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Welcome, my name is *****

___________ and I will be

your mistress of ceremonies tonight. I want to thank you for taking time out of your busy day to participate in our Night of the Notables. Tonight you will have an opportunity to meet many famous people and ask them about their lives. We’ve worked hard.......

Each of you should have picked up a numbered Guess Who?? sheet like this (show sheet). In just a moment, our notables will be arriving. Each notable will have a number attached to their clothing. You will be given a chance to interview the notables. It is your job to try to figure out who they are by using the interview questions on the back of the sheet. You are not allowed to ask them their notable names. We will warn you when you have 5 minutes remaining. You probably will not have a chance to interview all 50 notables. It is time to have fun. Let’s begin.

Attention parents: You have 5 minutes of interview time remaining.

Attention parents: It is now time to have a seat.

Our notables will now introduce themselves. Please keep track of how many correct answers you have.

After #50 goes....It’s time to find out how smart our parents are. Let’s see how you did. Count up all of your correct answers.

Is there anyone that got all 50 correct? If you got at least 40, please stand. (If none, go down to 30) Remain standing if you have at least 45.......

We want to reward our Smart Parents with a special treat......Smarties.

Now, our notables have another treat for all of our

parents. We would like to sing a few songs about our notable characters.

One last treat. It is time to enjoy our notable refreshments. Students will escort their parents to the refreshment table. Please take the time to look at the refreshments and the cards that go along with them.

Attention parents and students. I would like to thank you for coming to our Night of the Notables. It is time for our notables to return to their classrooms and change. Parents, your children will meet you in the cafeteria when they are finished changing. Please remain here and enjoy a few more refreshments while you wait.

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