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#1 resume #2 professional experiences #3 academic works #4 MISCELLANEOUS


#1 resume #2 professional experiences #3 academic works #4 MISCELLANEOUS




nationality: french age: 35 address: 596 Huangpi Nan Lu, Xuhui District, 200031 Shanghai CHINA

@mail: phone: (+86 21) 135 8572 4967 wechat: arnaudrossocelo skype: arnaud.rossocelo linkedIn:

PROFILE Architect justifying 10+ years experience as an architect & project manager on all phases of architectural, urban and heritage projects, from FEASIBILITY STUDIES to site supervision


Senior Architect/ PROJECT MANAGER

2016>PRESENT Shanghai/ China


Senior Architect/ PROJECT MANAGER

(2 years)


Shanghai/ China


PD & SD phases + Site Supervision for refurbishment of old factories into a new city district with shopping galleries, cinemas, hotels, offices, residentials in Songjiang, China Feasibility Studies for commercial malls refurbishment in Shanghai and Changzhou

Offices, commercial mall & elderly house, Shanghai (Competition+PD/SD phases) Mixed use building in Chongqing, China (PD/SD phases) Jinniu Library & Midlle School in Chengdu, China (PD/SD phases) Tibetan restaurant, coffee shop & design office, Shanghai (PD/SD phases+Supervision)

Senior Architect/ PROJECT architect


(10 months)

Shanghai/ China

Zhongyuan Buddha Scenic Region Hotel (PD phase) Boneng Financial Center in Nanchang (PD phase) Zhongguancun Science & Technology Park in Beijing (Competition) Mixed use buildings in Yantai and Qingpu (PD phase)

Senior Architect/ PROJECT architect



(2 years+)

Sevres/ France


Refurbishment of a Jesuit College in Cultural Laboratory in Cambrai, France (Competition) Refurbt of Colette’s house into museum in Saint-Sauveur, France (PD>CD phases+Supervision) Refurbt of a convent into adm. offices in Saint-Pierre-sur-Dives, France (CD phases+Supervision)

junior Architect


(1 year+)

Versailles/ France

Rehabilitation of Richaud Hospital into apartments in Versailles, France (PD>CD phases)

lefevre architectes junior Architect 2009 (6 months) Rehabilitation of two mansions into a museum in Montlucon, France (Competition) Paris/ France

Restoration of an ancient building of the navy in Nice, France (PD>CD phases) Restoration of old mansion in Honfleur, France (PD>CD phases)

christian de portzamparc junior Architect 2008 (6 months) Studies for the Greater Paris Paris/ France

education ecole de chaillot PhD 2010>2012 Paris/ France


Project of conservation, restoration and rehabilitation of Il Palazzo Baronale di Casape, Italy (Workshops in collaboration with Sapienza University of Rome) Feasibility studies for the redefinition of a new entrance city in Dreux, France

ecole d’urbanisme de paris 2007>2008 Paris/ France

master degree in urban planning

Feasibility study on the Hospital of Clermont-de-L’Oise, France (Ateliers in collaboration with ENSA Paris-Malaquais)

ecole d’architecture de paris val de seine 2001>2007 Paris/ France

master degree in architecture

Graduation Project: ‘When Arts invest Arenas: Enlighten the Lutece Arena: A place for artistic and cultural awakening’, Paris

ecole du louvre/ paris 1 sorbonne 2001>2006 Licence 1, 2 and 3 classes

auditor in history of art & archeology

Paris/ France

chinese HSKIII


Professional Capacity 880/1000









french first language






interests /photos/arnaudrossocelo/ Shanghai/ China

PHOTOGRAPHY LECTURE/ TEACHING Lecturer at Tongji University College of Architecture & Urban Planning ‘Industrial Refurbishment: for a methodology of intervention’


#1 resume #2 professional experiences #3 academic works #4 MISCELLANEOUS

sud architectes 2016>PRESENT

LOCATION: Songjiang (China) PROGRAM: Revitalisation of an old industrial district (machine tool plants) with 20+ buildings dated from 1870s to 1950s to create a mixed use program: commercial center, restaurants, art exhibitions, cinema (11 screens, out of which 1 IMAX and 1 4D-screen), offices, residence and 1 ****hotel + landscape design TOTAL AREA: 110 000 sqm GLA / 8.7 ha SITE SITUATION: First building delivered in June 2017 design content: PD + SD + Site Supervision Site birdview

Lobby entrance External view

Conference room

Creative office building central atrium Creative office working rooms

Refurbishment of an industrial building into an Office complex for Start-Ups (area: 3500sqm GLA)

Creative office building entrance Creative office building working area

Exhibition area Teenagers entertainment area

Refurbishment of the main central building B6 (140x90m) into retail and gastronomy area + creative offices (area: 24 500sqm GLA)

Retail street north area Patios in south retail area

Main central atrium / Events space

South-West Entrance

Main central atrium

sud architectes 2016>PRESENT

LOCATION: Jinan (China) PROGRAM: Refurbishment of an old transformer factory site from 1952 into a mixed use program: commercial center, exhibition center, offices, cinema, restaurants, and 1 hotel TOTAL AREA: 103 000 sqm GLA / 4.6 ha SITE SITUATION: Under construction / Expected delivery in 2019 design content: PD + SD + Site Supervision

Hotel view

Creative park around Idea, Creation and Retail concept to respond to the lack of cultural facilities in Jinan The program includes offices, hotel, cinema, hypermarket, exhibition hall, education center, restaurants, fitness club, creative incubator

Art exhibition atrium view Co-working atrium view

Restaurant alley

Events square and cinema

sud architectes 2016>PRESENT

LOCATION: Pudong district, Shanghai (China) PROGRAM: Headquarter offices + factory elevations design TOTAL AREA: 110 300 sqm GLA (65 000 sqm offices + 45 300 sqm industrial park) SITUATION: Under construction / Expected delivery in 2019 design content: PD + SD + Site Supervision

Office Headquarters main Elevation view

Office Headquarters + Factory birdview West Elevation with vertical louvers, boxes and suspended garden

Factory new elevations design South garden bridge between headquarters and manufactory

Architectural recomposition of the of the facades with expression of the identity of the company (micro processing units production)

sud architectes 2016>PRESENT

Option 1 Vertical expansion with modular boxes inside a grid

Option 2 Horizontal expansion of modular boxes

LOCATION: Ningbo East New Town (China) PROGRAM: House park coffee shop + exhibition area + garden + restrooms TOTAL AREA: 200+ sqm GLA SITUATION: Studies design content: Conceptual Design Workshop


duts design 2014>2016

LOCATION: Huangpu district, Shanghai (China) PROGRAM: Old factory renovation into headquarter office TOTAL AREA: 2020 sqm GLA SITUATION: Delivered in 2016 design content: PD + SD + Site Supervision

Office canopy entrance

Office lobby entrance with reception desk Suspended staircase

Open office 1st floor Indoor soccer field

Suspended office 2nd floor Suspended desk

duts design 2014>2016

LOCATION: Yangpu district, Shanghai (China) PROGRAM: Mixed use including offices, commercial mall and elderly house TOTAL AREA: 56 000 sqm GLA (15 000 sqm offices + 10 000 sqm commercials + 7 500 sqm elderly house) SITUATION: Studies design content: Competition (Winner) + PD + SD

East entrance view

Mixed use West entrance birdview North entrance view

East central plaza

Mixed use program with a central commercial part and offices belt around it

DUTS DESIGN 2014>2016

LOCATION: Pudong district, Shanghai (China) PROGRAM: Old dry dock reconversion into gallery space including a coffee shop and a restaurant TOTAL AREA: 3000 sqm GLA SITUATION: Under construction / Expected delivery in 2018 design content: Concept Design Competition (Winner) Site view

View from Office building Art gallery patio view

Concept idea > Cone of Vision

duts design 2014>2016

LOCATION: Chongqing (China) PROGRAM: Mixed use including offices, hotel, commercial mall and residentials TOTAL AREA: 303 000 sqm GLA SITUATION: Under construction / Expected delivery in 2019 design content: PD + SD

Site birdview

Commercial mall South entrance view North-East corner view

Central commercial plaza view

Master Plan Mixed use program with a commercial mall podium and offices, hotel and residentials towers

duts design 2014>2016

LOCATION: Huashan Lu, Xuhui district, Shanghai (China) PROGRAM: House refurbishment including Coffee shop, Tibetan restaurant and DUTS Design Office TOTAL AREA: 1 000 sqm GLA ( 50 sqm coffee shop + 250 sqm restaurant + 700 sqm office) SITUATION: Delivered in 2016 design content: PD + SD + Site Supervision

Main entrance box view

Tibetan restaurant main patterns Tibetan restaurant main room

Tibetan restaurant main room Tibetan restaurant bar corner

Cafe Plus entrance box front view Cafe Plus

Office meeting room 2nd floor Office patio

atkins 2013>2014

LOCATION: Qingpu (China) PROGRAM: Mixed use including offices, hotel, commercial mall and residentials TOTAL AREA: 200 000 sqm GLA SITUATION: Studies design content: PD

Site birdview


Landmark tower located near Qingpu subway station

South elevation

North-East corner view Outdoor commercial plaza view

Master Plan

Section + Axonometric functions diagram

atkins 2013>2014

LOCATION: Beijing (China) PROGRAM: Science & Technology park including Landmark mixed use tower, offices, hotel, residentials, commercials, events squares... TOTAL AREA: 650 000 sqm GFA SITUATION: Studies design content: Competition

Landmark tower view

Site birdview West site elevation view

South-West landmark tower view Creative offices + events square view

Mixed use program with a landmark and recognizable tower merged with creative offices plots, each of them with a specific design

pau 2011>2013

LOCATION: Cambrai (France) PROGRAM: Refurbishment and extension of a Jesuit College of the 17th century into a cultural laboratory and library TOTAL AREA: 7 100 sqm (4100 sqm existing + 3000 sqm extension) SITUATION: Studies design content: Competition

Main entrance view from St Sepulcre plaza

The cultural Laboratory can be summarized by 3 interventions : -Restauration, rehabilitation and adaptation of old buildings according to the program objectives and status as a historic monument, and the restoration of the courtyard -The opening up of existing buildings into 2 strategic points to affirm the identification of the new institution and its inclusion into the city -Creation of a new building for public activities

Exhibition area view Exhibition area view

South library extension view

Library extension view

Longitudinal section on existing building with shifted patios Handsketches on main areas + facade details

pau 2011>2013

LOCATION: St Sauveur-en-Puisaye (France) PROGRAM: Refurbishment of the 19th century childhood home of famous french writer Colette into a museum including surrounding gardens TOTAL AREA: 600 sqm (house) SITUATION: Delivered in 2015 design content: PD > CD + Site Supervision

Main elevation view from North garden

Library of the Captain, Colette’s father Living room

Juliette’s bedroom, Colette’s elder sister Brother’s bedroom

Colette’s bedroom

pau 2011>2013

LOCATION: St Pierre-sur-Dives (France) PROGRAM: Rehabilitation of convents dated from 13th century into administrative offices and auditorium TOTAL AREA: 4 000 sqm SITUATION: Delivered in 2014 design content: PD > CD + Site Supervision

South elevation of the convent with auditorium

Cross section on auditorium

Convent’s auditorium Stage

Detail of a 17th century window

2bdm 2010>2011

LOCATION: Versailles (France) PROGRAM: Rehabilitation of 18th century Richaud Hospital into apartments including external elevations, common areas and central courtyard TOTAL AREA: 6 300 sqm (living area) / 14 000 sqm (site area) SITUATION: Delivered in 2014 design content: PD > CD + Site Supervision

Central courtyard view

Cross section on staircase + longitudinal section on corridor

Common areas / staircase


Cross section on staircase + longitudinal section on corridor

18th century window / outside 18th century window / inside

christian de portzamparc 2008

Nord Europe Ra

LOCATION: Paris (France) PROGRAM: Thinking the Greater Paris in 2030 TOTAL AREA: > 800 km2 SITUATION: Studies design content: Feasibility studies

ailway station located in Aubervilliers (Paris North), both european/local new transport hub

Centralized structure

Decentralized structure

Distributed structure


Tree connection Paris

Functional specificities New York

Polycentric Tokyo

Hybrid Beijing

Housing tissue Le Blanc-Mesnil Modern periphery Sarcelles (95)

and European metropolis of the 21th century. An international multidisciplinary consultation was launched to work on a prospective diagnosis, urban and landscape of the Parisian metropolis . The aim was to provide an overview on the future of the metropolis of the 21th century in general and the future of the Paris region in particular. This consultation identifies two areas of research devoted to developing areas of the metropolis. The first project , in which I participated , is more fundamental research on the «metropolis of the XXIst century post -Kyoto». The second project is more an application of the «Prospective diagnosis of the Paris agglomeration» research. After working on complex themes that are large on urban paradox by comparing the parisian model to other cities like New York, London or Beijing, we have been asked to think about and illustrate the physical dimension of the city. An analysis of metropolitan fabric, its recurring and recognizable shapes shown us in a comparative readability (sections, impactions and juxtapositions), the hybrid territory, segmented, differentiated, non-homogeneous, the peripheries.This analysis of the types of functional and programmatic areas (suburban, cities, new

Scheme structure + connections

cities with different modes decades, parks, etc...) is also interested in systems, roads, routes, segmentations, distortions fluidity between built-up areas. The system of public spaces is much more discontinuous, distended and difficult to practice in metropolitan peripheries and all , from the report that was abandoned street - block, because ideologically perceived as outdated and not identifiable in our programs, our morals, our techniques. Found throughout the network structures (auto, railway, logistics parks, etc...) that cross segment peripheral urban groundwater areas, which were often built into homogeneous functional areas (housings, large groups , malls, activities). Their structural rail system, homogeneity, their position, their remoteness, isolation , these spaces are often immediately favorable to « ghettoïsations » when

d structure

d structure g

The «Grand Paris» is a project to transform the Paris area into a large world

with residential assignment in « closed pockets ». The same thing is sometimes Large scale polarties

visible in the richest residential areas which are closed: public space, roads are segmented, cut off from the network of public spaces and drawn from a single input and trees with dead ends. I also participated through the first sketches to represent the city by developing the image of symbolic and representative terms such as the archipelago and the rhizome.

reichen & robert 2006>2007

LOCATION: Pantin (France) PROGRAM: Refurbishment and extension of Great Grinding Mills of Pantin into offices TOTAL AREA: 50 000 sqm GLA SITUATION: Delivered in 2010 design content: DD + CD + Master Thesis case study

South Elevation view on Canal de l’Ourcq

View on the Canal de lÓurcq with the Great Grinding Mills in 1920s Axonometric view with operating principle of Mills


Canal de l’Ourcq Site Master Plan Badcock & Wilcox boiler


#1 resume #2 professional experiences #3 academic works #4 MISCELLANEOUS

ecole de chaillot 2010>2012

LOCATION: Casape, Latium region (Italy) PROGRAM: Project of conservation, restoration and rehabilitation of Il Palazzo Baronale di Casape (Workshops in collaboration with Sapienza University of Rome) SITUATION: Studies design content: Feasibility studies + PD

Site birdview with the Palazzo and its surroundings

Cross section on Palazzo and Northern Gardens redrawn North Elevation / Current state

North Elevation / Project

Origin>9th century: fortified tower

This project is a Franco-Italian workshop between the Ecole de Chaillot and la Facoltà di Archittetura della Sapienza, and studied the baronial palace of Casape , an emblematic

1500-1550: bastion/castle

monument of a village perched on a rocky outcrop in the heart of the valley of the Anio, 50km from Rome. Built, enlarged, embellished and transformed

Late 16th-1655: residential palazzo







consolidations following successive collapses. The 1655-18th: embellishments





implemented by the workshop to understand in all its aspects the palace and its surroundings, leading to a restoration project based on understanding and places of architectural and

1795-1991:housing division

static issues. If it focuses on the consolidation and reuse of the old palace, the project does

1991-2012: current state

not overshadow the urban and landscape dimensions,





building elements of its history and source of understanding of the «genius loci» .

Project of Stairway of Honour restitution

La Grande Salle


Project of Grand Hall restitution

La Grande Salle

Escalier d’Honneur Entree au Palais


ecole de chaillot 2010>2012

Translation of heritage issues / Sketch Planning After the presentation of the city of Dreux in its physical, urban and historical constraints (including the implementation of a plan of historical topography), then the diagnosis around a perimeter issues, around MĂŠtĂŠzeau place and its immediate surroundings, the study undertook an inventory of buildings by providing information on buildings remarquables (or not) elements in the area. This analysis allowed the establishment of a protection tool, to safeguard and enhance a varied architectural, urban and landscape heritage. Once defined and mapped, this tool of protection, is the basis for the outline of a management plan that integrates all components of territory issues and assists in the identification of areas that respond priority.

LOCATION: Dreux (France) PROGRAM: Redefinition of a new city entrance (in coordination with Dreux planning services) SITUATION: Studies design content: Feasibility study + Production of protection tools for heritage protection and city developpment

Expression of heritage issues / Establishment of a protection tool



LOCATION: Arenes de Lutece, Paris (France) PROGRAM: Graduation Project:

‘‘When Arts invest Arenas: Enlighten the Lutece Arena > A place for artistic and cultural awakening’’ Open Arena for cultural events + Theater + Music & dance school SITUATION: Studies design content: Feasibility study + PD / SD

Project Site birdview

Main entrance on Arenes: Vomitorium Central Plaza view


Cross sections on the Arenes and theater Theater interior view


#1 resume #2 professional experiences #3 academic works #4 MISCELLANEOUS


site gallery mertola/portugal 2016

I WALK THE LINE The concept is to recreate a link which exceeds the simple art gallery project to give an urban dimension, linking the two banks of the river, the high part and its surroundings. The project is designed as a line, a pathway. Based on an existing volume, it is extruded and becomes a staircase tower used as a junction between the high place and the project platform. This platform bridge serves as connection with the other side of the river.

Lobby view with main staircase Cross section with plaza connection through tower

Project external views Longitudinal section view on museum space + terrace


uni university residence berlin/germany 2015

TAKE A WALK ON THE WILD SIDE OF(F) THE WALL The project aims at reconciling the requirements of a very ambitious program due to the number of housings to be filled (350 dwellings / hectare) with the willingness to offer maximum public spaces and meeting places This mix and porosity to be found between private spaces to reside and public spaces for meetings and activities is coupled with social and generational melting-pot between students, families + tourists

Project floor plan

Project external views Project site birdview with the urban connection and the dialogue with Spree river

3rd prize competition

fashion hub bangkok/thailand 2015

ROOFTOP VILLAGE The project proposes a connection between an exhibition and showroom program, but also a social support with a learning center for young designers, coupled with the use of vernacularThai Architecture. Each element of the program is housed in a box which is an answer to climatic constraints. These buildings are grouped around terraces and squares, like family rooms and outdoor living spaces, and connected by an inner street which becomes the cluster spine.

View from subway station View on inner streets and shared spaces

Cross section view on suspended thai traditional houses reinterpreted View on shared inner spaces and patios under the canopy


ART CENTER CaSCAIS/portugal 2015

GENIUS LOCI ÂŤBeauty is the name of something that does not exist and that I give to things in exchange for the pleasure they give meÂť Fernando Pessoa, Lisbon legendary poet Everything is there A project as if it is already written The combination of 3 dimensions, 3 values, 3 temporalities: The past This was done before us The present What is in front of us The future What we choose to give to see and read

Basement and 1st floor plans Cross section: Create a visibility on the wall + landscape

Perspective view on the terrace and 1st floor area Perspective view on the gallery aera in basement under the canopy



CRANK STEP A new landmark. A new Icon. Sculpting a gross form, extruding, cutting, digging‌then comes cantilevered boxes as a path, step by step, from city to nature. Then becomes a new urban milestone, physically connected with the other city’s symbols. A promenade. A journey. From bottom to top. The museum as a continuous promenade. A stairway composed by exhibition spaces propose to investigate the different rooms at different heights, offering different points of view on the city.

Skyline view from the sea View on museum spaces and patios

Longitudinal section with the principle of stairway boxes Perspective view on the main canopy entrance


oms geneva/switzerland 2014

BOX AND WING The project creates a spatial and programmatic tension, with bar on stilts, while seeking his own identity. The location is thought to not close the island with a large bar similar to the main building but rather to propose the creation of an open block that allows multiple spaces with different scales which gradually spread over the site. At both ends, are the Tschumi building and the new project. It appears as a element of dialectical discourse between the existing and the proposed work. If the bar has developed a horizontal language, new office seeks to explore spatial verticality. If the bar is placed in a frontal relationship with the landscape, extension rather seeks to integrate within it. The bar is structured symmetrically between individual offices and open-plan offices, the new building offering a 3D relationship.

Concept diagrams and plan of the extension

Longitudinal section on offices extension

Perspective view with the dialogue between existing building and its new extension Perspective view on the extension central atrium with open offices and shared spaces


europan rouen/France 2012


Principle: White for existing / Black for dynamic extensions



Cross sections with the maximization of connections from railway station to both river banks and Lacroix island URBAN SEWING Project Master Plan



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