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Professional Auto Attendant Security Company’s business is growing and they need help with their phones! Challenge, type of company, why they called When the owner called us, he was in a quandary about how to handle calls that were keeping him up all night long. His business was growing after many years and he had always handled most of his calls, but it was now getting out of hand. Solution we developed for them He had been forwarding his main business number to his cell phone for years, during after hours. We put together a customized menu that allowed callers to transfer to the false alarm after hour’s customer service desk, or to the on call guard or to leave a message for billing and office staff. With these options in place, he no longer had to take care of false alarms that happened all hours of the night. What a relief it was to have a professional auto attendant that took care of calls and gave his callers a much better experience than being transferred to a cell phone. Results – productivity, leads – bottom line AccessDirect evaluated the security company’s needs, worked directly with the manager to solve their challenges and gave them a much more reliable emergency response than transferring to a cell phone had previously. The owner can now manage the on-call staff through the AccessDirect online web admin changing on call guard’s notification in minutes! Contact US Call or Email Us - 877-599-6500

We want to talk with you! Our sales representatives are available from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. CST to assist you in answering any questions you may have regarding our PBX phone services. Sales - Ext 12 - Customer Service - Ext 11 - Billing - Ext 16 - Website:

Professional Auto Attendant  

Security Company: Professional auto attendant for efficient call routing. Phone auto attendant to manage calls; more reliable emergency resp...