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Recognizing a patient in need of sinus congestion relief is simple.Quite often, one could notice their reddish, stuffy, and inflamed nose and sneezing can be hard for them to do. With the debilitating headache and facial tenderness caused by higher sinus pressure, another hint is the wrinkled brows noticed in patients. Sinusitis patients may even go as far as to shout in the pain Congestion and pressure are typically felt in instances of a sinusitis. Congestion occurs when the infection triggers the nasal lining to become swollen and inhibits the mucus from draining appropriately, which consequently leads to an abnormal pressure in the sinuses. For that reason, patients with sinus congestion and strain can experience the following symptoms... • • • •

Headache Facial tenderness Nasal discharge Post nasal drip

OTC decongestants such as phenylephrine and pseudoephedrine are the usual treatment to provide relief from sinus congestion. However, known as rebound phenomenon, inappropriate consumption of decongestants may lead to an even greater secretion of mucus which will make the nose even more stuffed up.

As for the infection, antibiotics are generally utilized to treat it, but again, unbalanced intake can bring about development of antibiotic-resistant germs. For some folks with other problems, complications, like extreme headache and greater blood pressure and heart rate, may even be experienced. With that in mind, in order to acquire relief for sinus congestion and pressure, many patients are preferring the use of natural cures. Here are some ways where natural sinus congestion relief may be attained... • Steam inhalation therapy • Use of a humidifier or vaporizer to keep the sinuses and nasal passages soaked • Basic unmedicated nasal salt sprays to hinder the sinuses from drying out • Maximize intake of water, juices and other fluids • Staying away from utilizing volatile substances such as alcohol or perfume as these could dry out the nasal passages and worsen sinus irritation. The application of hot compresses can also provide sinus pressure relief, particularly for facial pain. For chronic congestion, severe sinus congestion relief may be attained through the application of nasal sinus irrigation approach using a neti pot or a pulsating nasal sinus irrigator.

Struggling with sinusitis symptoms is not a sensible thing to permit, since there are many options available nowadays, both natural and synthetic, to obtain sinus congestion relief.


Sinus congestion relief is simple.Quite often, one could notice their reddish, stuffy, and inflamed nose and sneezing can be hard for them t...