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The great outdoors (clockwise from top centre): A Mount Kelly pupil tries their hand at surfing; Dauntsey’s students learn about the First World War; Farleigh School youngsters having fun in France; Travellers from Gordon’s School pictured during their visit to Sudan; Girls from the Duke of York’s Royal Military School visit a war cemetery

A WORLD OF OPPORTUNITY We quizzed a selection of schools on the benefits to pupils of breaking away from the traditional learning of the classroom for exciting school trips at home and abroad...


OR those of a certain vintage, school trips may conjure up memories

topics discussed in the classroom. Mr Foreman said: “Seeing the

Albert School has gone to great

Education expert William Wilcox,

lengths in acknowledging the fact

of Which Boarding School, endorsed

Hadron Collider at Cern to grasp the

that the classroom is not always the

the power of leaving the confines

of constant headcounts,

fundamentals of subatomic particles

best learning environment for all of

of the classroom in enriching

interminable journeys on stuffy

or visiting the Great War battlefields

its pupils.

pupils’ experiences.

coaches and packed lunches made

at Ypres where so many soldiers lost

up of stinky sandwiches and

their lives helps students visualise

Curriculum and Community,

and parents to find the perfect

tepid drinks.

what they are learning.”

explained that the school operates

place for each child, said that his

a popular “a week without walls”

first-hand experience has shown

But scratch beneath the surface

Carly Skiller, Head of Year Three

Jo Czerpak, Deputy Head of

William, who works with schools

and most would admit that

at Andover’s Farleigh School,

programme to give its youngsters

that learning and schooling are

striking out from the classroom for

had a similar answer when asked

the chance to venture out while

about much more than covering the

museums, theatres and even other

how getting out of the classroom

learning something directly linked

curriculum in the classroom.

countries has long been an excellent

benefits learning.

to the curriculum.

means of bringing learning to life. Alex Foreman, Principal of the

Explaining that allowing children

He said: “Our pupils spend a

He explained: “Schools now dedicate a significant proportion of

to experience active learning in a

week trying different skills such as

their time to developing life skills

Duke of York’s Royal Military School

new environment helps to encourage

learning a new sport, working with

and many school trips fall outside

in Dover, explained how getting

independent thought, she added:

Gatton Trust on how they look after

traditional curriculum subjects.

out and about can be the perfect

“Children respond to different

our 260-acre park and even getting

complement to in-house teaching

stimuli away from the classroom,

our maintenance department

are adapting. Millennials value

with the chance to see “the real

which often helps to consolidate

involved to teach children practical

experiences over material ownership

thing” helping students understand

their understanding of a topic.”

skills such as plumbing and

and this thinking currently extends

electrical work.”

into the classroom. ››

the complexities and impact of

Reigate’s Royal Alexandra and

“Society has changed and schools

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