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Telephone Automated Attendant System With the support of a telephone service with automated attendant system, business calls can be managed in a truly professional style. Besides, your callers can be provided with a superior communication interface. Additional Workforce Not Necessary for Answering Calls By implementing a telephone service with automated attendant system you can meet your business communication requirements by making minimum investment. Moreover, you can avoid the expenses involved in appointing additional reception staff for answering telephone calls. The system answers the calls to your local phone numbers or toll free numbers with appropriate salutation messages. It can be programmed to provide personalized greeting messages for the callers depending on business hours, non business hours, weekdays and holidays. To route the calls to the exact extension lines, the automated attendant offers the callers with a menu of options such as dial by name, dial by extension, zero out to live operator and more. It can control multiple calls concurrently and execute the call transferring process without sending busy tones to the callers. Remain in Touch with Your Clients from Remote Locations The system can roll the calls from your official numbers to your personal telephone numbers, including cell numbers, using the find me follow me call forwarding feature. All unattended calls are transferred to the voice mail system, where the callers can leave voice messages. The system thus ensures that every single call from your clients is managed properly.

To take advantage of exceptional call management functionalities with the automated attendant system integrated in your telephone, it is not necessary to install and maintain any expensive PBX hardware in your site. The required equipments are maintained at the site of the service provider. Contact US Call or Email Us - 877-599-6500 We want to talk with you! Our sales representatives are available from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. CST to assist you in answering any questions you may have regarding our PBX phone services. Sales - Ext 12 - Customer Service - Ext 11 - Billing - Ext 16 - Website:

Telephone Automated Attendant System  

Automated attendant system is integrated with a wide range of excellent call manipulation features, and is therefore preferred by numerous b...

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