woman to have scaled Mount Everest at the age of 48; and Charles Borromeo, a Padma Shri and an Arjuna Award winner for contributions to athletics. Addressing the audience, Ms. Agarwal said , “If I can do it, you can too” to inspire confidence in the budding managers of tomorrow. She also talked about achievements, saying, “What you deserve and what you get are different, the difference being the willpower”. True to this year's theme of going beyond conventions, a whole set of events called ‘iConcept’ gave students the opportunity to conceptualize and execute their own events. Under the umbrella of this parent competition, events such as Angry birds ‘Ande ka Funda’ challenge, Bazinga (creative advertising event), I Leni U Deni (brand based marketing event) and Tale O Photos (photography event) were organized, resulting in huge participation. The fire was burning bright even on the non-technical side of Ensemble. Master Chef, a culinary competition, was conducted by INFRACOM and saw participation of over 100 participants. DRACULA, dramatics and cultural society of XLRI, organized a Hindi and an English play, face painting and tattoo making competitions, solo singing and dancing event and quizzes. Solaris, a light painting event using long exposure cameras, was a first time event and was a hit with the participants. XLRI closed curtains on the three day mega event with an amazing wet night, featuring DJ Praveen Nair.

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Nurturing social entrepreneurs XLRI has entered in a collaboration with SELCO (Solar Electric Light Company), a Bangalore based solar power company, to help realize the dreams of entrepreneurs trying to make a mark in the field of solar energy. Father Arrupe Center for Ecology and Sustainability, XLRI will work together with the incubation unit of SELCO to mentor and provide operational support to solar energy entrepreneurs of Jharkhand and Bihar to successfully run their start-ups. During last 17 years, SELCO has been successfully providing customized solar energy solutions to light up homes of the poor with the help of financing through co-operative societies or regional banks. For independent entrepreneurs, who want to follow the model, SELCO Incubation Center will provide 12-month incubation process, which includes about 15 to 45 days of classes and hands-on training and assistance in setting up operations, end-user financing and training local financial institutions. The Father Arrupe Center for Ecology and Sustainability ' a multidisciplinary center ' was launched at XLRI in January this year to promote policies, practices and dialogue that have an impact on holistic and sustainable development of the society and enterprises. The SELCO Incubation Center, not for profit entity of SELCO, aims to produce 10 medium-scale and 20 small-scale enterprises every year.

HOMECOMING — NOV’2012 | Block your calendars !!!

We look forward to welcoming you on campus soon……. Mon





































We are listening : - Share you story! Dear XLers! Greetings from XLRI Alumni Committee (ALCOMM). ALCOM is pleased to announce its new initiatives aimed at enhancing alumni participation and providing a platform for alumni's to share their XL experiences. In this endeavor we are introducing two new sections in the Alumni Newsletter. 1) ‘XPERIENCES’ (Article Section): In this section we invite you to share articles related to your XL experiences. These articles shall be published in this newsletter which is floated to all the XLRI alumni, faculty and students. The articles are primarily aimed at bringing back the good old memories and strengthening XL bonds. This is a monthly newsletter and the articles will be published on a rolling basis. Indicative word limit for the articles is 500 words. Please mail in your experiences in a word format along with a short bio and your picture. 2) ‘XLENS’ (Photos Section): This section is dedicated to publishing alumni's photos. Typical photos would be the ones related to your XLRI experiences which you would like to share with the alumni community. These may include your photos with batchmates, photos at Dadu's or at Bishuda or with any faculty. Photos clicked outside XLRI with XL friends are also invited. Please attach a short description of the photos along with them. We are looking forward to your articles and photos so that the same can shared with the XLRI family. Please mail your submissions to any of these IDs :,,

Introducing: XLENS! - Revisit your XL days

MAKER : CREDITS - R. S. 4 -7 73 19 F O H XLRI BATC

1974 batch picnic : Left to right - Ed ie Fritas, Suchitra, Maker, Mihir Bose RS , Nandlal Narayan , Naidu, and B P Si ngh


‘ The elements and the shootin g stars and thie lunar jams ’ Cr r crafty edits : Rajesh Sa rkar

h Mr. & Mrs. R S Maker wit

e of 1974 batch.

mar and his wif batch mate Mr. Binod Ku

Xcommunique November Final  

Xcommunique November Final

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