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April/May 2013


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The Importance Of Preventive Eye Care

By: Jeffrey B. Minkovitz, M.D.


f all the human senses, vision is often named as the most important and precious – that which would be missed most if lost. According to the CDC, approximately 11 million Americans over the age of 12 could improve their vision through proper refractive correction, and over 3 million (3%) over 40 are either legally blind or have low vision. People often seek eye care if their eyes are red or painful, or if vision becomes blurry. But routine eye examinations are important even if eyes and vision are fine – because many blinding eye diseases have few or no warning signs until vision loss is severe and possibly irreversible. The most common cause of

blindness in the United States is diabetic eye disease. In the early stages, when most easily treated, diabetic eye disease has no symptoms. Diabetics should have a comprehensive, dilated eye examination at least once a year to prevent serious complications. Maintaining good blood sugar control is also important to the health of the eyes. The second most common cause of blindness in the US is glaucoma. Vision loss from glaucoma often goes undetected until the disease is advanced, and once vision is lost, it can never be regained. Also, progression of more advanced glaucoma is more difficult to arrest. Glaucoma is more common in older adults, but it can occur even in the young. Regular examinations include screening to detect glaucoma. The most common cause of blindness among Americans over age 50 is age-related macular degeneration. While early macular degeneration has no cure, early detection, vitamins and a healthy diet can help to avoid progression. In cases which do progress, prompt intervention can improve outcomes. Worldwide, cataracts are by far the most common cause of blindness. Fortunately, this condition is reversible, and treatment is widely available in

developed countries. Technical advances have made surgery more successful than ever before. The American Academy of Ophthalmology has revised its recommendations for routine eye examinations, stating children should have routine screening and vision testing during regular pediatric visits, with referral to a specialist in the event of a finding or a family history or other risk factor. Young adults should have a baseline evaluation, and then periodic routine visits. “The frequency of ocular examinations should depend on the individual’s age, race, past ocular history, medical history, family history of eye disease, and the types of symptoms or ocular findings encountered.” Your eye care professional should recommend an appropriate interval. In addition to periodic screening examinations, prevention is important for maintaining good ocular health. Always wear eye protection when working with power tools or dangerous chemicals, or when playing sports posing a risk of eye injury. Fireworks and paintball injuries are also common causes of vision loss. Ultraviolet protection (glasses or sunglasses) can help to prevent cataracts, macular degeneration and ocular tumors. A diet healthy in fish and green vegetables can reduce the risk of macular degeneration. Finally, good blood pressure and blood sugar control, and smoking cessation helps avoid eye disease in addition to other health benefits.

While great advances have been made in ophthalmic treatments including cataract surgery and macular degeneration therapy, prevention and early detection can help to ensure the best possible vision for a lifetime.

Jeffrey Minkovitz, MD is an ophthalmologist with Eye Physicians and Surgeons in Wilmington, Delaware. Dr. Minkovitz specializes in cataract and refractive surgery, and is one of only a few Delaware surgeons specially trained in corneal transplantation. He completed a cornea and refractive surgery fellowship at the renowned Wilmer Eye Institute of Johns Hopkins. Previously, he graduated magna cum-laude from Harvard, earned his medical degree from the University of Massachusetts, completed internship at Harvard’s Mt. Auburn Hospital, and served his ophthalmology residency at Washington University. Dr. Minkovitz participated in the early research on Excimer Laser refractive surgery, and has offered this procedure to Delawareans since FDA approval in 1996, before Delaware had its own laser. These early pioneering individuals travelled to Wilmer Institute with Dr. Minkovitz, where he maintained his teaching and clinical appointment. In addition to introducing laser vision correction to Delaware, he also introduced NearVision CK to eliminate reading glasses, DSAEK (a newer, less invasive type of corneal transplant) and most recently the newest advance: laser cataract surgery. Dr. Minkovitz is a co-founder of the Center for Advanced Surgical Arts and serves on its medical advisory board. He is also on active staff at Christiana Care. While on staff of Wilmer at Johns Hopkins University, Dr. Minkovitz received the Outstanding Teacher award. He was also named Top Doc in ophthalmology by Delaware Today Magazine six consecutive years, and has been an invited instructor at American Academy of Ophthalmology Annual Meetings.

For further information or to schedule an appointment please call 302-656-2020 extension 1.

Visit us on facebook or at

CK® Testimonial... It finally occurred to me what has been missing during the last 2 days. Since Richard’s surgery, he isn’t complaining about his inability to read something on the fly without searching for his glasses. He wired 6 recessed lights (NO GLASSES), he read the Sunday paper sections A & B and menus (NO GLASSES), and is using the computer (NO GLASSES). I suppose for Richard, needing to look for glasses when he wanted to see something, has been the hardest adjustment of becoming older. His dependence was so gradual that I never related to why he would get so angry over needing them. My house has been quieter. I now have 2 less things to do everyday: find the glasses and make sure they were clean! April/May 2013



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Melisa A. Ferriola


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April/May 2013


educate. enrich. empower. It is hard to believe that a year has passed since I sold the Dover Women’s Journal, and what a year it has been. My congratulations go to these bright energetic owners who have done such a wonderful job growing and expanding their paper in such a short period of time. Spring is upon us, and I am sure just like me, most of you can’t wait for the beauty of the fresh flowers and the sweet smells of spring. Everything goes from looking almost dead to fully alive again in the blink of an eye. Last year I actually missed the beauty of all this wonderment because I had decided to take a month off from life and run to the Baja of Mexico. As much as I love the relaxation of the hot warmth of the Baja I felt almost cheated that I didn’t get to experience the sight of this transformation that God gives us each year. So this year I kept my feet in the states. So, come on God, bring it on. I am ready! In the last couple of weeks I had the joy of getting to see my granddaughter Kourtney Rose Marie, who unfortunately suffers from a horrible disease called SMA (Spinal Muscular Atrophy). Kourtney was never supposed to live past the age of two, but on Friday March 15, Kourtney turned 12 while going through another surgery at A.I. DuPont Children’s Hospital. And again, as I lay in the hospital with my granddaughter listening to the small children whimpering and suffering, I came to the realization that if we have our health in life- we have everything. What a wonderful group of doctors, nurses, and therapist they have at this hospital, and again I thank each and every one of you that help the children and families that walk through your doors.

Pamela J. Rizzo, Publisher

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You can find free copies of The Women’s Journal in many locations throughout New Castle, DE and DE County, PA. Some of the locations where you will find the papers are libraries, medical offices, hospitals, hair and nail salons, spas, coffee shops, gyms, etc. If you can’t find your copy just call my office and we will be glad to let you know where you can locate a copy in your area. A special thank you to all our wonderful contributors for their educational editorials and to all our readers; you make the hard work worth it. Thanks, Pamela Rizzo, Publisher

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April/May 2013

Spring Home & Garden Issue

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April/May 2013


On The Cover... I would like to extend a special thank you to Ms. Rita Wilkins for graciously opening her offices to us for our Home and Garden Business Profile this issue. Rita’s design studio is located off of Silverside Road in North Wilmington. We did not do a separate shoot for Western DE County, since we are new to the area and have not built a Home and Garden section in the paper at this time. These business owners are some of the best of the best in their particular fields. All dedicated to providing you with the best service possible. I would highly recommend any of these professionals. All of their profiles can be found on Pages 8 and 9. Most people never know how much work and energy it takes to pull off one of our profile photo shoots, unless they participate in one, or if they are the people helping pull it all together. Hair and makeup were provided by J. Christian Hair Salon an award-winning, upscale salon located at 7465 Lancaster Pike, Hockessin, DE 19707; for more information call 302-325-2306. Roy McDowell of Royal Photography provided all photography work. Royal Photography is located at 3646 Silverside Rd., Wilmington, DE 19810, for more information call 302-478-1809. Without these wonderful people none of our photo shoots would be possible. Thank you for your hard work and dedication. 4

home&garden Trending 2013. . .


One of the most talked about design trends for 2013 is designing interiors for today’s male. Breaking previous stereotypes, there is an ever growing population of men who are far more likely to care about what their home or apartment looks like than their predecessors. As single or divorced men of all ages begin to create nests for themselves, they seems to have a significant new found interest in what their space will look like and even more important, how it will function for their lifestyle.

Designing for today’s male requires a balance of “look”, function, and comfort.

Perhaps influenced by HGTV, DIY shows, or design magazines, today’s male design client tends to do significant research prior to engaging the services of an interior designer. Frequently, having done considerable homework and having definite opinions about their personal style. . .knowing what they want. . .and what they don’t want helps to streamline the entire design process. Accustomed to making decisions, having little time, and wanting to “get it done”, the turnkey design process often appeals to men so they can get it done quickly and move on to other things in their lives. Designing for today’s male requires a balance of “look”, function, and comfort. Tending toward practical, the new masculine spaces are highly functional, minimal, and clutterfree. A few of the design elements that will be found in the new masculine interiors: neat, trim, tailored lines; suiting materialtweeds, textures, stripes; dark and light woods, car finish metals, and natural stone.

As our industry changes to mirror the wants, needs, and “wish lists” of this rapidly growing segment, the overall impact is already being reflected in “male influenced” furniture, fabric, and finish selections. But just as we are beginning to see these male preferences influence our industry, some things will remain the same. . . there will always be the need to make room for a few favorite toys, gadgets, and the 60″ flat screen TV!

Rita Wilkins is the president and principal designer and project manager of Design Services, Ltd. Her approach to design is both aesthetic and business-like. She is a highly effective “hands-on” designer with extensive knowledge and expertise in residential, dental, medical, and commercial interiors. A graduate of University of Rhode Island, Rita attended Rhode Island School of Design and the University of North Carolina. She has been published in a variety of national publications and has received numerous design awards. •


April/May 2013


HOW TO DUST THE UN-DUSTABLES IN YOUR HOME Dust builds up over time, hindering the air quality of your home and can aggravate allergies, asthma and cause headaches. Not only can dust cause health problems, it can also reduce the energy efficiency in our homes, wasting money and resources. Most of us regularly dust the items that are used every day and are in reach: the TV, shelves, etc. but just because you cannot see it or reach it, doesn’t mean dust is not building up on it. Your ceiling fan is a prime example. Since this item is in a hard to reach area, it might get neglected during our normal cleaning routine and can end up with a heavy dust build up. This dust weighs the blades down, causing the motor to work harder. Over time, the fan may wobble; causing the air to distribute poorly and ultimately the motor will burn out prematurely. Keeping your fan clean is the best way to save energy and ensure a longer motor life, saving you money! Cleaning the fan is actually easier than you think, if you have the right tools. Don’t get excited and head out to search for a special tool, you won’t have to leave the house for this one. All you will need is a few old pillowcases and a safe way to access the fan. Making sure your fan is turned off (safety first!), simply slide the blades, one at a time, into the pillowcase and wipe! All the dusty mess will stay inside the pillowcase and not all over you and the floor. Rotate to a clean part of the pillowcase as you do each blade and replace the pillowcases as necessary until all blades have been thoroughly cleaned. To get every last bit of dust, wipe each blade with an all-purpose cleaner. Houseplants can be major dust collectors and are often overlooked. Keeping them clean will noOt only help control dust but will also help control pests and help the plants live longer. Removing the dust is simple and only requires water. Washing them often with lukewarm water will keep them clean and the bugs at bay. Put small plants in the sink or use your shower for large plants. You can also wipe down large plants with a damp, clean cloth, taking care not to crack the leaves. If you have a fuzzy-leafed plant like an african violet, use a soft bristled toothbrush or paint brush to gently brush off dust. A great way to thoroughly clean small plants is to turn them upside down, supporting Pride Klean’s CEO Peter Chakonas the plant and the soil, and swishing them in lukewarm water. Allow to drip dry in the sun if possible. If you have plastic plants, these can be washed in the sink or shower with water and a drop of detergent or the leaves can simply be wiped down with a damp microfiber cloth. Now that you have dusted the undustables, why not consider hiring a professional cleaning company to come to your home and keep your dust (and dirt) at bay. Letting the professionals do the dirty work will allow you to spend more time doing the things you want to do and less time worrying about keeping ahead of those dust bunnies under the bed.

Pride Klean is proud to announce that we have become the first cleaning company in Delaware that has this IICRC, HCT CERTICATION. This means that our staff is fully trained on the technical aspects of cleaning any & all surfaces! certified by The Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration as a certified firm, the clean trust certified! April/May 2013


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REVER A FRIEND SPECAIL Present Customer Refer a FRIEND And You Will Save $75.00 Just Like Your Friend! GIVE THIS COUPON to A Friend And you Will Save a Total of $75.00


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Creations For The Home And Office Creations Fine American Craft

WA Mitchell Fine Furniture Company Creations Gallery is proud to represent the W.A. Mitchell Fine Furniture Company of Farmington, Maine. Since it’s founding by Arthur Mitchell, a seventh generation Vermonter, the focus of the company has been the design and production of custom bench-made chairs. The distinctive Mitchell chair design draws its inspiration from two styles that are deeply rooted in our country’s history, the Windsor tradition of England and the classic American Shaker design. These principles guide all Mitchell Company products from their signature chairs, to desks, tables, barstools, benches and other furniture which combined with the exceptional fine tradition of old-world, precision hand artistry, results in furniture to enjoy for a lifetime. The Mitchell home and office collections blend the finest influences of the Windsor and Shaker styles to create a comfortable elegance that fits any home or office style from contemporary to country, classic to casual. Mitchell craftsmen create every piece by hand using only the finest selectively harvested hardwoods from the forests of Maine and the Eastern U.S. – rich woods such as American black cherry, rock maple, white ash, and red oak. All components are carefully worked to create a wonderfully warm, soft, smooth finish that matures through the years as the unique patina of the wood develops. Many of the home and office chair designs can be customized with standard Sherwin Williams paint colors and, for special occasions, commemorative additions in the form of text or logos can be applied to chair backs. In order to explore the extensive Mitchell furniture collections, come to the gallery where the friendly staff can help find the perfect pieces to complement your home or office. And, as a W. A. Mitchell “Preferred Gallery”, Creations is able to offer their customers price incentives as well.

Hand-made hardwood lamps at department store prices!

Stop in and see what is so unique about “Made in America” at Creations!

Call or visit our website for current hours.

Master craftsman Patrick Roberts has been creating bench-made table and floor lamps for over thirty years in his Maryland studio located just north of Washington D.C. His extensive portfolio of over 400 designs is now available through Creations Gallery. Styles range from Scandinavian, Arts & Crafts, Transitional and Traditional. Most are fully functional as reading lamps and are supplied with three-way switches to adjust light levels while Robert’s unique “soft form” lamps provide wonderfully warm accent lighting. To insure consistent quality, Roberts produces all of his wood components and does all the finishing and assembly in his own studio and takes great care in selecting suppliers for lamp components made outside his facility such as metal parts and lamp shades. Each lamp style is available in a variety of woods and finishes and can be paired with a variety of shade styles and fabrics. Roberts, a strong advocate of “green” programs, uses domestic hardwoods (cherry, oak, maple, and pine), which come from the Northeast, Vermont to Virginia, and are renewable resources. He uses FSC certified hardwood suppliers or suppliers who have completed SmartWood’s COC audit procedure authorizing them to sell certified wood products in the Pure, Mixed, and Controlled categories. African teak (Iroko) is from Ghana and the Ivory Coast where governments are more stable and care is taken in deforestation. Patrick Robert’s lamps provide a wonderfully affordable compliment to the W.A. Mitchell furniture collections. Stop by Creations and see for yourself!


443 Hockessin Corner Hockessin, DE 19707 302.235.2310 April/May 2013

People in Profile Barbara P. G. Williams


arbara P. G. Williams is passionate about the wedding flowers selected by her brides. With a degree in floriculture, Barb was a designer for many flower shops before becoming co-owner of Belak Flowers in 1997. Barb moved to Wilmington from Lancaster, PA in 1983 beginning her career with Taylors of Penny Hill; she later designed for Flowers by Yukie, Gambles in Newark, Village Green Flower Shop in Greenville and later for European Gallery. While raising her daughters, Barb worked part-time for Wildflowers Wholesale Flowers. Outside of her “floral life” Barb is on the Board of Directors of Brandywine Naaman’s Rotary where she has been a member since 2000. She is a Past-president of First State Mothers of Multiples. Currently Barb serves on the Board of Directors of Sellers Senior Center in Bellefonte and on the Worship and Music Committee at St. Philips Lutheran Church. “Being a preferred florist for many venues,” says Barb, “our brides come to us from as far away as Chicago, New York and Florida, but most are from the tri-state area.” In 2011 Belak Flowers created wedding flowers for over 120 brides. Belak Flowers is a Preferred Vendor for David’s Bridal and won The Best of the Knot in 2012 for the third time. Barb’s wedding bouquets have been featured in many publications.

Cathy Hopkins Grieco


athy Hopkins Grieco was born and raised in Delaware. She prides herself on being a hard worker, strong community leader and contributor, a true family person and a business owner with integrity that represents the 3rd generation of a 4 generation relocation company. Cathy is President of Hopkins and Sons, Inc. which was founded in 1946 by her Grandfather and father. Her son, Mark, represents the 4th generation of the company. Cathy has been recognized for various achievements throughout the years but her proudest is when she was selected as Delaware’s Woman Entrepreneur of the Year in 2004 and when Hopkins and Sons, Inc. was chosen as Delaware’s Best Family Owned Business by the Better Business Bureau in 2005. Cathy has been a member of various boards and is currently Vice Chair of the BBB of DE and a board member for Great Stuff Resale (Delaware Breast Cancer Coalition). She donates time to Junior Achievement and provides services free of charge through her business to several charitable organizations. Cathy strongly believes that success is the result of great team work and dedication. She attributes much of her success to the business partnership she has with her son, Mark and to the love and support of her husband, Mike. So if you are anticipating a relocation call Hopkins and Sons, Inc. for a FREE, NO OBLIGATION, estimate.

John Sherman


ollowing a successful 20-year career as a research/consulting scientist at the Academy of Natural Sciences in Philadelphia, John Sherman opened Creations Fine Woodworking Gallery in 1992. Sherman, with degrees from Hamilton College (BA), University of Vermont (MS) and the University of Delaware (PhD), decided it was time to let the right side of his brain have sway over his “second life.” Inspiration for the gallery came from a family background in small business, a woodworking hobby and a desire to “rail against the homogenization of our society where chain stores and giant, vacuous superstores have spread across the nation like a plague.” Opening in 1992 with six furniture makers, the gallery now features a large number of US, Australian and Canadian artisans representing a broad range of crafts ranging from aesthetic to purely functional work. The name of the gallery was changed to “Creations Fine American Craft” in 2010 to more accurately reflect the breadth of offerings available in a variety of media. Over the past two years, John and his wife Karen have served as a puppy home for Canine Partners for Life of Cochranville, PA. Many of Creations’ customers met “Digger” their first service dog in training that is now in advanced training at Canine Partners. Their newest puppy in training is “Banditt” a beautiful 15-week old female yellow Labrador puppy. Stop by the gallery and say hello. If you are at the Back Burner for lunch you will probably see John and Banditt out for her afternoon walk. Canine Partners for Life is a wonderful organization and John and Karen love to tell customers about the program.

Thank You R

Roy McDowell April/May 2013

oyal Photography’s owner, Roy McDowell, brings a wealth of experience, both creative and business, along with an unmatched ability to put people at ease, to every occasion he photographs. Over the past 18 years, Roy McDowell has captured “that” moment for more than 300 brides and grooms and preserved high school memories too numerous to count. Such exposure has led Roy to become one of the most recognizable photographers in Delaware. The pride, precision, and passion he exudes has compelled brides-to-be to track down, “the photographer who took their senior portrait years before”. Roy exhibits this same commitment and customer service when working with the many schools and businesses with whom he’s managed contracts “The consumer drives the product I provide; not the other way around”. With the help and support of family, friends, and business associates, Roy McDowell strives to achieve his goal of providing an unforgettable experience with superior photographs, exceptional customer focus, and lasting relationships.


Roy McDowell Owner of Royal Photography 302 438 1308

People in Profile Mark Aitken

Peter N. Chakonas


ark Aitken is the co-owner and driving force behind the growth of Horizon Services, a full-service residential plumbing, heating and air conditioning company headquartered in Wilmington, Delaware, with an additional office in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania. With over 330 full-time employees, including 26 customer service representatives (available 24 hours a day), and 195 service trucks, Horizon Services is the largest and most trusted home services companies servicing Delaware, South Eastern Pennsylvania, North Eastern Maryland, and Central New Jersey. For nearly two decades, Mark Aitken and partner, Dave Geiger, have transformed their once small operation into an award-winning and highly recognized industry innovator. Horizon Services holds A+ ratings with the Better Business Bureaus, in addition to being members of the following trade organizations: North American Technician Excellence, Plumbing-Heating-Cooling Contractors Association, and the Associated Builders and Contractors, Inc. Mark Aitken’s legendary drive, creativity, and work ethic have established him as one of the most successful small business owners in the area. He is an active board member for the Better Business Bureau of Delaware and the Limen House. In the spring of 2010, Horizon Services under the direction of Aitken, created Horizon Helps, a non-profit, service-oriented arm of Horizon Services. Comprised of Horizon Services employees, Horizon Helps’ mission is to positively contribute to the growth and development of our community through charitable giving, volunteer outreach, personal development, and leadership. Since forming in 2010, Horizon Helps has sponsored multiple youth athletic teams, numerous community events, and Horizon employees have volunteered over 15,336 hours.


eter N. Chakonas, CEO, founded Pride Klean in 1999 with the simple concept of providing quality detailed cleaning at an affordable price. Through hard work and word-of-mouth referrals Pride Klean is now a professional corporation which serves a growing list of residential and commercial customers throughout Delaware, Pennsylvania, and Maryland. Peter is a Delaware native, born and raised. He started cleaning as a live-in house keeper 25 years ago for a professional woman who was particular in her needs and wants. She just wanted things done right. One time she pointed out things that were missed. She said “I can give my house a lick and a promise, I want more form you.” She gave a lot of advice that Pride Klean uses today with staff, a focus on quality and detail, which are the core values of Pride Klean. Peter feels it is important to give back to the community in as many ways as possible. Pride Klean participates in two charitable organizations. The first is Cleaning for a Reason in which Pride Klean provides free cleaning for women with cancer. The second is Cleaning Angles USA in which Pride Klean provides free cleanings to anyone that is currently ill and can’t clean. Peter is a founding charter member of the Association of Residential Cleaning Services International and sat on the Board of Directors. Presently he is on the Board of directors of Cleaning Angles USA.

Rita Wilkins


ita Wilkins is the president of Design Services, Ltd. as well as principal designer and project manager. Known as the “business person’s designer” she brings extensive knowledge, creativity and experience to every project, as well as her boundless enthusiasm, creativity and solid business sense. With over 39 years experience in design and management, Rita is passionate about using her knowledge and talents to make a difference in the lives of others. She is a graduate of the University of Rhode Island, attended Rhode Island School of Design, and University of North Carolina. A highly effective “hands on designer” with extensive knowledge and expertise in residential, dental, medical and commercial interiors, she has been published in a variety of national publications, has received numerous design awards, and is currently writing a book , The Business Side of Design. Rita will tell you, however, that her “real” education and inspiration comes from her extensive travels which started as a child while growing up in Europe, where “weekend trips” were to neighboring countries and cities. In addition to travel, Rita enjoys time with family, friends, entertaining and “giving back”. Her volunteer activities include: Habitat for Humanity, Ministry of Caring and Cross Cultural Solutions. Her latest endeavor is to assist a recent scholar of the Fresh Start Scholarship Foundation with building her home. Not only is Rita a mentor to women in the Fresh Start program but she takes a personal approach to getting involved wherever she is needed.

Thank You H

air styling & make-up application were provided compliments of J. Christian Studio, where hair and art perform.

J. Christian is a Master Artist with more than 30 years experience in the beauty industry. Together with his wife Marcy, they own and operate J. Christian Studio, an upscale salon located in Hockessin, DE.

J. Christian

As an International Platform Artist and Master Educator for Sexy Hair Concepts, J. Christian travels here and abroad teaching other Stylists about hair fashion. He regularly teaches at the Institute of Courage, a hair academy established by Michael O’Rourke, founder of Sexy Hair Concepts located in the Topanga Canyon just outside Los Angeles as well as at the Paul Mitchell School in Delaware.


J. Christian Owner of J. Christian Studio 7465 Lancaster Pike, Hockessin, DE 302 235 2306

April/May 2013


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Chemicals You Don’t Think About: Water Facts Every Organic Consumer Should Know M

ore and more people are realizing that By: buying organic Maria Williams food just makes sense. The astounding amount of pesticides, herbicides, and other chemicals lingering in and on our food is wreaking untold havoc on our systems and long-term health. Yes, it costs a little more, but it’s a small price to pay for a longer, healthier life for ourselves and our children. We are taking a stand for our food by buying organic. It’s the same philosophy we should be applying to our water. To take control of your water, it’s your personal responsibility to ensure it’s free from chlorine, chloramines, lead, and other contaminants. To be sure, the water authority treats the water so that it doesn’t cause death and disease, but it is basically the equivalent or non-organic food. The water can be vastly improved without the chemicals in it. The only way to achieve this is by filtering your own water. A whole house water filter gives your entire home water free of chlorine, cholaramines, heavy metals, and more. Just like purchasing organic foods, it costs a little more to filter your water. But did you know a whole house water filter will filter all your home’s water for less than $3.00 a week? That’s about 2-3 bottles of bottled water. And of course, no bottled water waste means it’s way better for the environment.

The Top 7 Reasons to Filter ALL Your Water in Your Home • Prevent Cancer

According to Prevention Magazine, it’s the number one way to prevent cancer. “You’ll reduce your exposure to known or suspected carcinogens and hormonedisrupting chemicals. A new report

from the President’s Cancer Panel on how to reduce exposure to carcinogens suggests that homefiltered tap water is a safer bet than bottled water, whose quality often is not higher — and in some cases is worse — than that of municipal sources, according to a study by the Environmental Working Group.”

contaminants such as fluoride, which whole house water filters are not designed to remove.

• Better Tasting Water Encourages More Drinking

Since most Americans are chronically dehydrated, it’s a good idea to drink enough water each and every day. Experts say we should drink half our body weight in ounces each day. So if you weigh 150 pounds, you should drink 75 ounces per day. Or at least strive to.

• It’s the Stuff You Can’t See

Most contaminants in your water are not visible. This photo here was taken after about 6 months of use on city water. Perhaps you assume that only well water has significant dirt and debris in it, but judging by this image, that’s not the case. This is just one filter out of the many we receive from customers with very similar or worse condition. Many even catch large pieces of debris – such as insects, worms, paper, rocks, and more.

• Well Water Carries Even More Risks

Because well water is not regulated, you are responsible to ensure it is safe. Well water should be tested at least annually by a certified lab. This may cost several hundred dollars a year, but it’s worth knowing that there are no bacteria such as e-coli, coliform or other harmful bacteria in your water.

• Last But Not Least, Peace of Mind

If you don’t filter your water, then your body becomes the filter. Your liver, kidneys and colon will filter the water when it’s not filtered prior to consumption or being consumed.

Picking The Right Filter For You Is Easy Because we’re an online business, we pride ourselves in cool tools used to educate you and help make your

selection much easier. If you have city water, you can use our “water wizard” which helps you choose the right filter for your home. Just visit: water-wizard/

Maria Williams, The Clean Water Mom, serves over 18,000 customers nationally with whole house water filtration systems from Kennett Square, PA.

Visit online at or “You Have a Great Product and We’re So Glad We Purchased It.” I wanted to let you know that we are loving our whole house water filter. Our water tastes wonderful! There’s no more running to the little filter at the kitchen sink, which always seemed to need replacing, and which worked poorly after a while anyway. Also, we can shower without the awful smell and skin-irritating problems of our heavily-chlorinated city water. ~ Ann Low, Georgia

• We Do More With Water Than Drink It

Why do we encourage whole house filtration? Because we do more than just drink our water. We shower, bathe, brush our teeth, launder our clothes and more. Filtering all this water is your best bet for healthy water in your home – for all purposes. Even at 3am in the bathroom.

• Maintain Only One System

A whole house filtration system will eliminate the need for multiple filters such as shower filters or separate drinking water filters. However, some choose to opt for additional filtration of inorganic • 610-268-5420 • 888-491-4100 April/May 2013



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For The Love Of Prom Flowers Any Wristlet Corsage valid in store purchases only paid in full at the time of placing the order

20% off Come in to select your wrist band & ribbon Belak Flowers till 6/7/13

rs, wilm.BydeBarbara P.G. Williams

Co-owner of Belak Flowers


s we prepare for another busy prom season here at Belak Flowers, we research the current dress colors and styles. Because prom dresses are rarely simple anymore or seldom one solid color, corsage styles have had to change to keep up with fashion trends. The high school students, making decisions about accent colors that coordinate the dress with the tux, ties, and vests, have a very definite vision of the colors they want included in a corsage.

A couple of years ago we introduced our “wristlet bar.” Prom customers can select from nearly 70 colors and styles of wristbands ranging from the traditional doily band and “slap” band to the newer sequined and beaded bands as well as those with pearls and rhinestones. Our ribbon selection includes many hues of dozens of colors as well as numerous patterns and textures.

When creating a boutonniere for the gentleman’s jacket, we normally use some of the same blooms that are being used in the corsage. The stems of the boutonnieres are always wrapped with ribbon giving a finished look. This usually matches the flowers or his date’s dress color.

We will be happy to assist you when you come in to select your band, ribbon, design and color accents. Most important, though is to bring a color sample of the dress you are trying to match. Many guys come in and tell us that the dress is blue without realizing that there are many shades of blue, dark to light, indigo to powder blue. A color swatch is very helpful.

Sweetheart roses Hyacinths Alstromeria Dendrobium Orchids Button Poms Hypericum Berries Statice Delphinum Babies Breath

Sturdy flowers for corsages


Belak Flowers Where Your Vision Comes Into Bloom

since 1954 302-762-5000 888-762-8877 832 Philadelphia Pike Wilmington, DE 19809 Barb’s Email: established wedding specialist free personal consultation with Barb all budgets possible evening appointments available

April/May 2013


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How To Select A Professional Mover Presented By: Cathy Hopkins Grieco, CMC President ~ Hopkins and Sons, Inc.


oving from one location to another has long been known as one of the top 3 most stressful situations that can occur in a lifetime (death of a loved one and divorce are the other two). So to make your move go as smoothly as possible one must be careful and diligent in their mover selection. The items being moved are your prized possessions so select a mover that will treat them as their own.

Here are some things to consider during your selection process:

1 2


If moving long distance ask what their quality scores are with their van line.

Once you receive the estimate be certain that everything you discussed is included and in writing, including the valuation coverage. When looking for the right mover be sure to not only look for price but most importantly the quality and integrity of the company. The lowest price may not always be the best answer for the best professional move results.

So if you are anticipating a relocation whether it be local, long distance or international, call Hopkins and Sons, Inc., a 4th generation moving company that has provided quality service since 1946.

302-322-1017 •

Be sure to request an onsite/in home walk through and estimate. Check the company’s reputation through the Better Business Bureau and Angie’s List.


Make sure the company is an active PRO-MOVER and AMSA (American Moving and Storage Association) member.


The company should be insured, performs background checks on all employees, trains and performs random drug tests on all employees.

Prior to your estimate appointment, make a list of questions for the moving company representative. Questions such as:

1 2 3

What is the valuation coverage for my items while in transit? Will glass shelves and table tops be packed? Will my floors/stairs be protected?

April/May 2013



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EXCELLENCE IN DRY CLEANING I have been using Fairfax Valet for over 20 years. They are friendly, efficient, and have reasonable prices. I wouldn’t go anywhere else. Marilou S. – North Wilmington

Pickup & Delivery 302-888-0888

“We have the best dressed customers!”

WEDDING DRESSES CLEANED AND BOXED FOR LESS! Call us at 302-888-0888 for Pickup and Delivery Free Pickup and Delivery - Lab Coats - Dry Cleaning - Laundry - Alterations - Comforters - Shoe Repair - Leather Repairs - Wedding Gowns - Tuxedos - Same Day Service Fairfax Shopping Center – Wilmington 302-652-6725 Eden Square Plaza – New Castle/Bear 302-836-6465 University Plaza – Newark 302-737-6050

Free Pickup and Delivery Areas

Boothwyn Centerville Chadds Ford Garnett Valley

Hockessin Greenville North Wilmington Wilmington Waterfront

Fund Raising $$$ We give back to the community by assisting groups in their fundraising efforts. For every dollar your group members spend with us, we will give back 10% to your group. Call me to learn more. Gary Marshall 302-652-6725

Go to for more information

Sophisticated Ladies Will Make You Over

1810 Wilmington Pike (Rt. 202) Glen Mills, PA 19342

Sophisticated Ladies is more than a consignment shop. We care and work at having each and every one of you personally attended to without being intrusive. What does that mean? It means, we not only help you to pick out clothes that look good on you but also coordinate any clothes you may like. Some people feel uncomfortable and uncertain as to what to wear or how to best coordinate an entire outfit. Many people want to know what colors look better than others on them. Did you ever buy an outfit that you did not like when you went to wear it; well maybe it was the wrong color or needed to be better coordinated. One New Year’s Eve a lovely lady named Joy came into the store at 2PM and said she was going to a black tie affair that night and had nothing to wear. I said to her that I would do whatever possible to satisfy her. She told me she had a dress at home but at the last minute she decided she did not like the way she looked in it. Well wouldn’t you know we found her the perfect dress with shoes and a silk shawl. She was so grateful. Her husband loved her outfit and everyone complimented her at the party and how wonderful she looked. The best part of this true story is that the whole outfit cost her less than $75.00. The following week she came back and could not thank us enough. We have an image consultant who will assist you with coordinating complete outfits to include shoes and jewelry if appropriate. She is at the store from 2PM-6PM Tuesday and Wednesday, 2PM-7PM Thursday, and 2PM-6PM on Saturday. She will make suggestions and assist you in your purchases. Our consultant has also been doing makeup consulting for the past 15 years and will give you a free consultation with your purchases. Not only is the coordination of an outfit important but your makeup as well.

¾ mile south of Route 1 Across from David Dodge

For more information contact Judith Sapol, Owner/President.


Come and Visit Us Taking Consignments Tuesday to Thursday 10-6

Join us for our Wine and Cheese Parties Enjoy free prizes and many price reductions on all clothes and jewelry. A fashion image consultant and make-up specialist will assist with your purchases and provide free consulting. Like us on facebook for new finds and bargains. We range in size from zero to three plus. Home of the $1 and $5 racks.

610.558.3055 Email: April/May 2013


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The Best Looks For Spring/Summer 2013


Inspired by the modern woman, Lady’s Image offers collections that are perfectly suited to a busy lifestyle. We offer timeless styling that is always on trend. Subtle detailing and quality fabrication define each garment. Color blocking is a big hit this season. Solid hues are mixed, matched and blocked to create a very flattering silhouette that can be slenderizing, giving the perfect figure for all ages.

Janice Venema and Jane Strobel

Short cropped jackets are new again. These jackets can be dressy with silk blouses or casual with tanks and tees. Add a skirt or a pant and you are right in style. Ming Wang knits, Jenvie, and Bianca are offering the shorter jacket along with that longer length we all LOVE. Designer, Linda Sherman, will be visiting our store to meet our customers and represent her company –Jenvie. The date of her visit will be on our website along with a Snoskins Trunk Show, and several special Sale events. Check out our web site at for the latest in events and happenings. You will be able to order items in colors and styles that will be made especially for you. Jenvie Spring will be in store for immediate purchase. Don’t miss the FUN. Narrow pant bottoms are big this season, and fabric seems to be the key. Some of our customers are staying with classic solid colors, but the majority of our adventurous gals are focusing on the bright colors to create the COLOR CRAZE of 2013. We are also offering the very important printed pant in both narrow styles and flowing styles. Bold stripes and bright colorful stripes become an investment item that will last for seasons. Stripes have a clean fresh look and add pop to your look. Dresses are trending for work, play and special occasions. Our selection of dresses is fabulous, making it hard to choose just one. Throw on a little cardigan sweater or shawl when the temperature drops and you have the PERFECT outfit. Accessories are always the icing on the cake. We are just back from New York where we found the most exciting jewelry to complement all of our ensembles. Our jewelry is priced right – you can be comfortable buying several pieces to make an outfit look different. We also stocked up on scarfs – the infinity scarf is new and easy. Because you have repeatedly asked, we are presenting new Amy Kahn Russell jewelry twice this season: March 28 is the first collection and it will stay with us until May 2 when all new pieces will arrive. Transcending seasons and time, these pieces are distinctive. Capturing history and geography, they are timeless works of art to be enjoyed for years to come. Come, discover why LADY’S IMAGE has been voted Best of Delaware for 17 years running by the readers of Delaware Today Magazine.

3910 Concord Pike Wilmington, DE 19803 302 478 7921 April/May 2013


Lady’s Image Best of Delaware Best Casual ° Career ° Occasion 17 years running


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“No One Is Born With Perfect Eyebrows”

~ Linda Evangelista

By Mandy Bell Young


yebrows are one of the most important facial features we possess. They frame our face, enhance our eyes, and when we achieve “brow perfection,” they can give our whole face a lift. The reality is, most of us are not born with perfect brows, and sometimes after years of tweaking, we end up with little or no brow left. Traditionally, we turned to the brow pencil to fill the void. But, unless you are also born with a talent for applying make-up and live a life where your face never sweats or gets wet, this penciling in everyday becomes rather tedious and often unreliable. Have you ever crossed a mirror mid day to find half a brow, or only one left? There IS a solution that frees us from the brow pencil and the daily drudgery of the drawing task. Permanent Cosmetics by Carmella is your answer to having fabulous eyebrows everyday, effortlessly and flawlessly. There are many reasons why women are turning to permanent cosmetics for their eyebrow dilemmas. Sparse or thin eyebrows can be made to look fuller, and length and width can be adjusted to suit individual preferences. Symmetry can finally be achieved and enjoyed from the minute you wake up until your head hits the pillow again. Arches can be created and even repositioned, giving the eyes a “natural” lift. Even when there is no hair at all, such as with Alopecia, or simply from over plucking, beautiful brows can be achieved through the permanent makeup process. Without eyebrows, the face seems incomplete. Carmella prides herself on creating natural looking brows. Although it is similar to a tattoo, her brow work does not appear as a solid block or line of ink. She has mastered the feathering technique, using quick light strokes of various sizes to fashion the look of tiny real hairs. With over a hundred pigments to choose from, she customizes a color blend tailored to suit the needs of each individual in her care. There are no surprises. Everything Carmella does is drawn on first, and agreed upon, prior to any application of pigmentation. This is where you can discuss color and shape options, and feel confident that you will be satisfied with the final results. Please note that all brow procedures require 2 seatings, allowing 4 weeks time to heal in between. The first application is “baking the cake.” The second is the “Icing.” Carmella’s meticulous artistry, combined with a natural born talent for creating and enhancing beauty, has built her solid reputation with many of the top physicians and estheticians in the area. Her work speaks for itself.

Testimonials “I have never felt more confident and you have brightened my life.” - L.M “Thank you for performing a miracle.” - L.E. “Permanent makeup enhanced my life, I always look good and go anywhere.” - B.M

Referring Doctors Dr. Abel M.D. | The Abel Center for Oculofacial Plastic Surgery Dr. Fanny J. Berg M.D. Dr. Peter R. Coggins M.D. Dr. Joseph J. Danyo M.D. Dr. Jillian Banbury M. D. Dr. Ian M. Longergan, D.O. | Aesthetic Plastic Surgery of DE Dr. Timothy Greco M.D.

Dr. Monica Mehring M.D. Dr. Jonathan Pontell M.D. Dr. Katheryn M. Warren M.D. Dr. David Zabel M.D. Dr. Jeffrey B. Minkovitz M.D. | Eye Physicians & Surgeons Dr. Peter Panzer M.D. | Panzer Dermatology Assoc. Dr. Paul Sabini M.D. F.A.C.S.

Dr. Jonathan Saunders M.D. Dr. M. Stefanyszyn, M.D. F.A.C.S. | Wills Eye Hospital Lynn Esdale RN | Lynn Victoria Cosmetic & Medical Skin Care Dr. Lisa W. Hostetler M.D. Sarah Lester, Medical Aesthetician Delmar Surgical & Cosmetic Treatment Center.

“Beauty isn’t about looking perfect. It’s about celebrating your individuality.” ~Bobbi Brown


So, if you are… tired of using a brow pencil, active in sports, to busy with no time to worry about make-up, aren’t artistic in applying make-up or no longer have the steady hands to do so… if you are looking for a top of the line artist to set you free from the daily makeup grind, please come to the studio and see Carmella for a FREE consultation. (If you already know you want the procedure, yes, you can have the consult and get started in the same visit). Just think, perfect brows that are impervious to heat, wet, humidity, sweat, dryness, motion, touch…, impervious to life. Go For It!

About the Artist

Carmella Gibellino-Schultz is a licensed cosmetologist and has been practicing the art of permanent cosmetics since 1999. In both Delaware and PA she has performed thousands of procedures and her impressive portfolio speaks for itself. Former owner of The Skin Care School and Center, her expertise and years of experience have made her the areas most sought after permanent cosmetics artist.


April/May 2013

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Is Your Hair Aging You? fashion (office or runway) and acquiring new skills, it’s now equally important to update/ upgrade your image.

By J. Christian of J. Christian Studio


ever in our history has a youthful appearance for both men and women played such a prevalent role in determining quality of life. The fastest growing service in my salon today: Male gray blending. Women want “modern but not trendy”. Truthfully, this is a talented stylist’s dream client, for others this can be a challenge! The most common concern for my “over 30” clients is fighting signs of aging. They simply feel looking younger and modern gives them the competitive edge. If finding the answer to this constant battle interests you, explore the tips in this article and possibly take five years off your appearance. Look, DON’T WAIT, START NOW! Go into the Spring season looking your best. This one is a “no-brainer”. You get instant results and guess what, it’s never too late. Image consultation is a rapidly growing market for a reason. Don’t give up your edge. Make a change today. The Bond between Client and Hairstylist The Client/Stylist relationship itself is complex. It takes time to build a relationship of trust and respect. There is a kind of therapy or unqualified counseling sessions that go on between hairstylists and their clients in salons all over the world. This bond is important in order for the client to feel relaxed and trust in the esthetic judgment of their hairstylist. The Risk of Trusting a Complacent Hairstylist Many consider a talented hairstylist irreplaceable for good reason. Many clients rely on their hairstylist to keep them informed on hair trends related to THEIR LIFESTYLE, physical characteristics and profession. The risk of trusting a complacent hairstylist with your image is that you begin to just receive the same style, the same way, at every visit. That’s okay if you don’t want to think about anything new, you can stay in your comfort zone and remain relaxed. The problem here is that just as it’s important to remain current in advances in technology,

April/May 2013

Tips for Younger-Looking Hairstyles Ready to get started, here are the tips I promised: r The Magic Length - Don’t resign yourself to a super-short crop. Instead, consider a length anywhere between your collarbones and chin. Hair that hits within those three inches is most flattering. r Thinning Hair - Avoid a choppy, overly layered cut. Women equate layers with volume, but layers won’t help if the hair is simply not there. Your stylist should offer a cut with long layers and subtle graduation, rather than shorter layers throughout. r Styling Do’s - If your face seems more angular these days, soften the edges by wearing gentle waves or curls around your face. If a fuller, round face is the issue, do the opposite — a sleek, straight look is an easy way to instantly counteract heaviness.

r Gray Blending - Whether you have a lot of gray hair or just a little, you can use a highlighting or color-weaving technique to put strands of your natural color in and look younger even while leaving some gray. Enjoy this beautiful Spring season . See you soon . J Christian Studio is an award-winning, upscale salon located in Hockessin, Delaware. We are accredited by the Better Business Bureau of Delaware and recipient of a Torch Award for Market Place Ethics. The salon is the concept of J Christian, an International Platform Artist and Master Educator and a Member of the New Castle County Chamber of Commerce.

r Fringe Benefits - Side-swept bangs give a fun, youthful vibe and instantly create fullness toward the front of your head, where women tend to lose hair. Thicker bangs are better, wispy are aging. Keep ends soft and fringy; blunt can be too harsh. r Consider Color - Follow this guide to determine the right shade for you: w Reds: Auburn tone—not a fiery red. w Browns: Chocolate brown. As we mature, our skin color changes and we lose pigment in our skin. Stay away from very dark colors like black or dark brown. Lighten up your color a few shades—this will take years off! w Blondes: Honey blonde—never baby or platinum blonde. Blondes especially need golden tones to add a rosy and sun-kissed glow to the face. r Highlights - Stay away from monotone hair color. Multidimensional, tone-on-tone highlights add movement to the hair. Go for natural and healthy. Avoid too many highlights that can look artificial and fake. 16

hair | nails | makeup | bridal 7465 Lancaster Pike, Suite F Hockessin, DE 19707 302.235.2306

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Wigs Are Back & Better W

hether you need a wig due to medical circumstances, natural hair loss, or as a fashion accessory, our highly-trained technicians are ready to accommodate you. Precision Hair carries wigs by Gabor and Henry Margu and we are the only certified Raquel Welch “Star Pro” salon in Delaware. These high quality, high fashion wigs are made of synthetic fibers that move and feel like human hair.

Through years of experience, Precision Hair knows the questions women and men ask when they suffer temporary or permanent hair loss and are faced with the issue of wearing a wig.

Can people tell I’m wearing a wig?


By Sandy Tusi Mercante

petite average, average, and large sizes.

used on one’s own hair. Human hair wigs give you the option to style the hair straight one day and curly the next. Thermal styling tools are not recommended on synthetic fiber wigs.

Isn’t a wig uncomfortable?

freeform fashion&beauty lace front wigs Than Ever!

What color should I choose?

In the 1960s, wigs were made with solid caps that were definitely hot and sticky. In the 70s, the Capless® wigSHEER was invented. Capless® INDULGENCE wigs consist of lengths of fibers, LACE FRONT called wefts, that are sewn to Quite the finest cotton or lace simply, stretch bands which wigs while in theallowing world. shape to the head air to circulate the scalp. In the late 90s, the Raquel Welch Signature Collection introduced the patented Raquel Welch Memory Cap. This cap replaces the wide stretch lace used in most of today’s wigs with a thinner, more resilient stretch ™ material that actually molds to the shape of the head for a lighter, more secure fit. All Raquel Welch wig that collection wigs, except those are 100% hand-tied, are made with Raquel Welch Memory Cap construction.

Totally invisible

and ask your wig professional to hairline. state the same on the sales receipt. You may want toTotally do this at tax time stylable as well.

Choose a color that is as close heat-friendly fiber. Will I have to sit out in public as possible to your natural color. when I try on a wig? If hair loss is a possibility in the Our experienced wig consultants future, save a swatch of your own are sensitive to your needs and hair for a match. You can always will usher you into a private room go a shade lighter than your own it In any where you will haveStyle privacy. hair, but avoid going darker. Our help you select wigs come in a wide range of salon- addition, they can way you want! a style and color that’s right for inspired colors, so you shouldQuite be simply, you, demonstrate how to put on a able to easily find the shade that is the finest wigs wig and instruct you in easy wig right for you. in the world. care methods. One last reminder, What style should I choose? be sure to let your wig consultant Choose a style most similar know why are you looking for a to the one you usually wear, a wig, so that she can direct you to a style that suits your personality dressing room or private area when and life style. If you prefer to be the™need arises. adventurous, you may want to use It is easy to summarize our goal this time to experiment with that ™ at Precision Hair and Wig Boutique: new curly (or straight) look you wig collection we want you to leave our salon with always wanted. If you do change a feeling that you have gotten the your style, stick close to your own best productswig available and the color. An abrupt change in color collection service of our experienced staff. and style might be too startling if done all at once. We carry wigs in a For more information please call multitude of looks (short, straight, 302-369-3311 and ask to speak long, curly or wavy) in many with Sandy or Ashley to schedule varied styles (traditional, trendy, your free consultation to help you sporty, sophisticated, casual make the best decision for you with contemporary, business or pure your hair loss situation, or if you glamour). have a friend who is in need give them our name and number. Aren’t wigs expensive? The belief that all wigs are HairUWear Inc. Our wig boutique has over proud sponsor of the expensive is simply aWigs, a hundred wigs on display and American Cancer Society. like any piece of apparel, vary in hundreds more are available with price de-pending on the materials overnight shipping if necessary. We and craftsmanship. They can have been chosen by Raquel Welsh cost as little as $50 or more to be the only “Star Pro Salon” in than $3,000. Some insurance HairUWear Inc.ais tribute a proud sponsor the area; to the training companies will allow you to claim of the American Cancer Society. and expertise of our staff. your wig. Ask your doctor to write a prescription for a “hair prosthesis”,



Raquel Welch™ wigs are virtually indistinguishable from a natural head of hair. Whether you choose a human hair or synthetic fiber wig, today’s state-of-the-art wig construction gives these wigs a realistic appearance. Today’s synthetic fibers are much thinner than they used to be, and thus avoid What if my wig comes off? a bulky, “wiggy” look. Exclusive to A wig that fits your head is Hair U Wear®, Kanekalon Vibralite® essential to security. A proper fit modacrylic fiber simulates protein prevents slippage. Look for Velcro rich hair for a natural, lustrous adjustments. Every Raquel Welch look and feel. The wide selection of wig has Velcro adjustors on the colors reflect the multitonal shades back rim of the wig. These can be that are re-quested in today’s better tightened or loosened for a proper salons. In many ways, synthetic wigs fit. The stretch material in the are easier to handle than human Memory Cap also adds to a secure, hair because the style is baked into comfortable fit. Ear tabs at the the fiber, keeping the shape intact temples and extensions at the nape day after day. However, many prefer gently shape to the head, keeping human hair because the style is HairUWear is a proud sponsor the wigInc. centered and secure. Also, of the Cancer not baked in and can be changed askAmerican to see wigs ofSociety. different sizes. using thermal or other styling tools Raquel Welch wigs come in petite,


RAQUEL WELCH wig collection

wig collection

Totally invisble hairline. Totally stylable, heat-friendly fiber.

Please Note: Ads must run at the size they appear here: Style it any way you want!

Changing the size risks poor reproduction quality in the publication.

Quite simply, the finest wigs in the world. HairUWear Inc. is a proud sponsor of the American Cancer Society.

© 2012 HairUWear Inc.


HairUWear Inc. is a proud sponsor of the American Cancer Society.

April/May 2013


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Eyelash Extensions For The Wedding – And The Honeymoon! or call 302-635-7327

By Melisa A. Ferriola, CPCP, LE


he Wedding Day. Oh, the planning and preparation. So much to consider; so many choices to make. You look to the experts to make your day the best it can be. As you arrange appointments for your hair, nails and makeup, don’t leave your investment unprotected. Tears of joy lead to mascara smudge – even when professionally applied. Waterproof mascara isn’t a good solution when it leaves your lashes dry and brittle and doesn’t provide the best look possible. False eyelashes look fake, are hard to apply and may disastrously fall off at the most inopportune moment! The solution will not only last you through your special day, but will go with you on your entire honeymoon! Eyelash Extensions. Extensions are a fantastic alternative because of their natural (or dramatic) look, ease of application, and affordability. They will

Before April/May 2013

accentuate and enhance your look to give you photos of a lifetime, without worry. The extensions themselves are perfectly polished polyester points. They come in a variety of thicknesses, colors and degrees of curl. Extensions are applied one lash at a time with care and precision using special bonding agents

custom look. The Bride may seek a dramatic look, but the bridal Moms may want lashes that restore a youthful vibrancy without looking overdone. And shouldn’t the entire bridal party look their best - each deserves custom, waterproof lashes for the big day. Your natural lash turns over every 60



Demi Set Save $10 thru 5/31 Profile: Lasting Looks is a unique day spa in the Hockessin Corners marketplace – next to the Back Burner Restaurant. Our mission starts with the desire to empower women to take charge of their appearance

and to put their best image forward. Our staff of estheticians can help meet all your skincare needs, as well as our unique services like Eyelash Extensions and Permanent Cosmetics by Melisa.



Who would benefit from eyelash extensions? The The The The The The

Blushing Bride and bridal party, for a joyful celebration; Business Professional, for a polished image; Mature Retiree, to bring back the lashes of her youth; 20-Something, for a glamorous night on the town; Fitness Enthusiast, for looking great while working hard; Natural Blond, for dark, dramatic lashes.

for a completely natural look. The result is thicker, longer eyelashes that are safe in the shower, while swimming, sleeping or exercising. Perfect for all your honeymoon plans! Your “lashscape” is designed specifically for you – suiting your facial features and lifestyle. Your technician should have an artistic flair when applying your lashes. The right combination of length, thickness and curl is needed to achieve your


to 90 days and a new extension is applied to keep your lavish look fresh. These one hour Refining Applications are recommended every 2 to 4 weeks. So when you return from the honeymoon, schedule your refining application to continue your fabulous look. Whether you want lashes for your wedding day and honeymoon, or an every-day look to restore lashes of your youth, Lasting Looks has the professional, perfected technique, applied by a licensed, certified and experienced Eyelash Extension Specialist. Safe and affordable, trust your eyes to Lasting Looks! www. 18


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Spring Cleaning…. For Your Jewelry jewelry slowly gets dirty little by little, day by day most people never realize the loss of sparkle. That is until they have had their Jewelry professionally cleaned and see the transformation for themselves first hand. Stop in to the Jewelry Exchange of Delaware anytime for free cleaning while you wait! We will even check your prongs while we’re at it to make sure your stones are secure and protected.

Spring clean out and refreshing your jewelry collection

By Nick Dellaquila General Manager Jewelry Exchange Of Delaware As the owner Roberta Kozak’s oldest son, Nick has been General Manager of the Jewelry Exchange of Delaware for the past 3 Years. Together with his younger sister Corey Grabowski, Nick has been working to expand the family business that Roberta started in 1996. Over the years Roberta’s first small shop now has grown into the family business it is today with two locations, one in Historic Lewes and the other in Stately Greenville.


pring is a time of renewal and freshening. As we feel the weather warm and the daylight grow longer we suddenly find ourselves straightening up around the house, washing the cars, tackling that project in the yard and so on all with a renewed energy. It is Spring and it is time to renew and refresh… Here at the Jewelry Exchange of Delaware when it comes to Jewelry we feel the same way.

Spring cleaning for your jewelry

Make sure your Jewels are sparkling for Spring!. A little known fact is that Jewelry just like everything else it needs regular cleaning and maintenance. Many people simply think that when you buy a ring it will simply look bright and brilliant forever. This is simply not the case. The fact is that as

Refresh your collection! As we have discussed in the past one of the easiest and most cost effective ways to afford to refresh your jewelry is to sell or trade your old unworn unwanted jewelry in on some new pieces. Here at the Jewelry Exchange of Delaware we specialize in buying and trading Gold, Silver, Platinum and designer jewelry. We have the unique ability to resell jewelry at either of our locations and or dismantle older outdated designs and produce new saleable. In both cases it simply means that since we have the unique ability to retail the jewelry we buy we are able to pay more for your items than anyone else. So if you would like to trade some of your jewelry to update your collection, you would like to sell some items to free up some cash or whether your jewelry is in need of a good cleaning, stop on in anytime and visit us!

Jewelry Exchange of Delaware


We were recently referred to this jeweler by a friend. I was looking to have a ring reset, and had already gotten 2 estimates from local vendors. Went in and rec’d a great price for repair. Service was great and they seem very knowledgeable. Our 10 yr anniversary is coming up and we will definitely use these guys. Repair turn around time was quick and they are very accommodating. -Damon C., Glen Mills, Pa Jewelry Exchange is the place to find one of a kind exquisite jewelry ranging from current styles to classic elegance from days long gone. You can also sell or consign items you no longer cherish. Professional and friendly service. -Holly K., Greenville, De 19

Buy - Sell - Trade - Consign - Redesign The elegant place to sell or trade unwanted jewelry.

4001 Kennett Pike Greenville, DE 19807 302.397.8336

142 Second Street Lewes, DE 19958 302.644.3435 April/May 2013


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Are You Ready For A Spring Fling?

By Debbie Esslinger, Owner


’m talking about a good “spring cleaning” of your bra and lingerie drawer to rid yourself of the old, drab winter garments and start stocking up for warmer weather with colorful undies. A Great Look Starts With Fabulous Foundations! That’s our motto at BARE ESSENTIALS BRA BOUTIQUE. Why is it important to get the perfect fit? If your bra back or cup size isn’t quite right, you won’t get the support needed for a great shape and the protection of your neck, shoulders and back muscles will suffer. No matter your size, comfort and support are the most important parts of a well fitted bra. Our fitters take great care and time to analyze your measurements and body type. We listen to your concerns, answer your questions and bring in bras that we feel are the best fit. Every woman is unique and we strive to make each lady feel special.

Fittings: Mon-Sat 10-6, Wed 10-7


In addition to a fabulous selection of bras in snazzy spring colors, Bare Esssentials also offers bra-sized swimwear for the D to J gal who usually can’t find a swimsuit, anywhere! Take your pick from our super-supportive bikinis and tankinis designed to “boost” your look and confidence. Our suits are created by bra companies who understand the shape and curve of a woman. The suits feel like they were created for you alone. Shop now for early arrivals or view our selection of swimsuits still to come. We will gladly contact you when a specific suit is received.

New sWim suits D-J cup

at any


Bare Essentials is the store to solve your fashion dilemmas. We will lift, smooth and make you look your best for any occasion. Experience what makes us the Best Little Bra Shop in Delaware.

Bras a-k cup

Bare Essentials

Shop Early Shop oftEn for thE BESt SElEction

Bra Boutique

4009 Concord Pike

Wilmington, De 19803

4009 concord pike Wilmington, De • 302-477-4888


April/May 2013

your store for fit: m o n - s a t 1 0 - 6 W e d 1 0 - 7 20


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Are Professional Skin Care Products Really Better Than OTC?


ou get bombarded in department stores by attractive saleswomen, bright displays By: Erica Suppa, B.S., L.E. and awesome packaging as you walk through seeking skin care products. Why not take a look and hear the sales pitch? This 0.5 oz. jar of eye cream must work because it’s $90, right? Is there truly a difference between professional skin care products and the alternative, over-the-counter (OTC) skin care products? Billion-dollar cosmetic companies manufacture OTC products containing all the latest ingredients such as antioxidants and alpha hydroxy acids, but will not disclose the percentages of such ingredients. This is because: 1. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) does not require OTC products to list product efficacy (i.e. percentages and/or pH) and 2. OTC products must be well tolerated for the average user. These products are designed to not cause irritation, even in the most sensitive of skin types.

knowledgeable about product ingredients and guide you to products that work with your skin type and particular skin problems. Salespeople generally don’t have access to scientific data on the product line they are selling nor do they know how ingredients will affect the skin while someone is taking medication, is pregnant, has allergies or has a health condition. The health of your skin shouldn’t be taken lightly. To ensure results, do your research before you invest in a skin care product and consult your licensed skin care specialist for more information.

To schedule an appointment, please call 302-689-3223 or visit Fresh Faced Skin Care is owned by Licensed Esthetician and Research Scientist, Erica Suppa. Erica holds a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Delaware and has worked in the scientific and medical industries for over 13 years. She also works at the University of Pennsylvania as a cancer research specialist, assisting in the creation of ground-breaking cellular therapy cancer treatments. Let Erica’s

scientific knowledge of skin care ingredients and how they interact with your skin allow you to get the results you have been searching for. Why spend money and not get results?

Testimonials: It is my new favorite place. Thank you, Erica. I will see you again soon for another appointment. Erica is a wonderful person, whom I trust with my skin care needs. She is very passionate about her business and cares about her clients’ skin care concerns. She takes the time to evaluate and recommend what she thinks is the path to take for my skin care regime. Love Fresh Faced Skin Care. Proven treatments and products. I loved the treatment I received. The environment was private and the treatment personal. Excellent experience overall.

Are the active ingredients in OTC products even effective (i.e. are they chirally correct)? Many companies manufacture OTC products with chirally incorrect ingredients because they are cheaper and easier to produce. Ingredients that are not chirally correct are one of the main reasons why certain skin care products do not deliver on the results that they claim. Because OTC products are mass produced, thousands of a single cream can potentially sit in a warehouse for a year or more before it even reaches the retail shelf and eventually makes it into the hands of the consumer. For the most part, the skin care products you purchase over-the-counter are aged, neutralized, and heavily preserved. Would you want to put that cream on your face? What if the cream was on sale for an unbeatable $20? Remember that OTC products include those sold in brick-and-mortar stores, on the internet and on television. If anyone can purchase a product without a professional license, how do they know what they are getting or even how to use it? This is where the professional esthetician plays an important role in helping to improve and/or clear up skin problems. Skin care specialists are


April/May 2013


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Cherished Memories -Capturing Special Moments in Time

Have you ever found yourself asking, “If this moment could only last forever?” It seems the bigger the occasion, the more months of preparation it By Ara Atkinson-Skinner takes. Then, ARA ILLUSTRATED STUDIO GROUP when the event arrives, it seems to go by in a flash!

At young age, I enjoyed taking photos as a solution to making moments last forever. I remember using the old Polaroid camera, I think it had eight shots on a roll, take a picture and wait 5 minutes shaking it back and forth before you could see if the photo was good. It didn’t matter if was not good, you wouldn’t dare throw it away, it was too expensive-allowance only goes so far! I kept every crazy photo collecting them in boxes, photo albums and scrapbooks. Soon, the boxes and albums didn’t fit on my shelves or under the bed and then up in the attic they would go. Then not to mention, the frames-- framed photos on the wall, down the hall, on the mantle. There simply was never enough room. The first time I bought a collage frame, I thought, “How cool is this?” I can pull together special moments into one place, especially family shots. I was delighted with the concept. Through the years I discovered my own creativity and found myself gravitating to photo collage. I created for myself and then for others.

The reaction was always same; the recipients/viewers would be transported right back to that particular time and place. “Oh, I remembered that day, “look at my crazy hair” or “what was I wearing?” or “... how young we were”. The memories flood back; sometimes there are tears, but always joy!

So you can’t stop time rolling by like a freight train, but you can enjoy the moments as they come. Collage can be one way to capture snapshots of time that can never be lived again in the physical, but what fun to recall! Especially since our time is limited, being able to create beautiful memories that can be cherished then handed down to the next generation is a wonderful gift. I still love looking back at my great-great grandparent’s photos and memorabilia. My great-great grandmother was a milliner and my great grandfather a ship builder. My mother has old black and whites that will need to be restored before they fade away. The photos were taken from as early as 1917 depicting images of folks in the fashion of the day and historic architecture. They’re bygone years, however an important part of my history.



April/May 2013

Today there are so many ways you can do collage keepsakes. If you are not too crafty, just start easy with a collage frame. Decide on your special moment and then pull out the old photo albums where your subject might be and begin the selection process. When you see all the photos together you will be amazed and now have a wonderful story to share with family and friends.



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Keep Your Jewelry Healthy And You Will Feel Better Spring, a time to clean, repair, restore or redesign your existing jewelry. With spring just around the corner you should be Ron Sayers – preparing for the more active Graduate live style Gemologist (GIA) the warm weather will bring. It is the perfect time to have your jewelry professionally cleaned and checked for stone security. Most folks are unaware that gold or platinum can wear off of the prong tips on rings and chain links and clasps can become dangerously worn to the point of loss. At least once a week a customer comes to us to supply them with a new diamond for their engagement or wedding band because they forgot to have their jewelry professionally checked for security. How sad to wait on a customer who has lost the diamond they were engaged with, or possibly one that was a cherished gift from a parent or child. At Sayers Jewelers and Gemologists we have a highly trained staff of technicians with state of the art equipment to handle any inspection or repair situation. Our inspections are conducted with the use of high powered gem microscopes which can detect hair line cracks in prongs and ring mountings that can go undetected with ordinary jewelers loupes. We also link these microscopes to monitors so you can see for yourself that your jewelry is either safe to wear or in need of service. And best of all, your jewelry is inspected and cleaned in our ultrasonic cleaners free of charge.

19 South Main St. • Smyrna, DE 19977

(302) 653-9456

Custom one of a kind designs are another option. Sayers has state of the art computer design and manufacturing equipment second to none. We also do the traditional hand carving of the wax models when needed. If you can dream it, we can design and manufacture it especially for you. With over sixty years of experience we know what design factors allow for stone security and longevity of wear coupled with lines that won’t be viewed as out of style next year. We work in platinum or gold, 18k or 14k depending on your choice and the design of the item. We also stock thousands of ready to go jewelry items of all types and prices from some of the world’s other leading designers. So with the money you saved by use of good maintenance you can treat yourself to that new item you have had your eye on.

What can you do ?

Between visits for professional service you can keep your jewelry looking its

Should you need a simple repair, refinish or complete restoration, all work is done on site with meticulous attention to detail.

best with regular cleaning you can perform yourself. We have many excellent products designed specifically for different types of jewelry and we can also recommend household cleaners you may already have that will work just fine. There is however, no one safe product for every item. What works for diamonds can ruin cultured pearls or turquoise. Think about it, you have a dentist clean your teeth every six months but you still brush them every day yourself to keep them looking their best. Well it’s the same with diamonds, if you don’t clean them often they lose their brilliance then you don’t look your best.

Come see us at Sayers Jewelers and Gemologists. We will make you look good and feel good. Testimonials: I want to thank you and your employees for always being so helpful and pleasant. I have been a customer of Sayers Jewelers for nearly 60 years. You are “The Best Jewelry Store” in the state and surrounding area. - Mary

In the event your jewelry is beyond practical or cost effective repair the gems can be remounted in into new jewelry items. These can be basic solitaire rings or one of our many ring mountings with side diamonds to give your original diamond a new updated look. We have hundreds in stock to choose from and many can be reset for you the same day.

Tom Sayers, Graduate Gemologist (GIA) Ellen Sayers, Diamonds (GIA) Ronald L. Sayers, Graduate Gemologist (GIA)

On Tuesday, my birthday, I finally opened the box! I was so happy! The earrings are just beautiful. I have had so many compliments! I love them! Please let your friends at Sayers know how happy I am! Thank you again, Cindy


April/May 2013


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Delaware Hair Solutions . . . Has two locations to serve you. Understanding Hair Loss

Millions of men and women suffer frustration and embarrassment Dee Anderson over the traumatic problems of – Owner excessive hair loss. It’s estimated that over 50% of men, by the age of 35, and 40% of women by the age of 40 will have a degree of baldness. Studies have proven that individuals with hair loss look older than they are. Hair loss is a normal part of the aging process. But with the technology and science available today we all have several options available to us to fight hair loss. Women can do very little to hide their problem. They are presumed to have health issues or, even worse, labeled as not caring about her appearance. She is embarrassed when she tries to go to the salon to get help. Too often, the stylist will tell her that there is nothing that he or she can do to help her. For the men who can’t shave their head or wear a hat to work, they too face the same dilemma as the women. They are often overlooked for promotions for a younger looking counterpart. They’re reluctant to even try hair replacement because of all the bad results they’ve seen in the media and even on their friends or family members. They don’t explore other resources to see if they really is something revolutionary that can give them back the look they lost, from no fault of their own.

Major causes of Hair Loss

Androgenetic Alopecia - medical term for male/female pattern hair loss Alopecia Areata - spots of hair loss ranging from a pea to an entire area on the head Alopecia Totalis - total hair loss of the scalp Alopecia Universalis - hair loss of the entire body Traction Alopecia - excessive stress or tension on the hair causing hair loss in the areas Tricitillamania - sensation by pulling the hair out at the follicle

April/May 2013

Medical Conditions - high fever, extended use of antibiotics, surgery, pregnancy, thyroid, and of course, anti-cancer drugs

Laser Hair Therapy is a non surgical therapeutic laser. It is the most powerful laser that is safe for cosmetic purposes and fully complies with FDA standards for safety. LLLTHT is ‘Coldbeam’ laser technology. The power level is so low that is virtually a mere vibration, harmless, but effective.

Delaware Hair Solutions provides the Following Options: Low Level Laser Hair Therapy ( LLLHT) Low Level Light Hair Therapy could be in a class by itself. Recently approved by the FDA to re-grow hair, LLLHT has taken hold in the market. In studies, 57% of individuals will re-grow hair, 85% will experience a halt in hair loss while 100% of users see a thickening of the hair shaft. Success is seen in those individuals who are in their first five years of hair loss. Not surprisingly, many scientists and physicians have been using low level laser over the years to speed up wound healing and produce new tissue. Studies have shown laser increases circulation and oxygenation of the blood to the scalp and the hair bulb. Laser also removes calcification and other blockages around the hair bulb; as well as increases cell replacement. Laser helps hair to improve in fullness, shine, body and elasticity; therefore problems such as over oily or dry scalp, as well as dandruff and itchiness can be reduced. To appreciate how it works, you need to understand the basics of how hair grows and replaces itself in the natural cycle of growth and regrowth. Every hair on one’s head usually grown for several years and then falls out. The root then rests for a few weeks before starting to re-grow a new hair. This cycle continues throughout our lives. Unfortunately, as we age, some people replace fewer hairs that are shed resulting in thinner hair and gradually baldness occurs. You don’t go bald or thin out because your hair falls out– it’s meant to do so. You go bald or thin out because it doesn’t grow back! Laser used on a regular basis strengthens and regenerates the hair roots. This slows or arrests, and in some cases, reverses the degenerative cycle as previously described. Once the hair root is dead, nothing can be done to restore them, so the sooner treatment is started, the better the results are. Noticeable improvement is achieved in 4- 6 months. However, if you have heavy hair fall-out, you may notice a reduced rate of heavy hair fall-out after a few treatments. Laser treatments are usually used in conjunction with topical treatments to further augment the effectiveness of both the laser and the products. Results vary from individual to individual.

Non Surgical hair replacement

Non-surgical hair replacement is the choice for more and more individuals because of the advances in technology and the natural look that’s now attainable. The options available with Virtual Reality have made the choice easier for many. The definition of hair replacement is any additional hair added to one ones existing hair or scalp to give the appearance of fuller , thicker hair. Compared to all other options, hair replacement and hair systems represent and affordable method with immediate results for solving hair loss. If a person is not happy with the


results, it can be reversed completely without any risk or scars. Today’s hair replacement has improved over the years. They no longer look like toupee or common wigs. The results are truly amazing in regards to creating a natural front hairline and a totally natural appearance. With today’s advanced technology, the systems are very light density and the base product is much thinner, like another layer of skin. Attachment methods allow the wearer total freedom. They can participate in normal activities, such as working out and swimming with no detection. There is also no need to remove anything before going to bed. Coverage can be just where the client needs the hair. Whether it’s just on the crown of the head or full head, the same natural look can be achieved. I’ve studied all the options, attend continuing education, and visited numerous studios to give you honest answers to your hair loss issues no matter what the situation may be.

Delaware Specializing in non-surgical cosmetic hair loss solutions for men and women. Delaware Hair Solutions is a member of an elite group of Hair Restoration Specialists. We are the only hair restoration studio in the area that offers the Virtual Reality and Virtuesse systems. These hair treatments allow us to provide our clients with full, thick and beautiful heads of hair that will provide them with a younger, more confident look. The laser hair treatments, are also available through our studio, allow us to provide our clients with full, thick hair that is all natural. Using low-level laser diodes for the treatment of hair loss. These soft lasers rejuvenate your normal hair follicles to increase their rate of growth and reverse balding patterns. Laser hair therapy is best for those in the beginning stages of hair loss. Our hair treatment options allow us to provide these individuals with the services that will eliminate these issues and create a happier, healthier lifestyle while providing them with a look that is nothing less than amazing.

Delaware Hair Solutions 1082 Old Churchman’s Rd. Suite 200 Newark, DE 19713

Phone: (302) 525-6241 26145 John J. Williams Hwy. Millsboro, DE 19966


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The Big “C” A happy fisherman. The “sore” in his mouth.

By: Anna Marie Mazoch, D.D.S.


or those of you who read my bimonthly column in the Women’s Journal, you are familiar with before and after photos of many of our patients, illustrating the improvements in their smile. In this issue, the after pictures do not illustrate an improvement but rather a very unattractive face. This is a result of surgery to remove a malignant oral cancer tumor. This first set of photographs illustrates the misfortune of a sportman who dipped snuff. You can view more graphic (and, be

including periodontal disease and cavities. Some of the negative aspects, after oral cancer radiation treatment, are a potential for necrosis (death) of the jaw bones and a permanent xerostomia (extremely dry mouth). Not only is a dry mouth very uncomfortable but it allows cavities to develop rapidly and profusely.

You may be thinking that you don’t smoke or drink much alcohol or chew tobacco, so you are unlikely to develop oral cancer. Smoking and alcohol are definite risk factors and not to be ignored; however, recent evidence The portion of the jaw bone, teeth and cheek shows that Human Papilloma removed at surgery. In the hospital after surgery. Virus (specifically, HPV16) has been found to be a causative agent in 60% of new oral forewarned, gory) photos on his cancer diagnoses. Young, healthy, website: and look non-smoking individuals (age 25 to under “My Cancer” for his story. 50) are the fastest growing segment of the oral cancer population! This Treatment of oral cancer often is shocking news! Twenty million involves radiation therapy and, Americans between the ages of 15 during treatment, patients usually and 49 have HPV and estimates have mouth pain, difficulty eating, show that 50% of sexually active talking, and swallowing. Patients individuals are HPV positive. are more prone to mouth infections,

Watch the youtube video (; then, type HPV and Oral Cancer) or scan the CR code; this four minute video, narrated by a young woman whose friend’s boyfriend died of oral cancer will open your eyes to this insidious disease. Oral cancer kills almost three times as many people as cervical cancer each year and is responsible for the death of one person every day of the year. 100 new diagnoses of oral cancer are made every day, yet this type of cancer remains little known by the general population. Only recently, when actor Michael Douglas was diagnosed with tongue cancer, has this disease gained significant visibility in the media. Early stage oral, head and neck cancers have an 80-90% survival rate while late stage survival is only 20-30%. Unfortunately, half of all cases are found in later stages. The key to preventing late stage oral cancer is early detection. Self examinations are of some benefit in discovering unusual white or red spots or any lumps that can be felt with your fingers. But most early oral cancers are difficult to determine, (Continued on Pg. 26)

Dr. Mazoch and her team are ready for Oral Cancer Awareness Day. Come in for a free oral cancer screening and get your red ribbon to show your support for the battle against this deadly disease.

“The C word, something we always hear from someone else, certainly never ourselves. On a routine dental check up and throat screen last February, Dr. Mazoch noticed a lump in my neck and suggested I bring it to the attention of my Primary Care physician. Since I had just gotten over a bad cold, I was convinced it was just a swollen gland. Nonetheless, I had it checked out by my Primary Care physician one month later. That led to 2 ultrasounds, a radioactive iodine uptake test, a biopsy, and finally a thyroidectomy, and a cancer diagnosis. This lump, which was one inch in diameter, had been missed by the previous dentist, and two Primary Care physicians. There was no history of thyroid cancer in my family, my health is otherwise good, so this came as a complete shock! I have since done a ton of research and thyroid cancer is on a dramatic rise! If your dentist does not do an extensive throat and mouth screening for cancer, nor do they not use a thyroid protective guard on your throat during a dental x-ray, I would be changing my dentist. I am glad I did.” ~ Nancy Kanienberg, Patient


April/May 2013


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The Big “C” so your dentist is your best source for detection. Most of the HPV-16 cancers begin at the back of the throat: the pharynx, the tonsillar areas and the base of the tongue. These locations are very difficult to observe. Even your dentist can find it difficult, if not impossible, to visualize the base of the tongue. For this reason, any difficulty in swallowing or the feeling of having something caught in the back of your throat should be immediate cause for concern and an evaluation by your medical or dental doctor.

floor of mouth, palate, oropharynx and tonsils, cheeks, thyroid, and gums will be visually examined. Your glands, lymph nodes, muscles of the neck and thyroid will be palpated. In our office, a Velscope Light can be used to further identify areas of inflammation which can go unnoticed with the naked eye. This next set of photos is of Roger Ebert, a famous movie critic. He has lost his voice, his ability to eat or drink and his entire lower jaw. Roger had a salivary gland tumor originally, then thyroid cancer, and then a recurrence in his jaw bone. He has to be fed through a g-tube into his stomach. Again, not a very attractive “after” photo and a miserable way to have to go through life.

This ulcer appears to be just a canker sore. It is, however, a cancerous lesion. It is in an area which is very difficult to see and impossible to visualize without pulling the tongue to the side. Make sure that your dentist grabs hold of your tongue with some gauze to check this common site for oral cancer. Oral cancer examinations are very easy for your dentist to perform and take only a few minutes. Unlike many other cancer screening exams, this one does not involve invasive procedures, is not expensive and is not uncomfortable. Your lips, face, tongue (top, bottom, and sides),

Roger Ebert, famous movie critic.

So, do yourself a favor and be diligent about getting an oral cancer screening at least once a year.

Dr. Mazoch performs an oral cancer screening during last year’s Oral Head and Neck Cancer Awareness Day.

Dr. Anna Marie Mazoch received her B.S. degree in Biology, summa cum laude, from Ohio University and her D.D.S. from Northwestern University. She is a member of the American Dental Association, the Delaware State Dental Society and several local dental study clubs. She has been practicing general dentistry for 32 years, first in Cincinnati, then Montpelier, Vermont, and the past 11 years in Delaware. Her keen interest in continuing education for herself and her staff stems from a quote by G. V. Black, the first dean of Northwestern University Dental School and the father of modern dentistry: “The professional (wo)man has no right to be other than a continuous student”.

For the past six years our office has offered free oral cancer screenings in April,

We are conveniently located near the corner of Kirkwood Hwy and Milltown Rd, near Pike Creek and Milltown shopping center. Email: Visit us on facebook

Phone: 302-998-9594 Fax: 302-998-8207

For your sake, my team and I hope you will attend. We welcome all to our free oral cancer screening. Tell your friends, family and neighbors about our event. Consider making a donation to the Oral Cancer Foundation and learn

Oral Head and Neck Cancer Awareness Month.

all about Head and Neck cancer at


This year we will be holding the examinations on Saturday, April 13, 2013, from 10:00 a.m. to noon. April/May 2013

2601 Annand Dr., Suite 18 Wilmington, DE 19808

2601 Annand Dr. Suite 18, Wilmington, DE 19808 Heritage Professional Building, just off of Milltown road, near Kirkwood Hwy. 26

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It Is Brain Awareness Month With MRI – resolution is time. The lower resolution the scan, the longer it takes. Higher resolution means less time in the scanner. This is very important for a claustrophobic patient. A 32channel 3T MRI system is about 6 times faster. In 6 minutes of scan time a 32-channel 3T scanner is able to produce images that would take about 50 minutes in other scanners. A complete r/o stroke study in a 3T 32 channel scanner takes as little as 6 minutes.

By Dr. Philip Chao It is Brain Awareness Month. This is my specialty of 28 years. At a meeting of the medical society one doctor asked how to tell if an aneurysm is going to burst. They had no answer. The answer— genetics. Genetics can and should change the way we practice medicine. Genes offer a clue as to whether an aneurysm will burst or not. Genetic data is needed on these patients. MRI Consultants offers genetic testing for the BRCA1 gene or BRCA2 gene. Rather than having to have a lengthy and expensive consultation with the genetics department of the hospital, your genetic sample is gathered (blood draw or cells from your mouth) for a small fee and sent to a national genetic testing facility, no referral needed. The lab consults with your insurance and the cost to the patient is frequently as low as $99. Inflammation is also part of the answer. An aneurysm about to rupture has a weakness in its wall. This means that a patient’s immune system is trying to walloff the aneurysm and there could be some inflammation near the weakest portion of the wall. One needs the highest level of resolution to properly image this. At the moment, 3.0T is the highest level of MRI currently available. The current generation of 0.3T (yes, 0.3, not 3.0 … some very old machines are still being used and charge the same as their modern counterparts) even 1.5T MRI scanners are not capable of this. Be sure to ASK how strong the MRI Scanner you choose for your MRI study—no matter where it is done.

3T MRI with DWIBS is super sensitive to lymph nodes. It is also 100% sensitive for breast cancer (For more info: www.3tbreastmri. com). 3T MRI is superior all other MR imaging for Breast MRI. If you have your MRI done on a lesser MRI scanner you will always wonder if 3T would have seen the problem. Be certain - demand a 3T MRI. Many people—even Doctors—are totally unaware that MRI comes in several levels of quality … ranging from “fuzzy” images to ones that are crystal clear. We do body diffusion weighted imaging (“DWI”). We do this on both of our scanners at no additional charge on our abdomen studies. In the brain, this technique shows early strokes or TIAs. In the body, it shows tumors of the GI tract and of the kidneys. Just last year two pancreatic cancers were found. DWIBS takes this even further. On 32-channel 3T scanner every tiny lymph node in your body can be seen. And that can change the staging of cancer or detect inflammation. Lastly, the current system of medicine is flawed. In many discussions it is mentioned that doctors were trying to help patients when they were simply too ill— and then millions of dollars were thrown at the patient’s disease after it was too late. Early screening (detecting these problems before they happened) was never mentioned and it might have stopped the train-wreck of a patient who had a large completed stroke. Please ask us how. MRI Consultants offers the best technology in MRI in Delaware. Even our “open” MRI is an 18channel 1.5T MRI scanner! (Ask your MRI provider how many channels his closed magnet has). We prefer to do our Breast MRI’s on our 3T MRI because of its


extraordinary sensitivity, but for someone who either will not fit, or who is extremely claustrophobic, our 18channel 1.5T OPEN BORE MRI is a good alternative. Getting a bad MRI (They exist...Really) costs no less then getting the very Best MRI possible, repeating an inferior study however, will cost time. Get the best from the start. Ask Dr. Chao—who has 28 years experience in MRI. He gives free advice! This patient has the BRCAII gene. The tumor For more information shown was biopsied (missed) and called on this and other MRIbenign on the upper image. The lower image related issues, check is the same patient one year later. This is why our websites: www. we suggest 6 months screening after breast www. biopsy. For people without insurance, very latest technology: 3T MRI. we offer a $500 Out-of-Pocket While 3T (tesla) scanners have been discount and for those who are used for scanning research patients truly claustrophobic, we offer IV since 2002, these advanced, more sedation for free. We try to make powerful MRI scanners only became your MRI experience as low-stress available for clinical use in 2004. as possible. Dr. Chao worked hard to bring 3T technology to Delaware and in Dr. Philip Chao graduated Phi February 2007, MRI Consultants, Beta Kappa from Yale University LLC began operating the first 3T and was Scholar of the House. scanner in the State. 3T is the He continued his studies at the newest horizon for MRI. University of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry, receiving his medical degree in 1983. After a transitional internship year at the Mary Imogene Bassett Hospital in Cooperstown NY, Dr. Chao did his residency in Radiology at Brooklyn’s SUNY Health Science Center (19841987), where he became Chief Resident. He stayed on to complete a fellowship in Neuroradiology (1987-1988). Dr. Chao has been interested in MRI technology since its very beginning – the first MRI scan took place in 1981 while he was pursuing his medical studies. 1 Centurian Drive, Suite 107 The University of Pennsylvania, where Dr. Chao was both a Body Newark, DE MRI Fellow (1988-1990) and a Neuroradiology Fellow (1989-1990), was at the heart of the development of this technology and Dr. Chao was able to work with pioneers in MRI on the first GE Signa 1.5T (tesla) scanner. His advanced research and 17252-9 N. Village Main Blvd specializations complete, Dr. Chao Lewes, DE left the University of Pennsylvania for a position as Director of MRI in Wilmington DE – a position he held for 14 years. Dr. Chao eventually left that position to create the best MRI center in Delaware, using the

Two Locations Best Open MRI 302 838 7800

MRI Consultants 302 827 4251


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Groundbreaking Headache & Migraine Treatments


y name is Dr. Jeffrey Harris, and I am the Director of The Migraine Headache Relief Center of PA. Right now in the U.S. there are millions of people who suffer from chronic headaches or mild to severe migraines. Many struggle for years to find lasting pain relief. While headache and migraine pain is commonly experienced by men and women alike, research has shown that as many as two to three times more women experience debilitating headache and migraine conditions than do men. Some estimates even suggest that the percentage of women suffering globally may be as high as 18 to 25%. If you are one of the unfortunate many who suffer with headaches or migraines, you need to know that recent advancements in medical dentistry could help eliminate your headache or migraine pain for the long-term. But first, let’s put contemporary headache and migraine treatment into perspective. Where do most women - indeed, most people - first look to solve headache and migraine pain? The bottom line is that most individuals start by self-medicating. They take over-thecounter pain medications such as aspirin, acetaminophen, ibuprofen, or codeine to control pain symptoms. As a confusing factor, there is an almost endless number of pain relief options to choose from, ranging from various pills to natural remedies. Wherever they may start, those who suffer feel as if they MUST begin somewhere and therefore explore the most readily available solutions. Unfortunately, most headache and migraine sufferers quickly find out that over-the-counter painkillers and solutions marketed as “natural remedies” only provide temporary pain relief, if any. Additionally, painkillers can take something away from you - usually clarity and focus, and a sense of independence. Drug dependency is always a risk. Tragic is the fact that the medical industry has done shockingly little to change this paradigm. When standard pain medications do not work

April/May 2013

people often turn to their general physician or a specialist for help. Contemporary treatments for headaches and migraines usually involve prescription painkillers or injections (great... more drugs), trigger point management or even surgery. These are daunting truths to face, and even more frightening is that those options often fail to deliver on the promise for lasting pain relief. So why do these options frequently fail?

the cutting-edge of medical dentistry, technologies, and patient care. Professional organizations include the American Dental Association, Dental Society of Chester and Delaware Counties, and Main Line DKU (Dentists Keeping Up.) Dr. Harris regularly donates time to teaching dental students at The Temple University - Kornberg School of Dentistry.

They’re failing because they were designed to “treat” headache and migraine symptoms, and NOT the root cause of the pain. You cannot treat the symptoms - you can only mask them.

In 2012, Dr. Harris founded the Migraine Headache Relief Center of PA (MHRPA) to bring the most advanced diagnostic and treatment protocols available in the world for resolving headaches, migraines, and TMJ to the people of the Greater Philadelphia Metropolitan Region. Dr. Harris now serves a diverse group of male and female patients throughout the tri-state area (DE, PA, NJ) who could find help nowhere else for their unique and complex pain conditions. MHRPA is currently accepting new patients.

Furthermore, in the case of trigger point management, this is mostly guesswork with inconsistent results. In the case of surgery, the solution is radical, usually unnecessary, and always dangerous. In the case of injections and prescription drugs, temporary pain relief can be achieved but it never lasts. Worse yet, many powerful pain medications are addictive and put your health and well-being at serious risk. Still, doctors are frequently prescribing them because they really DON’T KNOW HOW to diagnose and treat complex headaches and migraines any other way. The medical community has only recently discovered that there is a frequent and direct connection between headaches and migraines and dental-related force imbalances. Through no fault of their own, the vast majority of physicians are not trained to properly diagnose and correct dental-related force imbalances. This is why pioneering medical dentistry is getting far better results relative to traditional techniques. The Migraine Headache Relief Center of PA treats a wide array of root causes for headache and migraine pain. We use cuttingedge, non-invasive therapies to get your teeth, muscles, nerves and joints working together in perfect harmony to free you from pain. Treatments are drug-free, injection-free, and our success rate is absolutely phenomenal. Whether you have bite force imbalances causing intermittent pain or you’ve had chronic headache or migraine pain for years, we can probably help you RIGHT NOW. Dr. Harris attended Temple University School of Dentistry and joined the Academy of General Dentistry soon after graduation in 1985. He is highly committed to providing the most advanced treatments available today for general dentistry, chronic headaches and migraines, Temporomandibular Disorder (TMD) and common jaw discomforts, neuromuscular imbalance and chronic tension, Tinnitus (ringing in the ears) and Sleep Apnea. Dr. Harris devotes significant time to his professional development to stay at 28

Testimonial “I suffered with headaches for 2 years. I was treated for sinus infections... I had been to the hospital three times, Neurologists, a Chiropractor... they put me on about six or seven prescription medications that actually gave me worse side effects. After two years [of that] my grandmother saw an article in the paper about Dr. Harris. I was skeptical after going through so many different things and nothing was helping... but I gave it a go. After 12 weeks of therapy I was headache-free.” - Chelsea C.

The Migraine Headache Relief Center

of Pennsylvania




610-388-6789 300 Old Forge Lane in Kennett Square, PA

Many insurance plans cover treatments. Convenient financing options available. Call for an Appointment!


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You Don’t Have To Live With Genital Itching

Your Christiana Care Gynecologist Can Help Yeast infections can cause itching and often a white, clumpy discharge. Your doctor can confirm a yeast infection by taking a tiny sample and looking at it under the microscope.

delivery. That is why doctors often recommended a Cesarean section if a woman has active herpes at the time of labor.

Over-the-counter creams work well in treating some yeast infections and may be an option for women who are familiar with yeast symptoms. But the creams don’t cure some forms of yeast and do not treat other infections. So, if you aren’t feeling better in a few days, see your doctor.

By Susan A. Kelly, M.D.


any women may experience annoying itching -- and you don’t have to wait until your annual exam with your gynecologist to get help. Itching is not normal. You should not put up with the discomfort. Think of it this way. If you had one spot on your arm that itched every day, you would go to your doctor, right? The same should be true of your personal area. Our bodies contain lots of different bacteria that are supposed to be there and serve a useful purpose, including bacteria that live in the vagina. But sometimes the good bacteria are crowded out by invading bad bacteria, resulting in an infection. That often happens when we are taking antibiotics. Any change in your normal ecosystem can increase your risk of infection, as does the use of steroids, a diagnosis of diabetes, and having multiple sex partners. Even a single partner who has an infection can pass it on to you. Itching can result from infections caused by bacteria, viruses, or yeast, and also skin conditions and even cancer.

Help for common infections

Chlamydia, a common sexually transmitted disease (STD), can cause a heavy discharge, pain during urination or sex -- or no symptoms at all. If it isn’t treated, chlamydia can spread to the uterus and fallopian tubes and in some cases can make a woman infertile. So if you have more than one partner or a new partner, let your doctor know so you can be screened for the disease. Genital warts is a common STD, especially in younger women. About 6 percent of women aged 20-34 have genital warts. While not dangerous, these can be bothersome and can cause irritation. Genital warts can generally be treated with topical medications, or with simple technology in the office. Herpes, a very contagious STD, creates painful ulcers that can last for up to three weeks and can be passed on to a baby during a vaginal

Often, women experience itching and soreness around menopause, when the body’s levels of the hormone estrogen drop off. Many women find they have lost the ability to lubricate, which may make it painful to have sex. Topical estrogen -- a form of the hormone that is applied to the genital or vaginal skin instead of taken by mouth -- works to make the lining of the vagina less fragile. Because the dose is low and the cream is spread on a small area it doesn’t appear to have many of the risks associated with the side effects of estrogen pills. Itching has many causes, which is why you need a doctor to find out why. That urge to scratch might be caused by eczema, skin conditions that are found more commonly on other parts of the body. Sometimes, the cause is in our environment. You may be sensitive to soap, bubble

Good habits make a big difference in preventing itching. After you go to the bathroom, wipe from the front toward the back. Avoid tight pants and undergarments in fabrics that don’t breathe. Wash your clothing in detergent that doesn’t include perfumes or dyes. Above all, don’t delay in seeking attention for pain, discharge or itching. Many symptoms can be easily treated. For relief from itching, seek treatment right away. Susan A. Kelly, M.D., is certified by both the National Board of Medical Examiners and the American Board of Obstetrics and Gynecology and has a special interest in the health of the vulva and vagina. To make an appointment: Smyrna Health & Wellness Center 100 S. Main Street, Suite 215 Smyrna 302-659-4520 Christiana Women’s Health Christiana Hospital, Women’s Health Building Suite 1900 4755 Ogletown-Stanton Road, Newark 302-733-6510

That pain that just won’t go away, somewhere below your belly button? The specialists at the Christiana Care Center for Women’s Health know just how to identify – and deal with – this commonly ignored problem. We’re here to support you and your doctor with the latest diagnostic tools and treatments to minimize symptoms and correct problems. It’s just the kind of expert help you need to live pain-free.

One of the most common is bacterial vaginosis, which causes discharge and an unpleasant, fishy odor, and occasionally also itching. Another common cause is yeast infection. Pregnant women can get yeast infections, although it can occur at any time, especially in women who have problems with their immune system.

The virus can come back from time to time or never resurface. If your herpes returns be sure to tell your doctor because prescription medications can stop outbreaks or make them not as severe. Learning about your potential to infect your partner is an important conversation to have with your physician.

bath or personal hygiene wipes.

It hurts below my belly button, but it’s definitely not my belly.

3706 Kennett Pike Greenville, Delaware 19807

We know pelvic pain inside and out. Don’t wait – call today for an appointment 302-623-6320


Learn more at 10WHS24

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Spider Vein Treatment: A Three-Tier Approach M

any patients with spider veins expect that a few injections will cure them. But even though they may look innocuous, Spider veins are often indicative of venous insufficiency in deeper and larger veins. Venous insufficiency results from defective valves within the veins allowing blood to flow backward, pool inside and distend them. For this reason, the underlying problem contributing to spider veins must be addressed first. Ultrasound examination should often be done to rule this out.

Pre and Post multi-modality treatments

Venous insufficiency at different levels my cause spider veins!

Tier I. Spider Veins (SV’s) - red / purple / blue fine lines appearing in starburst-like or web-like clusters at the surface of the skin, 1.2mm in diameter or less. Usually caused by venous insufficiency involving deeper veins. By Nadiv Shapira, MD, FACS, FACPh

Tier II. Reticular Veins (RV’s) - larger (1.5-2.5mm) blue/purple veins located beneath the skin. They may protrude and form areas of unattractive bulging clusters. SV’s are usually associated with incompetent RV’s. RV’s may be indicative of deeper vein’s insufficiency. Tier III. Deeper vein insufficiency may involve the great saphenous vein, small saphenous vein, accessory saphenous veins and/or perforating veins. They often result in varicose veins (enlarged, swollen, bulging, rope-like veins that occur on the surface of the legs).

Treatment tailored to the tier! Treatment options (office procedures done under local anesthesia with no “down time”):

1. Sclerotherapy – injection of SV’s with a chemical solution (sclerosant) which causes inflammation, makes the walls of the veins stick together, scar up and eventually reabsorbed. Ideal for 0.8-1.2mm spider veins. 2. Ohmic Thermolysis (“VeinGogh”) - relatively new, done by placing a tiny needle and focusing heat energy (radio frequency) on the SV. Best for purplish SV’s 0.8mm or smaller. 3. Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) - Effective for smaller veins in fair skin types and new tiny veins formed around treated areas.

When underlying venous insufficiency is not found (tier I), a combination of 1-3 modalities hastens and improves the resolution and the cosmetic results.

carefully evaluated my condition and explained what my treatment options were as well as what I could expect. Supported by an extremely caring and compassionate team, Dr. Shapira has gently and affectively treated my condition. My legs no longer ache, they don’t feel full and heavy, my ankles are much less puffy, a great deal of the discoloration is gone or reduced and they generally look and feel much healthier. I can’t thank Dr. Shapira and his staff enough for all of their care. -Jodi P. Nadiv Shapira, MD, FACS, FACPh, an adult cardiac and thoracic surgeon for over 20 years in the Christiana Care Health System, DE recognized the need for improvement in the care of venous disease. He recently established First State Vein and Laser Spa, utilizing minimally invasive treatment modalities for all forms of venous diseases, including spider veins, large and small varicose veins, leg swelling and skin ulcerations. He is a diplomat of the American Boards of Surgery and Thoracic Surgery, fellow in the American College of Surgeons, the Society for Thoracic Surgery and the American College of Phlebology. He is a member of Vein Affiliates and Vein Experts.

Common fan-like clusters, also at the inner aspect of the knee

A fan-like cluster commonly found at the outer aspect of the thigh. Typical to child-bearing women, associated with a lateral perforating vein.

4. Foam Sclerotherapy - Foam is made by mixing a sclerosant with C02. Applicable for sclerotherapy of RV’s. 5. Mini-Phlebectomy – Since sclerotherapy of bulging RV’s or SV’s may cause an unsightly staining, mini-phlebectomy (a delicate surgical removal of these bulging small veins) is the preferred treatment for these. 6. Endo Venous Laser Ablation – closure of incompetent tier III veins from the inside by heat emitted from a small laser fiber. 7. Ultrasound Guided Sclerotherapy - applicable for closure of incompetent perforating veins.

When underlying venous insufficiency is found (Tier II or III), treatment by modality #4,5,6 and/or 7 is done before addressing cosmetic concerns. Testimonials:

Dr. Shapira, who is a very personable man, took the time to thoroughly explain the entire procedure and reassured me of the benefits of proceeding with it. The procedure was quick, painless and without complication. Finally, I have the much-needed relief from the discomfort I had been living with for so long thanks to Dr. Shapira and his wonderful staff. - Alinda R. S. I have worked as a flight attendant for many years and was at the point where my legs ached every time I went to work. My ankles were always puffy and my legs discolored due to unhealthy veins. Dr. Shapira

April/May 2013



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Perimenopause: The Prelude to Menopause An important change you won’t be able to observe – but one that is significant – is your body’s declining production of estrogen. Lower estrogen levels mean that your body loses bone at a higher rate than it can generate new bone mass – which contributes to osteoporosis, or brittle bones. Your cholesterol levels are affected, too. Declining estrogen levels contribute to an increase in your body’s supply of LDL, or “bad” cholesterol, and a decrease in HDL, or “good” cholesterol.

By Vitasta Bamezai, MD


omen regard menopause with mixed emotions – some look forward to the ease of not having a monthly period, while others experience sadness about the end of their childbearing years. The signs of menopause are frequently discussed among women and on the pages of women’s magazines: hot flashes, mood swings, and menstrual irregularities, to name a few. You may be surprised to learn that these symptoms are actually not hallmarks of menopause, but of perimenopause, the transition period before menopause. According to health experts, menopause is not a time span, but a single event: the cessation of the menstrual cycle. The U.S. Department of Health’s Office on Women’s Health defines menopause as the day that a woman has not had a period in 12 months, and perimenopause as the time leading up to menopause. Perimenopause can last anywhere from two to eight years and usually begins in the 40s, but for some women it can begin as early the mid-30s. Symptoms of perimenopause include irregular menstrual cycles; weight gain; hot flashes or night sweats; sleep disturbances; joint pain; mood swings such as irritability or depression; changes in sexual desire or vaginal dryness, and bladder problems such as incontinence or frequent urinary infections. Many of these symptoms are caused by fluctuations in your body’s production of the hormones estrogen and progestin.

Although perimenopause is inevitable, certain health or lifestyle factors can bring it on early: smoking, the age that your mother or sisters experienced menopause, not having delivered a baby, childhood cancer treatment, or a hysterectomy.

(see sidebar). Regular exercise – at least 30 minutes per day – and medication or yoga help with stress management and also protect your bone health. It’s important to eat a diet that includes whole grains, fruits and vegetables, and calcium-rich foods to guard against osteoporosis. A daily vitamin D supplement, and avoiding caffeine and alcohol, can help reduce hot flashes. Hormone replacement therapy can take the form of a topical cream or gel, or a pill. As you’re approaching perimenopause, it is time to analyze your life style

If you believe you’re entering perimenopause, begin a diary of your symptoms over several weeks or months. Keep a record of your menstrual cycle – when it begins and ends, the lightness or heaviness of bleeding, as well as any other symptoms. Sharing the information with your doctor will help evaluate whether you are entering perimenopause. Your doctor will consider your age, menstrual history and symptoms, and may also order a thyroid test. Thyroid problems can mimic several symptoms of perimenopause: mood swings, weight gain and menstrual irregularity or fertility problems.

and make positive changes for your future health.

If you’re experiencing unusual menstrual symptoms and suspect that you’re approaching menopause, see your family doctor. Vitasta Bamezai, MD is board certified in Internal Medicine and practicing with Gateway Internal Medicine at Brandywine. She is an independent member of the medical staff at Brandywine Hospital. To reach her for appointments, please call 610-384-5110.


our spaCious private rooms help patients reCover in Comfort. Brandywine Hospital has undergone a renovation to offer our patients private rooms with special amenities that help them feel more comfortable and at ease. These new rooms have ample space for family and friends. Wi-Fi is available. Now, every room in our Medical/Surgical, Orthopedic and Neuroscience, Progressive Care and Intensive Care Units is completely private. To find out more about the patient-centered care at Brandywine, visit

It’s better at Brandywine.

Your doctor can recommend various treatment methods for the symptoms of perimenopause, from lifestyle changes to medication such as hormone replacement therapy 60167_BRAN_Rooms_22x30cP.indd 1


April/May 2013

2/14/12 3:55 PM


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Andropause: Male Menopause? 8. Do you have difficulty staying focused at work? 9. Do you have trouble remembering things? 10. Have you noticed an increase in belly fat and a harder time losing it? **It is important to note that some of the above questions can be related to issues other than low testosterone and can be further evaluated by your doctor.

By Brenda Pavlic, CPhT


es, men go through” the change”, too! And why wouldn’t they? As the human body ages, hormones start to decline, this is not a gender-specific phenomenon. Although other hormones are involved, Testosterone levels are usually the primary focus when men start experiencing a decline in overall health and well-being. The appropriate term for decreased production of testosterone or deficiency is hypogonadism. When Testosterone levels are optimal, life is good. When levels are sub-optimal, symptoms can manifest themselves in many ways. Most people associate insufficient testosterone with a diminished sex drive. However, testosterone also affects lean body mass, strength and stamina, bone density, mental focus, mood, motivation, energy, erectile dysfunction, hair loss, and more. Correcting these levels can have dramatic positive effects in these areas as well as a restored sexual desire, increased muscle mass, improved bone health, decreased fat storage, as well as improved overall well-being and quality of life. So how does one know if he has low testosterone levels? Here are some questions to ask: 1. Do you have a decreased interest in sex? 2. Have you noticed difficulty in maintaining physical performance? 3. Do you lack energy? 4. Do you feel your muscles have shrunk? Or have not increased in size despite exercise or weight training? 5. Have you become apathetic towards life in general? 6. Are you sad, grumpy, or more short-tempered than usual? 7. Do you have difficulty staying awake past early evening? April/May 2013

For many, low testosterone levels have more of an impact than just physical well-being. It can also have a negative effect on how you relate to people and your ability to handle stress. If you’ve noticed you are less than loving to your lover or life partner, quickly irritated by those around you, or have difficulty paying attention when someone speaks, you may have an insufficient amount of testosterone. The purpose of these questions and mentioning other areas of impact is to prompt proper testing and a physical exam to determine if you might be suffering from hypogonadism. Your doctor will most likely order blood tests to determine your testosterone levels. It is very important to check both total testosterone and free testosterone. The level of free testosterone is indicative of what is available for the body to use. Additionally, before starting any type of testosterone replacement, other blood tests should be performed to determine Prostate Specific Antigen, Sex Hormone Binding Globulin, DHEA and DHEA sulfate, Lutenizing Hormone and Follicle Stimulating Hormone levels. It is also noteworthy to mention the benefit of checking a man’s estradiol and progesterone levels. Too much testosterone can be converted to estrogen via aromatase enzyme activity or because the liver is failing to clear the excess estrogen. This could be due to heavy alcohol consumption or due to the use of certain medications. There are other reasons testosterone levels might be low. Some medications can actually lower testosterone production. It is possible that too much free testosterone is being bound by Sex Hormone Binding Globulin due to aging or illness. (This is evident when a man’s free testosterone

level is low but his total testosterone is within normal limits of the reference range.) If either the hypothalamus or the pituitary gland is not functioning properly total testosterone levels can be low. There are situations where the testicles simply lose their ability to produce testosterone. DHEA level may be low therefore the conversion to testosterone is not present. Additionally, disease, infections, street drugs, food or genetic defects can affect testosterone production.

Testosterone replacement therapy is available in several different dosage forms. There are some that require daily dosing such as oral capsules, troches, and topical cream or gels. Injections are usually given once weekly or once every two weeks. And long-acting pellets are implanted under the skin every three to four months. There is no one-sizefits-all approach for testosterone replacement and there are advantages and disadvantages with each form. Each patient must choose the best option for him based on individual preference, patient response, as well as lab values. Investigative education is the key to choosing the best dosage form to start with. Close monitoring of symptoms and blood work results will help determine whether a change in therapy is needed. Communication with your Compounding Pharmacist or health care provider will supply answers to your questions along the way.


For more information, call Saveway Compounding Pharmacy at 302-369-5520 or 1-877-2258469, or visit them at 31 Albe Drive, #1, Newark, DE 19702. Brenda Pavlic is a nationally certified pharmacy technician and co-owner of SaveWay Compounding Pharmacy in Newark, DE. With more than twenty-five years of pharmacy experience she has furthered her career with extensive training and education in Pharmacy Compounding, Women’s Health, Cosmeceutics, Pain Management, Aseptic and Veterinary Compounding. She has published articles and presented seminars both locally and nationally to healthcare practitioners. Her experience and education provide her with skills needed to develop formulations that ease medication administration, improve compliance and ultimately result in positive outcomes for patients.


Compounding Pharmacy 31 Albe Drive; Unit 1 Newark, DE 19702 Ph. (302)369-5520 Email: Website: Hours: M-F 9am—6pm Sat 10am—2pm Closed Sunday


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Oral Health: The Oral-Body Connnection T

he connection between medical and dental problems has begun to blur over the past few years. It wasn’t long ago when a physician wouldn’t think By: Dr. Grace Liu and about referring Dr. Lewis Yu a patient with heart disease to a dentist for gum treatment. The same went for diabetes, pregnancy, headaches, or many other medical conditions. There has been a surge of new studies and evidences that connects the impact of oral health with rest of the body. The relationship between MD and DMD is changing. We no longer just work in our separate fields. We have begun to collaborate as a team in order to provide our mutual patients higher level of care. In this article, we will review some of the proven and emerging links between oral and medical health.

Oral Health and Diabetes

There is a flora of bacteria living in our gums and on our teeth. This flora of bacteria strikes a very sensitive balance with our immune system. When this balance is disrupted by an increase of certain bacteria counts, the body’s immune system responds to bring the system back to status quo. Inflammation is part of the response to infection. The inflammation in the mouth weakens our body’s ability to control sugar by interfering with the body’s ability to use insulin. Without insulin, the sugar level in the blood rises. High blood sugar facilitates further gum infection and destruction of teeth foundation.

Oral Health and Heart Disease 91% of patients with heart disease have gum infection as well. It has been found that the same kinds of bacteria causing gum disease are also present in the arterial plaques which lead to heart attack and stroke. There is emerging evidence that suggests snoring is a risk factor for heart attack (A person can snore without being sleep apnic). The current thinking is that the vibration created by snoring induces formations of coronal arterial plaques. The plaques would reduce the blood flow to the heart and cause heart attacks. The plaques may also become dislodges and travel to the brain to cause stroke

Another pathway deals with production of Nitric Oxide. Nitric Oxide is a naturally produced chemical mainly from cells in our sinus. Its function is to dilate blood vessels. Without a vasodilator, blood has to flow through a smaller space at a higher speed. The overall effect of this scenario is high blood pressure.

Oral Health and Headache

95% of headaches are muscle tension induced. There are large groups of muscles wrapped around our head and attached to our jaw. When the jaw is aligned improperly, the muscles have to overwork to compensate. This compensation over long periods of time causes muscle spasms. Muscle spasms would feel like a headache. This is a tremendously important connection for the chronic headache patient. This means a dental solution to a medical problem. It is an opportunity to address the source of the problem, instead of treating symptoms.

Oral Health and Pregnancy

Babies who are born too early or with low birth weight often have more significant health problems, including lung, heart conditions and learning disorders. There are many risk factors contributing to this condition. Gum infection and inflammation of the body seem to interfere with a fetus’ development in the womb. Researchers are currently working on other oral health connections. Some other mouth-body connections under current investigation include: • Rheumatoid Arthritis • Lung Conditions-pneumonia, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease • Obesity One thing is clear: the body and mouth are not separate. This is an exciting new area of study. Already the dentists are treating oral infection with a new found sense of urgency. In the coming years, there will be new connections

to be discovered. It might mean solutions to medical problems that have eluded us in the past. Dr. Lewis Yu earned his dental degree from the University of Pennsylvania School of Dentistry in 1996. He received two years of advanced postgraduate oral surgery training in both the New York City Hospital System and the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania. He continues his education through extensive hands-on training at the prestigious Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Studies and the Pankey Institute. The Las Vegas Institute has provided Dr. Yu with advanced training in Neuromuscular Dentistry and Comprehensive Aesthetic Restorations. He had practiced in Philadelphia and Newark, DE before joining All About Smiles, P.A. He is a member of the Delaware State Dental Society, American Dental Association, and the Academy of General Dentistry. Dr. Grace Liu has been practicing dentistry since 1996, having earned her degree from the New York University School of Dentistry. She continued her education through post-graduate studies at Columbia University, the Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Studies in Nevada and the Academy of Dentistry. She is also a member of the Delaware State Dental Society, American Dental Association, and the Academy of General Dentistry.

From left to right.: Carla, Lindsay, Lewis, Grace, Patti, Rebekah

All About Smiles, P.A. is conveniently located at 4543 Stoney Batter Rd. Wilmington, DE 19808; 302/239-1641. Visit the website at for directions, hours, and more services.

Oral Health and Hypertension Sleep apnea is connected to heart diseases because it causes high blood pressure. The exact mechanism is not known. It is believed there are several pathways causing blood pressure to rise. One of them has to do with the sympathetic nervous system. When a person is in a sleep apnea episode, the oxygen is cut off. The body activates fight-or-flight response to get oxygen back into the body. Part of the response is to elevate blood pressure to wake the body. Over time, pressure stays elevated consistently in waiting for the next episode.


April/May 2013


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Age Related Macular Degeneration A

By: Dr. Carolyn Glazer-Hockstein

ge-related macular degeneration (AMD)affects millions of Americans and can cause them to lose their central vision. AMD is a degenerative disease of the macula, a part of the retina which controls a person’s central vision. Symptoms can start with distortion of straight lines or missing parts of letters but can lead to a dark spot in the center of the vision causing complete loss of central vision. Patients will never go completely blind from this disease but they can become “legally blind” from loss of central vision. They can lose the ability to do things like drive, recognize friends’ faces, read and write legibly. There are 2 types of AMD, the dry and the wet form. The dry form is characterized by little yellowish deposits in the macula called drusen. These are “aging spots” that accumulate from by-products of retina metabolism. Unfortunately there still is no treatment for dry AMD. In contrast, the wet form of AMD is characterized by abnormal blood vessels that grow underneath the retina. Twenty percent of patients have wet AMD but these patients make-up 80% of the people who have significant vision loss. Patients with wet AMD can experience sudden vision loss when these abnormal blood vessels start to leak or bleed. This type of vision loss occurs over days to weeks and inevitably gets worse if not treated. Intraocular injections are successfully being used to treat wet AMD. These injections not only stabilize but can improve vision. They are given indefinitely to a patient off and on for the rest of a patient’s life. Intra-ocular Avastin (Genentech $60) injections can be given monthly. It has been shown to stabilize or improve vision in about 90-95% of patients. Currently this drug is being used off-label as this drug was FDA approved for colon cancer, not for use in the eye. Intra-ocular Lucentis (Genentech $1,950) is another drug that successfully treats wet AMD. Lucentis is FDA approved for treatment of wet AMD. Both drugs are vasoendothelial growth factor (VEGF) inhibitors and work by causing abnormal blood vessels to regress. A recent study (CATT trial) funded by the NIH compared the efficacy of Avastin and Lucentis. This large prospective randomized study showed that Avastin and Lucentis were equally effective in preventing vision loss and improving vision in patients who were followed monthly. However, there was a trend toward Lucentis drying out the retina better and having a slightly lower post-injection hospitalization rate for systemic complications. In addition there have been a small number of site-threatening infections in patients receiving Avastin. This may have occurred because of possible contamination during the compounding process that occurs when Avastin is used. Clinically, Avastin and Lucentis are equally effective, but they are different drugs and behave differently when given to a patient. It is vastly important for the retina specialist to have the ability to choose which drug (and switch between the two if appropriate) to use on a patient with wet AMD. They are both good tools to use in successfully treating wet AMD. Anti-vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) inhibitors Avastin and Lucentis have revolutionized the way we care for patients with age-related macular degeneration. Prior to VEGF inhibitors, treatment was limited to thermal laser and photodynamic therapy (PDT). Unfortunately, even with treatment, many patients with AMD became legally blind garnering

April/May 2013

only modest visual improvement with laser or PDT treatment. With the use of Avastin and Lucentis, the diagnosis of AMD no longer means eventual and certain blindness. “VEGF Trap” is now a new weapon in our armamentarium against AMD. This unique molecule may have advantages over Avastin and Lucentis in that it has a higher binding affinity for VEGF and longer half life than the currently used VEGF inhibitors. This means that the time between injections may be longer than what we see in Avastin and Lucentis. Multiple clinical trials have demonstrated VEGF Trap’s equivalence to Lucentis. Adverse events in all treatment groups were also equivalent so it is felt that this new drug is at least equally effective and safe. The critical results of this trial demonstrated that VEGF trap may reduce the treatment burden for patients and families regarding frequency of intraocular injections. VEGF trap has the same ability to deliver outstanding visual results and may require less frequent dosing than Lucentis and Avastin. It is a hopeful time for many AMD patients as new therapies become available. SYMPTOMS OF WET AMD • Acute central vision loss • Acute distortion in vision • Unexplained vision loss in someone with dry AMD Call your eye care provider if you have any of these above symptoms, as they may be the beginning signs of AMD.

received her M.D. degree from the Ohio State University College of Medicine in 1989, again with honors. Following her residency in Ophthalmology at Temple, Dr. Ko served a prestigious fellowship at Georgetown University in diseases of the retina and vitreous, and is Certified by the American Board of Ophthalmology. Dr. Ko has an area of special expertise in retinal problems, especially diabetic eye disease, macular degeneration, retinal detachment, and CMV retinitis. Dr. Ko has lectured extensively, and has published many papers on these topics. Dr. Ko is active in resident training, and is on staff at the University of MD and Temple University, as well as at the Medical Center of DE. Dr. Ko is at the forefront of ophthalmic technology, and utilizes the most advanced procedures, including laser treatment and intraocular injections, in the care of her patients.

Dr. Carolyn Glazer-Hockstein and Dr. Paula Ko are retina specialists at Eye Physicians and Surgeons who are committed to helping patients with AMD and other retinal diseases. If you would like to learn more about AMD or to schedule an appointment call (302) 652-3353.

Dr. Glazer-Hockstein graduated Cum Laude from Jefferson Medical College. She was a member of the Hobart Armory Hare Honor Medical Society and was elected to the Alpha Omega Alpha Honor Society. She also received the Carol R. Mullen prize in ophthalmology. She completed her residency at the Scheie Eye Institute, University of Pennsylvania. During that time she was elected Chief Resident. After residency, Dr. GlazerHockstein completed a two years medical retina fellowship at the Scheie Eye Institute, University of Pennsylvania. Dr. Glazer-Hockstein has published multiple articles in peer-review journals and has lectured on a variety of retinal disease subjects. Her specialization includes but is not limited to: macular degeneration, retinal vascular disease, and diabetic retinopathy. Paula C. Ko, MD is with Eye Physicians & Surgeons, P.A., 1207 North Scott Street, Wilmington, DE 19806. Dr. Ko graduated with honors from the Ohio State University College of Engineering in 1984. Dr. Ko



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Seasonal Allergies S

easonal Eye Allergies Increase Boom in 2013 The verdict is in -– record high pollen levels may occur during allergy season 2013! By Dr. Day Muscelli Seasonal allergies usually are expected between early spring through summer and into autumn, but recently doctors have reported patients who experience allergy symptoms as early as February. A particularly mild winter will only increase the chances of a severe allergy season. Allergies are caused by exposure to allergens in the air, most commonly pollen from grasses, trees, and weeds, as well as spores from molds. Even more discouraging is that a new study from the National Academy of Sciences found that the length of ragweed season in numerous regions of the country has increased by as much as 27 days over the last ten years.

Wash your hands often during allergy season and try not to rub your eyes.

FOR CONTACT LENS WEARERS, HERE ARE A FEW TIPS TO REMEMBER: • Keep your eyes moist. Some allergy medications may increase eye dryness. Have preservative-free rewetting drops with you. • Re-soaking lenses during the day may help to decrease eye irritation. • Keep to your lens replacement schedule recommended by your eye care provider. • Clean your contact lenses often. Cleaning will help keep your contacts free of allergens. During cleaning rub your contact lenses with your fingers,

then rinse the lenses with solution. The “rub and rinse” method is considered by experts to be a superior method of cleaning, even if the solution you are using states “no-rub”. Have a pair of glasses with your current prescription in them- to give your eyes a break.


As it continues to get warmer, allergies will persist. What does this mean for your eyes? Well, it may mean itchy, watery, red, eyes; especially for those with strong sensitivity to pollen. Other symptoms may include swelling, blurred vision, mucous secretion and the sensation of a foreign body in your eye. With the prospect of the worst allergy season ever, it is important to know what works best for you. There are tons of home-remedies and over-the-counter products for allergies. But for itchy eyes, it is best to lubricate the eyes with artificial tears to dilute accumulated allergens and prevent the allergens from sticking to the eye. Unfortunately, these drops have no impact on swelling or redness. For the most complete aid for your eyes, contact your optometrist. There are a variety of decongestant eye drops, antihistamine drops, and steroid drops for every eye need but many times patients do not know exactly what the problem is or how to treat it. FOR ANY EYE ALLERGY, HERE ARE A FEW TIPS TO REMEMBER: • Dry eyes may enhance allergy symptoms, therefore address dry eye first. • Try to avoid the causes by staying indoors in the morning when pollen levels are the highest. • Cold compresses can soothe swollen eyes due to sudden allergic reactions. • Keep eye drops refrigerated for a soothing sensation during application.


April/May 2013


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Help, My Eyelids Have Fallen!

Ari D. Abel, MD

Bryan D. Seiff, MD

The most common patient complaint we hear in oculofacial plastic surgery is about “droopy eyelids”.


ut what does a patient mean when he or she complains that the eyelids are “drooping”? What treatments are available to correct this problem? And when does this “drooping” cease to be a cosmetic concern and become a true functional problem? In order to understand this problem and how to fix it, we must first define what is meant by “droopy eyelids”. This complaint may mean different things to different people, and identifying a patient’s specific concern is important because the techniques for fixing these problems will differ accordingly. True “droopy eyelids”, referred to as Ptosis in the medical literature, occur when the eyelid lifting muscle or its corresponding tendon is weakened and the lid itself (Fig 1A) hangs lower than normal (Fig 1A). Ptosis may be caused by dysfunction of the eyelid muscle or the nerve which supplies it, but is most commonly a result of wear and tear on the tendon. If the eyelid hangs low enough it may obscure the pupil, thereby affecting the patient’s peripheral vision. Dermatochalasis is a condition in which the eyelid skin has thinned and lost its elasticity and subsequently hangs over the eyelashes and lid margin (Fig 2A). As this tissue thins, fat may also begin to prolapse into the upper eyelid space. Once these tissues have descended past the lid margin, they (Fig 2A)

April/May 2013

can obstruct the patient’s peripheral vision. They may also displace the eyelashes downward and cause irritation of the eye. In certain cases, this condition can be worsened by gravitational descent of the thicker eyebrow tissue, pushing the eyelid tissues even further down. When ptosis or dermatochalasis becomes severe enough, it can obstruct the patient’s peripheral vision and begin to affect his or her daily activities. Common complaints include difficulty with driving or reading. These are more noticeable at night as ambient light levels decrease, and as compensatory forehead and accessory lifting muscles begin to fatigue. Many patients will state that they can see better when manually elevating their eyelids. In order to document these changes, photographs can be taken which demonstrate obstruction of the pupil by the eyelid or by redundant skin. In addition, visual field testing can be performed to document the degree of visual field loss. Patients that do not have any visual complaints but wish to improve the overall appearance of their eyelids may choose to undergo these procedures on an elective basis. Correction of drooping eyelids is usually surgical. Ptosis is corrected by tightening the eyelid muscle and its corresponding tendon, either through an external incision at the eyelid crease or an internal incision on the underside of the eyelid (Fig 1B). Dermatochalasis (Fig 1B) is improved by removing the redundant eyelid tissue through a lid crease incision, a procedure known as a blepharoplasty (Fig 2B). If the brow has descended and is contributing to the drooping eyelid, it can be lifted at the same time. These procedures are performed on (Fig2B) an outpatient basis, usually under light to moderate sedation. Patients are advised to avoid any heavy lifting or strenuous exercise for approximately one week, but may otherwise resume their normal activities, including driving, the very next day. Ice is used for several days to minimize bruising, and ointment is placed on the incisions for approximately 2-3 weeks to aid in healing. Stiches dissolve or are removed at one week. Both Drs. Abel and Seiff are Oculofacial Plastic surgeons, meaning they specialize in the delicate tissues of the eyelid and surrounding structures.

Abel Center for Oculofacial Plastic Surgery at 302-998-3220. Dr Abel is one of approximately 400 Oculofacial Plastic Surgeons in the United States. An Oculofacial Plastic Surgeon is Board Certified by the American Board of Ophthalmology and a Fellow of the American Society of Ophthalmic Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. Dr. Abel is also a member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery. He specializes in the treatment of eyelid, brow and other facial dysfunctions. He is skilled in the removal of tumors and the repair of ocular and facial trauma. He has many years of experience in aesthetic facial surgery, skin rejuvenation, as well as Botox and wrinkle fillers. Dr. Abel received his medical degree from Jefferson Medical College in Philadelphia, PA and completed his residency in Ophthalmology at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, MD. He conducted a two-year fellowship in Ophthalmic and Facial Plastic Surgery at the Albany Medical Center in Albany, NY. Dr. Abel also has a profound interest in medical missions for developing countries, which most recently included trips to India and Nepal. Dr. Seiff is one of approximately 400 Oculofacial Plastic Surgeons in the United States. An Oculofacial Plastic Surgeon is Board Certified by the American Board of Ophthalmology and a Fellow of the American Society of Ophthalmic Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. He specializes in the treatment of eyelid, brow and other facial dysfunctions. He is skilled in the removal of tumors and the repair of ocular and facial trauma. Dr. Seiff also has a strong interest in aesthetic care. This area of his practice includes aesthetic facial surgery, skin rejuvenation, as well as Botox and wrinkle fillers. Dr. Seiff graduated first in his medical school class at UMDNJ and completed his ophthalmology training at Cornell. He then completed his two-year oculoplastic fellowship at Univ. California-San Francisco.

If you think you may be a candidate for any of these procedures, or would like any information regarding other services available, they can be contacted at the 36


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Sleep Apnea


leep apnea is a common condition which may have a profound impact on a person’s health. Sleep apnea (also termed sleep disordered breathing) is characterized by periods of no airflow during sleep. This condition can be divided into two types: obstructive sleep apnea and central sleep apnea. Obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) occurs when the soft tissues around the airway lose muscular tone and collapse, which in turn obstructs airflow. This condition can lead to many different cardiac problems. Central sleep apnea is characterized by long pauses in breathing which last for ten seconds or more related to loss in breathing effort. This condition is frequently a result of underlying heart problems. Sleep apnea is very common and is largely underdiagnosed. This disorder affects nearly 15 million adult Americans and is estimated that up to 7% of men and 5% of women may have this condition.

patient and many times require identification of symptoms by the spouse or family.

Factors related to increased risk of obstructive sleep apnea:

• Obesity – fat deposits may surround the airway in the throat and obstruct breathing.

Meet the Physicians of Cardiology Physicians P.A. Diagnosis of the condition involves a test known as an overnight polysomnogram, also known as a sleep study. This test identifies oxygen levels, heart rhythm problems, and brain wave activity during sleep.

If significant sleep disordered breathing is identified, • Neck size – collar size 17” treatment is imperative. or greater increases risk of Exercise, weight loss, avoidance OSA. of tobacco, alcohol, sedatives, and certain antidepressants • Male gender – men are at are important first steps. twice the risk for having Nasal CPAP (Continuous OSA. It is very important to be positive airway pressure) • Advanced age – age older therapy is the best treatment than 65 have a evaluated 2 – 3x option. While thisdisease device is for vascular increased risk of OSA. found to be difficult to use by patients, there you havemany increased risk are over • Tobacco use – if Smokers 100 different mask options are 3x more likely to have to customize appropriate OSA. and comfortable treatment. Alternative options include oral Conditions which increase risk Diabetes and jaw appliances, facial and for central sleep apnea: jaw surgery, and UPPP Surgery Smoking(Uvulopalatopharyngoplasty) • Male gender in which soft tissue is removed • Advanced age from theof area surrounding the Family history Vascular Disease airway. • Heart failure

Are You At Risk?

Common risks include:

a a a aorFamily History of Aortic Aneurysm • History of stroke In summary, sleep apnea brain tumor a condition that is largely aCoronaryisunderdiagnosed. Artery DiseaseIf present and untreated, many different Patients with sleep apnea aofUncontrollable hypertension complications can occur. have an increased risk Appropriate treatment of this high blood pressure, diabetes aheart Elevatedcondition cholesterol can largely make mellitus, heart attack,

Typical symptoms involved with obstructive sleep apnea include excessive snoring, abrupt awakening with a snort or grunt, restless legs during people feel better, reduce rhythm problems, stroke, and sleep, poorly restful sleep, and medical problems, and help ultimately an increased risk of daytime drowsiness. Symptoms patients live longer. death. areTwelve frequently unknownpeople to the in the United States have Peripheral million Arterial Disease

At Cardiology Physicians, P.A. We Are Performing Today’s Latest Testing

Cardiology Physicians, P.A. Abby Medical Center Suite 200 One Centurian Drive Newark, De 19713 302 366 8600 Foulkstone Plaza Suite 201 1401 Foulk Road Wilmington, De 19803 302 478 5055 WWW.CARDIOCPPA.COM Top Row (L to R): Dr. Clay, Dr. Pastore, Dr. Kelly, Dr. Sarter, Dr. Micklin Bottom Row (L to R): Dr. Furey, Dr. Leidig, Dr. Rahman


Dr. Anthony B. Furey joined Cardiology Physicians in March 2011. Dr. Furey has been a Cardiologist in Delaware since 1996. Dr. Furey grew up in Chadds Ford PA. He attended Bishop Shanahan High School and Lafayette Anthony B. Furey, D.O. College where he obtained a Bachelor of Science Degree in Biology. During his four years at Lafayette, he lettered in Varsity Basketball and was Captain of the 1983 squad. Dr. Furey attended Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine. His post doctorate training involved internship at Doctors Hospital in Columbus, OH, and Internal Medicine residency at Lehigh Valley Hospital in Allentown, PA. His Cardiology fellowship was completed at The Graduate Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia, PA. Dr. Furey is board certified in Internal Medicine and Cardiology by the American Board of Internal Medicine. He has been recognized as board certified in Adult Echocardiography by the American Society of Echocardiography and Nuclear Cardiology by the American Society of Nuclear Cardiology. Dr. Furey’s professional associations include membership in the American Osteopathic Association, Delaware Society of Osteopathic Medicine, Delaware Medical Society, American Society of Echocardiography, American Society of Nuclear Cardiology, American Association of Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Rehabilitation, and Fellow of the American College of Cardiology. Dr. Furey’s interests involve clinical and consultative cardiology along with echocardiography, transesophageal echocardiography, and nuclear cardiology. Dr. Furey is the Medical Director of the Christiana Care Cardiac Rehabilitation program. He was named “Outstanding Specialty Teacher” in 2002 by the Christiana Care Family Medicine program and has been named Delaware Today’s “Top Doctor” in Cardiology in 2003 and 2010. Dr. Furey and his family reside in Wilmington, DE. He and his wife Katherine were married in 1990. They have three children; Brannock born in 1993, Conor born in 1996, and Corinne born in 2001.

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What Is A Urogynecologist And When Should I Seek Help From One?

By Howard B. Goldstein, D.O., MPH Howard B. Goldstein, D.O., MPH, is a fellow of the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology. He completed a fellowship in Female Pelvic Medicine and Reconstructive Surgery at Cooper University Hospital in Camden, NJ. He currently serves as the Director of Research and Education for the Division of Urogynecology.


ou may have heard of urologists, doctors who treat disorders of the urinary tract or gynecologists, doctors who focus on the female reproductive system. But what is urogynecology? A urogynecologist is a doctor who completes an obstetrics and gynecology residency and a fellowship in female pelvic medicine and reconstructive surgery. The fellowship consists of three years of additional training focusing on advanced treatment options, including both surgical and non-surgical therapies used to treat problems with the pelvic floor. The medical term “pelvic floor” refers to the organs and systems in a woman’s pelvis. These structures include the bladder, uterus, vagina, and rectum as well as the surrounding muscles, tissues and nerves. Many of these

organs are connected and are located in a very close area; problems with one organ or system often create problems with the others.

patients tell us they hesitate to spend long periods of time away from home. Some have given up exercise and other activities they once enjoyed.

Approximately one-third of women experience pelvic floor problems and can benefit from a urogynecologist’s care.

In the overwhelming majority of cases, a urogynecologist can help. It doesn’t matter how old you are or how long you have been putting up with these problems.

The comprehensive training described prepares a urogynecologist to become an expert in treating a broad range of problems, such as pelvic organ prolapse, which occurs when the bladder, bowels or uterus drop through the vagina. Symptoms include urinary incontinence or leakage when you cough, exercise, have sex or move around.

Together we can help improve your quality of life. Anatomical (body) changes which may occur after having a baby is one of the most common reasons women become incontinent or have other problems with organs in the pelvic area. Our training in obstetrics gives us tremendous insights and understanding about how a woman’s body changes after childbirth. Combining this understanding with our comprehensive fellowship training gives us the unique ability to treat problems that may affect the systems and organs within the pelvic floor -- even years after giving birth. Another common problem is the need to go to the bathroom often, when infection is ruled out the likely cause is known as overactive bladder. Urogynecologists also treat patients with fecal incontinence – an inability to control bowel movements. Although most of these complications are not life threatening, they often have a negative impact on a woman’s quality of life. Many

Women can benefit from a variety of non-surgical treatment options, such as medications, physical therapy and/or changes in diet and daily habits. Some women will find relief through surgery. Surgical options can include sameday, minimally-invasive procedures that women recover from quickly with little or no down time.

Dedicated in providing the expert care you deserve. At the Christiana Center for Urogynecology and Pelvic Surgery, you will meet three highly skilled and caring physicians: Howard Goldstein, D.O.; Emily K. Saks, M.D.; and Babak Vakili, M.D. We are the only fellowship-trained urogynecologists in the state of Delaware. We are all board-certified in obstetrics and gynecology and also have completed board-approved fellowships in urogynecology and female reconstructive surgery. In addition, we are actively researching new ways to manage pelvic floor disorders, as well as novel techniques for treatment. We are dedicated to bringing the latest treatments and technologies to our patients. We also provide advanced surgical techniques. Our goal is to get you back to feeling yourself and empower you to live your life to the fullest.

Emily K. Saks, M.D., MSCE, is a urogynecologist with the Christiana Care Center for Urogynecology and Pelvic Surgery. Dr. Saks completed a residency in Obstetrics and Gynecology at Pennsylvania Hospital in Philadelphia and has completed a fellowship in Female Pelvic Medicine and Reconstructive Surgery at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania.

Babak Vakili, M.D., is the director of the Center for Urogynecology and Pelvic Surgery. Dr. Vakili is a fellow of the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology. He completed a fellowship in Female Pelvic Medicine and Reconstructive Surgery at the Louisiana State University Health Science Center in New Orleans, LA.

The Christiana Care Center for Urogynecology and Pelvic Surgery is located in Suite 1208 of the Medical Arts Pavilion 2, on the campus of Christiana Hospital in Newark. Appointments are also available at the Christiana Care Center of Women’s Health, 3706 Kennett Pike, Greenville or Smyrna Health & Wellness Center 100 S. Main Street, Suite 215 in Smyrna. For more information or to schedule an appointment, call 302-623-4055 or visit

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“Tell Me... How Is The Food?”

Top Questions to Ask a Senior Living Community

Dianne Duffy, Director of Community Relations at Glen Mills Senior Living, a Five Star Senior Living community, offers this helpful checklist of questions to ask:

1. How’s the food?

By Dianne Duffy Community Relations Director, Glen Mills Senior Living


hen Mom and Dad start to need a little help throughout the day, it’s a good time to consider a Personal Care community. When you’re visiting different senior living communities, knowing the right questions to ask can help you make your decision as you look for a community that has everything Mom or Dad wants, plus the care for healthier, worry-free living.

When asking about the food at a community, it’s important to ask how the culinary team caters to special diets. Ask about options for diabetics, and for those on low-sugar or low-sodium diets. You should make a reservation to have lunch or dinner at the community, and while you’re there, pay special attention to the variety of choices offered. Here at Glen Mills, for example, we like to offer a mix between upscale dishes and hometown favorites that remind residents of meals in Mom’s kitchen.

2. What type of care will my family member receive?

Glen Mills Senior Living Provides:

There’s a lot of confusion surrounding the different levels of care offered by senior living communities. Personal Care benefits seniors who need assistance with activities such as bathing, dressing, transfer, ambulation, medication management, as well as getting to community programs, and transportation to doctors’ appointments. A skilled nursing facility benefits more chronically ill residents, with a more clinical setting. You want to be sure to ask if the community you’re touring offers a nurse on site 24 hours a day, not just “on call”. If you can find that in a Personal Care community, it will make a big difference when it comes to your peace of mind.

3. Are there a variety of activities for every interest?

One of the greatest benefits of a senior living community is the opportunity to stay active, return to favorite pastimes, and to be able

Assistance with Activities of Daily Living Medication Management Special Dietary Menus Activity Program 24 Hour Staffing – Nursing 24 Hours/Day Emergency Call System Housekeeping and Laundry Services Nutritious Gourmet Restaurant-Style Dining Scheduled Local Transportation Respite or Short Term Stays are Also Offered

to socialize with friends, rather than staying at home alone. It’s a good idea to ask the communities you’re touring for sample activities calendars, and also how involved residents are in the programs. If residents are leading clubs and giving presentations, that’s a good sign that the activities program is strong. Dianne welcomes families looking at different senior living communities to visit Glen Mills Senior Living for lunch or dinner and a personal tour, designed to answer all of your questions. Located at 242 Baltimore Pike in Glen Mills, Pennsylvania, the community provides a Personal Care residence, as well as onsite Rehabilitation for residents and area seniors recovering from surgery or a hospital stay. Dianne welcomes you to call Glen Mills Senior Living at 610-3584900 to make your lunch or dinner reservation and learn about this month’s specials.

Five Star Star Senior Senior Living Living * ** ** ** ** *Five

“it ’s ’s never never too too late late to to be be happy” happy” “it ...and have have fun!” fun!” ““...and Worry-Free Senior Living

in Beautiful Glen Mills, Pennsylvania Glen Mills Senior Living 242 Baltimore Pike Glen Mills, PA 19342

610-358-4900 w w w. G l e n M i l l s S e n i o r L i v i n g . c o m


April/May 2013

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DELAWARE HOSPICE: Living Its Mission A miracle survival from a terminal illness would be everyone’s first choice. When it becomes evident that this is not an option, your second choice should be Delaware Hospice. As the only not-for-profit hospice in the state, Delaware Hospice meets the needs of the community regardless of ability to pay. Quality of Life For people living with a life-limiting illness, whose time is measured in months rather than years, Delaware Hospice provides comfort, support and resources to ensure that those individuals and their family enjoy the best quality of life possible in the time they have remaining. A Trusted Partner Delaware Hospice was founded in 1982 by a grassroots committee of volunteers and community leaders to meet the need for hospice care in Delaware. Thirty years and 39,000 patients later, more than 400 staff members and 850 volunteers passionately continue to serve the patients and families of Delaware Hospice and successfully fulfill a mission which hasn’t wavered from the original intent: to provide quality hospice and palliative care to patients and families in Delaware and to serve as a trusted partner in the community for end-of-life issues.

the fullest, most comfortable life possible each day. • Advanced Technology: With each visit or telephone call from a member of Delaware Hospice’s staff, you have the peace of mind and knowledge that your confidential and secure personal file has been updated with the latest information pertaining to your condition or situation. • Significant Volunteer Support: More than 850 volunteers bolster Delaware Hospice’s activities, each contributing his or her own special gift. • Not-for-Profit Status: As the only not-for-profit hospice in the state, Delaware Hospice is accountable to the community, rather than to shareholders. No patient is refused care for financial reasons. Responsible stewardship of donations has allowed the organization to give back to the community through the construction of a state-of-the-art Delaware Hospice Center and several unique programs, such as the following:

• Personalized care: Although Delaware Hospice has grown in staff to meet the increased need for hospice care, its team approach, where each team cares for a limited number of families, ensures that each patient and family benefits from personalized attention and a plan of care tailored to their particular needs. • Interdisciplinary Teams: Hospice teams made up of nurses, nursing aides, social workers, chaplains, counselors and volunteers meet the physical, emotional, spiritual and practical needs of patients and their families helping them to live

TRANSITIONS PROGRAM A serious illness can bring new challenges into the lives of patients and families. Delaware Hospice recognized a need for support of families coping with illness, who were not appropriate for hospice care, and established the Transitions program to provide this help. A coordinator works with families to find community resources that might improve their quality of life and stays in touch with the individual or family to ensure their needs are being met.

Let Delaware Hospice Share the Care 800-838-9800

“ As a physician, it’s

Important Factors in Choosing a Hospice The success and uniqueness of Delaware Hospice in the state can be attributed to several factors—all of which are important to consider when choosing a hospice for your family. • Joint Commission Accreditation: Delaware Hospice voluntarily seeks Joint Commission accreditation and meets its rigorous standards of operation to ensure that patients and families receive the highest quality of care. As an independent, not-for-profit organization, the Joint Commission accredits and certifies more than 19,000 health care organizations and programs in the United States and is recognized nationwide as a symbol of quality that reflects an organization’s commitment to meeting certain performance standards.

one. New Hope counselors help young people understand the emotions that come with the loss of a loved one. Help comes through individual and group counseling, workshops, and therapeutic activities. Delaware Hospice’s Camp New Hope gives children the opportunity to share their experiences and realize they are not alone.

my responsibility to help people get better The DELAWARE HOSPICE CENTER opened its doors in 2008 to offer hospice patients a new option of 24-hour care for brief stays to manage symptoms. In addition, a Community Conference Center provides space for meetings to local organizations. The Family Support Center holds numerous workshops, lectures, and support groups, open to the public, to encourage those in need to re-invest in life. NEW HOPE PROGRAM

Children and teenagers’ grief is often misunderstood. Delaware Hospice’s nationallyrecognized New Hope program is specifically designed to help children aged 6-17 deal with the illness and loss of a loved

when I can and to manage their comfort when I can’t.” – Dr. Andrew Himelstein, Medical Director Delaware Hospice

When curative treatment is no longer possible, Delaware Hospice focuses on making patients comfortable—so their attention is on quality of life and spending time with family. Delaware Hospice offers exceptional care and support to anyone coping with a life-limiting illness. Our team of professionals provides hospice services at your home, facility, hospital, or at the Delaware Hospice Center where patients and families will find round-the-clock specialized care. If you or someone you know needs help, call 855-DEL-HOSPICE (855-335-4677) day or night, or visit

Coping with a terminal illness, Jessica Harper chose Delaware Hospice to help her spend quality time at home with family and friends, enjoying a steady flow of cards as well as her husband’s home-cooked meals.

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The County Woman Newspaper


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Any Reason Is A Great Reason To Give Blood Friends Sally Craig and Elsie Weistling have been meeting up at the annual Ocean City Blood Drive for the last six years. They give blood and then spend the rest of the day together. “We have been friends for almost 30 years, but we don’t see each other as often as we’d like, so we’ve made this a tradition,” said Craig. “We give blood and then we go grab a bite to eat and catch up. I’ve been a regular blood donor for years. I realized the importance of it when my mother received transfusions when she had leukemia.” By Christine E. Serio External Communications Specialist Blood Bank of Delmarva


lood Bank of Delmarva can give you 20,000 reasons to give blood—that’s the number of patients on Delmarva who will need a transfusion this year. Sometimes though, the motivation for giving blood is more personal. Recently, three sisters made simultaneous blood donation appointments in order to honor their mother. Cathy Smith, Marie Digerness and Theresa Walls spent an hour one afternoon in tribute to their mother who had cancer and received many transfusions during her treatment. Knowing that others helped their mother with their blood donations inspires the sisters to give blood regularly. Another donor, Joe Musial, knows firsthand how blood donations can affect someone’s life. He needed a heart transplant and thanks donors for being a part of the team that kept him alive. “I believe my story ends up with blood donors because you can’t receive a heart transplant unless at least four units of blood are available,” Musial said. “Twenty years later, I still have no idea who the donors were who helped save my life, but every day, I think of the donors and I’m grateful for those who give blood.” Inspired by the power of strangers helping strangers, Musial is now a regular blood donor himself.

Weistling started giving blood in the 80s and continues to donate because it’s a way for her to “do some good.” “Once you donate, you feel better because you know you’ve done something good for someone,” Weistling said. “There is only so much blood and it can only do others good if you donate.”

Sisters Cathy Smith, Marie Digerness and Theresa Walls give blood in honor of their mother. Director of Marketing and Community Relations for Blood Bank of Delmarva. “The corporations compete in size categories and earn points for various types of donations. Participants can win prizes throughout the challenge and awards are given in September.”

Elsie Weistling (giving blood) and Sally Craig make it a habit to get together to give blood.

The Summer Blood Challenge can provide a different type of motivation for those looking to save lives on Delmarva. Blood Bank of Delmarva, the sole supplier of blood to all 16 hospitals on Delmarva, welcomes all donors—no matter what gets them through the door.

Another donor had a higher calling. Emmajane Holm Menton’s six-year-old son, Ted, was diagnosed with a rare blood disease that caused him to bleed from his skin. The rare condition left two choices for treatment; remove his spleen or try an experimental drug. She tried the drug. “So I made a pact with God that if He would spare my son, I would donate blood,” Emmajane said. “Now whenever the Blood Bank calls, I give blood to honor that promise.” Emmajane began giving blood when her son was six and Ted is now a healthy 53-year-old man with a family of his own.

11th Annual SBC Competition can be a motivator as well. More than 200 companies are about to begin the Summer Blood Challenge. The friendly competition puts corporations throughout Delmarva up against each other to earn blood donation points throughout the summer months.

Helping save lives in our community since 1954 Be Someone's Hero. Give Blood.

“Typically, the summer is a slower time for blood donations because people are on vacation or enjoying the nice weather outdoors,” said Michael Waite,

1 888 8-BLOOD-8 • 41

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Prenatal Yoga

By: Judi Block, RYT Kaya Wellness & Yoga Practicing prenatal yoga brings awareness to both mother and child and the amazing changes happening in the body. It prepares a woman to give birth actively and instinctively, building trust in her body’s wisdom while bringing forth a sense of calmness, confidence and focus. Yoga encourages us to go within, bringing quiet to the mind so we can listen to our body’s cues. It connects us to the intuitive and innate wisdom within each of us. Prenatal yoga helps to alleviate some of the common physical discomforts of pregnancy – fatigue, lower back pain, leg cramps, upper back and shoulder tightness, sciatica, nausea and indigestion. The poses strengthen and open the body for birth, keeping the muscles strong and toned yet flexible. It helps with physical balance as the body’s center of gravity continues to shift. Modifications are available to suit each pregnancy stage or to adjust to how the woman’s body is feeling week to week. Pranayama or breathwork is essential for relaxation. Maintaining deep and even breaths increases the intake of oxygen and helps reduce stress and anxiety. It calms the mind and body to develop a greater sense of inner focus and contentment. When the breath is coordinated with rhythms of contractions, the increase of oxygen provides the stamina to ride the sensations while restoring energy during the breaks in between. April/May 2013

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The yoga postures in conjunction with the breath are tools to keep us in the present moment - without attaching to the past or grasping for the future. This is vital for the journey of labor as you work through each individual contraction with dignity and a calm focus. When a contraction is over it is time to leave it in the past and rest. While each contraction is a step closer to meeting the baby face to face, it is not the time to get lost in thoughts of how long that will be. The laboring is done right there in the present moment with the birthing woman feeling empowered in the ability to tap into her vast inner resources. Two important parts of a prenatal yoga class happen in the few minutes before class begins and ends. Before class the women chat about how they are feeling, their prenatal visits, the latest baby gear, etc. The supportive community they create is beneficial as feelings are validated and friendships are made. At the end of each class there is a relaxation and reflection time. This quiet and peaceful time is an opportunity for the mom-to-be to recharge, reenergize and connect with her baby along with her own true nature and intuition which will guide her on the amazing path into motherhood.

“You relax naturally & easily You trust your body & your mind Moment by moment you know exactly what to do” ~Affirmation from Judi’s class 1/2 OFF your first prenatal class or $20 OFF your first prenatal private session

Prenatal Yoga Class Wednesdays 7-8:30 pm Kaya, Rehoboth Beach, DE Prenatal Massage & Post-Partum Massage w/ Baby Available at Rehoboth Location!

Judi Block is a Registered Yoga Teacher and a Certified Prenatal Yoga Teacher for Conscious Birthing. Join her for class on Wednesdays from 7:00-8:30pm at Kaya Wellness & Yoga in Rehoboth Beach, or schedule a private Prenatal Yoga session. Judi also offers Children’s Yoga Parties at Kaya, Rehoboth. For more information or to schedule an appointment, visit or call (302) 227 – 3450. Prenatal Yoga only available at Rehoboth & Philadelphia locations.

Prenatal Yoga with Judi Block, RYT Group Classes & Private Sessions

Kaya Wellness & Yoga 301 Rehoboth Avenue Rehoboth Beach, DE


Kaya Aerial Yoga 225 Quarry St. Philadelphia, PA 42


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Pilates’ Students Able To Take Lessons Off The Mat exercises, making them more challenging by offering variations not only in movement but also in the resistance created by the springs.

can’t execute the exercises without concentration, focus and control.

By Nancy Hawkins Rigg Founder and Owner, Forever Fit Foundation


ilates offers an opportunity to improve strength, flexibility and balance. Students find themselves becoming longer and leaner and so much more. Pilates has invisible, intangible benefits . . . lessons for life that go way beyond the mat. Consider, for example, balance. Balance is so much more than the ability to stand on one foot without falling. Balance is a state of equilibrium, serenity and calm. Balance is also associated with the ability to manage your life, to deal with challenges, to keep things in perspective, to handle adversity with a positive response. Practicing Pilates offers an opportunity to develop both physical and mental balance, and you’re never too old to practice this discipline of body, mind and spirit. Pilates is an exercise system developed by Joseph Pilates, a German immigrant, who was a World War I prisoner of war in England, then moved to New York City in the 1920s. Rather than call his system with his own name, he named it Contrology because he believed in using the mind to control the muscles in order to develop strength and flexibility of the body and mind. Joseph Pilates believed strongly in the mind/body connection . . . balance and harmony. In the early years, Pilates’ principles were embraced by the dance community. The exercise system focuses on developing a strong core and a strong mind, and he created apparatus so that students could train their bodies. You really

In today’s exercise world, Pilates has almost become a generic term that is frequently used by instructors who have not earned the credentials to properly train clients on the apparatus. Inquire about your trainer’s education for your own safety and ultimate success. Instructors must be trained to properly adjust springs and pulleys to individualize resistance training. A credentialed trainer will welcome your questions. So how does training on oddlooking pieces of apparatus or a mat on the floor develop better balance? These pieces of equipment are extremely versatile and can be used for a variety of exercises, some of which are challenging even to the most dedicated student. The equipment was designed so that the instructor guides the student, one-on-one, through a series of movements, isolating specific areas of the body. This aspect of Pilates is especially useful when a client may need rehabilitation from injury or surgery, such as hip or knee replacement surgery. The client’s own body weight also offers substantial resistance as well so that Pilates exercises can be executed on a mat without the support of the apparatus. Pilates, when practiced on a regular basis, assists the client in developing strong muscles that are long and lean, sculpting the body while strengthening. What happens beneath the skin is that resistance training also creates strong bones, and that’s important because as people age their bone mineral density decreases. Pilates, as resistance training, helps maintain strong bones.

With Pilates, there’s always something different to raise the bar, increase your strength, coordination and flexibility and decrease the chance of injury. One of the main principles of Pilates is concentration. Students must focus on their bodies while executing each exercise. During a Pilates session, the teacher will remind the student to focus in order to be precise and strong. In other words, students can’t be distracted by life outside the Pilates room. . . at least during the training session. Pilates exercises are performed slowly and accurately in order to achieve the best results. They are also executed in smooth, flowing manner. Energy flows from a strong core and a focused mind into the student’s arms, legs and even into their fingers and toes. Through committed and regular practice of Pilates with a trainer each client develops his or her own body and mind connection. The lessons learned in the Pilates room extend outside into personal life. Students have learned to focus on the challenge at hand and how to respond to the opportunity with a calm breath and mind. Your brain is engaged, rather than being distracted by minor external circumstances. These are lessons that not only develop a stronger and leaner body, and a more supple spine, but Pilates also offers balance, centering and important lessons for life.

Nancy Hawkins Riggs is the founder and owner of Forever Fit Foundation, a personal training business specializing in Pilates, Gyrotonic, Gyrokinesis, Yamuna Body Rolling and sport specific training. Forever Fit Foundation accepts clients at three sites: Dover and Lewes, Del., and Mendenhall Station, Pa., just over the Delaware line. A certified athletic trainer, she earned her bachelors degree fro the University of Delaware and her master’s degree in exercise science and sports medicine from Miami University in Ohio. Please call (302) 423-1816 or (302) 6985201 to schedule an appointment for more information.

In addition, Pilates sharpens mental focus because clients must keep their minds on the exercise they are performing; there’s no place for distraction. Since Pilates challenges core strength, the client must keep her mind in the movement. As a result, daily activities may become easier, and minor aches and pains may decrease. That’s motivation! As clients progress with Pilates, the trainer is able to adapt the 43

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How Spinal Misalignment May Be Affecting Your Golf Game

By: Dr. Katie Schuler D.C.


he spinal column is made of bones called vertebrae, soft cushioning discs that act as shock absorbers and strong, heavy ligaments that add form and stability. Attached to the spine are many muscles that give strength and movement to the spine. The spine houses the spinal cord and spinal nerves that carry information to the entire body. The spine is a complex structure designed to move and is susceptible to dysfunction. When the spine becomes misaligned, it can affect function in a variety of ways. There are several key signs that your spine, or the supporting structures, may be out of alignment. Golf can be one of the most technically demanding sports to play. The slightest thing can change a golfer’s game, whether it’s equipment, course conditions or body mechanics. With the use of chiropractic care, those variables related to body mechanics can become more repetitive and predictable. Consistency and accuracy are the keys to a good golf game. Golfers and athletes from many other sports use chiropractic care to help improve their performance. Chiropractic care takes form with clinical care referred to as “adjustments” to the spine. These procedures are safe, effective and maximally benefit the golfer. Adjustments are for more than just back pain. They help your nervous system, maximize joint mechanics and improve your overall health. A solid golf swing starts with a strong foundation in your body. Your pelvis is where most of your power is created. Your lower body and pelvis create torque during the swing, while your upper body acts like a whip. Without that strong foundation on the bottom half and flexibility on the top, your swing will suffer. Your pelvis is the weight-bearing foundation of your trunk and spine. There is a Sacro-iliac (SI) joint on each side of the pelvis. Most people 2013 April/May 2012

have what is called a “Subluxation” of these joints – a “mis-alignment”. If one of the SI joints have microtears or weakness in the ligaments, the pelvis can not bear weight on that side. It is comparable to having a sprained ankle, but in the pelvis. This condition could be painless, but it may include pain in that joint, the lower back or hips. This injury creates a poor golf swing. If the SI joint is weak, the golfer will not be able to finish their backswing, and will not create enough torque in the body to generate power. The ball will either fade or slice and the distance of the shot will be far less than if healthy. If the front side of your pelvis is unstable, this will also create a severe loss of power. Chiropractic care can re-align the pelvic bones and give those ligaments a chance to heal. A chiropractic adjustment can also re-align your lower back, improving the muscle action of your lower body. The combination of chiropractic treatment and core stability training should help you improve your game considerably.

You now have a strong foundation for your swing. The next thing you need is flexibility in the torso and shoulders to create that whip action. Nerve supply to your upper body comes from your neck. Subluxations in your neck, decreased cervical curvature or poor body posture all limit nerve flow to your upper body. The stance of most golfers is head forward, shoulders rounded forward and chest drooping downward. This affects the consistency of the swing. If you look at the posture of many of the young golfers today: they stand with chest out, shoulders square and their head is in alignment with the rest of their spine. Regular chiropractic adjustments to the cervical spine can improve nerve flow to the upper body. This helps improve posture, flexibility and strength which helps create a more repetitive golf swing. Strengthening the muscles in your shoulder is also extremely important. Rotational stretches for the entire spine can help create the flexibility needed for a powerful, fluid swing. Solid mechanics in golf start with your nervous system. Regular chiropractic care will help keep your swing on track. Strength and flexibility training are also essential to make this game easy and enjoyable. This is one of the only sports that can be played at any age, so keep your spine healthy and you’ll be playing for decades.



Family Care Neck and Back Pain Sciatica Sports Injuries

• Migraine and Tension Headaches • Muscle Sprains and Strains • Numbness/Stiffness • Personal Injury • Motor Vehicle Accidents • Whiplash

Dr. Katie Schuler Doctor of Chiropractic Synergy Chiropractic 807 N. Union St. Wilmington, DE 19805 302-777-0778 “When I started chiropractic I used to keep myself up at night with the stress of making sure my life was perfect. I would get heart palpitations due to anxiety, my menstrual cycle was unpredictable and I just wasn’t that pleasant to be around. Now, after 3 months of regular adjustments I am sleeping better and a happier person in general!” Shannon R. ~ bank teller “I love Synergy!! My body feels like I did when I was 30. I was suffering from joint pain in my knees and feet, I couldn’t keep up with my grandkids. Now, I am very involved and the fun grandmother I always wanted to be!” Betty N. ~ retired school Dr. Holly Scaro D.C. teacher


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You won’t be punished for your anger, but you will be punished by your anger. deterioration after being produced for long periods of time. This may lead to chronic pain and postural complications. When we are stressed, we also tend to grind our teeth at night and hold postures which create tight muscles for us. These tight muscles cause discomfort and limit your circulation, painting the picture of how a stressful lifestyle is a By: Pete Lerza LMT, NCTMB, slippery slope towards general, and painful, unhappiness. CHP, Manager There are many methods Kaya Wellness & Yoga for letting go of your anger. Simply because you are not This is one of many Buddhist shouting at someone does not quotes, which refers to how mean you are not angry, so anger can ruin our lives. When learning how to be aware of we talk about anger, it’s implied these emotional shifts is key. that pessimism, grudges, and Most people claim that a healthy general negativity are being balance of meditation, yoga, and talked about as well. Allowing massage has helped them to things to anger us pushes us overcome the habit of stressing to make poor decisions and say things that we don’t mean, which themselves out and increasing their own anxiety. Life can be eventually result in typically stressful enough; Take care of unwanted consequences, thus your body and your mentality to, creating a stressful life. at the very least, get out of your When we are angry and own way. stressed, our bodies produce various hormones which are designed to help us deal with Testimonials: stressful situations: These “I started coming to Pete a little over situations should only last a month ago. My neck, back, and moments. However, when you legs were nothing but knots caused have devised a stressful life for form hours at a computer, driving, yourself which is thread with and yes lots of stress. After just a anger, grudges, and hatred, month of coming to Pete my Pilates these hormones will begin to instructor told me she could see a cause more harm than good. big difference in my range of motion. One such hormone Love my massages, but really love is cortisol. Cortisol releases the change I see from working with glucose into your bloodstream a true professional that knows what and increases blood pressure he is doing. Thanks P. S., Rehoboth for increased physical activity such as running or fighting. “I had a great experience. My Your brain is stimulated for massage was therapeutic and more intense awareness and relaxing. Pete is an experienced your immune system activity therapist and very good at describing is reduced to save energy for the muscles affected and treatment. physical activity. This is great I appreciate his clinical and thorough for “fight or flight” situations, knowledge of anatomy and therapy but prolonged production of techniques. The spa itself is soothing cortisol can lead to serious and comforting. The room was consequences. peaceful and good music. Aside from Thank you.” ~Alan the obvious high blood pressure “Pete proved to be a very and low immune sensitive and proficient function issues; massage therapist. He Cortisol also breaks asked for feedback as to down proteins and pressure and touch, but can cause muscular little verbal feedback was

actually needed because Pete was so sensitive to the cues and responses my body provided to the bodywork. Pete gave an excellent massage, working deeply into some very blocked places without creating pain or discomfort. I felt safely held in his skillful touch throughout the massage. In summary, I am very pleased, satisfied, and grateful for my experience at Kaya. I will definitely be returning the next time I am able to get away for a few days of rest and restoration. And yoga and bodywork at Kaya will be central to my plans.” ~Cathy Pete Lerza is the Spa Manager at Kaya Wellness & Yoga in Rehoboth Beach, DE. Pete is a Licensed Massage Therapist, Certified in Holistic Pathology. Pete also serves on the Program Advisory Committee

at the Dawn Career Institute. He takes a holistic approach to helping you relieve yourself of the physical and emotional stresses of everyday life. Primarily practicing Swedish & Deep Tissue Massage, and having a strong understanding of the nature of “knots” & general wellness, Pete strives to help his clients enjoy a better quality of life. Pete uses the knowledge from his certification in Holistic Pathology to address complaints of pain with various techniques & perspectives. For more information or to schedule an appointment, visit or or call (302) 227 – 3450.

Kaya Wellness & Yoga 301 Rehoboth Avenue Rehoboth Beach, DE


Book a 90 minute massage with Pete Lerza LMT & receive one free yoga or aerial yoga class!

Swedish h Deep Tissue h Hot Stone

Pete Lerza LMT, CHP, NCTMB

Massage Therapist, Spa Manager, Kaya Wellness & Yoga

Providing professional, therapeutic relaxation & healing through massage.

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Spring Clean Your Life With Us! overstimulated by exposure to multiple irritating factors.

Facials and Weather Damage

By Lisa Torbert, MS, QRA Practitioner, Hypnotherapist Yoga Instructor


eeds sprout, flowers bloom, and the sun warms the earth. There is a sense of renewal all around us. Start fresh. Spring clean your body with some of our healing therapies.

Acupuncture and Spring Allergies

Heather’s Holistic Health favors the holistic approach because it takes into account the spiritual aspect of a person’s well-being during treatment. If you are suffering from seasonal allergies, we recommend acupuncture because it treats the whole person, not just the person’s symptoms, like Benadryl or Claritin, which come with irritating side effects. Most clients report long-term improvement within a few treatments. We practice Traditional Chinese Medicine acupuncture. When our Qi, or life force, is weak, we are more susceptible to troubles such as allergies and asthma. Our acupuncturist uses acupuncture needles to stimulate strategic points on the body where Qi is weak. Acupuncture can be particularly useful if you are suffering from multiple allergies, since it works to quiet the areas of the immune system that are April/May 2013

Springtime weather in Delaware is unpredictable. Take a stand against nature’s abuse and schedule a facial or Microdermabrasion appointment with us. It is a great way to jumpstart the perfect skincare routine. From there, our clinical aestheticians will guide you through the best practical daily skin routine for your needs and life. Pamper yourself with a light face massage followed by a customized facial for your skin type and needs. Consider a facial for aging skin, damaged skin, dry skin, and acne. Facials address immediate concerns in addition to protecting against future breakouts and weather damage. Add a peel to your facial; it’s an excellent way to exfoliate, leaving your face soft and smooth. Exfoliating also softens the appearance of wrinkles.

ultimate relaxation. Paraffin wax is known for its ability to lock in moisture and restore suppleness by opening pores and increasing circulation. Consider a paraffin wax manicure if you want relief from sore hands, carpal tunnel syndrome, eczema or arthritis. We start our pedicures with a whirlpool soak followed by a cuticle treatment, callus smoothing and nail shaping. Next, your feet are gently exfoliated, rinsed and thoroughly massaged with lotion. We finish with nail polish or buff and we provide pedicure slippers afterwards. Try something daring for spring, like darker toenails with lighter fingernails. If your toes are going to be on display at a dressy event, try a classic red. With a little maintenance, a good pedicure can last three weeks. Prevent chipping by swiping a polish extender twice a week.

Microdermabrasion is a procedure that diminishes imperfections like sun damage, blemishes and fine lines. This procedure uses tiny and rough grains to buff away your surface layer of dead skin cells. Without this barrier, medicinal creams are more effective. Most patients feel and see a difference after one or two treatments. Microdermabrasion is highly recommended if you have acne prone and blotchy skin, small scars, rhytides, keratoses, large pores, milia, or sebaceous hyperplasia.

Mani/Pedi after Earthy Yardwork When you need to look your best, make sure your hands and feet match. Our mani/pedi station is in a quiet and relaxing private room to maximize your service. Our manicures transcend the typical nail salon experience. We go the extra mile providing hand massage and hot paraffin wax. In a paraffin manicure, the priority is the health of the whole hand, and our goal is 46

Limber with Yoga It can be rough transitioning from sluggish winter behavior to energetic spring activity. Yoga classes are a great way to ease your body into the new season. We offer beginner yoga Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Learn how to perform strong stances like warrior pose and tree pose or turn up the heat with sun salutations. Each choreographed session is designed to make you gradually lighten up physically, mentally and emotionally.


with Massage, Spa Packages, Wraps Pregnancy and Couples Massage

Try Yoga and Belly Dancing in our new 1,100 square foot studio Other Therapies offered are: * Acupuncture * Microdermabrasion * Sinus Therapy * Chiropractic * Pedicures * Waxing and Bronzing * Warm Stone * Manicures * Colon Hydrotherapy * Energy Work * QRA testing * Hypnotherapy * Facials * Ear Candling Heather’s Classes in our new 1,100 square foot studio Yoga and Belly Dancing

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fitness&lifestyle The Only Way to Avoid and/or Reverse Type 2 Diabetes, Lose Weight for Good and Reverse Obesity

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ook around you. There is a health crisis - AN EPIDEMIC: Stomach problems, Autoimmunity, Type 2 Diabetes, Thyroid Disorders, Obesity... The list is ENDLESS. The most debilitating health condition I see that is preventable and REVERSIBLE IS TYPE 2 DIABETES!! In today’s fast paced world we GO GO GO, eat fake fast food, consume artificial sweeteners, caffeine & sugar in epidemic proportions and IT IS TAKING ITS TOLL. Children and adults alike are FATTER, SICKER, ON MORE RX MEDICATIONS, and DIAGNOSED WITH MORE CHRONIC DEBILITATING CONDITIONS. There are alternatives to traditional treatments but most of all there is PREVENTION - the only way to avoid and/or reverse Type 2 Diabetes!

Dr. Heather Rooks, DC As senior clinic director, Dr. Rooks is skilled and experienced at treating the root physiological, biochemical, and hormonal imbalances associated with Type 2 Diabetes and with Hypothyroidism.

Amazingly, one in four Americans has some form of diabetes or pre-diabetes. If this is not a clear sign that conventional health recommendations are flawed, I don’t know what is. I too have personal family related experience with this disease. Most of my paternal relatives (my dad included), have diabetes or died from it. His mother acquired type 2 diabetes and died from Pancreatic cancer. All seven of her sisters also had type 2 diabetes. In my personal experience with diabetes, I learned that virtually every case of type 2 diabetes is reversible. Through research and subsequent review of clinical cases and associated literature, this was made very clear to me.

Dr. Rooks uses breakthrough diagnostic testing and analysis that’s rarely done in conventional settings, to uncover the hidden, underlying causes a person may be experiencing from Type 2 Diabetes and Hypothyroidism.

And the cure for type 2 diabetes has nothing to do with giving insulin or taking drugs to control your blood sugar. In fact, giving insulin to someone with type 2 diabetes is one of the worst things that can be done.

She also takes great pride in delivering personalized healthcare treatment to patients as well as providing an environment that supports and inspires patients to reverse their poor health. Dr. Rooks graduated from the University of Delaware, with a BA in Biology and has a Minor in Women’s Studies. She attended Life University for her Doctor of Chiropractic degree, and has extensive Postgraduate education in Functional Endocrinology. Outside the office, Dr. Rooks enjoys being with her Cream French bulldog, Romeo, traveling and consciousness raising activities, spiritual retreats and humanitarian mission trips. She also loves Yoga and any kind of fitness.

The truth of the matter is that type 2 diabetes is a fully preventable condition that arises from faulty food hormone signaling, specifically leptin signaling and insulin resistance, both of which are directly diet- and exerciserelated. It is NOT a disease of blood sugar. Once you understand that, the remedy becomes clear: To reverse the disease, you need to recover your body’s insulin and leptin sensitivities. The ONLY way to accomplish this is through proper diet and exercise. There are other aspects to be addressed like healing the gut/gastrointestinal infections, regaining and balancing the stress hormone, cortisol and thyroid hormone levels. Bariatric surgery, which is being increasingly recommended as a diabetes treatment, will NOT do the trick, and there is NO drug that can correct leptin signaling and insulin resistance. Adhering to a natural, grain free diet as well as the other guidelines laid out above can help with three things essential for successfully reversing diabetes: recovering your insulin/leptin sensitivity; normalizing your weight;

Dr. Heather Rooks, DC PATH Integrative Health Center Suite 3, 98 WilmingtonWest Chester Pike (Rt. 202) Chadds Ford, PA 19317 484 775 0550

and normalizing your blood pressure. You will most likely have other benefits as well. You do not have to succumb to choking down one pill after another or injecting yourself daily FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE! What you don’t know may be hurting you and robbing you of your health, energy, vitality and the quality of life. It is no secret that there are key things that you need to do to protect yourself and your family’s health as well as to regain your health. Recommended guidelines for regaining your health: 1. Proper Nutrition- do you know what that is? For the most benefit, consider going GLUTEN and GRAIN FREE 2. Dietary Supplementation- you simply cannot get ALL of your Essential Daily nutrients from food!! You MUST take some supplements to your diet to ensure your health. Examples include- Vitamin D3, Omega Fatty Acids, and Minerals. 3. Move Your Body=EXERCISE 4. Proper Elimination of waste from your body- do you “GO” everyday? Is your gut healthy? Do a Yearly Cleanse and Detoxification - we have a great one to recommend! 5. Drink Ample Water- Non Tap, Non Fluoridated 6. Get Quality SLEEP- 8+ hours per night 7. Address emotional blockages/challenges- use a Mental Health Counselor or EFT ~Emotional Freedom Technique For more information and PROFESSIONAL help with your health goals consider consulting Dr. Heather Rooks at PATH Integrative Health Center. We have customized programs to Recover your Health, Reverse Conditions Naturally and Effectively. Whether you need Rejuvenation of your health after the holidays, a kick start to your resolutions, or Health Recovery from a devastating diagnosis or treatment. We help people with Weight Loss,Thyroid Conditions, Type 2 Diabetes, Stomach / Gastrointestinal issues, and Autoimmune conditions regularly and successfully.

Complimentarty Consultation With The Doctor To Discuss Your Health FutureCall 484.7 75.0550


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Why You NEED to Invert on the joints of the body. Aerial Yoga allows practitioners to invert without strain to the neck or joints, allowing for surrender into a posture and full benefits. You will find that your mind clears, shifting to become open, aware, present.

PureBliss… By: Heather Shafer, CYT Director, Kaya Wellness & Yoga


hen I was a kid, if I was ever feeling grumpy, my dad would lift me up, flip me upside down, and say “here’s a new perspective on life.” Without fail, by the time he placed me back on my feet, I always had a smile on my face. I still get this feeling of euphoria when I become grounded after an inversion. Except now my inversions come in the form of yoga postures. Perhaps it was the “new perspective” I was shown as a child that drew me to Aerial Yoga. As a young adult I thought it was all about the perspective, but as I came to study Aerial Yoga, I realized that the benefits of being turned upside down extend far beyond just having a new perspective. Inversions are a time-honored yoga practice that increases blood flow to the brain and pituitary gland, said to relieve stress and elevate the mood…something everyone can use as we make our way out of this season of cooler temperatures and shorter days. The lack of natural daylight can easily lead to Winter Fatigue. This feeling of lack luster can easily be avoided with a new form of yoga that makes these advanced inversions much more accessible, safer, and many times more FUN – VaihAyasa {vi-hAyas} Aerial Yoga.


VaihAyasa is Sanskrit for “being or moving in the air, suspended in the air, sky-dwellers.” An appropriate name for the newest style of Aerial Yoga that combines the fun of other playful acrobatic aerial, with the more grounding and alignmentcentered details of more yogic aerial. It is a smooth merger of both extremes of the aerial yoga world that allows practitioners to sink into their practice more quickly, to deepen stretches, to find proper alignment naturally, and to reap the benefits of inversions without strain

April/May 2013

Beyond the esoteric, inversions are credited with alleviating Seasonal Affective Disorder for many significant reasons: Fight the effects of Gravity: Gravity continually pulls down on our vital organs. Inverting gives your vital organs a break by reversing the effects of gravity, and removing stagnation from the limbs of the body. Reversing the pull of gravity on the body nourishes the organs and glands above the heart and generally gives your vital organs a break. Moreover, when inverted, your body is in line with gravity, allowing your spine to go into its proper alignment. Regular inversions encourage good posture. Our posture has been shown to dictate our moods. Proper alignment of the spine can lead to feeling healthier, young, alert, and positive. (Our Posture Dictates Perception, Y. Haruki & M. Suzuki, 1994) Stimulate Blood flow & oxygenation to the mind: Allowing the head to be lower than the heart bathes the brain in richly oxygenated blood, which affects all of the systems of the body. This boost to the circulatory system is said to help regulate the endocrine system, which controls the production of all of our hormones. “The Dr. Oz Show,” featured inversions as an “important health secret” that increases blood flow to the head increases the production of mood-boosting neurotransmitters such as dopamine and serotonin. Dopamine deficiency is associated with Parkinson’s disease, depression, attention deficient disorder and substance abuse. Serotonin helps regulate communication between cells and controls appetite, sleep, memory, learning, mood and behavior. A lack of serotonin is associated with depression, anxiety and insomnia. (The Dr. Oz Show: Two Alternative Health Secrets Feb. 2010). The improved circulation of blood flow and oxygenation to the brain can increase concentration and mental clarity. Heightened awareness


and stimulated thought are often experienced, leading to a feeling of being recharged with energy and relaxation. Promotes Lymphatic Drainage & Blood Purification: The lymphatic system clears toxins from the tissues. With inversions, lymph circulation is promoted, increasing the rate of blood purification and detoxification, which helps revitalize. The tried and true propping up of feet to reduce swelling is an example of this. When the lymphatic system is functioning properly, immunity is boosted and the functioning of the body can function more efficiently and effectively, which should make you feel more rejuvenated.


Wellness & Yoga, Rehoboth Beach, DE, at Kaya Aerial Yoga, in Olde City Philadelphia, & at Kaya Aerial Yoga, in Wilmington located within The BlueBallRoom. Publisher’s Note: “When I first thought about taking Aerial Yoga I was assuming that it would be hard, and that there was no way that I could do any of it (I am almost 60 yrs. old). I also assumed that I had to be really strong and limber. I was totally wrong: From the very beginning it was fun, enjoyable, & allowed me to go in to yoga poses that I never had been able to do in regular floor yoga. ~PJ 302-227-3450 or email

Inversions are a great way to counteract the seasonal sluggishness that is so common this time of year. So, take a lesson from childhood and turn that frown upside down. VaihAyasa Aerial Yoga classes are regularly offered at Kaya

Kaya Wellness & Yoga 301 Rehoboth Av, Rehoboth Beach Kaya Aerial Yoga @ the BlueBallRoom, Independence Mall, Wilmington, DE & 225 Quarry Street, Philadelphia, PA


Come Fly with Us!

Now in Wilmington at Independence Mall! 302-227-3450 215-550-5344 Philadelphia ~ Wilmington ~ Rehoboth Beach


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Setting S.M.A.R.T Goals For Fitness W

By: Alisa Robinson

ith a strong commitment and the necessary tools you can be successful in your journey to good health and fitness by setting REALISTIC GOALS, also known as S.M.A.R.T Goals.

SMART is an acronym that stands for: S – Specific M – Measurable A – Attainable R – Realistic T – Trackable Using the SMART goal method you can create a system in which your fitness program will seem to schedule itself.

S – Specific Fitness Goals These goals make you ask Who, What, When, Where and Why. No matter what you might want to achieve, put this in writing so you can see what your main goals are. For example A general goal would be, “Get in shape.” But a specific goal would say, “Join Art Fitness and workout 3 days a week.”

skills to reach them. You begin seeing previously overlooked opportunities to bring yourself closer to the achievement of your goals. You can attain most any goal you set when you plan your steps wisely and establish a time frame that allows you to carry out those steps. Goals that may have seemed far away and out of reach eventually move closer and become attainable, not because your goals shrink, but because you grow and expand to match them. When you list your goals you build your self-image. You see yourself as worthy of these goals, and develop the traits and personality that allow you to possess them.

urgency. If you want to lose 10 lbs, when do you want to lose it by? “Someday” won’t work. But if you anchor it within a timeframe, “by May 1st”, then you’ve set your unconscious mind into motion to begin working on the goal

T – Time Specific Fitness Goals

Alisa is the owner of Art Fitness, an Exclusive Fitness Studio in Wilmington. After researching the growing epidemic of chronic illnesses and the obesity rate in the United States reaching all times highs Alisa felt it was time to take drastic measures to teach individuals how important their body is and small changes every day can be the difference between life and death. Alisa has modeled Art Fitness to be a facility that eliminates intimidation and offers a platform for education, compassion and healthy lifestyle changes without gimmicks or quick fix promises. Alisa has been a Fitness Professional for over 7 years, certified through NASM (National Association of Sports Medicine) #1 nationally recognized certification. Alisa is also the 2012 YWCA recipient of the Empowerment Award. Alisa strongly believes it takes a strong support system to break old habits and make committed changes, it is top priority that Alisa delivers to each person she comes in contact with the motivation and encouragement needed to achieve not only fitness goals but lifelong goals as well.

A goal should be grounded within a time frame. With no time frame tied to it there’s no sense of


R – Realistic Fitness Goals To be realistic, a goal must represent an objective toward which you are both willing and able to work. A goal can be both high and realistic; you are the only one who can decide just how high your goal should be. But be sure that every goal represents substantial progress. A high goal is frequently easier to reach than a low one because a low goal exerts low motivational force. Some of the hardest jobs you ever accomplished actually seem easy simply because they were a labor of love.

• “The Art Fitness staff is both enjoyable and energetic. Workouts are never boring! Whether you have 1 on 1 session or take advantage of the group class, the trainers help design workouts to fit your needs. After just a few short weeks I can already see and feel the difference. Working out use to be a painful experience until I came to Art Fitness, now it is the highlight of my day!” ~ Erica M.

M – Measure Fitness Goals Establish concrete criteria for measuring progress toward the fitness goal you set. When you measure your progress, you stay on track, reach your target dates, and experience the exhilaration of achievement that spurs you on to continued effort required to reach your goal. To determine if your goal is measurable, ask questions such as……How much? How many? How will I know when it is accomplished?

A – Attainable Fitness Goals When you identify goals that are most important to you, you begin to figure out ways you can make them come true. You develop the attitudes, abilities, and

• “I’ve done numerous gym memberships in the past, but I have faithfully taking advantage of all that Art Fitness has to offer and I am happier and healthier for it. The atmosphere is pleasant, the staff is professional and friendly and the music rocks! I am losing weight, toning my body and creating habits that will do my body good. I highly recommend Art Fitness Studio!” ~ Teddie

Art Fitness 2807 Concord Pike Wilmington, DE 19803

302.477.0123 49

Ready for the New YOU? Lack Motivation? Don’t know where to start? At Art Fitness we are committed to Your Journey and Your Success! Call us TODAY and learn you can receive a $100.00 gift card to give to a friend or family member when you become part of the Art Fitness family.

April/May 2013

April/May 2013



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Grow In Confidence Because You Can Hear More,

Helping Delaware Hear Well Again

• Kiijuana Cann, Au.D. • Rebecca Holowka, MS, CCC-A • Lisa Marencin, MS, CCC-A, FAAA • Stacy Sanders, Au.D.

It’s possible with Alta!

even in the most difficult hearing situations. Everyone should be able to hear the sounds of their life and the world around them. Recent advancements in hearing devices, such as natural sound quality and comfortable fits, help people hear the sounds of their life with more clarity than

ever before! For over 20 years, the Staff at Hearing Services of Delaware has been helping people hear better again – call us today and hear the difference a truly personalized hearing solution can make for you!

It’s easy with Alta by Oticon. Your personal sound preferences are used by the Alta chip so you can differentiate sounds and hear with more clarity. Consult with us today and hear the difference a truly personalized hearing solution can make for you.

Interest Free Financing Available (for those approved through CareCredit) • Locations in Dover, Glasgow & Middletown


April/May 2013

April/May 2013



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Picky People Picking Professionals

By Dean Roles


here are one of two categories when you meet a trainer, that they usually fall into; Physical or mental. Physical trainers tend to use exercise in their training to obtain (consistent) proper movement. Mental trainers use inconsistency in sensory perception to attempt to stimulate the horse, to develop leadership to modify things like the fight or flight response of the horse. The inconsistency can easily lead to fear, and consistency can easily lead to boredom and resentment of the method! These contradictions take wisdom to master in a balanced approach. Both methods of training are valid, but differ greatly in applications. When I started training dangerous horses and modifying their mental conditions and was able to achieve things inside of a horses’ mind most people could not, I loved it, but there is little appreciation in the human world for horse psychology. So I took some of my skills and started training in disciplines. I had achieved some success but found myself bored and discontent- so over the years, I moved back towards the mental aspect of horse training. I strive to be that A-Z trainer that applies a perfect balance of mental and physical. My personal preferences tend to lean towards foundation training with

a mental twist, not roofing, I don’t even like heights! I can and do put a great foundation on a horse for any discipline, but if you want to go to the Olympics, you need a trainer to finish what I started. Showing to me, can be boring and superficial, but most of my clients show and finish their horses and they are great people! However, they understand to achieve their goals they can’t send a 3 year old to college nor can they expect a middle school history teacher to teach quantum physics. So remember when choosing someone to work with, to choose someone that is well qualified to work at the level you wish to work and within the field you wish to work. Don’t choose a trainer to finish a horse when your horse needs to be started. This is like building the roof before the walls. It’s just silly and ends in a mess. The opposite end of the spectrum is the foundation trainer that does not understand the end goal, and what is required to give a sound finished product. Remember when humans have a hammer; every problem tends to be a nail. So it is vital to pick the proper tool for the job. The simplest piece of advice I can give you is a young horse should always enjoy their job and their rider and so SHOULD YOU.

Testimonial Onyx came into my life in January 2009. In the past 3 years she has battled strangles and founder. In the spring of 2012 I decided this mare needed to have a job and I was desperate to find someone who would work with her without sacrificing my horse’s soul. And so it begins… On June 9 I brought Dean a horse with soundness issues due to her foundering previously. I brought him a horse that had no desire to please a human, but who would rather intimidate people with her size and power. Dean saw that Onyx’s issues ran deep and they weren’t all psychological…her physical well being needed to be addressed as well. He took such care to get my horse physically comfortable in the first three weeks by trimming her feet, giving her massages. Anything he could think that would help, he did. He could have physically pushed my horse, took my money for a month’s worth of training and sent us on our way, but he didn’t! This man cares about the horses and he cares about the people who own these horses that come through his gates. He has a plethora of knowledge and he loves to share it. He spent hours talking to me and sharing the lessons he has learned in his career…and he does it with passion! He is teaching me how to speak horse and to translate the information my horse gives me and to have a relationship with Onyx. It’s been a beautiful experience to have Dean train me and teach my horse and I’m excited to say my journey isn’t over. I’m continuing lessons with Dean and he is also continuing to trim Onyx’s feet to keep her sound. ~ Donna Austin, Clayton, DE

Centaur Training, LLC A full-service boarding/training facility.

22000 Heritage Farm Rd. Bridgeville, DE 19933

302 245 5423


April/May 2013


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Making The Irreplaceable,

By: Roy McDowell Owner, Royal Photography



aluing what you hold most dear: The beauty, the love, and the unspoken feelings that turn each moment into a memory. Your wedding is a day you’ll never want to forget. When choosing a Wedding Photographer, make sure they will narrate the story of your wedding day through photojournalism, creative lighting techniques, and posing that captures the emotions, hopes, and dreams of you and those you’ve chosen to share your special day. Royal Photography offers a wide variety of wedding packages to meet all of your needs. With leather bound albums, parents’ albums, and individual pictures, Royal Photography allows you and everyone in your life to cherish your wedding memories forever. Over the past 18 years, Royal Photography’s owner, Roy McDowell, has captured “that” moment for more than 300 brides and grooms and preserved

high school memories too numerous to count. Such exposure has led Roy to become one of the most recognizable photographers in Delaware. He creates a lasting impression, not only of an event, but of himself. The pride, precision, and passion he exudes has compelled brides-to-be to track down, “the photographer who took their senior portrait years before.” Roy exhibits this same commitment and customer service when working with the many schools and businesses with which he’s managed contracts. “The consumer drives the product I provide; not the other way around.” With the help and support of family, friends, and business associates, Roy McDowell strives to achieve his goal of providing an unforgettable experience with superior photographs, exceptional focus, and lasting relationships. Contributing Author Erin Seims

Royal Photography Phone: 302.478.1809 E-mail: 3646 Silverside Road • Wilmington, DE 19810 April/May 2013



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The Tradition of the Father-Daughter Dance Weddings are a time to celebrate Dance is a part of that celebration Make Group Lessons ‘A Family Affair’ More Than One Traditional Dance

The Father-Daughter Dance is a long standing custom. Traditionally, this dance came first in the celebration. The father danced with the bride then presented her to the groom to dance to the steps of a new life. It was a beautiful way to express the tender relationship and transitions of the bride and the two most important men in her life By Yvonne M. Cimone

These days, the traditions are reversed. The Bride and Groom’s ‘First Dance’ opens the celebration and the Father-Daughter Dance is second. It can be moving and emotional for the two dancing and for those watching. Even strong guys will shed a tear at the realization of his little girl growing up and starting a new life. With a little thought, practice, and planning…you can help make this dance all that you wish it to be and a ‘moment to cherish’

Group Lesson Make Learning Fun-and a ‘Family Affair’

Dance Lessons will make this tradition so much easier and, maybe even downright fun. The very best part of my job, and I mean this, is meeting people. This past year, I had a chance to work with some very wonderful ‘Dads’ for the ever important ‘Father-Daughter’ Dance. They were a bit nervous, proud of their lovely daughters, and always a little bashful regarding this upcoming public display of affection and of their dance skills. My goal is always to put them at ease, and build their confidence. Within one lesson everyone is more self-assured and relaxed. When a family makes the time to get together and includes the mother of the bride and the others who are in the wedding party-it offers everyone a chance to brush up on dance skills. This pays off in many ways. The mother of the bride gets to practice with Dad—and the groom gets a chance to dance with mom-everyone is prepared.

Music Choices & Choice Moves

Several of the brides chose songs to dance to that their fathers had sung to them as children. Watching one dad dance and sing, ‘Goodnight Sweetheart Goodnight Well I have to Go’….Priceless! So lovely, so sweet—all I did was give them the steps and techniques that made it all look elegant and effortless. If you don’t have a favorite song memory, then make one. Choice of music can be serious and touching, lighthearted and fun, classic or contemporary. One father-daughter duo danced to ‘Blue Suede Shoes’ and another to ‘Rainbow Connection’. ‘I loved Her First’ and ‘My Girl’ are also great choices I have seen, but there are so many more—A great instructor can help you choose music and the moves.

Take away the worry of that First Dance so that it becomes one of the highlights of your day.

WtÇvx `Éäxá 9 `tÇÇxÜá Make your First Dance memorable and fun!


Stephen Fennell dances with his daughter, Sarah Fennell Kinney, 2012


Yvonne, I can’t thank you enough for your expertise in teaching my dad and I how to conquer our Father/Daughter dance. My dad and I not only learned a lot during our lessons but we had a fabulous time and enjoyed many laughs together. I think you gave my dad a lot of confidence. It was awesome that you took the two of us and our abilities and put together an unforgetable performance. We had the best time dancing together and it was an event that I will never forget. Thank you so much! - Carrie Marquardt

Mark Ryan, dances with his daughter, Jade Ryan McClure, 2012 55

April/May 2013


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A Rock And Roll Event!

Club Phred is a group of musicians who on average have over thirty years of professional experience. We all share a love of classic 60’s and 70’s music and have deep roots in the Delaware, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey tri-state area. Club Phred formed in 2002 and has performed with the likes of Mark Farner Formerly of Grand Funk Railroad and opened up for Pete Best the original drummer of “The Beatles” and The Marshall Tucker Band. Club Phred has won numerous awards from the Delaware media.

Member Fred Dawson says “The members of Club Phred think that there is an audience out there for classic rock ‘n’ roll. Club Phred wants to play a regular venue, as our followers want to see repeat performances of that genre of music. CP also wants to do fund raisers for worthy causes. This is a simple way for many folks to support their favorite charity, have a great time, and an easy way for the charity to make money.”

“Jamming with Club Phred is really fun. They play all of my favorite tunes. They are all really nice people that collectively have a “vibe.” All great players on their instruments. Playing with Club Phred is like having dinner at someone’s house.” ~ Late Show with David Letterman Musician Tom “Bones” Malone “Playin w/Club Phred was a gas – certainly not some amateur band… all you guys (& gal) sounded really great.” ~ Bruce Kapler Saxophonist/Late Show with David Letterman Musician “Just watched Club Phred’s video! You guy’s rock! Can’t wait to sit in!” ~ Micky Dolenz

“WOW – what a way to ring in the new year! Thanks so much for another great New Year’s Eve! Last year we attended your party and had a rockin good time! We were invited back for year #2 and we are hooked! Club Phred – you rock!” ~ Pam Chambers “I recently had Club Phred play at my graduation party. With over 80 people at the party, not one person had a complaint. The band sounded great and they were a delight to be around. I am just trying to come up with another excuse for a party so I can have them play again. I could not have asked for a better graduation party and Club Phred was one of the main reasons it was so great. Thanks again guys!” ~ Nick DeCaire “You guys made the Boeing V-22 Office Party simply the Event of the Year around here! Spectacular music, great time, but most important – wonderful people who know how to have fun the old fashioned way…!! Keep it up and we want you back..!!” ~ Chuck Yerspo

“Bravo! Bravo!! Bravo!!! What a FABULOUS EVENING!!! Everyone who attended your performance at the conclusion of our dance-a-thon has been raving and already asking for an encore. Old, middleaged, and young couldn’t help but dance to your music. You have enchanted us and we are adoring fans! Thank you so very much for helping our young people to organize a fund raiser and to rally the older members of our congregation to join them in an evening of fun. It was a great blending of ages and it was inspiring to see how they supported each other and shared the common love of music and Club Phred. I think that our young people saw that older folk are really just older kids. Thank you Club Phred has helped various very, very much!!” ~ Annette Mehan/The young charitable organizations raise in excess and old people of First Presbyterian Church of $2,500,000 since 2004. “Just returned from our class reunion where your band was a real hit! We enjoyed your Motown Medley, Lady Marmalade and the

Contact: Fred Dawson | 302.999.9330 Email:

Club Phred Is Available For Private Parties, Corporate Events & Club/Concert Venues April/May 2013

saxophone is the best. Thank you all for providing so many memories through your music.” ~ Linda L. Gerace



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For Personal And Professional Service Presented By: Crystal Gooding

SERVICES PROVIDED • Honeymoon Planning • Destination Wedding Accommodations – Local or International • Vacation Planning • Girlfriend Getaway Packages Simpson Travel, LLC will customize your honeymoon or vacation while offering competitive rates and personal attention. We realize that wedding planning can be quite stressful and time consuming. We feel that planning a honeymoon should not be. Whether your dream honeymoon package consists of an all inclusive resort, a luxury cruise, a private beach getaway, or anything in between, Simpson Travel can put together a honeymoon package tailored just for you. Our process includes researching your destination(s), researching pricing,

making sure a honeymoon package is available, finding the best flights, and much more. Contact Simpson Travel and “Leave the Details to Us” Phone: 302-378-0894 or 866-567-4270 Email: Web:

With all our traveling together, my husband and I have never used a travel agency. Preparing to plan our honeymoon, together we’ve decided to use a travel agency because it was for a special occasion and we used Simpson Travel, which was a referral from our parents. It was the best decision we’ve made! Our agent was

Crystal, and we were taken care of extremely well. All of the location options she recommended to us made it hard to decide. Finally we decided on the resort, Royal in Cancun. It was AMAZING! The staff was magnificent and made us feel like royalty. We are looking forward to using Simpson Travel again for future travel. ~ R & J Smith.

Testimonials: Dear Crystal, We would like to express our sincere appreciation for the services you provided in coordinating travel for our destination wedding in Los Cabos, Mexico. You were able to ease my nerves and maintain honesty, efficiency, and integrity as your professional and personal standards. Many of my guests commented on how helpful and kind you were when planning their travel. You even made yourself available to me once I was in Mexico and needed further assistance, whew! Beyond the professional service you provided you became a friend in the process. We will definitely continue to recommend you to others and look forward to planning our oneyear anniversary trip with you! With heartfelt thanks, ~ R. and E. Winslow

St. Peter’s Episcopal Church 47th Annual Art Show

to benefit the homeless and those in need

Saturday, July 6, 2013

9 am to 4 pm Second & Mulberry Streets Downtown Lewes, Delaware


One of the region’s oldest and finest outdoor art shows featuring 140 ARTISTS AND ARTISANS!

It is common knowledge that women are making the buying and planning decisions these days. So... advertise to reach your specific and receptive audience. Express your expertise in The Women's Journal, allowing your target audience to get to know you and look to you. Our readers like to be informed and excited about new knowledge and new opportunities. Call us today to advertise in New Castle, Kent or Sussex Counties in Delaware

Come for the Art. Stay for the .. raffle, silent auction, children’s activities, famous turkey salad croissants, special offers from merchants, and more

or in Western Delaware County, Pennsylvania 1 888 550 7200 or 302 236 1435 w w w. T h e Wo m e n s J o u r n a l . c o m

Rain or shine. Free admission. For more information, visit


April/May 2013


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Where You Work Effects How You Work and play computer games, or a spot for solitaire breaks while cleaning the garage. It should be a place that fosters productivity and focus. A place where work gets done. So if a home office is to serve as a functional place of business, it helps to follow a few ground rules. 1. Devote a separate space to the office. A spare room is ideal, but if you don’t have space, a separate corner or area will do. 2. Keep all others, especially children, out of the office during “business hours.” 3. If at all possible, keep the computer off-limits to children. Invest in an inexpensive computer for them to use.

By Chuck Boyce

Taking Control of Your Environment

It’s a typical day in the life of home-based businessman Bob Kornfeld. And, as usual, things are a just little bit hectic. A client called to discuss an upcoming project, but Bob can’t find the notes from their last conversation anywhere on the desk in his home office. One of the kids must have been using his computer yesterday, because his settings are wrong and it’s running slow. But then again, he’s had to answer so many phone calls he hasn’t had time to get anything done anyway. Now he’s got to organize a last-minute teleconference before the plumber arrives to fix the kitchen sink…which of course could be at any time in the next three hours. Small business coaches know that for people who run homebased businesses, one of the biggest professional challenges is managing what can sometimes be a very unprofessional environment. The more distractions there are, the harder it is to concentrate on the task at hand and do it well. But there are solutions available to help small businesspeople get the most out of their work space.

Draw a Line between “Home” and “Office”

An office is a place to work. It is not a place for the kids to hang out April/May 2013

4. Keep papers and clutter organized in drawers or files. 5. Get a separate business line to separate work-related calls from all other calls.

Physically Separate “Home” from “Office”

cumstances, finding the space and privacy necessary to work productively at home can still be an issue. But there are other options available to small businesspeople. An executive suite or business center offers all the perks of a traditional office without the pressure of a long-term commitment. Often available month-to-month, they are usually professionally furnished and equipped with all the necessary communication and latest technology. They come in a range of sizes to suit one-person operations as well as larger ones. And the best part is, they include a receptionist to handle the mail and visitors, internet access, telephone service, administrative support, office cleaning and more. Another, even more affordable solution is the Virtual Office. These offer only the services you need, from a separate address and phone service while you still work from home to meeting space, conference calling and other flexible, pay-asyou-go solutions.

Of course, even in the best of cir-

These three options should offer a solution to any small businessperson.

About Chuck

Chuck Boyce is known as “The Independent Executive”. After achieving success quickly in the corporate world he decided to step off of the corporate ladder and make his business work for him instead of the other way around. He is now dedicated to helping other entrepreneurs and business owners that have decided to jump off the corporate ladder. For over a decade, Chuck worked along aside several entrepreneurs and built his own businesses. He has helped drive two different companies that appeared on Inc Magazine’s Inc 500 list for multiple years. An accomplished speaker and author, Chuck’s work has been featured in USA Today, Connections Magazine, and various blogs. He has appeared on ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, Food Network.

Furnished Offices Virtual Offices Meeting Spaces Remote Receptionist

Text the keyword WJ your name and your email to 58885 and get a coupon for 8 hours in a conference room or private office, FREE!

(302) 524-1400 58

Scan this code for your FREE Office Coupon


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Getting Seduced By Comfort? we want of it and the more we want it the more we have it. Comfort and familiarity is the root of settling. We settle because it feels good to be comfortable and then it becomes familiar which means we avoid stepping into what is uncomfortable. The paradox here is clear, we only grow when we step into uncertainty and that is usually very unfamiliar and is not very comfortable. This is the Settling Trap.

By Joe White President and Founder of Get Life Coaching. 2012 Entrepreneur of The Year


o one ever starts out life and plans to settle. We come to this world full of dreams and ambitions. We are fearless warriors and warrior princesses but somewhere on our journey we come to realize that the rules we have for life are not shared by others. We experience pain, disappointment, hurt and lost. Eventually we find a place that is least painful, perhaps mildly uncomfortable and we begin to call it home. As for our dreams? We create stories of how they are really not that important to us or how an event or individual is the reason we had to settle. Then we officially settle and life as we know it changes forever. I remember I was speaking at a leadership conference on the topic of how can we navigate through the seasons of our life when a woman approached me after I finished. She said to me, “I don’t need to grow; my life is pretty content. I mean I am not where I want to be but heck I am better than I was when I was younger.” I was caught in the crossfire. Do I politely agree with her or do I share with her that what she told me is the exact definition of settling? We have come to believe that our greatest human need is our need for survival. We have learned in Psychology 101 from Abraham Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. But the truth is that our need for comfort and familiarity is even higher. I know what you are thinking... “What is wrong with comfort?” Inherently nothing but comfort is very seductive and addictive. The more we get of it the more

We settle for a relationship that is not fulfilling, a career that is unrewarding, a life that is uninspired. It does not matter why you are here. Spend years in therapy if you need that answer but more importantly you must break free from the gravitational pull of settling. We must grow. Nature’s law is that which does not grows dies. We die emotionally little by little. We must reawaken our dreams, ignite our passion and realize that the quality of our lives is greater than the seduction of comfort and that we find happiness in progress. As for the women at my speaking engagement... four months later after some coaching and my Breaking Through The Barrier seminar, her new favorite song is by Sugarland and she sings, “I ain’t settlin’ for anything less than everything.”

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Like most married woman with children , I found myself coursing through life on autopilot. My first priority was taking care of my family, which lead me to take a back seat to my own life. I “thought” I was unhappy and that crushed my spirit. How could I be so unhappy when I have so much to be grateful for? What I learned through attending the Fire Walk and Breaking through the Barrier is that you don’t “lose” happiness, or need to search for it. It is there with you everyday. You just need the right tools to help you wipe away fear, old habits and denial . Once you accomplish that goal , you’ll find happiness standing right in front of you, arms extended; ready to embrace you once again . Thank you GLC. Thank you for teaching me how to get back in the driver’s seat….I am thoroughly enjoying the ride! With lots of love and gratitude, Cindy Berkowitz

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Women Don’t Plan To Fail!

Presented By: Frederick J. Dawson, ChFC, CLU


hey just fail to plan. One of the women that I interviewed recently indicated to me that “a husband is not a financial plan” and therefore women need to seriously look at the future. “My whole life has been planned out. My family, my career, and my retirement; my success has not been an accident, but intentional in every way” another delightful woman reported, who is a very successful business consultant. I submit the following general truism, “successful people do those things that unsuccessful people refuse to do.” Said another way, people who fail at life in general are afraid of success! They don’t see opportunities, they see obstacles and they don’t set goals especially as it relates to money. If you don’t set goals, then you will be part of someone else’s goals (and plan) who will then become successful. I was listening to a radio show whereby the woman speaking was analyzing how we may think about money….or not think about money. Because we don’t have goals, we get very easily sidetracked by making impulse

professional musicians and business owners. In 2008 Fred was cited by Delaware Today Magazine as one of Delaware’s Top Financial Advisors. Criteria are not necessarily based on client satisfaction or advisor performance. Fred received a State of Delaware Senate Tribute in 1999 for his “long and distinguished record of service to his community, his country, his state and his region.”

purchases for things we want rather than what we need. We get caught up trying to keep up with the perceived success of those infamous neighbors, “The Jones.” Everyone needs to prepare a written list of goals; yes WRITTEN! When you write them down and then look at them each day (by posting them in a conspicuous place) not only will you have a daily reminder of your dreams, but as you sleep, your subconscious will work on ways of accomplishing them while you sleep. I personally know that this technique works! After you have written down your goals, next is to develop a plan to achieve them…especially important is a financial plan. Starting with a balance sheet that lists all your assets and liabilities; keeping it current at least annually if not quarterly. This becomes your scoreboard. You will get a sense of accomplishment watching your assets go up and your liabilities go down. It’s called progress; and that’s what will keep you going.

For more information or to schedule a complimentary, no obligation initial consultation contact Fred’s office at 302-999-9330 or

* Bassett, Dawson & Foy, Inc. is an Independent Registered Investment Advisory Firm with the State of DE. * Securities Offered Through Raymond James Financial Services, Inc. Member FINRA/SIPC * Any opinions are those of Fred Dawson and not necessarily those of RJFS or Raymond James.

Fred is frequently sought after as a public speaker on financial matters. If your group or organization would like to hear Fred speak merely contact his office at 302-999-9330.

Stay tuned for my next installment!

Fred Dawson, ChFC (Chartered Financial Consultant), CLU (Chartered Life Underwriter) has over 30 years of comprehensive wealth management experience. He is Executive Vice President of Bassett, Dawson & Foy, Inc. and a founding principal partner of the firm. Successful women are prominent among Fred’s diverse domestic and international client base of professionals, retirees,

Frederick J. Dawson, ChFC, CLU Wealth Manager, Raymond James Financial Services, Inc. Executive Vice President, Bassett, Dawson & Foy, Inc.

Bassett, Dawson & Foy, Inc. E.A. Delle Donne Corporate Center 1011 Centre Road, Suite 110 Wilmington, DE 19805 302-999-9330 • fdawson@bdfwealth April/May 2013


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Pharmaceutical Warning!


Delaware Workers’ Compensation Benefits The drugs/products and potentially harmful side effects to watch for are: BONIVA OR FOSAMAX – These drugs are for osteoporosis. Femur (leg) fractures as well as osteonecrosis (death of the bone in the jaw) have been reported. Femur fractures can occur with very little trauma to the leg.

By: Heather A. Long, Esq.


any of us, especially women, can remember the catchy tune in the birth control commercial where the ladies are clad in 50’s style bathing suits and caps and execute synchronized dives into a pool of water. (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday…) The commercial starts out with the ladies in bathing suits, each with a different day of the week on the front of their suits. Eventually one of the ladies exits the ranks of the 50’s pin ups, pulls off her midriff and cap to reveal a two-piece swim suit and perfectly coiffed, flowing blonde locks. (…Friday, Saturday, Sunday,…) Even as I type, I hear the tune in my head, over and over and over. This is exactly why the drug manufacturers spend big bucks- for product marketing and recognition. With recognition, oftentimes comes risk. Unfortunately for some drug manufacturers, the more they market their products, the more people get prescriptions for them (sounds good so far, right?), the more money they generate in profits and the more liability they expose themselves to in the form of lawsuits for unwanted side effects from their medications. Recent caselaw curtailed an injured workers’ ability to choose the pharmacy they receive their medicine from. The Superior Court indicated that the insurance companies may require that the injured workers utilize the pharmacy chosen by the insurance company- at no cost to the injured worker. If you are prescribed any medications or products as a result of your work injury, you may be at risk for developing harmful side effects from the medication. In the not-so-distant past, certain drug and product manufacturers have come under the microscope for the negative side effects that some of their products have allegedly caused. For that reason, I want you to be aware of the potentially harmful side effects of the following drugs and products. If these harmful side effects have occurred to you or a loved one, please contact me immediately so that we can investigate, preserve and file a claim for you.

ZOMETA OR AREDIA – These drugs are prescribed for cancer patients to strengthen bones and prevent fractures. Osteonecrosis of the jaw can develop. DEPUY HIP REPLACEMENTS – Certain parts have been recalled because of metal debris in the hip area, causing pain, swelling and problems walking. This may result in a repeat surgery. DARVOCET AND DARVON – The generic name for these drugs is Propoxyphene. They are used to treat mild to moderate pain and have been recalled by the US Food and Drug Administration because they may cause potentially serious heart rhythm abnormalities.

your claim against the manufacturer investigated, be sure to keep any unused medication in a safe place and contact my office for a consultation. The consultations are free, and in some cases, funds have already been set aside for these types of claims. Our attorneys will fight to get you the settlement that you deserve. Heather has been an attorney for over six years, and is currently practicing workers’ compensation and personal injury law at Kimmel, Carter, Roman & Peltz, P.A. with offices in Newark and Wilmington. Heather worked her way through law school as a paralegal in a personal injury firm. After passing the bar exam, she spent several years working as a defense attorney, representing local, regional and national companies. With the knowledge gained of the inner-workings of these companies, she now represents injured workers and personal injury plaintiffs.

Heather is a graduate of Widener University School of Law, and the University of Nebraska- Lincoln. Prior to attending law school, she was licensed as a paramedic and spent time volunteering for her local ambulance corps. She is also active as a Mock Trial coach for Salesianum High School.

Heather is licensed to practice law in Delaware, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

For more information, or to schedule a free consultation, please call (302) 565-6100 or e-mail her directly at

REGLAN – This drug is used to treat stomach disorders such as heartburn caused by acid reflux. Side effects may include involuntary movements of the face, eyes, lips, tongue, mouth, head and fingers. This is called tardive dyskinesia, and occurs most often in older women and people who have been taking the drug for a long time. YAZ, YAZMIN, OCELLA AND BEYAZ – These are popular birth control pills and can also be prescribed for PMS symptoms. They can cause blood clots, which can be harmful if those clots end up in the deep veins of the leg, the lungs or the brain. DENTURE CREAM – Some patients have been diagnosed with neurologic symptoms including zinc poisoning and copper depletion. This is most common in individuals who have ill-fitting dentures and who tend to use more denture cream. MRI CONTRAST DYE – Certain patients with kidney disease who have had MRI’s with gadolinium based contrast have developed a progressive kidney condition called Nephrogenic Fibrosing Dermopathy/Nephrogenic Systemic Fibrosis (NFD/NSF). AVANDIA – This is a drug used to treat certain diabetic conditions. It has been linked to heart attacks and strokes in some patients. If you believe that you or a loved one may be suffering from a harmful side effect from one of the above medications, contact your doctor immediately. Then, if you wish to have


April/May 2013


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Ensuring the Survival of Your Business: Practice Continuation Agreements assures the continuation of services to clients, and continues income to the surviving spouse and family should the unforeseeable occur. Practice Continuation Agreements provide the hedging necessary to protect the accountant, the business, and clients.

By Melissa L. Rhoads, Esq.


ince this issue of The Women’s Journal will be available to readers in April--- tax season-- I am focusing this article on sole practitioners in the accounting field. However, the information that follows is not limited to accountants. Practice Continuation Agreements can be used in many different fields to protect the sole practitioner. As a sole practitioner, your business is one of your most valuable assets. Do you have a plan in place to protect it in the event of your untimely death or disability? If tragedy should strike, a practice continuation agreement will help you protect your business, the interests of your clients, and the financial stability of you and your family. It can even be used as a retirement tool. With this in mind, every sole practitioner should have a practice continuation agreement as a part of their personal financial plan. Life is unpredictable and rarely do problems occur at a convenient time, when accountants have unlimited time to resolve them. But what if the problem is with the sole practitioner accountant, who is unable to tend to clients because of an accident, serious illness, or some other unforeseeable circumstance? Busy season waits for no practitioner and April 15th is tax day regardless of an accountant’s plight. Because of the volatile nature of life, it is essential for accountants to have a plan in place which maintains the practice,

April/May 2013

A Practice Continuation Agreement is a “just-in-case” legally binding agreement with another accountant or group of accountants which provides for back-up and support in times of difficult circumstances, most often disability or death. Generally, Practice Continuation Agreements are set up so that they are triggered by one of three events: temporary disability (illness or disability which lasts less than six months), permanent disability, or death. Retirement can also be included if desired, on either an immediate or phase-out basis. Finding a good successor is as important as finding a good employee. It is imperative that an accountant interview prospective “partners” to assure that the individual chosen maintains the same practice philosophies, quality and control mechanisms, and level of integrity associated with the accountant’s business. Generally, most accountants choose between entering into a Partnership Continuation Agreement with either an internal employee or another firm or professional. Each approach has its fair share of pros and cons. The benefits of turning to an internal person include greater continuity for clients and staff and a means of securing the future of a key staff person with the firm. However, lack of previous experience or an unwillingness of remaining employees to train someone new may be cause for concern. Typically, accountants who turn to another firm to take over their practice do so because there is more talent of the type required in the competitor’s firm than in their own practice. This assures a greater sense of financial stability and security should incapacitation arise.

Regardless of who is chosen as Agreement, it is important to a partner, it is imperative that remember that keeping clients the Partnership Continuation happy is the key to a successful Agreement be as specific as practice. Holding true to this possible with what is expected and mantra, it is necessary to develop required under the agreement. a business plan for both temporary Most notably, the line should be and permanent takeover in tandem clearly drawn between a temporary with drafting the agreement or and permanent disability. In the before the agreement is drafted. event of a temporary disability, As part of the plan, notifications to the Partnership Continuation clients should be prearranged and Agreement should require the agreed upon. Thus, in the event partner to provide employees of crisis, all of the accountant’s to assist in the firm’s daily ducks are seemingly in a row and practice. The agreement should the takeover, whether temporary also negotiate a compensation or permanent, is as seamless as arrangement for the assisting possible. accountant. A firm in need These issues are provided to serve should expect to pay an assisting as a few key suggestions (and not accountant the standard intended to be a comprehensive fee charged to clients by the discussion). If you have any accountant’s firm. Once the owner questions or concerns, please feel is deemed permanently disabled or free to contact Melissa L. Rhoads, dies, the agreement should indicate with specificity the next step to be Esq. at (302) 658-6400 or m.rhoads@ taken. In most situations, there is Melissa L. Rhoads a buyout made by the partnering is an attorney at Tighe & Cottrell, accountant with the former owner P.A. at 704 King Street, Suite 500, or the deceased owner’s estate. Wilmington, Delaware 19899. Buyout provisions usually call for an assessment of fair market value of the practice at the time of incapacity or death. Several factors contribute to the business valuation TIGHE  &  C OTTRELL,  P .A.  is  a  Mid-­‐Atlantic  regional  law   amount, firm  providing  a  broad  spectrum  of  legal  services  to  the   including but design  professional  in  Delaware,  N ew  Jersey,  Maryland   not limited to, and  Pennsylvania.  Practicing  in  the  region  for  20  years,   practice size the  continued  success  of  the  Firm  is  a  t estament  t o  the   by annual fee hard  work  and  i nnovative  solutions  which  our  attorneys   volume, historical net income and  staff  achieve  for  each  of  our  clients.     generated by   the practice, LICENSURE   nature and BUSINESS  FORMATION   type of practice OWNERSHIP  TRANSITION   involved, growth LABOR  AND  EMPLOYMENT   potential of the CONTRACT  N EGOTIATION   predecessor’s RISK  MANAGEMENT   firm, and the COLLECTIONS   agreed payout LITIGATION  AND  P ROFESSIONAL  LIABILITY  DEFENSE   period.   704  KING  STREET,  SUITE  500  WILMINGTON,  DE    19801   Finally, in Tel.  (302)  6 58-­‐6 400   implementing   a successful www.delaware-­‐ Practice Continuation



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Morris James LLP Welcomes New Personal Injury Attorney in Georgetown, Delaware M

orris James LLP and Wilson Halbrook & Bayard, P.A. have combined their law practices. The six Wilson Halbrook & Bayard directors joined Morris James as partners on January 1, 2013.

compensation matters, insurance matters and premises liability cases.

Mr. Bunting’s Professional Affiliations include:

• • • • • As a result of this merger, The Morris James Personal Injury Group welcomes a new Partner, Clayton E. Bunting, to provide full services to our clients with plaintiff’s personal injury cases, including automobile accidents and workmen’s compensation. Clayton represents clients involved in automobile accidents and personal injury cases. He additionally represents plaintiffs in workers’

• • •

Delaware Today Magazine Top Personal Injury and Worker’s Compensation Attorney by Peer Review 2010 Peer Review Pre-eminent A Rating by Martindale Hubbell Delaware Trial Lawyers Association, Board of Governors, Former Member American Association for Justice, Sustaining Member Terry-Carey Inn of Court Delaware Supreme Court, Board on Unauthorized Practice of Law, Member 1997-2000 Delaware State Bar Association Sussex County Bar Association National Moot Court Representative, 1975-76

Clayton Bunting’s Community Affiliations are: • •

Kappa Alpha Order, Legal Consultant Georgetown/Millsboro Rotary Club, Member and Past President

• •

Delaware Community Foundation, Former Director Sussex Pines Country Club, Inc., President Sussex Pregnancy Care Center, Advisory Board The Gideons International, Past Camp President and Cabinet Member, Lifetime Member Chairman of Board of Elders of Peninsula Community Church (PCC)

Our entire Personal Injury Group of attorneys is very excited to welcome such an experienced new team member who shares our guiding principle of being a compassionate listener and striving to achieve the best result possible for our clients. The Delaware Personal Injury Lawyers of Morris James LLP understand that being injured in an accident can be a frightening experience, especially when someone else’s negligence caused your injuries. You may be facing medical bills, lost wages, and other significant expenses, all because of someone else’s carelessness. We frequently see victims who

are injured because another driver was using a mobile device, disregarded a red light or stop sign, was distracted by passengers, was speeding, or was otherwise inattentive. At the Delaware Personal Injury Group of Morris James LLP, our compassionate attorneys understand how difficult it can be to live with an injury. That is why we have dedicated ourselves to getting our clients the money they and their families need and deserve. If you have been injured in an accident, we will carefully review with you all insurance benefits to which you are entitled. If you or a loved one is injured due to another person’s negligent or reckless conduct, you need to know exactly what claims you can present to insurance companies under Delaware law. Do not let your rights be taken advantage of. Discussing your case with a dedicated Delaware personal injury attorney to become educated concerning your rights may be your first step towards securing justice and compensation.


Driven to Educate and Serve Delaware for Over 81 Years WILMINGTON

803 N. Broom Street Wilmington, DE 19806 302.655.2599

Se habla Español 302.655.3589

Susan D. Ament, Esq. Pete Jones, Esq. Michael G. Owen, Esq.



Kevin Healy, Esq. 16 Polly Drummond Hill Rd Newark, DE 19711 302.368.4200


Keith Donovan, Esq. 29 N. State Street, Suite 100 Dover, DE 19904 302.678.8815


Clayton Bunting, Esq. 107 W. Market Street Georgetown, DE 19947 302.865.7163

April/May 2013

Host your next event at TheGrand! Live Entertainment Baby & Bridal Showers Weddings Lectures Retirement Parties Cocktail Receptions Conferences Networking Events

Copeland Hall

baby grand theater

Sarah Bernhardt Salon

History Hallway

baby grand lobby

Ninth Muse

Studio One

Special Events & Operations Manager

Wesler Room


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Wilmington Events Are Springing Up All Over By Francesca Pelletier Marketing Assistant Wilmington Renaissance Corporation


pril has finally arrived, spring has sprung and that can only mean one thing: new and exciting events happening in downtown Wilmington this season! As the temperature starts to heat up, so do the countless performances and activities in the coming months. With beautiful weather ahead, grab a friend, family member or coworker and hit the town for all of the amazing things the city has to offer!

MUSIC Arturo Sandoval THE GRAND OPERA HOUSE Thursday, April 4, 8:00pm

An Evening with Janis Ian WORLD CAFÉ LIVE AT THE GRAND Thursday, April 25, 7:30pm Kate M. Ransom Violin Recital THE MUSIC SCHOOL OF DELAWARE Wednesday, May 1, 7:00pm Terra Soul Project FIRST & CENTRAL PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH Thursday, May 2, 12:30pm Liz Longley WORLD CAFÉ LIVE AT THE QUEEN Friday, May 17, 8:00pm

DUPONT THEATRE Friday, April 19, 8:00pm Amy Schumer – stand-up comedy THE GRAND OPERA HOUSE Thursday, May 9, 8:00pm City Theatre Company’s Fearless Improv CHRIS WHITE GALLERY April 19 & May 17, 8:00pm

DANCE Year of the Bard PRESENTED BY DELAWARE SHAKESPEARE FESTIVAL Saturday, April 13-Saturday, May 11

Manhattan Transfer THE GRAND OPERA HOUSE Sunday, May 19, 7:00pm THEATRE

A Midsummer Night’s Dream THE GRAND OPERA HOUSE Saturday, April 13-Sunday April 14


Mélomanie Wilmington Series: April Concert GRACE UNITED METHODIST CHURCH Saturday, April 6, 8:00pm Tchaikovsky’s World Presented by the Delaware Symphony Orchestra LAIRD PERFORMING ARTS CENTER AT THE TATNALL SCHOOL Friday, April 12, 7:30pm Esperanza Spalding THE GRAND OPERA HOUSE Wednesday, April 24, 8:00pm

Dreamgirls DUPONT THEATRE Tuesday, April 2-Sunday, April 7, 7:30pm

Taxonomy of Trash DELAWARE CENTER FOR THE CONTEMPORARY ARTS Friday, April 5-Sunday, July 21 State of the Art: Illustration 100 Years after Howard Pyle DELAWARE ART MUSEUM April-May 2013

South Pacific DELAWARE THEATRE COMPANY Wednesday, April 10-Sunday, May 5


Philadelphia Private Spaces, Fabulous Places DELAWARE CENTER FOR THE CONTEMPORARY ARTS Saturday, May 4, 9:00am-5:00pm

Wilmington Renaissance Corporation hosts two premiere events this spring! Don’t miss Wilmington Renaissance Corporation’s (WRC) annual meeting: Bringing Big Ideas to Life at the World Café Live at The Queen on Wednesday, April 24. Breakfast at 7:30am, Meeting at 8:00am. This year’s event will focus on WRC’s core strategic

Ralphie May: “Too Big to Ignore” – stand-up comedy

area’s Educations, Infrastructure, Quality of Life and Culture. Tickets are $50 and include a gourmet breakfast and free parking. For more information http:// The 7th Annual Wilmington Grand Prix returns May 17-19, bigger and better than ever! In years past this event has successfully combined the energy and activity of a street festival with the excitement and thrills of a professional cycling event. In 2012, the Grand Prix attracted over 20,000 people to Market Street and created more than $950,000 of economic impact into our local economy. A three day event in 2013, the Grand Prix weekend will kick off on Friday, May 17 with the Time Trial in Brandywine Park in the afternoon and evening. Cyclists try and beat the clock as they climb famed “Monkey Hill.” Friday night concludes with a Party in the Park. This year, Saturday’s main racing events remain on the USA Cycling National Race Calendar, but move to a new calendar created by USA Cycling specifically for criterium races. This creates an elite group of races and opens the field to cyclists that are internationally ranked – all of which will make the cycling that much more competitive and exciting, complimenting the electric festival atmosphere on Market Street. The event will begin with a parade at noon followed by the professional men’s and women’s races. Sunday’s events will again include the Governor’s Ride and will introduce Italian style riding as well. The Wilmington Grand Prix Gran Fondo is a new series of long-distance rides that have been developed to take riders through some of our region’s most beautiful historic properties. The mass start ride will leave from the Delaware Art Museum and traverse the rolling hills as riders wind through 11 cultural attractions such as Hagley, Winterthur Museum and Country Estate, Mount Cuba Center, Delaware Museum of Natural History, Rockford Park, and Auburn Heights State Park. For more information http://www.

Visit for more event details and make sure you and your family spend some spring-time fun in Downtown Wilmington! 65

April/May 2013


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Save the Date Superstars in Education Awards Dinner

Monday, May 6, 2013

Interested in starting a food business? Need a place to cook for that benefit or family event? Have an exciting product to sell, but no place to produce it? Call us today!

Chase Center on the Riverfront

Delaware Kitchen Share

4:45 p.m. Registration 6:00 p.m. Dinner Program immediately following $50/ Educator Admission; $80/ Corporate Admission

62 Southgate Boulevard Suites M, N New Castle, DE 19720


We’ll get you cooking!

See. Learn. Share. Network. Celebrate. Sponsorship opportunities available. Contact Janine Sorbello at (302) 576-6575 or e-mail for more information.

Licensed Commercial Kitchen  Hourly Rental  Online Scheduling

April/May 2013



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The Unified Voice of America's Women-Owned Businesses April 18, 2013

May 15, 2013

NAWBO Public Policy

NAWBO Regional Networking

Annual NAWBO Delaware Public Policy in partnership with The House of Representatives Delaware Small Business Caucus and the Central Delaware Chamber of Commerce. Roundtable discussion on legislation and regulations that impact women-owned business in the state of Delaware 11:30 am – 1:00 pm Dover, Delaware

BEYOND Networking – a cross regional networking event – stepping outside the “norm” to connect women business owners to other women business owners for opportunities and strategic alliances beyond their state boundaries. 5:30 pm – 7:30 pm Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

NAWBO Delaware Signature Events NAWBO First Fridays Where industry and community experts share successful information.

NEW CEO Business Roundtable Facilitated CEO Business Roundtable for business solutions and growth. For more information on these events, visit

Register at


April/May 2013


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New Brain Balance Center Opens In DE “We Don’t Address The Symptoms. We Address The Cause.”


he Brain Balance Program® provides an intensive, after-school program that brings hope to families of children with academic, social and behavioral challenges. It helps these children reach their fullest potential through non-medical, brain-based programs. Children who benefit from the Brain Balance Program® do not always have a diagnosis, but often exhibit characteristics of Learning, Behavioral, and Processing Disorders among others. The Brain Balance program is unique in many ways. We don’t just work with a child’s strengths or provide strategies to compensate for a weakness; we address the fundamental problem. At the core of these disorders is a desynchronized processing speed or imbalance between the two hemispheres of the brain, resulting in a Functional Disconnection. After completing a comprehensive sensory motor and cognitive assessment of each child’s body and brain function, we identify the imbalance in the way that the child’s brain processes information. These imbalances can then be corrected by integrating individualized sensorymotor, physical, and cognitive activities with simple dietary changes to optimize brain function and reduce or eliminate negative symptoms and behaviors. Each child’s program is unique to his or her struggles. The Comprehensive Assessment is a series of tests designed to identify the areas of the brain that might have disrupted connectivity, or what we at Brain Balance call Functional Disconnection Syndrome, causing behavioral, social and/or academic issues. If the child has Functional Disconnection Syndrome, then a pattern will emerge during the assessment indicating where in the child’s brain these disruptions are located. Some of the sensory-motor functions tested include: Primitive Reflexes, Motor, Auditory, Visual, Proprioception, Gait, Core, and many others. Additionally, the cognitive portion of the assessment incorporates a variety of reading, writing, math and listening skills. April/May 2013

For more information, or to schedule a Comprehensive Assessment, please contact a Brain Balance Achievement Center near you.

Pike Creek Shopping Center 68


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A New Wave In Skin Care B

By: Erin Donaldson

efore we are able to get into all of the advantages that DermaWave’s Photo Rejuvenation system has to offer (and we will get there), I think it is important to first start by explaining exactly what photo rejuvenation is and why women should be interested in what it has to offer.

What is photo rejuvenation?

Photo rejuvenation is a technologybased skin treatment that uses wavelengths of infrared and natural red light energy to promote healthier, younger looking skin. Through an energy-delivery device, Light-emitting diode (LED) lights emit the infrared and natural red wavelengths that can treat scars, wrinkles, age spots, sun spots, acne, rosacea and other blemishes, or damaged skin textures. The red and infrared light enhances cellular metabolism, and once the LEDs reflect onto the skin’s surface, the body is stimulated to build new collagen, increase circulation and improve the functioning of the circulatory system. Both collagen and elastin tighten the skin’s elasticity and smooth out wrinkles and other surface blemishes or spots, but as we age, there is less collagen in our skin, so the infrared and red lights from this treatment help replenish the collagen we need for better skin.

Discovering DermaWave

When this advanced technology became available to estheticians, and as a Wellness Program Coordinator myself at Dawn Career Institute, I wanted to be sure that I was staying current with the highest performing skin treatments. Three years ago, I attended the International Esthetics Conference, and it was here that I researched a number of LED units and took several classes to understand the differences. I received a great recommendation from a colleague of mine who told me that DermaWave’s unit was superior in both performance and results.

DermaWave has designed a device that has the capability to read the Fitzpatrick scale – a scale that classifies the response of different types of skin to a UV light – as well as a variety of skin abnormalities which are then relayed back to the console so that unique adjustments are properly made depending on the skin type. This special effect of DermaWave’s Photo Rejuvenation system has made treating each unique person’s skin issues a successful feat. Another reason to turn to DermaWave? DermaWave now offers 4 different LED head emitters that are used to target particular skin blemishes, wrinkles, spots and more. The AmRed 605 is the newest and most powerful of the LED emitters that has a built-in photo-optical sensing; it is the standard head used for most treatments. The Conventional 590 and 624 heads are designed for those who are more apprehensive when it comes to new technologies and would like to ease into photo therapy treatment. The Acne Blue Beam 420 penetrates skin tissue to target mild to moderate acne. Finally, the Green Beam Melanocyte 525 matrix head improves the individual flesh tone of an individual following a regular treatment of the standard photo rejuvenation head. If you are looking for a more improved and even flesh tone, the Green Beam is for you! A few competitors have the different colored LED heads, but they are not as effective as the DermaWave. The DermWave LED unit has 64,000 pulses per second; this offers 10 times more exposure to pulses than any other photo rejuvenation device created. The difference is in the pulse frequency and pulse width of the unit. This carefully controlled pulse width (how long each individual pulse lasts) provides an extraordinary high level of bio-stimulation to each skin cell. Each treatment is far more efficient and the client receives the maximum benefit.

rejuvenation therapy and we believe that DermaWave is the best amongst its competitors. As training estheticians, we can use this spabased LED unit to give our students the opportunity to study and practice it as a service in conjunction with other facial treatments and products. At Dawn Career Institute we believe that DermaWave’s Photo Rejuvenation will resolve skin care problems, improve acne, increase collagen, reduce fine lines and maintain a youthful appearance. The esthetician can utilize the unit for a number of skin conditions or the unit can assist in achieving the goal more effectively and quicker. The more options for

treating difference skin problems, the better the chances for positive results. Combine LED Photo Rejuvenation with other treatments at New Beginnings Spa, such as, our microdermabrasion, peels and antioxidant serums. Now through April, we are offering DermaWave’s Photo Rejuvenation at a discounted rate of $20, originally $40. References: php?option=com_content&view=article &id=176&Itemid=194

About Deborah L. Frazier

Esthetician Program Coordinator, Dawn Career Institute, Inc. Debbie has been in the esthetics field for 13 years, as an esthetician instructor, director and program coordinator. Her education includes MegaPeel microdermabrasion, Dr. Vodder Manual Lymphatic Drainage and Institute of Skin Research Advanced Skin Analysis, just to name a few. For the past nine years, she has been the Esthetician program coordinator and spa manager at Dawn Career Institute. Her duties include developing curriculum, teaching instructors and managing student retention. She also is involved in the New Beginnings Spa, a functioning spa where students complete various services under the guidance of instructors. Debbie is dedicated and detailed in all that she does and loves to motivate her students to reach their goals.

Debbie’s product knowledge Includes: • A Natural Difference • Dermalogica • Rhonda Allison • St. Tropez • OPI, CND Shellac and Zoya nail products

• Jane Iredale • Skin Therapy

Find out for yourself

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April/May 2013


Getting Ready

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For Tests That Can Make Or Break Admission To College

Article By: Dr. Raymond J Huntington, Co-Founder of Huntington Learning Center For most college and university admissions officers, reviewing a prospective student’s application is like putting together the pieces of a puzzle. From good grades, to success in athletics and extracurricular activities, to impressive recommendations, there are a number of factors that fit together to create a snapshot of achievement and suitability to a particular institution. But one piece that virtually all schools consider closely is a good score on the SAT or ACT. While the best way to ensure top performance is to master the subject matter that is being tested, there are a number of steps that can help your child prepare for these important exams.

Step One: Take Challenging Courses

By the eighth or ninth grade, most students have the opportunity to sign up for courses that may be more challenging than the common curriculum. Research has shown that students who take these courses tend to score higher on the SAT and ACT than those who take a less challenging course load. Students should pay particular attention to courses that build on fundamental mathematics and verbal skills, since success in these subjects tends to have a more direct connection to success on these exams.

Step Two: Read Extensively

Strong reading comprehension skills are imperative for doing well on the SAT and ACT, both for the reading section and for word problems in the mathematics section. As any English teacher will tell you, the best way to improve your vocabulary is not to study the dictionary—but to read as extensively as you can. If your child has encountered problems reading, it’s very important to get extra help to build skills during the earlier grades if possible.

Step Three: Take the PSAT or the PLAN

The PSAT (Preliminary SAT) is usually offered in the 10th and 11th grades. Preparing for and taking the PSAT is a smart move for several reasons. Often called a ‘practice SAT,’ the PSAT will give your child a good sense of the types of questions that are asked on the SAT and sharpen his or her test-taking skills. Results from the PSAT in 11th grade are also used to qualify students for a number of scholarship programs. In 10th grade the PLAN is used to prepare students for the ACT. It helps students become familiar with the question types asked on the ACT and sharpen his or her test-taking skills. The PLAN also helps students determine if they are on track for college, points out academic strengths and areas needing improvement, and helps match careers with areas of interest.

Step Four: Don’t Settle for a One-Time Result

Students may want to take both the SAT and the ACT in order to increase their flexibility in applying to college. Most colleges accept scores from either test. Many students take the SAT and ACT at least once during the spring of their junior year, and then again in the fall of their senior year. School guidance counselors can usually provide information about times and locations for the exams or look on-line at for the SAT and for the ACT. Colleges will use SAT and ACT scores in various ways: admission, scholarship awards, course

April/May 2013

placement, or selection to a specific program or major. Students should understand how colleges use SAT and ACT scores and how to report the scores.

Step Five: Don’t Gamble on a ‘Quick Fix’

In the short term, there is no ‘quick fix’ for scoring well on any of these tests, which is why you need to make solid academic progress in the years leading up to taking them. But there are many different books, tapes, computer programs, and courses offered by supplemental education providers that can help you prepare. Many courses teach both study skills and test-taking skills. The best courses are those taught by certified instructors with special expertise in preparing students for those exams. Huntington is the tutoring solution for high school students who want to maximize scores on the SAT and ACT. A personalized one-to-one tutoring program is designed around a student’s strengths and weaknesses. The Premier Program begins with a complete assessment using a full-length SAT or ACT. Results and personalized recommendations determine the duration and schedule of tutoring, and are discussed during an initial parent conference. Tutoring covers each of the exam’s key areas with additional emphasis on areas of weakness. Several full-length exams are administered throughout the process. The 28-hour Program starts with a shortened exam or past results from which a personalized program is developed to cover key sections of the selected exam. The 10-hour Program is similar to the 28-hour Program but with a focus on a single exam section.

Dr. Raymond J. Huntington is co-founder of Huntington Learning Center, which has helped children achieve success in school for over 35 years. For more information about how Huntington can help your child, call

1-800-CAN-LEARN. Maggie Lage is the Executive Director of the Huntington Learning Center in Newark, 34 Liberty Plaza, Kirkwood Hwy. Newark, DE 19711.

For more information or to schedule a consultation at the Newark location call 302-737-1150 or visit www.newark. 70

Hear what parents are saying about Huntington • I just wanted to let you know that Courtney was offered a full tuition scholarship to Arcadia University. They told her that her ACT score was what really put her over the top…I know Courtney deserves the majority of the credit for all her hard work and dedication throughout her school career, and the extra effort she made this summer to take Huntington’s prep course and do additional homework over her break, but I really want to thank the teachers who worked with her and you, specifically, for suggesting she take the ACTS. I hadn’t ever considered that test, and no one at her school mentioned it either.


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Kids’ Couch, Inc.

Healing The Child Within Us All Olga Yatzus, LPCMH, CSP, RPT


hen Kids’ Couch, Inc. first came into being in 2003, the focus was on helping and healing children. Olga Yatzus, LPCMH, CSP, RPT wanted to utilize her training as a psychotherapist along with her 27 years of experience as a school psychologist to improve the lives of school age children. It became apparent, however, that in order to be effective in helping children, we had to be able to help grownups, too. Within school settings, she had the opportunity to work with the children themselves, but found that she was cut off from their greatest resource – their parents! It is well understood that children can improve only when they are getting the support they need from their parents and/or primary caregivers. For example,

a boy who was a stellar student in second grade becomes a third grader who has trouble staying on task long enough to complete a classroom assignment. He often starts “clowning around” in class to the point that his behavior becomes a distraction to other children in the classroom. His teacher might send him to the school counselor with the expectation that she can somehow teach him to sit still and finish his work. What he tells the psychologist indicates that he can’t do the work because he doesn’t understand the lesson; further investigation shows that he also has not been completing his homework sheets. This child has fallen seriously behind in his learning. Perhaps he has a previously undiagnosed Attention Deficit / Hyperactivity Disorder; perhaps there has been some severe stressor at home such as the death of a loved one which is making him too sad to focus well. These issues would certainly require the parents to be closely involved in finding a way to

support him and get him back on track. Perhaps, however, the problem could be resolved if his parents were just to review his homework sheets with him before and after he does them. This could help in several ways: 1. it gives him the chance to ask for help twice; 2. it shows him that his parents are available to help him; and 3. it gives his parents a daily opportunity to praise him for his efforts. How many of us could have and would have done better in school had we only been given a little more attention from our parents! We see variations of this scenario on a daily basis, where the answer can be as simple as parents or caregivers making themselves more readily available. We also see kids whose lives are very complicated by conditions such as ADHD or learning disabilities, or who have experienced serious life events themselves or within their families. Regardless of the situation, we find that kids need their parents to be involved in finding solutions.


Seems like a “no-brainer,” huh? Here comes the heart of the matter: we have also found that parents and/or caregivers can provide support for their kids only when their own needs are being met. And that can seem like an impossible task. How many parents knew how hectic life was going to get, how hard it was going to be to juggle the contradictory needs of their kids, their jobs, and themselves? Finding an extra ten or fifteen minutes to help a third grader with his homework can be a monumental task in and of itself. At Kids’ Couch, Inc. we have made it our first priority to support the needs of the entire family. We understand that parents and caregivers are people who often have very complicated lives. When a child has mental health or behavioral problems, parents and caregivers suffer in a variety of ways, and we work to address that suffering. We know that our relationships with parents and caregivers will make all the difference in a child’s well-being.

April/May 2013


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By Torrey Malekzadeh


very morning at 7 o’ clock, the doors to Centurian Cafe in Abby Medical Center unhinge and open up for business, accompanied by the lighting of a small fluorescent sign that flashes a word that most of us love to see early in the morning: “COFFEE”. But the café has been bustling with life even

before the doors are opened to the public. The owner, Deb Malek, arrives an hour ahead every day after shopping for fresh ingredients at the local market in order to prepare the Café for its daily special, cook up a pot of fresh homemade soup, prepare the coffee center with freshly brewed coffee and to organize her gift shop so that her best and most attractive gifts are displayed brightly for anyone who may want to get a present for someone visiting for medical reasons, or when the holidays approach, a gift for a family member or friend.

deliciously unique...

and lunch options for anyone who wants to grab a good bite on the go. The café has since become so popular that customers prefer to sit down and have a delicious home cooked meal then pick up a cold sandwich from any fast food restaurant. What started off as a dream for a woman who loved to cook for her friends and family has become a warm and welcome place to sit, listen to nice music, enjoy a fresh cup of coffee, and eat fine quality food in a friendly environment.

Catering for any occasion.


Centurian Café & Gifts

302.993.9033 Breakfast & Lunch

Served All Day!

  Coffee & Sweets Bar   Homemade Soups   Large Variety of Over-Sized Sandwiches & Salads

The café has been serving the visitors of Abby since it was opened last winter,   Gift Baskets, Jewelry, and since then has become Seasonal Gifts & more! popular with the medical centers regular visitors individually portionedJust presentations such as Abby Medical Center recommends asking down the street and staff. It’s deliciously cupcakes and petit fours, which allow brides unique menu allows a these questions when shopping for your 1 Centurian Suite 104of flavors cake: toDr. fromtothe Hospital offer a variety their guests.and Your wide variety of breakfast baker or pastry chef should give you a written Delaware Park Newark, DE 19713 ;$ Can we look at a portfolio of other proposal which covers all these details. wedding cakes you have made? Do you do custom wedding cakes, or have a set ;$ If I want to use fresh flowers on my number of designs? All reputable wedding cake, will you coordinate with my florist, cake designers should have a portfolio of past or will I have to manage getting the flowers work. Alsoismake sure you ask for references. isn’t your favorite, there a wide to you? Discuss final table presentation variety of nuts and trail mixes for with your Pastry Chef. If you are using fresh ;$ WhatAnd ingredients do you typically use the health conscious. what is flowers, the florist and Chef will need to cofor your cakes and icings? Chefs and bakers ordinate types of flowers being used as well oday's modern wedding cakes arehealthier a far cry than strawberries? (Dip who use the finest themcakes in dark chocolate - it’s goodingredients will provide the as delivery and presentation. from the mandatory multi-tiered white most memorable cakes. Good ingredients cost for your heart.) Place an order a day of decades past. Modern brides are increasingly more, but are worth the investment. ahead so they’re fresh. ;$ Do you do deliver? How much does it conscious that all the design and details of their cost? Will the delivery person be able to Fresh is what Candy for all "big day" will live on in photos and videos as well ;$ How can we try various kinds of wedding make emergency frosting or decoration Occasion does best. This year, cake flavors and cake fillings? You should as in the memories of family and friends, so more repairs and arrange the cake table? Select start a new tradition; personalize either offered a sampler to take home and share and moreBy: brides areFord thinking of their wedding a pastry chef or baker whose service includes Sue your loved ones’ stockings or invited to awith tasting at the bakery. cake as a beautiful work of confectioner’s art. delivery and set-up. If you are hiring an chocolates to reflect a favorite sport, expert to create your cake, you want to make tep into Candy for all hobby or occupation. ;$ How are your wedding cakes priced? sure that expertise extends to set-up and final hen you select a trained create Occasions to take a walk pastry chef toFor everyday, Candy for all Is there an extra cost for special fillings presentation. culinary for the day, you down your memory lane.centerpiece This quaint, Occasions creates great baskets or details? Will you charge extra for my cozy shop in the Fairfax are sweet selecting someone who can deliver and the exotic gifts for every occasion. design? Do you have or can you rent items Shopping Center is loaded with flavors, textures and shapes which reflect your From hostess like gifts cake to baskets Award-winning pastry Chef Liz Marden toppers, stands, tiers, fountains, your old time favorites from for Birthdays, Thank You, Will we be billed extra? Is sophistication and sense of wax style. The only limit and cutters? owns a European-style patisserie in lips to candy necklaces, but that’son a budget Congratulations, anda Sympathy, is your imagination! Even brides can there price list I can take home with me Hockessin, Delaware. Cheflocations: Liz trained with not all.forward From the of your has two can’t with a Can gift of to study? you adapt wedding cake look to alove wedding feast finale you which is go wrong life to your little one, chocolate is comfort food. Choose your favorite designs to fit my budget? The more labor2211 Concord Pike,and Master Pastry Chef Gunther Heiland visually stunning and memorably delicious. an affordable luxury, especially products or leave the creativity to intensive your wedding cake design is, the more Wilmington, her desserts have graced the DE. tableand of the around the holidays. At Candy for us.Ideally, Local delivery and shipping it will cost. Extensively detailed icing or special he first thing to consider is timing. 2049 Newark Road, all Occasions, you pick the box, Governor’s mansion. Liz Marden Gourmet is available. Phone orders are youchoose shouldthe select your pastry chef or bakery shapes require skill, creativity and remarkable Lincoln University, PA. and you chocolates welcome, but if you stopso in,expect be sureto pay more. However, patience, Cakes and Desserts features the exquisite 4–6 months in advance, if she has (only their favorites), and weparticularly bow to pick up a treat forare many wonderful and creative ways there mousse-filled signature which have youperfect have apackage. complicated design in mind. Just your If chocolate Callcakes us at yourself. to work with brides on a budget. For example, as reception locations must be booked months earned Chef (302) Liz regional acclaim and Liz Marden Gourmet Cakes & Desserts has 654-9171 or At Candy for during all Occasions, you pick thea whole new line called "Buttercream in “ advance, especially the most popular launched two Best of Delaware awards for wedding (610) 869-3839, box, and(May, youJune, choose the chocolates wedding months September and Bridal" with a rich assortment of flavors and or visit site at cakes. Her desserts are our oftenweb featured October), pastry(only chefs and bakeries also designs to fit the needs of today's more budgettheir favorites), conscious bride. There is also a trend toward many of Delaware’s premier social events. become booked. we bow your perfect package .”


The PerfecT Personalized GifT



Candy for all Occasions


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April/May 2013


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Women’s Journal

SUSANNE FAULKNER Faulkner Jewelry Design “The County Women’s Journal has been the greatest marketing tool for my business. People often say to me, “I see you everywhere!” And I secretly think to myself, no, I am not everywhere — I am in the County Women’s Journal.” MIKE SAMONZE, Vice President Institutional Advancement, Salve Regina University “A group of Women Newspapers that has opened up a whole new market for us.” JEWELRY EXCHANGE “I just wanted to let you know that the editorial that we did last issue was a great success for us. It brought us customers that were selling and gold that otherwise we probably would not have had. Our Gold / Silver buying aspect of our business is VERY important to us. We had a great response!” KRISTY HANDLEY, Marketing Director • State Street Assisted Living “I have worked with the Women’s Journal in two separate areas of my career. Each time, I continue to be impressed by the professionalism and compassion of the staff. The articles and advertisements are always perfect. If I have a problem, Pam is always there to help. What more could a Marketing Director ask for. Thank you!” J CHRISTIAN • J Christian Studio “The Women’s Journal has proven time and again to be the most advantageous and well-rounded business builder for the salon compare-none. Each new issue brings a sharp uptick in our referrals sometimes reaching 60 new referrals per article. The editors are fair, customer-service focused, and continuously improving on the paper year-after-year. We will contribute as long as they’ll have us.” JEAN ZIGLER, Patient Coordinator • Eye Physicians and Surgeons “Thanks to the Women’s Journal, many people now know about NearVision CK, a new technology to improve reading vision. When Dr. Minkovitz’s article first appeared in the Women’s Journal talking about being able to read without “granny glasses,” I was amazed at how much interest and excitement this new procedure generated. After her own CK procedure, our administrator Mary Ann Moore was so thrilled about being able to read the fine print again that she became our CK model. Because the Women’s Journal is so popular, Mary Ann is recognized everywhere she goes. I’m happy about being able to reach so many people through the Women’s Journal.” FOCAL POINT OPTICIANS “The Women’s Journal is the most successful advertising we have ever done.”



ANNA C. GIACALONE, DMD Artist in Cosmetic Dentistry “I have been in practice for over 22 years and always relied upon my patients and colleagues to refer new patients. I am honored by the trust these individuals place in me by referring friends but in recent years I realize that this is not enough. I knew I needed an ethical and tasteful way to let my community know about my ethics, practice philosophy and training. I found such a vehicle with The Women’s Journal. I feel good about helping to inform the readers about important health issues while simultaneously allowing them to get to know us. Many wonderful patients have found us as a result of our Women’s Journal articles.” AMY MARTA CARNEY, Owner Clutter Bugs, LLC “ The County Women’s Journal has been a wonderful experience for me and my business! I can’t thank them enough. Advertising with them has been a complete joy from start to finish. I have only had positive feedback and I know that will continue. I would not do it any other way!!” MELISA FERRIOLA, CPCP • Lasting Looks “Honestly, I was reluctant to do yet another print ad for my business. I had not seen results in past advertising attempts and it was hard to make another such investment. But something told me that The Women’s Journal would be different. Is it ever! I saw immediate, direct results in my business! The Women’s Journal reaches my target audience and because it is so informative to perspective clients, they follow through and I get the sale. I have the bottom line to prove it! Thank you so much.” FRED WINWARD, President Resort Landscaping “We have built our business on the readership of the Women’s Journal: I cannot believe the amount of business we receive from our articles.” JOAN CARRERO, Director of Marketing • NASE Insurance “The best customer response our company has ever had from our advertising dollar.” DR. BEN E. BENJAMIN, Founder Muscular Therapy Institute “The Women’s Journal readers who see me for treatment are earnest, intelligent people who are serious about their health and well-being. It is a pleasure to work with them. My articles in the Journal are worth their weight in gold.” BRENDA PAVLIC, CPhT SaveWay Compounding Pharmacy “We are getting tremendous feedback, I am really glad we did this, it has added more pressure, and bringing in more business, but worth it!”

CARMELLA GIBELLINO-SCHULTZ • Permanent Cosmetics “Thank you for your wonderful publication, it has been the single best advertising I have ever done in my 25 years in business. Effective, cost efficient, and a return on advertising investment, everything a business woman could ask for.”

Women’s Journal

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Quest Fitness Offers Year-Round Support For Those Looking To Improve Their Health And Fitness In 2013 Reality Check 52 Challenge sends message that long-term weight loss takes time.


For those who’ve abandoned their weight loss resolution time and time again, a local Matt Carter, Founder fitness expert is proposing a way that community members can achieve their health and fitness goals. Quest Fitness founder Matt Carter is kicking off the Reality Check 52 Challenge to help individuals commit to making meaningful changes over 52 weeks. “On average it takes a year to plan a wedding and it takes year to achieve true health,” said Carter, who is a personal trainer and a supporter of creating a more active community through outdoor exercise and play. “With this challenge we’re prepared to offer anyone who is interested the education and the support that they need to reach their goals and, for some, change their lives.” The Reality Check 52 Challenge open to the general public and to members of Quest Fitness in Lewes – is based on accountability, education, persistence and ongoing support. The first Saturday of each month at 9:30 a.m. Carter will hold a motivational workshop on overcoming different weight loss challenges or enhancing fitness levels. Monthly topics will include Basic Nutrition and Supplementation, Yoga and You, Adventure Racing, Better Way to a 5K and more. At each check-in, trainers will also help participants update their progress charts with weight, body fat and measurements for chest, waist, biceps and thighs. “Even if someone works out at home, they can still check in with us on a monthly basis

and take part in our workshops,” Carter said. Dropin cost is $10 for nonmembers and $5 for members. Personal trainers will work with participants to set their own goals, whether it’s losing weight, preparing for a 5K run or simply making exercise a regular part of their lives. To support the Reality Check 52 Challenge, Quest Fitness is also adding more activities to its already packed calendar of warm-weather community sporting events such as ongoing beach family fitness parties, mud and water runs, and youth sports skill day. The club, located at the Village of Five Points, is also offering three new programs to members: obstacle course training, group TRX resistance training and urban obstacle training.

Carter said that as a sports coach the issue of obesity has always alarmed him. Across coastal Delaware, one out of three people are obese and stand the risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes and other chronic conditions. “We all have good intentions at the start of the year, but the reality is that we have to change our behavior and that takes time and ongoing support,” Carter said. “For anyone who wants to improve their health in 2013, we’re here to make it happen for them.” 75

To join the 2013 Reality Check 52 Challenge, attend a monthly meeting at 9:30 a.m. each first Saturday of the month or visit

The most community and familyoriented facility around, Quest is a full-service fitness facility offering: • Strength Training • Aerobics • Cardio • Personal/Group/Youth Training • Nutritional Consulting • Full-Apparatus Pilates Studio by FOREVER FIT FOUNDATION • Youth Fitness Classes, Camps & Birthday Parties • Founder of the Downstate DE Dirty Dozen Mud Run • Lewes kayak rentals and kayak tours. We are located in the Village of Five Points Shopping Center.

17252 N. Village Main Suite 14-15 Lewes, DE 19958

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