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Home is where I am - Art Cards The art project 'Home is where I am' stems

This booklet present the 22 artists from five

from the rich values of nature and heritage in

continents that participated in 'Home is where I

here, are the caretakers for the future of the

postcards. These Art Cards describe artist's

The Avian Kingdom, Sweden. We who live

area. To be able to pass it on to future generations, in its current greatness, we need to connect to it, make it our worldly home and something worth caring for. So how to

describe the values in the word 'home'? In the art project 'Home is where I am' both international artists at ARNA's artist in resi-

dency and local children living in The Avian Kingdom have explored the different mean-

ings of the word 'home'. As travels, distances and dislocations helps us understand what

home really means to us personally, ARNA also invited artists in our international network to participate.

am', by sending their art works to ARNA as

ideas, memories and thoughts about home.

The art project showed that 'home' is as much about a physical 'place' as about relations between people.

We also got the insight that ARNA after five years of practice has become much more than

a creative place with a residency. It is a home. To ARNA comes artists from around the world to explore culture's role in sustainability, and around the kitchen table they also find new

friends. So we have put up a sign for the door to the residency, it says – Welcome HOME. Kerstin Jakobsson Director / ARNA

Amy Anderson & Courtney Thompson U.S.A

Anna Glynn Australia

Carlos Navarrete Chile

Deedra Ludwig U.S.A

Delphine Saurat & Christian Chovin South Korea, France

Eimi Tagore Erwin & TJ Perrin U.S.A, Sweden, Japan

Gunjan Kumar India, U.S.A

Helga Eibl Austria

Hyunju Chung South Korea, Germany

Jenny Schaefer Germany

Ji-ii Choi & Youme Won South Korea, Germany

Julie Forster & Ji-ii Choi Australia, South Korea

Malak Mirabzadeh Iran

Marianne Pon-Layus Canada

Marsha McDonald U.S.A

Mi-jin Chun & Ji-ii Choi Italy, South Korea

Nancy Hart U.S.A

Putri Fidhini Indonesia

Raymonde Jodoin Canada

Roya Delkhosh Iran

Song Yee Han South Korea, France

Namhee Yang South Korea

After work music at ARNA's artist in residency

Welcome Home! Welcome home, wandering soul Welcome home! Your heart don't need to have a hole Welcome home! We love you because of what you are, a flower, a rock, a shimmering star!

Nothing matters to us, nothing is of weight,

except that we see you with love and not hate. Welcome home dear wandering child you no longer have to roam the wild. Welcome home.

Written by Laura, in the Avian Kingdom, 2015

'Home is where I am'

The Avian Kingdom, 2016

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ARNA art cards 2016  

Art Cards from 22 artists, sent to ARNA's project 'Home is where I am' 2016

ARNA art cards 2016  

Art Cards from 22 artists, sent to ARNA's project 'Home is where I am' 2016