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The Avian Kingdom. A place where humans, nature and history connects, interacts and develop together, forming a beautiful consonance. Famous skylines and natural landmarks can get all the glory as the signature image of a region, but people are a place’s heart and soul. People and their environment, sustained by the rhythms of everyday life and by frictions between past and present, human and nature, peace and army, all the contrasts that define Avian Kingdom and makes it unique. ANA CAROLINE DE LIMA OCTOBER, 2017 WWW.ANTROPOLOGIAVISUAL.COM.BR

People and their environment, sustained b

KRANKESJÖN WHERE BIRDS AND PEOPLE MEET A beautiful pristine lake in the regions of Skåne, Krankesjön is a place where bird lovers go to spend unforgettable sunsets and sunrises when flocks of birds fly above their heads. This is one of the favorite places for Cecilia Wide, a nature guide, bird watcher and member of the Swedish ornithologist organization to feel connected with the wildlife ature guide, bird watcher and member of the Swedish ornitologist organization to feel connected with the wildlife


The region is full of places where peop le can hunt different species, surrounded by a be The region is full of places where people can hunt different species, surrounded by a beautiful scenery, just like in a castle on the outskirts of Genarp.

FARMS The farms in The Avian Kingdom grow crops such as potatoes and sugar beets. In the village of Hammarlunda we find HĂĽkan Olsson, a farmer that has been living in the region all his life and believe that the Avian Kingdom is fertile not only for crops, but also for life.

LÖBERÖD GLIMPSES FROM THE PAST Löberöd castle estate is unknown, but the oldest parts were built in the 1620s. Then the owner was Anna Brahe. Her nephew, a member of the Ramel family, inherited Löberöd when Anne, a childless widow, passed away in 1635. The manor was in the possession of the Ramel family until 1799. The northern wing and the eight-sided turret were built in 17981799. About twenty years later an orangery was added and an English park was laid out.The surrounding marshes were drained, resulting in a small lake. In 1863 the manor returned to the Ramels when a member of the family bought it in 1863, only to sell it in 1917. But 80 years later, in 1997, the property was transferred back to the family for a third time. In 1982 the main building was ravaged by fire which destroyed the roof. A complete renovation was undertaken in 1999 and 2000. There we find Ingela Jarlsson, an artists whose sensitivity blends with the peace of her studio located at the castle’s garden

ÖVED A long road surround by ancient trees leads you to Övedskloster, a beautiful castle from 1776, built by Hans Ramel. It’s beautiful garden is the perfect place for a morning walk,and artist Arnold Hagström agrees. He took his dog for a walk in search for inspiration for his next works.

HJULARÖD When you live in a peaceful place like Hjularöd, a simple walk in nature can give you good insights about life and work. Since Birgitta Persson moved there, eight years ago, she found a good place to work from home and grew a love 'work by walking' – exploring alone or with her daughter Vera, in order to find good insights about her work.

ART AND NATURE It seems like The Avian Kingdom is a perfect place for artists to find inspiration for the works. Jasmine Cederqvist shares this opinion and loves to encourage children to explore and experience nature. She is a biologist, pilot and artist and leads workshops about common right through land art.

BORSTBÄCKEN “Artist that believe in the arts possibility to change the world by starting at a small place as The Avian Kingdom”, this is how Kerstin Jakobsson, founder of ARNA, defines herself. An artists and lover of nature, Kerstin says that Borstbäcken is one of her favorite places in the regions, as the creek located there brings memories of her childhood in a farm in the region.

TROLLSKOGEN On the outskirts of the village of Torna Hällestad, it’s Trollskogen (The Troll Forest), a enchanted forest where crooked trees assumes different shapes. This is one of the places where Doctor in Physical Geography and Ecosystem Science Ylva Van Meenigen goes to relax and be closer to her object of study: the trees.

VOMB What about my personal favorite? It’s the area of lake Vombsjön. It took me one entire day to walk around its shore, exploring its beautiful forests and villages. Watching the sun rising and turning its waters golden, and listening to the birds that were celebrating a new day was an unforgettable experience. The region is also home for people like Kitty Simonsson, who always. She moved to Vombsby in 1991 and lives together with her husband in a typical house of Skåne called “skånelänga”. When she was a child, she got her first horse and these animals have been part of her life ever since. Nowadays she has three Icelandic horses. One of them, Eldur, was very happy to be photographed for our photo shoots. The lake is also a place of work for people like Linda Parkefelt, a scientist in charge for the fresh water supply from Vombsjön, which is source of drinking water for the city of Malmö since 1948.


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