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WEST LA / Nouvelle vision Coding Form

Visual Study - Coding Form - Satoru Sugihara - One month

The Relaxed Vault The Blade

Architecture Studio - SCI-FI - Peter Zellner - Three months

Visual Study - Deep Skin Light Bones - Jenny Wu - One month

Architecture studio - 6th semester - 3X Studio - Spela Hudnik - Three weeks

Collage on the landscape

Architecture studio - 5th semester - Atelier OSA Karsten Huneck & Berndt truempler - Two months

10.10.10 Cinema Architecture Studio - 1st semester - Lionel Lemire & Karl Fredrik Svenstedt - One month Design for disaster Architecture Studio - 6th semester - 3X Studio - Karin Smuts - Two weeks Shelter Sami Rintala’s Workshop, Fall 2011, Three days Last exit to block_X Architecture Studio - 7th semester - Didier Faustino & Pascal Mazoyer - Sprint 2012- Two weeks Curved Folding

In Silico Design seminar - 7th semester - Paul Erhet & Philipp Eversman

Offices, habitable bridge

Structure - 5th semester - Jean Pierre Datry - One week

Development of skin details TĂŠratologie urbaine

Building enveloppes & skins class - 6th semester - Pierre Alexandre Cot -Tthree weeks

Art class - Simon Boudevin - 3rd semester

Videography List of films made for several clients Photography

Personnal serie

Graphics experiments Kurt Schwitters portrait

Graphic scripting experiments / Geometric Canyons Architecture studio - 5th semester - Atelier OSA Karsten Huneck & Berndt truempler -Three days

WEST LA / Nouvelle vision Project: Revisit the design of a city Before analyzing any site, the studio experimented different technics to look for new elements for the city. References such as Pope, Stan Allen, Maki, Rossi, or Aureli guided the researches. The outputs were hybridations of known urban elements, and extending these new typologies as families of buildings to have responses for a wide range of scale. At the same time, abstract studies of shifting grid, fields, moire, noise. These components provide a new perspective to plan a different new city.

Architecture Studio - SCI-FI - Peter Zellner - Fall 2012 - Three months The outcome in the project was a general lower footprint managing a higher density through the whole neighborhood. Breaking the grid in some key-points give more fluidity on the existing network. In parallel, a new network for pedestrians and cyclists is growing, not only going around the blocks, but going through. The relationship to the suburban residential neighborhood is forgotten. Providing more public spaces around sport equipments and network connections, this new neighborhood is an attempt to define a more diverse and pedestrian oriented planning of an american city.

Coding Form

Visual Study - Coding Form - Satoru Sugihara - Fall 2012 -One month

Project: Simulation and representation of physic experiments. [This seminar was part of the SCI-FI program, working in direct relationship to the precedent researches.]

Throught coding, experiments with dynamic outputs were possible. This leads to simulate swarm behiaviors inside public spaces. This work allows a different process and alternative examination of the project’s design. As designs are becoming more precised, they can be tested with boids behaving from rules of cohesion, alignment and separation for example. This artificial life program simulating the flocking behaviour of birds can be inserted in between geometries, and mixed with attracting and repulsing field of forces. These fields came to merge and simulated interferences between the different networks layered all together (subways, roads and alternative ways of transportation as pedestrians and cyclists). Through graphic treatment, these outputs also become artistic asbtract representation of sensibilities of the project for West LA.

Roads’ intersections

Networks animation

Boids’ preface

Swarming in an open space

Boids’ iTrajectories_1 On site

Trajectories’ intersections

Trajectories’ intersections connected to 2, 3 and 5 closest points

Boids’ iTrajectories_2

The Relaxed Vault

Visual Study - Deep Skin Light Bones - Jenny Wu - Fall 2012 - One month

Project: Revisit the design of a gothic vault This project is questioning the parameters of a gothic vault through a parametric modelisation. The gait of building a system step by step to model a geometry came along with a deep analyze of the components of the design. The first concept of this new vault deals with mesh relaxation and tensile strength. To revisit the idea of the perfectly equally relaxed geometry that the dome is, here the research of the overall shape is through few define contacts and a main inverted gravity. The curves are close to a rib vaults shape, but now having the uniformity that domes have. Then the question of patterns and ornaments comes. The parametric approach helped to define new designs; I see my design as a critic of parametric driven design, taking over the fundaments of ideas by an unnecessary aesthetic that these tools provide. It’s tempting and easy to fill up double curved surfaces with scripting; the architect has to master his tools. These tools can provide extreme precision and compute complex analyses, but design needs to keep its simplicity where it needs it.

The Blade

Architecture studio - 6th semester - 3X Studio - Spela Hudnik - Fall 2011 - Three weeks

Project: Design a pavilion dedicated to a fashion designer Gareth Pugh is inspiring a new wave of performing fashion. His pavilion translate his process from the designs to the medias, skipping the traditional way of exhibition. Entering his world is not without loosing some marks. Walking on a flying-ramp will lead the user to a playground space. This space initiate Gareth Pugh’s architectural inspiration for the cave. It’s dark, the pavilion is controlling your landmarks. Several systems provide interactivity between the user and the designer’s work. His creations are virtually wearable and the ambiance is reflecting the gloomy universe of the designer. Nothing is straight, the playground is inviting you to move in a way that Gareth Pugh experiment the human body in his creations.


Gareth Pugh

Autobiographical Britain's extreme club scene Gothic




Architectural translations



Materiality Pieces of art




Catwalk Projection


Fashion shows Clients




Collage on the landscape Project: Complex dedicated to Kurt Schwitters at Elterwater, England. (museum, accommodations, seminar) Kurt Swchitters spent the rest of his life in his Merzbarn, ÂŤthe work of his life.Âť This place is steeped in his person, he worked there night and day. This project is a tribute to his work, this complex coming up the landscape with tension and balance, such as the compositions of the artist. The programs seem to disappear for simple geometric shape merging with the strong topography of the upper site. These mass reveal part of the site that inspired me during my journey. A library is added to the program to complete the cultural aspect of the complex. The work on my photographies from the site has received a particular attention: the collages done in the style of Schwitters accompanies the transformation of these images in three-dimensional compositions.

Architecture studio - 5th semester - Atelier OSA Karsten Huneck & Berndt truempler - Two months

10.10.10 Cinema

Architecture Studio - 1st semester - Lionel Lemire & Karl Fredrik Svenstedt - Spring 2009 - One month

Project: Pavilion ephemeral as part of a film festival on the square of the town hall of Paris. Cohabitation of 10 simultaneous projects. The film chosen for this pavilion is «Fear and loathing in Las Vegas» by Terry Gilliam.This work shows the experiment of «Sin City» by a journalist and his lawyer. The pavilion has two parts, one is dedicated to the audience to settle down in front of the second, receiving the film. It is also available in its center, where visitors can experience the project from a new perspective. The scale of the images provides an abstraction film. The size of the pavilion provides a new urban landscape of this historic square of the town hall. The subject is diverted by the usage of storage 100m3 of material, not the spatial volume of the pavilion. For this scale, the spaces are thought to live together and also the integration of a project with a similar structure symbolizes the entrance and the birth of this structure at a subway exit.


North fountain section

Design for disaster

Architecture Studio - 6th semester - 3X Studio - Karin Smuts - Fall 2011- two weeks

Projet: Design for disaster, airport environments. This project is a series of installation taking place in the Terminal E of Paris Roissy - Charles de Gaulle’s airport. It is meant to answer disaster like 2010 Iceland’s one with the eruption of a effusive volcano. The design aims to be close to the victims while the disaster is affected airports from distant repercussions. It takes into account the airport which is still in operation. It is destined to be permanent, it can be modified thanks to its modular system, adapting to the needs. However, the services offered may be offered to users of the airport daily to improve their transits and waiting times.


Section seatings

Section Green space

Section Work spaces & Capsules

Section Intimate space

Layered seatings Work spaces & Capsules Green space Intimate space

Master plan

Work space

Sleeping box Capsules

Emergency capsule converted to have a break from1 to 3 hours

Annexe building during emergency time

Upsize capsule, for families or much longer break like a one night transfert

Converted to a waiting space, without different level of intimacy

Last exit to block_X

Architecture Studio - 7th semester - DidierLevel_1 Faustino & Pascal Mazoyer - Sprint 2012 - Two weeks

An un-territorialized City consists of an assembly of autonomous blocks along a line of urban transport. Each block represents a political society, independent of the others, with its own government, its laws and its own morals. The first building of mine is this pavilion, acting like a machine in the process of entering in my society. Users will arrive in front of 5 corridors, they have to decide one of those to become a citizen. But four of them are going to the ground floor, and only one is going to the next level.By its operation, i created a society organized on two different levels, which have to live next to each other. 4/5th of arrivals are going to the ground floor. This pavilion is the gate to an urban planning of its dystopian and immoral society, inserting hedonism and authoritarianism in my main ideas for the living of people at level_1. The atypic context to create architecture, more inspired by science-fiction cinema as Metropolis or 1984, led to nan interesting series of experiment breaking contextual and social boundaries that architecture includes.

Level_1 Level_0 _atelier Faustino-Mazoyer _S7 & S8, printemps 2012


_LAST EXIT TO BLOCK X Une Cité déterritorialisée constituée d’un assemblage de blocks autonomes le long d’une ligne de transports urbains. Chaque block constitue une société politique, indépendante des autres, ayant son gouvernement, ses lois et ses propres mœurs. temps 01 :

CITY zéro - détermination d’une position morale / immorale / amorale - élaboration d’un artefact (étendart & pavillon) - sur une trémie 500 x 250 cm - accrochage (planche A2 + maquette) le samdi 17 mars

( 3 séances )







First glimpses of two different architectural writings cohabiting next to each other. This takes part in a 100 000 m2 urban planning


Sami Rintala’s Workshop, Fall 2011 Project: Making a shelter for team members, and occupy a night. Duration: three days In response to this Workshop, we established a shelter near the school. The choice of his position lies mainly in the characteristics of the street: it has a low pedestrian traffic, it is bordered by both sides by a cemetery, and finally the structure made of many trees has allowed us to choose a favorable location. The project shows a return to nature disaster, this one revealing its strength in these extreme situations. The shelter is a floor suspended by cables attached to a metallic main taking place at the first branch of a tree. The cover was chosen for its ease of implementation on the structure of this cable and its transparency gives a mood light in the shelter with street lights.


Beams’ link

Floor plan

In addition to the many aspects of building a full scale, this achievement has shown me the intolerance of the system to the appropriation of public space. The report followed the jury’s visit was a Thursday at 18h, in the same day, at 20h our project was removed by municipal services. An amazing speed of action for a construction with a slight security perimeter. Awarded and exhibited at Galerie Speciale

Making of




Making of

Shelter flying

Shelter flying



Shelter flying 2

The Curved Folding Pavillon

In Silico Design seminar - 7th semester - Paul Erhet & Philipp Eversman - Sprint 2012

Project: Design a pavilion with a geometry conferring an assembly without rivets, glue or any additional components This pavilion is going to be exhibited at the Rolex center in June for the EPFL’s exposition. We developed this geometry using parametric design to achieve an aim: creating a geometry which is conferring the assembling system by itself. The project was done in collaboration with the In Silico design studio of ESA Paris and EPFL Lausanne. Using the ressources of the engeneering department of the school, water jet cutting process could be use to produce the elements. An exhibition in EPFL – ENAC Lausanne took place until Mid-September 2012, in the School of Architecture Atrium. The project was recently published in Archistorm # 57, November December 2012.

Offices, habitable bridge Project: Design the structural system of a living bridge Duration: one week The choices made during development of the structural system have privileging the release of two levels inhabited. The structure consists of two lattice girders at the top bearing on the lateral movement of nuclei made in concrete. The roof and two floors are suspended from the main structure. The building now has two free plans, with only two sets of tapered rods releasing two spaces in front. The stability of each floor is provided by a metal frame bracing any swaying of each floor by two links on concrete cores. These structural parts also serve as access to each level. Deciding their treatment of the introduction to these two spaces.

Structure - 5th semester - Jean Pierre Datry - One week

Development of skin details

Building enveloppes & skins class - 6th semester - Pierre Alexandre Cot - Three weeks

Tentative de définition d’une tératologie urbaine «Residue in the time of the organized world of primeval chaos (the chimera) in the series between these monsters» are messy «and that the great hero must kill to prove their value and advance the world in the path of civilization. «Françoise Frontisi-Ducroux (Chimera, exhibition catalog) In its most general sense, refers to the science of teratology monsters. For the Greeks, particularly Plato and Pythagoras, nature proceeds of a secret order. In other words, nature has laws. The mythological creatures, the pagan deities, monsters of zoology fantastic oppose the natural order and are off-the-law or, in the proper sense, marginal.Often the natural order is different yet the biological order. The monsters take the form of ignorance: the monstrous creature is because it differs, it is strange because it is simply foreign. It is significant that the name of the terrible creature of Ridley Scott’s Alien, originally means a person of foreign origin, and by extension, any form of extraterrestrial life. Pliny the Elder to Ambroise Pare, it will not always simple to distinguish exotic wildlife creatures strictly imaginary. Teratogenesis, that is to say, the production of monsters, requires specific procedures, identifiable because limited: mount (Chimera, Minotaur), collage (Unicorn, Pegasus), multiplication (or Cerberus, in another tradition: Vishnu), stubbing (creatures doctors Frankenstein and Moreau), deformation (Medieval Bestiary) are some examples. As part of this workshop at ESA, teratology is not a theme but a method. Teratology is for us a conceptual tool that allows us to identify and document spaces that, in the city, seem to violate any rationalist foundations. With all of our students were divided into five groups corresponding to five arrondissements, we attempted to define the beginnings of an urban teratology. Following photographic surveys and discussions, each group came to propose an approach to urban teratology while proposing a visit to each district in fifty images.

Art class - Simon Boudevin - 3rd semester

Videography My videos can be appreciated online at Most of them are accessible except those which are subject to copyrights. The following list includes my professional films during the past two years:

- FYF festival covering, august 2012, Los angeles State Historic Park - Popular demand, opening party / new collection FW/2012 -’’Boys of fashion week’’, Paris SS/2011, AW/2011, SS/2012 -’Girls of fashion week’’, Paris SS/2011, AW/2011, SS/2012 - Backstage Video for L’officiel Ukraine magazine - Coverage Louis vuitton women SS/2011 show for - Qasimi Men Backstage FW/2011 for Wonderland magazine - Music clip for Dolce & Gabbana – - Florrie “I Took a Little Something” - Coverage Louis vuitton women SS/2012 show for - Coverage Louis vuitton men AW/2012 show for - Backstage Video for Papermag Taïwan magazine - Coverage Louis vuitton women AW/2012 show for Livestreaming backstage - Backstage video for Paper Magazine Taïwan

Photography Taking photographies is my favorite activity when i’m exploring spaces and places around me. I appreciate to concentrate on the way to look at things. It makes me have a better understanding and forces to experiment with a different rhythm than usual. My series of photographies are visible at http://www. . This serie is about textures. Materiality is something you need to feel through skin’s feelings, so from this starting point it seems to me as an interesting subject to try to deliver this feelings through a visual media. A photograph is two dimensional, but our eyes are used to convert this projection on to paper of the three dimensional reality, by imagining a representation. Otherwise, this long process seems to be an interesting database in my work of architecture project.

Geometric Canyons Project: Design the structural system of a living bridge Personal project These illustration are from my serie Geometric Canyons. It starts from a layering of simple, white and empty geometries on top of fascinating places which were shaped during thousands of years. I’m trying to create relation between these powerful landscape by the contrast created from the superposition of a simple white shape. The result is a different reading of these natural land arts, now more spatially defined. The insertion of a 2d shape that we are used to is providing new landmarks in these amazing spaces.

Kurt Schwitters portrait Project for the exhibition of the O.S.A studio at Nuit Spéciale exhibition Collaboration with Feng Chen

The box with models and projections inside was the exhibition space of my studio. Our project was a museum dedicated to Kurt Schwitters, so we wanted to make an homage to his work. As his works were usually collages incorporating found objects and abstract materials, we decided to combine an illustration of his portrait with our group project’s black box. We worked with the idea of layering different lasercutted stencil to have his portrait represented in depth with shades of gray. This is our interpretation of his three dimensional collages. And as filling material, we chose the lyrics of his famous abstract song Ursanata. It’s composed from primitive noises. He took pleasure in declaiming it in public. This portrait is spatiallized as his collages work proclaiming one last time his favorite words.


Portfolio early 2013